His Hands Shall Also Finish It Part 10

When I started this series I anticipated that it would have about three episodes, but it has taken on a life of its own.

I think I could easily do another ten episodes regarding Section 124, the Nauvoo Boarding House of the Lord, and the significance of Nauvoo as the cornerstone of Zion. The scriptures related to these topics are so pregnant with information.

I am going to take a break from the Psalms aspect of this series to address some other things in this series.

But first, a few house keeping issues:

A friend of mine in China just told me about PDFDRIVE. It is a site which offers free pdfs of selected books. I can only assume it is legal since it is openly mentioned and has not been taken down. For those of you that have been wanting to read Rough Stone Rolling by Bushman, you can download it free. I also just downloaded “Keeping a Secret: Freemasonry, Polygamy, and the Nauvoo Relief Society 1842-44” by Cheryl L. Bruno from this site. It is an interesting read.

Also, I recently watched a short documentary the other night about a woman that married a man from another third world culture. It really sobered me up about how materialistic and proud our completely distorted modern day Babylonian lifestyle really is. If you would like to have a reality check you may want to watch this.

We have entered the twilight zone

During the events of the last 12 months working up to the scam*demic and stol*en election there has been a convergence of very bizarre things taking place in America and the world which seem to have prophetic undertones. It is remarkable how many prophetic observations and prophecies made by John in the Book of Revelation have arguably come to pass, whether typologically or literally.

Additionally, we have seen current events that seem to point towards ci*vil war and possibly the fulfillment of the proclamation prophecy in Section 124. The signs of the times all around us are far too many to list in this post, but there are a few notable ones I want to mention at this time.

There is a video that has been floating around of the Po*pe making his appearance from an upper balcony at the Vatican in which he disappears into thin air while walking away. As usual, there are numerous theories offered for this strange video including the possibility of an editing quirk.. Another theory is that it was not really the Po*pe but rather a holographic image of the Po*pe. Hmm.. an image.

Distress of Nations

Shortly after election fr*aud technology experts announced that some of the voting machines were connected to the Internet and transmitting information to and from foreign countries such as China and Italy, we now have reports that the Italian government is on the brink of collapse. Interestingly there are reports of a number of resignations of high government officials around the world.

During this time of political upheaval in Italy, unconfirmed reports circulated around the Internet that the Vat*ican experienced a power blackout. Related stories claimed that the Po*pe had been arrested. While stories like these end up being false more often than not, they are sometimes projections of what some prophecy buffs seem to expect from certain public figures and institutions based on the desired fulfillment of prophecy.

“For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest”

We have previously talked about the fact that many hidden things have been coming to light (for those who are paying attention) thanks to whistle blowers like Snowden and Assange and others. The latest news on this topic is that President Trump has just declassified numerous documents having to do with everything from UFO reporting’s, to the Hu*nter Bid*on scandal to former President Obama’s involvement in the fake Russia accusations against President Trump.

Someone sent me a remarkable link hosted on https://linktr.ee/ which provided countless revealing unclassified documents but it has since been censored and taken down. (BTW, Tru*mp refused to par*don both Snowden and Assange before he left office which I think is just despicable and extremely revealing. He pardons Blackwater mercenary murderers and yet refuses to pardon people who truly deserve to be pardoned. It is another sign that he represents just another arm of the great whore. Trumptards who are putting their faith in the arm of flesh need to wake up and smell the coffee. Trump is part of the ene*my regardless of whether he was a plant from the beginning or whether he is part of the great whore that is waring among itself. Indeed, it will become increasingly clear as we continue our investigation of these topics that Trump has indeed been a Trojan horse tra*itor.

Secret Murders

Bill Clinton left a trail of de*ad bo*dies during his administration. Interestingly the mysterious mur*ders continue to this day. Five recently elected Republicans have died and ten Catholic Bishops have all died within a very short window of time. I mention this because one of the topics to be briefly discussed in the nexts post is that of “se*cret mur*ders“.

Military Communist take Over of Our Country

It was really remarkable to watch the hypocrisy of the trea*son*nous scoundrels who have stolen the election. In preparation for the inaug*uration for Joseph Biden the government has erected an unscalable wall around the capital. The radical left has just introduced a new bill to build a permanent security wall around the capital.

Interestingly, this is not the first time in history that the outgoing President refused to attend the inauguration of the incoming president.

Additionally they had 26,000 armed soldiers to guard the premises during the inauguration. Something is going on that has the radical left and deep state very paranoid. This will be revealed in future episodes. Although the mainstream narrative suggests that they are concerned about angry trump supporters, it would appear as if there is something else at play. The Trump supporters that were let into the Capitol Building do not pose a threat worthy of 26,000 troops. Again, we shall identify what the real reason is for these troops as this series continues.

One gets the feeling that something ominous is about to take place and that information that has been withheld is about to be revealed. In a recent video showing the trump family and friends at a party, the camera zoomed in on Trump and he held up a red fol*der and smiled. Sadly the video was taken down by youtube almost as quickly as it appeared, although there are other less obvious videos of Trump carrying the mysterious red fol*der.

On a recent roundtable discussion (start at 1:23) conducted by Charlene Bollin*ger, it was noted that in a CNN interview, a top mili*tary comm*ander told George Stephanopoulos that what is taking place is a “peaceful transition to military authority“. They pointed out that it is the military, not Biden that is ultimately in charge now. Naïve patriots are hoping that the military is still under President Trump, however I believe they are very naïve but it wouldn’t matter even if they were.

Another interesting video about the Hun*ter Bid*en laptop controversy can be seen here.

Here is are some interesting comments by Rush:

“I think they know that they are not – I gotta be very careful here in the words I choose. I think they know that this is something that’s been arranged rather than legitimately sought and won,” Limbaugh said on his national broadcast.

“They have not legitimately won it. Now, I’m on thin ice saying this. I’m making myself a target saying this, but I’ve been doing this for 30 years. And it’s really no different today than 30 years ago. No different than last week, in terms of the way I approach this. It’s almost a question of legitimacy.

“I’m almost of the mind that they know that there’s not a full-fledged legitimacy to this. But it doesn’t matter because they’re able to lie to themselves. They’re able to tell themselves stories. They really don’t have anybody there [at the inauguration] and they’ve got people replaced by 200,000 flags, 200,000 flags that have been placed on the Washington mall.”

There seems to be something bigger taking place beneath the surface of what appears to be taking place.

The Ominous Part of the Proclamation

One of the most prophetic aspects of section 124 is the proclamation of the gospel and of the cornerstone stake of Zion that is to go forth from the servants of God to all of the political leaders of the world.

This proclamation presumably is sent forth at a time when there is a pres*ident ele*ct from a U.S. presidential election. The proclamation will be prophetically inspired by the Holy Ghost and will reveal things that will BEFALL the kings and authorities of the world in a time to come.

Regarding the proclamation, at the time that it goes forth, the Lord says he is ABOUT to call upon the political leaders to give heed to the light and glory of Zion.

Did you catch that?

The proclamation puts all political authorities on notice that the kingdom of God has returned to earth and that it is the “set timeto favor her..

All of the authorities must prepare to submit to God’s kingdom or suffer the consequences.

When Christ said he did not come to bring peace, but a sword, he was referring to the 3rd watch when his army will make war with the kingdoms of the world.

This may give context to what is happening right now and why there is such a military buildup in Washington DC. (BTW the troops in Washington will be there until February 16)

Naturally, those authorities which refuse to repent and accept the gospel and submit to God’s kingdom will become rather defensive and angry and vengeful, desiring to maintain their power base. This could be why those in power are becoming very threatening and oppressive.

Just as Caesar felt threatened by the rumors of the birth of King Jesus during his time, corrupt leaders may be responding the same way right now.

This is why God admonishes his servants that send forth the proclamation to fear them not. The warning is that those political authorities that refuse to repent and submit will be LEFT WITHOUT EXCUSE and VISITED in the DAY OF VISITATION when the Lord will appoint the portion of the oppressor among hypocrites.

Virtually every political authority in high position is currently oppressing those that they have been given stewardship over.

They are doing this by limiting commerce, preventing people from earning a living, taking away God given rights through unjust laws and mandates, by forcing people to wear diapers on their faces, forcing them to take harmful and fictitious medical tests and preparing to force them to accept a very dangerous DNA altering vaccine. An underlying reason for this is to provide a pretext for a major financial re*set but the injections also promote transh*umanism and enables the PTB to influence the thinking of the masses.

The Lord has declared that it is “not right that any man should be in bondage one to another.”. One of the many reasons for the proclamation going forth when it does, is to rectify this problem of oppression and bondage.

The Book of Daniel and other scriptures inform us that the horn made war with the saints of the LDS restoration and prevailed against them, but when the Ancient of days comes, judgment will be given back to the saints and they will possess the kingdom.

Based on my imperfect interpretation of the scriptures and the current events taking place, I am now of the opinion that the servants have very possibly and probably returned and the proclamation has been sent forth. I believe that the political authorities are suppressing the knowledge of the proclamation they have received. I think there is a reason why the invitation has been sent forth to the oppressive political leaders of the world before the servants begin their work of sharing the gospel and beginning the gathering among the common folk.

I think that prudence is necessary at this time in the public comments that we make about this very serious and sacred work that has very possibly begun to go forth among political authorities.

The Book of Daniel informs us that at the time of the end “none of the wicked will understand but the wise shall understand“.

I have decided to suspend this series with regard to this public blog and continue it in a newsletter for those interested. It is obviously not important for you to be on my email list. All any of us need is the scriptures and the Holy Ghost to navigate these uncharted waters of end times events. The list is just for those that enjoy the interaction of discussing these things.

If you would be interested in being on the list of people to be included in the remainder of this series and other related topics, please send your email address to onewhoiswatching [at ] gmail dot com.

I am not sure if I will be using this blog site in the future.

Amazing things are happening in the earth at this time. I believe we are seeing the beginning of the merging together of two prophetic narratives in scripture. The beast narrative in the Book of Revelation is now chronologically emerging with and will parallel the gathering narrative and return of the kingdom of God narrative in modern revelation. Some of the virgins will enter into the chamber and live consecration, others will be told to go into the city to  buy and sell.

Keep Watching


My sources tell me that there are a bunch of wingnuts down in happy valley that have concluded that they are the Lord’s servants from Joseph Smith’s generation. They apparently believe that the first labors of the last kingdom have returned to the earth through another mortal birth. (some sort of reincarnation or transmigration)

I guess they have a podcast, etc.

Apparently these wannabe’s worship at an alter on a mountain top having visions and visitations. They apparently look at pictures of historical figures of the LDS movement and look at themselves in the mirror to decide which servant they must be.

“I look like Oliver, I must be him!”

“I look like Sidney, I must be him!”

“I look like Lyman Wight, I must be him”

Etc., etc., etc.,

Apparently they read my blog to determine what actions they need to be taking to fulfill their prophetic roles LOL

Beware of these well meaning but confused brethren and pray for them.

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8 Responses to His Hands Shall Also Finish It Part 10

  1. Lynne McKinley says:

    Please sign me up for your newsletter. I appreciate your due dilligence.

    Thanks, Lynne McMinley

  2. Dear brother, I praise God daily for your inspired work and ask that He continue to bless you in all ways, always. I, as well as many others who love the Word, as they seek continually to receive guidance from the Holy Spirit, have been blessed beyond my ability to articulate the measure, that your fruits have revealed, you indeed possess a beautiful heart and I thank you for all that you have shared with me and the world.

    I have gained a much greater understanding of the mysteries of the Kingdom of God through your work than I have in over five decades of being instructed and influenced by the apostate cult that is presently deceiving the masses, as it is in accord with the prince of the power of the air.

    The events that are unfolding before our very eyes are revealing who is really in control and the necessity of His allowance for greater suffering as He has revealed the pivoT man to the AC and has shown how weak the flesh is and that faith is nearly non-existent in this hallowed land, as repentance requires one to willingly turn to God on ones own accord or. . .

    Being brought to repentance by an all knowing Creator who loves us with infinite unconditional love and that love can be evidenced by the pain that is being witnessed globally, but more specifically here in Zion.

    Why are the books of Moroni and Ether where they are in the Book of Mormon? what do Moroni and Mahonri Moriancumr reveal unto those who search deeply and believe?

    We must do everything in our abilities to recognize (our Ether 8/24 moment!)
    the times & crimes that we are in in sin, as we prepare our hearts for the sweeping & weeping that was promised to us in this promised land,

  3. towardzion2020 says:

    Just a comment on the “wingnuts.”

    I’m one of those that meets with these people. The reincarnation stuff about who was who in the last round (last laborers in the first kingdom) is mostly for fun. Not all of us go along with it, such as myself. The focus of getting together is simply discussing the Doctrine of Christ and worshipping together, and teaching LDS people about the Doctrine of Christ in ways the LDS Church has neglected. I would invite you to learn about it, then perhaps do an adequate post on where we are wrong (or right).

    • Thank you for providing a response.

      Can you expound on “mostly for fun”.

      Help me understand the lessor part that is not for fun. ?!?!?

      Clearly, there are key leaders of the group that take themselves very seriously as the reincarnated return of the Lords servants from the LDS restoration movement

      Why do you humor them by participating in the group if you are not buying what they are selling??

      I suspect that members of the group feels that they have identified Joseph Smith. Which member of the group is it?

      I have reason to believe that members of your group have accepted Mauricio Bergers claim of being Joseph Smith.. is that true or is it a member of your Utah Valley group that has been designated as Joseph Smith?

      If you don’t really buy in to the BS why do you associate with those people? Do you not see any read flags?

      I understand that you guys reject the atonement statute/intercessory role of Joseph Smith, preferring to believe that he never committed any serious sins in his role as God’s latter day intercessory prophet..

      From what I have heard I really don’t see any net benefit in participating in your Mt Nebo Alter Worship Services.

      I am however willing to allow you to provide a summary of what your group really does believe and why you think a person can benefit from participation.

      I commend you for speaking up.

      Thank you.

      • towardzion2020 says:

        Yes, there are a couple of people who like to speculate who someone was in a past life. I can’t say that some don’t take it seriously but many don’t. The point is to rise up now and become a servant in this life. No one is or thinks they are Joseph Smith. Most believe he hasn’t come on the scene at this point. I believe in a Davidic Servant, and perhaps think it could be a reincarnated Joseph Smith, or perhaps aided by Joseph as a resurrected being or angel. The jury’s out for me. We all find Maricio Berger to be a fraud.

        No one correlates belief, though there are some strong voices. I joined because I wanted a brotherhood and this one was offering a brotherhood. I disagree quite frequently with the strong voices out there and I’m not censured. But we agree about the most important things mentioned in 3 Nephi 11. No group will be perfect until Zion comes, IMO, so if you are I are looking for doctrinal perfection, we aren’t going to find it.

        If there other options out there, I’m happy to check those out too, apart from the vapid LDS priesthood quorum meetings.

      • I would suggest that there is an inner circle within the group… and you won’t be admitted in until you finish drinking the glass of cool-aid and fully share the same delusion.

        Your desire to be part of a brotherhood is a natural impulse. But you should not join a brotherhood just because you desire to be part of a brotherhood.

        Joseph Smith once essentially taught that every religious group (outside of the “fulness of the gospel” when it is on the earth) has a distinct “spirit” that leads it further away from the narrow path.

        There are people in the group you are in that are making some very seriously false claims.

  4. towardzion2020 says:

    I know. I have since paused my relationship with the group for the most part.

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