Notable Emails #19- “Sometime ago I had an extraordinary experience where I was forgiven of some of my sins”

Many years ago Mrs Watcher went on a cruise with her sisters and found out that she gets sea sick. Because of that, she did not want to go with me on a cruise. For many years I have wanted to experience what it would be like but did not want to go alone and leave Mrs. Watcher.

A few months ago a close friend whose wife is deceased offered me the opportunity to go with him and members of his sales team who had qualified to go on a cruse.

With Mrs Watcher’s blessing, I decided to go. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to cross another thing off of my “bucket list”.

I am now three days into a seven day cruse and loving every minute of it.

Most of the time I don’t get Internet access as we sail past Mexico, however, I splurged and spent $40 for 24 hours of access and have enjoyed getting caught up on a few things. I have one hour left and thought I would do a quick post.

I continue to get great comments on the book  which I hope to post when I return. THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO ARE PARTICIPATING!

Today I read the following post and really enjoyed it

I also got an email from a fellow watcher in Scotland which reminded me that he had sent a previous email many months ago. Since I have not done a notable email post for a while, I thought I would share what he has to say. His first email to me is followed by his most recent communication-

Hi Watcher

May I introduce myself. My name is XXXXXXXX, I’m from Scotland where I was brought up with the church. Until recently I was fully committed to the corporate church but events changed all that. The promises the brethren extend for following their teachings never really materialized in my life, especially where tithing is concerned.

Sometime ago I had an extraordinary experience where I was forgiven of some of my sins. My behaviour changed immediately much like what happened with king Benjamin’s people. The curious thing is that there was no bishop and no priesthood holder involved in this process. Just me and the lord.

Overtime this experience plus the lack of good fruits from the church got me questioning things. Eventually I started asking google a few questions and quickly found Rock’s blog pure mormonism. Some time after that I stumbled upon your own blog and I have to say thank you so much for all the wonderful doctrines you have discovered.  I have found it very easy to readjust my views of Joseph Smith and church history. I haven’t endured the pain many seem to. You’ve made it all very easy.

I was always a big reader of the book of mormon but  now I’m getting into everything. The doctrine and covenants are amazing and Isaiah and Hosea are just sensational. Once I realised that the servant in Isaiah’s book is none other than Joseph smith I was delighted. Nephi is practically screaming that fact at us but I had never seen it. From there everything starts to make sense.

Thank you so much for discovering the reality that the kirtland temple is the very temple of Daniel chapter 9 and thanks also for leviticus 16. Priceless stuff.

Here in Scotland im on my own. Everyone else is basically asleep. The brethren are king over here. My wife has started reading your blog and she gets it, she really does so im greatly encouraged there. Im just keen for brother joseph to return so I can get out of here. I don’t mean that to sound selfish it’s just that I’ve had my fill of babylon.

Events are shaping up sharply at the moment what with the shemitah, the jubilee year and jade helm. Maybe Joseph will be here any day now. I wonder if jade helm is not only about martial law but about the powers that be getting ready to fight yet another army, the one led by general Joseph smith. I may be getting too far ahead with that thought.

Anyway thanks so much watcher for helping me in my gospel study and understanding of what’s really going on in the world.

[His most recent email]

Hi watcher

I’ve  no doubt you’ve  written about how section 59 points to section 110 but i must have missed  it so i thought I’d  share my findings on it. The general instruction is for us all to keep the sabbath day holy and offer a broken heart and a contrite spirit and to go up to the house of prayer etc, but i noticed it is specific instruction for joseph concerning what he was to do at the temple on 3rd of april 1836.

Everything is there. We know the temple was a house of prayer, joseph was instructed  to pray. He was to take the sacrament, the heading of section 110 verifies that he did. He was to confess his sins, the saviour forgave him. He was to fast or rejoice. The saviour appeared on the first sunday of the month so i assume joseph was fasting and while there the saviour told him to rejoice.

The mention of oblations takes us to Daniel chapter nine which  is of course all about the saviours appearance at the Kirtland temple. From verse 20 Daniel tells us that he confessed his sins and his people’s sins and then Gabriel flew to him and touched him. There is a very similar passage in Isaiah 6. In the temple Isaiah admits he is a man of unclean lips amongst a people of unclean lips. Then  the seraphim flies to him and touches him. Seeing the future mission of joseph Smith  Isaiah takes the mission of making the people’s  ears heavy and their eyes blind so that they couldn’t  be healed. Isn’t this precisely  what Joseph  did after offering himself  at the Kirtland temple?  I sure think so. Isaiah’s record is accurate right down to the desolation that Daniel speaks of.

I find it all to be astonishing. The scriptures are clear about the sacrifice that Joseph would make. Better still, in describing himself as unclean Isaiah  points to the atonement statute in leviticus. Notice that there is one word of a difference between  Joseph’s  goat and Sidney’s goat. Joseph’s  is unclean!

These are just a few things I’ve  noted while  reading the scriptures. Thanks for listening, it’s  good to share these things with someone who understands.

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