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November 28, 2008

This blog is an outgrowth of its sister site which provides over 50 scriptural and prophetic evidences that the “Marvelous Work and a Wonder” spoken of in Isaiah and the Book of Mormon did not begin during Joseph Smith’s ministry and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon in the 1800’s.

The LDS restoration movement represented the laying of the FOUNDATION for the Marvelous Work and a Wonder that was to come forth four generations later. It is time for the Marvelous Work and a Wonder to happen NOW. It is our generation that will see it unfold.

After the saints failed to live the law of consecration and failed to redeem Zion during Joseph Smith’s 15 year ministry, the Lord told them they must wait for a “little season” of “chastisement” and “learning” before they could live the laws pertaining to Zion.

The Marvelous Work and a Wonder takes place when the Gentiles repent and accept the fulness of the gospel and it includes the coming forth of additional ancient records as detailed in the 4th chapter of Ether.

Behold, I have written upon these plates the very thingswhich the brother of Jared saw; and there never weregreater things made manifest than those which were made manifest unto the brother of Jared.

Wherefore the Lord hath commanded me to write them; and I have written them. And he commanded me that I should seal them up; and he also hath commanded that I should seal up the interpretation thereof; wherefore I have sealed up the interpreters, according to the commandment of the Lord.

For the Lord said unto me: They shall not go forth unto the Gentiles until the day that they shall repent of their iniquity, and become clean before the Lord.

And in that day that they shall exercise faith in me, saith the Lord, even as the brother of Jared did, that they may become sanctified in me, then will I manifest unto them the things which the brother of Jared saw, even to the unfolding unto them all my revelations, saith Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Father of the heavens and of the earth, and all things that in them are.

I believe the Marvelous Work and a Wonder is about to begin.

This blog deals with deep doctrinal, historical and prophecy related issues pertaining to the LDS Restoration Movement, the Restored Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It views history through the lens of prophecy and prophecy through the lens of LDS church history.

CAUTION: One must first learn to swim before one enters into deep waters.

This blog is for those who have been weaned from the breast and yearn for the meat. Those not prepared for the meat can choke on it.

The content provided in the posts of this blog are for those who have contracted the spirit of watching and have made it through the “Third Watch Boot Camp” which consists of reading every numbered post in chronological order on the above mentioned three watches blog, beginning with the very first post which lays the foundation for the journey you are about to embark on.

If you make it that far and still want more information to read, the following resources can be considered:

  • This blog– For an incomplete listing of some of the earliest posts on both blog sites with brief descriptions click here
  • The Chief Inspector Blog  Part One and Part Two
  • My Youtube Series on “The Secret History of Mormonism Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  • The book, “Solving the Prophet Puzzle, transforming a crisis of faith into a spiritual awakening“. This book provide the true Biblical profile of who Joseph Smith really was and what his full calling is. It documents how Joseph Smith, the latter day Moses offered up an atonement offering in behalf of latter day Israel after they rejected the fulness, much the same way the Moses offered himself as an atonement offering for ancient Israel after they rejected the fulness. The book provides answers to most of the criticisms made by skeptics of the restoration. The book can be ordered through Amazon.

book pic


The book, “Solving the Prophet Puzzle” reveals the secret history of the LDS restoration movement.

Three chapters of my book address the topic of the intercessory atonement offering. I feel that the documentation I have provided is beyond compelling in showing that Joseph Smith is the COVENANT SERVANT of the Lord in the last days who began the work of the Lord and will finish it under the direction of, and in conjunction with, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The book is currently being updated and should be finished by the end of 2016. The original version that was used by members of my peer review has temporarily been reduced in price from $49 to $19.

The book is over 600 pages long with over 1200 historical and scriptural references. Listed below are the chapters contained in the book.


The Whore, the Harlots and the Unfaithful Bride

“We’ve never had a period of apostasy like we’re having right now”

A Stone of Stumbling
Biblical Profile of the Davidic Servant
One Like Moses

The True Purpose of Prophets
The Atonement Statute
“I have labored in vain… yet shall I … restore… Israel”

Why did Old things need to become New?
Modern Revelation is Consistent with Ancient Prophecy

Search these commandments… the prophecies and promises… shall all be fulfilled.

“For, behold, he cometh in the first watch . . . and . . . in the second watch,
and again he shall come in the third watch.”

“I, the Lord, will to retain a strong hold in the land of Kirtland, for the space of five years.”

“And she brought forth a man child”

“That Jerusalem from this hour may begin to be redeemed.”

“A Light will shine forth among those that sit in darkness.”

“And the branches of the natural tree will I graft into the natural branches of the [wild] tree”

“Thy seed . . . shall bear this ministry and priesthood unto all nations.”

“Behold the time has fully come which was spoken by the mouth of Malachi.”

If an angel… let him be accursed…

“I will prove that God called Brother Joseph to translate the Book of Mormon only”

“They have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.”

Searching for 23 High Priests and the Holy Order of Melchizedek

“Paul is here treating of three different priesthoods, namely the priesthood of Aron, Abraham, and Melchizedek”

But behold the Servant said unto the Lord of the Vineyard, “Spare it a little longer.”

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine.”

The Importance of Understanding the True Nature of God

“And the voice of warning shall be unto all people by the mouths of my disciples whom I have chosen in these last days.”

The Secret History of Mormonism

The Time of the End is Near

“break down the walls of mine enemies, throw down their tower, and scatter their watchman”



The deeper doctrines of the kingdom have the ability to either enhance your “testimony” of the restored gospel or expose how frail it is, based on the doctrinal and spiritual foundation you have acquired before you read this information.

Prepare for the journey of your life…. we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto




Essential Oldies but Goodies Part Six: The Law of Adoption and the Sealing Principles

September 19, 2017

Today’s Oldy but Goodie was inspired by the following email exchange that I had with a reader of my blog.


I was reading this verse this evening and a very interesting part of it popped out at me.

18 I might have rendered a plainer translation to this, but it is sufficiently plain to suit my purpose as it stands. It is sufficient to know, in this case, that the earth will be smitten with a curse unless there is a welding link of some kind or other between the fathers and the children, upon some subject or other—and behold what is that subject? It is the baptism for the dead. For

It is the baptism for the dead. For we without them cannot be made perfect; neither can they without us be made perfect. Neither can they nor we be made perfect without those who have died in the gospel also; for it is necessary in the ushering in of the dispensation of the fulness of times, which dispensation is now beginning to usher in, that a whole and complete and perfect union, and welding together of dispensations, and keys, and powers, and glories should take place, and be revealed from the days of Adam even to the present time. And not only this, but those things which never have been revealed from the foundation of the world, but have been kept

And not only this, but those things which never have been revealed from the foundation of the world, but have been kept hid from the wise and prudent, shall be revealed unto babes and sucklings in this, the dispensation of the fulness of times.

There are three groups being talked about here.

They – our departed ancestors

We – us of course

Those who died in the gospel – who?

My Response

The interesting thing about the above passage of scripture that was taken from a letter Joseph wrote from the Nauvoo era, is that it is based on the foundational passage in Hebrews 11:40. Joseph completely changes the meaning of Hebrews 11:40 in the Inspired Version. go figure!

JST Hebrews 11:40 God having provided some better things for them through their sufferings, for without sufferings they could not be made perfect.

KJV Hebrews 11:40 God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.

One of the very few disagreements that I have with the JST is that it alters and deletes part of the original narrative in the above passage because the original narrative rings true to me.

Not only did Joseph Smith paraphrase the missing part of the JST passage in section 128, he also quoted it in several discourses.

My guess is that Joseph and Sidney, when making their inspired changes in the NT, meant to add the truth about the fact that that our ancient fathers needed to experience sufferings, but did not intend to delete the revelatory aspect of the passage that states that the patriarchal fathers cannot be saved without their posterity and vice versa.

I agree with the addition that was made but I do not agree with the deletion that was made.

Our patriarchal fathers cannot be saved without their repentant offspring and we cannot be saved without our patriarchal fathers.

I believe it was understood and agreed to in the pre-existence that the fathers who came during OT times could not be saved without their posterity that was to come in the end times. The gospel of Jesus Christ is an all or nothing proposition, it either saves the entire family of God or none of them…. everyone must have the opportunity to hear and accept the gospel and be united in the welding link provided by the gospel. In order for us to be saved, the gospel keys from the Fathers had to be restored to us from them. In order for them to ultimately be saved, we need to use those gospel keys to redeem Zion so that Zion from below can meet Zion from above.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is an all or nothing proposition, it either saves the entire repentant family of God or none of them…. everyone must have the opportunity to hear and accept the gospel and be united in the welding link provided by the gospel. In order for us to be saved, the gospel keys from the fathers need to be passed down to the children and we need to gather the rest of the family and redeem Zion with them.

The difficult thing about the Nauvoo era is that even though Joseph began teaching some heretical doctrines during that period, he also had some revelatory lucid moments as well. Hence the need for personal revelatory discernment and a holistic view of the scriptures when listening to prophets teach doctrine. It is always the Holy Ghost that must direct us in our learning, not the prophet who claims to be acting as the Lord’s

It is always the Holy Ghost that must direct us in our learning, not the prophet who has the commission to be acting as the Lord’s mouthpiece.

One of the most insidious beliefs of modern Mormonism is that a prophet is always a prophet and cannot ever teach a false doctrine…. This is because a prophet can fall and teach false doctrine, or in the case of Joseph Smith, he can temporarily have his eyes covered as a result of his intercessory offering. God uses true prophets to test the saints. to see if they will follow the discernment given by the Holy Ghost and believe his holy word in scripture or the word of a mortal.

In my opinion, the above passage in Hebrews 11:40 is true just as it stands in the KJV, but it is not referring to the corrupt practices that took place in Nauvoo of sealing men to men and other peoples wives to certain men.

It is simply referring to the fact that the gospel of Christ gathers the BODY of CHRIST back into one big family and makes them all equal and binds them together through the gospel covenant of Baptism, and consecration, ( consecration is simply an extension of the baptismal covenant.)… the saints are ONE in Christ. That is the welding link of the gospel.

Hebrews 11:40 and the above passage introduce the concept of “group salvation” and the fact that everybody must be united together through the sealing powers of the gospel.

In addition to the above passage, Section 110 also testifies of the veracity of Hebrews 11:40. It not only reiterates the revelatory narrative being presented in Hebrews 11:40, it is a partial fulfillment of it. Our FATHERS Abraham, Moses and Elijah returned from the dead as ministering angels to restore certain keys pertaining to the gospel so that in the latter days their posterity can have the knowledge of the gospel and be gathered into the gospel net and eventually be reunited with their ancient fathers.

14 Behold, the time has fully come, which was spoken of by the mouth of Malachi—testifying that he [Elijah] should be sent, before the great and dreadful day of the Lord come—

15 To turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers, lest the whole earth be smitten with a curse—

16 Therefore, the keys of this dispensation are committed into your hands; and by this ye may know that the great and dreadful day of the Lord is near, even at the doors.

The second part of the fulfillment of the above passage will take place when Joseph and his associates return to restore the missing keys of the gospel and saving ordinances that we need to have in order to be saved. At that time the remainder will be gathered and Zion from below will be prepared to meet Zion from above.

In my opinion, the breakdown you asked about is is as follows

They – Our patriarchal fathers who hold gospel keys from previous dispensations

We – us of course

Those who died in the gospel – Everyone from Old Testament and New Testament and Book of Mormon eras who had accepted the gospel and been valiant in it, as well as any others who still accept the gospel.


The $64 dollar question he asks in a follow-up email is as follows

It never dawned on me that the sealing as we know it today was never a part of this welding link, only baptisms for the dead. Where and when did that become an LDS doctrine?

The question he asked was addressed in the following post that I wrote in 2009-

The Law of Adoption and the Sealing Principles


BTW for those that prefer listening, here is the youtube version by Mrs W.

Previous Oldies but Goodies



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Chuck Missler and John the Revelator are Mystics?

August 28, 2017

Some 30+ years ago I wrote a paper titled “A Mystical Look at the LDS Restoration Movement“.

It used keyword searching technology to unlock some hidden information in scripture that addresses the topic of where the real Jerusalem of end times prophecy is really located.

It also showed mathematically through the use of a numerical sequence that the Kirtland Temple and related events had been prophesied of anciently by the prophet Daniel. Several years later I would write a little more blatantly about who the real latter day Jews really are.

In essence, it showed that the LDS restoration movement was fulfilling many of the prophecies of the ancient prophets like Isaiah and Daniel:


I realized when I presented the first article that the information I was proffering would be diametrically opposed to the indoctrination that all Christians, including Mormons, as well as Protestants and Catholics had previously been taught.

This problem was further complicated by the fact that at the time I wrote the paper, it contradicted the teachings of an LDS Hebrew scholar who had gained a great deal of popularity from his books and lectures on Isaiah.

Even though much of what he was teaching was very inspired, including the fact that the Marvelous Work and a Wonder was a future event, his basic premise about who the Jews were and where the Jerusalem of end times prophecy is located, was completely wrong.

He implies that he can understand the words of Isaiah better than us Gentile Ephraimites because he has studied Hebrew and he understands how Jews think.

Sadly, he continues to this very day to teach the same false prophetic story-line about where the latter day Jerusalem is and the associated prophetic events. By doing so, he pretty much negates the truth points he brings out by directing peoples attention to a false paradigm.

Certainly we can learn from the Jews. This link is to a wonderful article written by Dr. James Tripp showing the four levels of meaning in scripture. It substantiates the belief that there are multiple layers of meaning in scripture.

But those of Ephraim should not discount their own spiritual gifts pertaining to understanding scripture and doctrine in favor of those that claim to be proficient in the learning of the Jews!

One passage of scripture that has been greatly misunderstood is in 2nd Nephi 25 which begins with the following passage

Now I, Nephi, do speak somewhat concerning the words which I have written, which have been spoken by the mouth of Isaiah. For behold, Isaiah spake many things which were hard for many of my people to understand; for they know not concerning the manner of prophesying among the Jews.

That passage by itself could be interpreted to indicate that one needs to have an academic understanding of the manner of prophesying of the Jews in order to understand the words of Isaiah.


It is not referring to the importance of the learning and traditions of the Jews and how they think. It is simply speaking about the prophesying of true prophets that took place AMONG the Jews. Nevertheless, the Jews had darkened minds.

If one continues to read the narrative, one gets a broader context of the point that Nephi really is making.

Nephi continues in the next passage to observe that the works of the Jews were in the darkness which is why he opted to not teach his children many things concerning the manner of the Jews.

For I, Nephi, have not taught them many things concerning the manner of the Jews; for their works were works of darkness, and their doings were doings of abominations.

He then makes an observation which explains why so many of the House of Israel that have been gathered into the church in these latter days have difficulty understanding the words of Isaiah and why they can only begin to believe in Christ

Wherefore, hearken, O my people, which are of the house of Israel, and give ear unto my words; for because the words of Isaiah are not plain unto you..

The words of Isaiah are not Plain unto the remnants of the House of Israel that began converting to the church and gathering to America during the Nauvoo period!!!

I have shown in previous posts that the knowledge of the gospel was taken from the restored gentile church and taken to the House of Israel after the gentiles rejected the gospel in about 1834. Remnants of the House of Israel began converting and coming to Nauvoo and then Utah from across the great waters.

Nephi informs us that the words of Isaiah are not plain to those of the House of Israel. This is in part why the Latter day Saint (Jews) struggle with understanding the words of Isaiah!

Ok then, what is the bottom-line to understanding the words of Isaiah (and the gospel of Jesus Christ for that matter)?

Here is the continuation of the above passage

… nevertheless they are plain unto all those that are filled with the spirit of prophecy.


The ultimate key to understanding Isaiah is not to study how the Jews think or prophesy. It is not from studying the words of Hebrew scholars who have been educated by the universities of Babylon and who don’t even  know where the Jeruslaem of end times prophecy is located or who the real Jews are.

The key that the scriptures and Joseph Smith taught, is personal revelation that comes while searching the holy word of God. It is the spirit of prophecy.

If you are one who receives personal revelation you can understand the words of Isaiah and also the fulness of the Gospel.

Following the above passage, Nephi then provides a commentary on the words of Isaiah in PLAINNESS not based on his learning of how the Jews prophesy, but rather on speaking while inspired by the spirit of Prophecy which was a spiritual gift that he had in him from the time he left Jerusalem!

But I give unto you a prophecy, according to the spirit which is in me; wherefore I shall prophesy according to the plainness which hath been with me from the time that I came out from Jerusalem with my father; for behold, my soul delighteth in plainness unto my people, that they may learn.

Those that have compared the spiritual gifts of the House of Israel to those of the newly converted gentiles of the restoration movement realize that the Gentile Ephraimites who convert to Christ have spiritual gifts pertaining to understanding things that are not given to the House of Israel.

That is why the Jews that began coming into the church during the Nauvoo period could only begin to believe in Christ and were not even preached to until after the fulness was taken from the church.

Unlike the remnants of the House of Israel, the believing Gentiles, once they have repented, have been given the spiritual gifts of the Holy Ghost of understanding the differences of administration and the diversities of operations and the discerning of spirits..


gentile spiritual gifts

The listings of spiritual gifts above represent a comparison between the gifts of the spirit given to the House of Israel as contained in Moroni 10, and the gifts of the spirit given to the believing Gentiles in Section 46

The above comparison explains why so many Mormons and Mormon fringe groups have become obsessed exclusively with the simple gospel narrative in the Book of Mormon while virtually excluding the much more detailed explanation of priesthood and priesthood offices and principles of church organization and church administration that are contained in the Doctrine and Covenants.

This is why those remnant fringe groups often quote the following passage but on focus on the Book of Mormon part of it.

54 And your minds in times past have been darkened because of unbelief, and because you have treated lightly the things you have received—

55 Which vanity and unbelief have brought the whole church under condemnation.

56 And this condemnation resteth upon the children of Zion, even all.

57 And they shall remain under this condemnation until they repent and remember the new covenant, even the Book of Mormon and the former commandments which I have given them, not only to say, but to do according to that which I have written—

Those FORMER COMMANDMENTS were canonized in the BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS. shortly thereafter and eventually most of those revelations were canonized once again into the DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS. 

An yet, the latter day Jews who call themselves the remnant have a huge bias and blind spot when it comes to the revelations that came through Joseph Smith.

Anytime it appears to them as if the revelations through Joseph Smith conflict with the Book of Mormon, they readily discard the revelations that came through God’s servant.

This is why the Snufferites have rejected Section 20 and have focused on Book of Mormon protocol and their own logic in creating their own articles and covenants pertaining to church administration.

Paradigm Changes to Not Come Easily

I knew that the information I was presenting in the article about the true location of the latter day Jerusalem that Isaiah speaks about would not be easily accepted by Mormons.

In an effort to prepare the hearts and minds of my readers for the paradigm shift they were about to experience, I began the article with my favorite definition of the word mystical:

mys·ti·cal having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent
to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence

Another great definition is found in the 1828 Websters:

MYS’TICAL, a. [L.mysticus.] Obscure; hid; secret. [.] 1. Sacredly obscure or secret; remote from human comprehension. [.] [.] God hath revealed a way mystical and supernatural. [.] 2. Involving some secret meaning; allegorical; emblematical

I began the paper with the first definition above because I realized that what I was about to present to my readers who were prophecy buffs was going to challenge parvery fiber of their being.

It would contradict many years of indoctrination that apostate Christianity had taught them.

They would have to unlearn virtually everything they had been taught about the events of the end times.

I wanted my readers to realize that the scriptures contain hidden treasures of knowledge that are not apparent from a cursory reading of God’s holy word.

Many years after writing the article I was invited to submit a post on the LDSAnarchy website. Realizing that the readership of that blog was use to thinking outside of the box, I posted that particular article, hoping that the information would fall upon fertile soil.

This is what the first commenter had to say after reading the article:

Hm, talk about a paradigm shift. You make an interesting argument, if it is true, it is back to the drawing board for most of my preconceived notions on end time events. I have enjoyed your blog and was surprised to see you post a topic here, but am glad you did. I enjoy your insights.

Chuck Missler is a Mystic

I have mentioned several times on this blog that I admire and appreciate Church Missler as a scriptural scholar. Although he will continue to have blind spots until he accepts the Book of Mormon and the commission of Joseph Smith, he is incredibly inspired in his studies of the Bible.

I noticed the other day while watching one of his youtubes that he referred to himself as a “mystic”.

This was interesting to me because several years ago I began considering myself and others who search the scriptures deeply for the hidden things to be mystics.

I found it interesting that he and I both found that term to be applicable to those who believe that the deeper truths contained in the scriptures are hidden and needed to be prayerfully searched for. They are not plainly manifest on the surface.

Missler also refers to John the Revelator as a mystic.

The following youtubes by Missler contain a wonderful summary of the distinction between the writers of the four gospels, showing how they each had a distinct contextual point of view and been prepared by God to provide the narrative of the Gospel that they each provided.

If you spend a few minutes listening to Chuck Missler you will get 1000% more light and knowledge and understanding about Christ and his gospel than you will by listening to any general conference put on by the LDS church.


The Scriptures are like an Onion

Students of the scriptures and the gospel would do well to realize that the scriptures are like an onion, having layers of meaning which cannot be mined through a cursory reading.

Cleansed by the Word

Another thing students of the Gospel need to realize about the holy and ineffable word of God in scripture is that it actually has the mystical ability to cleanse a person.

One of my favorite passages from the mystical gospel of John quotes Jesus as saying that the word of God can and does clean the hearer who comprehends and believes it.

I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. 

Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. 

**Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.** 

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. 

I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

Imagine that. The spoken word of truth from Christ can actually cleanse a person. Clearly those spoken words of Christ in written form have the same effect on those that believe them when read by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps this is why the following protocol provided in Section 20 of the Doctrine and Covenants reveals that a person can receive the Spirit of Christ and a remission of their sins BEFORE baptism.

37 And again, by way of commandment to the church concerning the manner of baptism—All those who humblethemselves before God, and desire to be baptized, and come forth with broken hearts and contrite spirits, and witness before the church that they have truly repented of all their sins, and are willing to take upon them the nameof Jesus Christ, having a determination to serve him to the end, and truly manifest by their works that they have received of the Spirit of Christ unto the remission of their sins, shall be received by baptism into his church.

Some have concluded that the above passage is inconsistent with Book of Mormon and New Testament protocols which indicate that a person cannot become clean until after baptism. However our gospel dispensation and circumstances  are different from some of the others in the past.

The New Testament Saints only had the Old Testament as their guide with regard to trying to understand the prophetic contemporary events taking place around them.

The same if true of Lehi and his family.

The saints of the LDS restoration movement were bombarded with new scripture.

By the time section 20 was given, the Book of Mormon had been published and the Inspired Version was in process and the revelations in the D&C were on their way followed by the Book of Abraham.

God was giving us his word out of a fire hydrant.

No other generation we are aware of has had so much of God’s word to study and search.

After the gentiles rejected the fulness of the gospel and the KNOWLEDGE of the Gospel was taken to the House of Israel, God told the church that they must wait for a little season of learning and chastisement before they could once again attempt to live the laws of Zion.

A Little Season of LEARNING

We are in the unique position of having had a huge amount of God’s word to study and we have been commanded to study it and learn from it.

At the end of about four generations the keys of the kingdom and the fulness of the Gospel is to be returned to the earth with those having the commission to gather the elect to Zion.

Section 1, 29 and 101 & 103 mention very specifically who the servants are that will gather the elect to Zion. They testify that Joseph Smith and his brethren of the restoration have that commission and will return to complete it.

Our generation is responsible to study and search and ponder God’s word until the appointed time when the servants return.

This is because the holy word of God can cleanse us and prepare us for the true baptism of water, fire and the Holy Ghost that will be restored to the earth at the appointed time.

During the last few years I have pointed out several falsehoods that have been taught by an emerging false prophet who has authored historical content and scriptural interpretations largely high-jacked from  other authors and bloggers.

Very little of what he has said in his talks and books have come by way of his own personal revelation while reading the scriptures and studying the history of the church.

I have had several of his followers contact me and tell me they agree with what I have said as I have pointed out errors in his writings and claims. They can see the inconsistencies in his teachings and the scriptures. They can discern the false doctrine that he teaches. And yet they have chosen to follow him and discount my warning voice because he claims to talk directly face to face with God, while I do not make that claim.

In their minds, he is on a higher level of spiritual understanding than me because of his claim that he speaks face to face with God, despite the fact that he misinterprets so many historical events, scriptures and gospel principles. Because of his blindness and the visitation of a false Christ, he and his followers are currently in the process of transfiguring the holy word of God and entering into a covenant with death.

What they don’t seem to realize is that a person needs to be cleansed by the word of God BEFORE God would ever grant them a face to face audience. You can tell if someone who claims to have a commission from God is a true prophet, or a deceiver or a fallen prophet, or an atonement intercession prophet, by the doctrine he teaches.

Those that don’t first cultivate a relationship with God through an inspired understanding of his written word, and become cleansed by it,  through the spirit of personal revelation will never be permitted to enter into God’s presence to be taught the mysteries.

They can only be visited and deceived by false Christs. Furthermore, one would not continue to teach so many falsehoods and to deny and transfigure existing revelations in the D&C AFTER being taught by God face to face.

The cold hard fact of the matter is that the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is a mystical religion and only those that become mystics and learn through the spirit of personal revelation can comprehend and prepare themselves to truly repent and conform to the full law of the gospel once the appointed time arrives.





Those Among the Gentiles Go To Zion. Those Among Judah Go To Jer-USA-lem.

August 24, 2017

In previous posts about the final gathering I have pointed that there will be two separate and distinct gatherings of God’s people. Both take place in America.

It is important to understand this prophetic topic because it is about to unfold. Indeed, the preliminary spiritual and philosophical division is taking place right now.

One of the most succinct scriptural narratives that speaks of this dual gathering is found in Section 133.

Section 133 was given to the saints of the restored church while the fulness of the gospel was on the earth on November 3, 1831.

It was given in the middle of the 3 1/2 year revelatory sweet spot that Joseph Smith enjoyed from June 5th 1831 when the Melchizedek Priesthood was restored for the first time during Joseph’s ministry, until  December 5th 1834 when the Lord pronounced the members and leaders of the church to be under condemnation.


Section 133 was first added to the Doctrine and Covenants as the appendix by way of commandment from the Lord. The condemned modern church has since departed from the commandment to keep it as the appendix. They have corrupted the canon of scripture by removing the Lectures on Faith and other inspired revelations and by adding some uninspired revelations. They have also failed to maintain section 133 as the appendix.

Section 133 begins by addressing the saints of the restored church in Kirtland:

1 Hearken, O ye people of my church, saith the Lord your God, and hear the word of the Lord concerning you—

2 The Lord who shall suddenly come to his temple; the Lord who shall come down upon the world with a curse to judgment; yea, upon all the nations that forget God, and upon all the ungodly among you.

The Blessing and the Cursing

Notice the prophecy about that Lord coming to his temple with a curse to judgment.

That prophecy was fulfilled when Christ and three ministering angels visited Joseph an Oliver a years later in the Kirtland Temple.

During this visitation a blessing and a cursing was placed upon the gentile nations that have departed from the Lord, including the ungodly among the restored church.

Section 110 informs us of blessings that took place relative to the appearance of Christ and three angelic messengers. In addition to the blessing, Elijah the Prophet appeared to Joseph and Oliver and informed them that he had come to the earth prior to the great and dreadful day of the Lord as prophesied by Malachi.

The revelation directs us to the other prophecies in Malachi that speak of the cursing. Notice how Malachi informs us that the cursing is related to the act of changing the saving ordinances and the law of tithing (consecration):

7 ¶ Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from mine ordinances, and have not kept them. Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the Lord of hosts. But ye said, Wherein shall we return?

8 ¶ Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.

9 Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.

The Lord will Make Bare His Arm

In the above prophecy, “Mine ordinances” appears to refer to the saving ordinances of the gospel in the latter days which includes the three fold baptism. The next passage in section 133 prophesies of an upcoming event that begins the third watch (dispensation) when the Lord will make bare his arm in the eyes of all nations.

For he shall make bare his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of their God.

The term “holy arm” of the Lord refers to God anointed servant that will be returning to complete his missioin.

The following verse begins with “wherefore” which actually implies a continuation of the third watch prophecy being spoken of in verse 3 above. It provides a brief outline of how the final gathering will take place in the third watch:

4 Wherefore, prepare ye, prepare ye, O my people; sanctify yourselves; gather ye together, O ye people of my church, upon the land of Zion, all you that have not been commanded to tarry.

5 Go ye out from Babylon. Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord.

6 Call your solemn assemblies, and speak often one to another. And let every man call upon the name of the Lord.

7 Yea, verily I say unto you again, the time has come when the voice of the Lord is unto you: Go ye out of Babylon; gather ye out from among the nations, from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

The saints of the restored church assumed this commandment to gather was referring to their current situation and it certainly was applicable since God was in the process of gathering his saints out of Babylon at the time. However, the literal fulfillment of the above commandment/prophecy had reference to a future time, referred to in scriptures as the third watch.

All of the Tribes of Israel will Gather to the Promised Land of America

The passages above speak of a worldwide gathering of believers to the land of America that takes place when the final restoration and marvelous work referred to by Isaiah begins to take place. America is the land of the Abrahamic Covenant in the last days. That is why ALL of the tribes of Israel will gather here.

At that time, the first laborers of the last kingdom will emerge to fulfill their commission of gathering the elect from the four corners of the earth.

Interestingly, most LDS prophecy scholars believe that the times of the gentiles is about to come to an end and then the Gospel will go to the Jews.

This is not correct.

The times of the Gentiles that began with the New Testament apostles came to its fulness during the ministry of Joseph Smith between 1831 and 1834. At that time the fulness of the gospel was collectively rejected by the Gentile saints of the restored church.

After that the saints petitioned the Lord in the dedicatory prayer of the Kirtland Temple to begin to redeem Jerusalem from that very hour and return the children of Judah to the lands of their inheritance in America.

One week later the dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham was secretly ushered in as documented in Section 110.

Shortly thereafter the revelation commissioning the Twelve Apostles to take the knowledge of the gospel to the house of Israel which Joseph Smith identified as the “outcasts of Israel” and the “dispersed of  Judah” was given in section 118.

Since that time, remnants of Judah and other tribes have been gathering into the modern church.

The words of Christ to his New Testament saints as recorded in Section 45 validates the above scenario.

It informs us that the Jews that scattered after rejecting Christ during the meridian of time, were to remain in a scattered condition until the times of the gentiles were fulfilled.

That fulfillment of the times of the Gentiles took place during Joseph Smith’s ministry. (D&C 45:24-25) following that, the House of Israel (Jews ) have begun to believe in Christ and to gather into the church.

However the narrative in section 45 goes on to reveal that the times of the gentiles will come in AGAIN after the signs of the coming of the Lord begin to manifest themselves with wars and rumors of wars great commotions in the earth!

From this and other passages of scriptures we learn that the times of the Gentiles are about to come in again.

After the signs appear, a LIGHT shall break forth.

“And when the times of the Gentiles is come in [AGAIN] a light shall break forth among them that sit in darkness, and it shall be the fulness of my gospel.”

That is what is about to happen right now!

The times of the gentiles is about to come in again!

The light of the Marvelous Work is about to shine forth!

The fulness of the gospel is about to return to the earth!

Section 133 informs us that when the final restoration and gathering takes place, the third watch begins by calling upon the gentiles first, and then upon the Jews:

8 Send forth the elders of my church unto the nations which are afar off; unto the islands of the sea; send forth unto foreign lands; call upon all nations, first upon the Gentiles, and then upon the Jews.

9 And behold, and lo, this shall be their cry, and the voice of the Lord unto all people: Go ye forth unto the land of Zion, that the borders of my people may be enlarged, and that her stakes may be strengthened, and that Zion may go forth unto the regions round about.

10 Yea, let the cry go forth among all people: Awake and arise and go forth to meet the Bridegroom; behold and lo, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Prepare yourselves for the great day of the Lord.

11 Watch, therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour.

First the elders call upon the Gentiles and then upon the Jews. Both are called upon to gather and prepare for the great day of the Lord.

Again, it is important to understand that everyone from all the tribes of Israel are first gathered to America, the land of the Abrahamic Land Covenant.

The passages above provide a great key to understanding the underlying tribal division between those among the gentiles and those among Judah.

Both groups believe in the Book of Mormon and the LDS restoration movement.

The prophetic narrative in section 133 reiterates once again that there will be two divisions among believers of the LDS restoration. These two groups will gather to two separate and distinct geographical places within the promised land of America.

12 Let them, therefore, who are among the Gentiles flee unto Zion.

13 And let them who be of Judah flee unto Jerusalem, unto the mountains of the Lord’s house.

14 Go ye out from among the nations, even from Babylon, from the midst of wickedness, which is spiritual Babylon.

As you can see, the chronology pertaining to the gathering of the believing Gentile and the partially believing Latter day Saint (Jew) is reiterated once again.

First, those who are among the Gentiles will flee to Zion.

That is the first harvest.

Following that, those who are of Judah, will flee to Jerusalem and the mountains of the Lord’s house. (terms having to do with the Jerusalem in America, not the Old World. Joseph Smith identified the Kirtland area as the latter day Jerusalem)

Signs that Reveal the Coming of the Lord

Section 45 informs us that there will be signs in the heavens above and in the earth below at the time of the gathering just before the return of the Lord.

Interestingly, there was an eclipse tat took place on August 21st of this year that many Christians and Mormons believe to be one of the signs of the end times.

Seven years later a second eclipses will take place in April of 2024

The trajectory of the first eclipse goes directly over Independence Missouri (Zion).


eclypse independence 2017.png

The trajectory of the second eclipse that takes place seven years later goes directly over Kirtland Ohio (Jerusalem).

eclypse kirtland 2024.png

It is my belief that it is not coincidental that these two signs in the heavens cross over two of the most prominent places having to do with the LDS restoration movement. In fact, they may identify the location and chronology of the two harvests that will take place in America.

X Marks the Spot

The the intersection of these two trajectories may well represent the “sign of the cross” which some apocryphal accounts associate with the sign of the coming of the Son of man.

Furthermore, the fact that the general geographical location of the intersection is over the area of the LDS restoration movement appears to be an ominous sign to the world that the LDS restoration and coming forth of the Book of Mormon and ministry of Joseph Smith was a divine work. Most prophecy scholars believe these two eclipses represent a pending judgment over the nation of America.

The exact place of the intersection brings to light the fact that even though modern revelation identifies Missouri as the land of Zion, and identifies the “center place” and the “place of the temple“, their may be other prominent places in the land of Zioin that have never specifically revealed in scripture.

It may be that the Lord never identified the exact location of a significant end times location that was not identified during Joseph Smith’s ministry. This may be because the Lord knew the saints would reject the fulness and be unsuccessful at that time in gathering.


eclypse cris cross

If you zoom into the area that is marked by the cross, you will see several cities that are not apparent as places of significance during Joseph Smith’s ministry and the attempted gathering to the land of Zion.

One of them for instance is an obscure place called “Jackson City, Missouri“, not to be confused with “Jackson County, Missouri“.

It had a population of a few hundred people during the time of Joseph Smith’s revelatory sweet spot when the fulness was briefly on the earth. It was the first city to be named after President Jackson.

One of my readers has pointed out that another place very close to the center point of the X is located by Jerusalem Road in Jackson County, Illinois in the unincorporated area of Pomona.

I make brief mention of this because the scriptures identify the general land of Zion and the Center place and the site of the future temple, but there may be other prominent cities in Zion to be built in the future that have not been revealed.

The exact center of the X could be identifying an important place in the future.

Nevertheless the main point is that there are to be two gatherings and associated harvests in America and the two eclipes may be identify the gathering places. One group of believers is of Ephraim and they are classified among the gentiles. The other group is of Judah. Many of them have been greatly deceived about their true tribal identity and they think they have been given the birthright of Joseph and Ephraim.

It is my belief that one cannot comprehend the mystical meaning of the above prophecy unless one has an understanding of the secret history of Mormonism and who the real Jews are and where the real JerUSAlem of end times prophecy is.

One needs to understand how the gentiles rejected the fulness of the gospel in Kirtland followed by the promulgation  of the knowledge of the fulness of the gospel to the dispersed of Judah and the outcasts of Israel (as documented in sections 109, 110, 112 and 118).

foreign 1

It is through the second wave of missionary work to those of the House of Israel located across the great waters that those of Judah began to be gathered to America and into the condemned church during the Nauvoo and Utah eras.

One can only understand the prophetic narrative in the passages above by understanding that the modern corporate church that calls themselves the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, contains the Jews in the latter days who have BEGUN to believe in Christ.

The Book of Mormon cryptically informs us that the Jews (that call themselves the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints), have only begun to believe. They cannot fully comprehend and live the fulness of the gospel. 2 Nephi 30:7

The Two Witnesses Come at the Time of Restoration

Because of their blindness and partial belief and unwillingness to repent and receive the fulness, these latter day Jews will be visited and chastised and warned by the two witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

This final warning to the partially believing Jews who call themselves the latter day saints, takes place when the final time of restoration takes place during the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. Joseph Smith had this to say about the appearance of the two witnesses to the Jewish nation at the time of restoration:

15 Q. What is to be understood by the two witnesses, in the eleventh chapter of Revelation?

A. They are two prophets that are to be raised up to the Jewish nation in the last days, at the time of the restoration, and to prophesy to the Jews after they are gathered and have built the city of Jerusalem in the land of their fathers. D&C 77:15

America is the land of the Abrahamic Covenant. It is the latter day land of all of the tribes of Israel including the Jews who first begin to believe in Christ BEFORE they gather. Again, sections 109 and 110 inform us that the true gathering of the Jews in the latter days began in about 1836.. It begins because they believe in Christ even though they cannot live the fulness.

The notion that the gathering of the Jews in the latter days began in 1947-8, in the Old World Jerusalem BEFORE the Jews begin to collectively believe in Christ, is not congruent with prophecy and is false. It completely contradicts the Book of Mormon and the D&C. It is a smokescreen that has been set up by the Vatican, the U.N.,  and the Ashkenazi Jews that run the global fiat banking system that has enslaved the people of this earth. 

The beginning passages in Section 133 testify that all of the tribes of Israel will be gathered to America. A type of this was provided when Joseph was sold into bondage and was followed to the new land of bondage by his brethren of the other tribes.

That was a type of how remnants of Joseph among the Gentiles would be carried to the land of America in the latter days and that eventually the other tribes would follow them to the land of America. America was to become a land of hidden bondage to God’s people until the final time of restoration and gathering should take place.

When the dispensation of the fulness of times is finally ushered in during the final restoration, Gods saints that have gathered to America from among the gentiles nations will flee to Zion.

Following that, God’s people among the latter day kingdom of Judah will flee to the land of Jerusalem that is also located in America!

All of this is about to take place.

The elect of God are about to be called out by the elders of God’s church that was in existence in November of 1832 as unconditionally promised in Section One of the Doctrine and Covenants. The protocol and chronology having to do with the calling out of the elect will take place as declared in sections 88, 109, 133, and other sections.

Section One begins by giving us the prophetic narrative of what happens when the Lord’s disciples who had published the Book of Commandments, return in the 3rd watch to declare the voice of warning.

They shall declare that the saints have strayed from the true ordinances and broken the everlasting covenant:

1 Hearken, O ye people of my church, saith the voice of him who dwells on high, and whose eyes are upon all men; yea, verily I say: Hearken ye people from afar; and ye that are upon the islands of the sea, listen together.

2 For verily the voice of the Lord is unto all men, and there is none to escape; and there is no eye that shall not see, neither ear that shall not hear, neither heart that shall not be penetrated.

3 And the rebellious shall be pierced with much sorrow; for their iniquities shall be spoken upon the housetops, and their secret acts shall be revealed.

4 And the voice of warning shall be unto all people, by the mouths of my disciples, whom I have chosen in these last days.

5 And they shall go forth and none shall stay them, for I the Lord have commanded them.

6 Behold, this is mine authority, and the authority of my servants, and my preface unto the book of my commandments, which I have given them to publish unto you, O inhabitants of the earth.

7 Wherefore, fear and tremble, O ye people, for what I the Lord have decreed in them shall be fulfilled.

8 And verily I say unto you, that they who go forth, bearing these tidings unto the inhabitants of the earth, to them is power given to seal both on earth and in heaven, the unbelieving and rebellious;

9 Yea, verily, to seal them up unto the day when the wrath of God shall be poured out upon the wicked without measure—

10 Unto the day when the Lord shall come to recompense unto every man according to his work, and measure to every man according to the measure which he has measured to his fellow man.

11 Wherefore the voice of the Lord is unto the ends of the earth, that all that will hear may hear:

12 Prepare ye, prepare ye for that which is to come, for the Lord is nigh;

13 And the anger of the Lord is kindled, and his sword is bathed in heaven, and it shall fall upon the inhabitants of the earth.

14 And the arm of the Lord shall be revealed; and the day cometh that they who will not hear the voice of the Lord, neither the voice of his servants, neither give heed to the words of the prophets and apostles, shall be cut off from among the people;

15 For they have strayed from mine ordinances, and have broken mine everlasting covenant;

As you can see from the above passages, it is the Lords disciples that published the revelations contained in the Book of Commandments and Doctrine and Covenants that will be the ones to return to raise the final voice of warning and seal up the wicked.

Verse 7 provides this ominous warning that the servants will verily return

Wherefore, fear and tremble, O ye people, for what I the Lord have decreed in them (Joseph and his Brethren that published the revelations) shall be fulfilled.

Later in this section the Lord would once again warn us that every unconditional promise and prophecy in his Book of Commandments would be fulfilled:

37 Search these commandments, for they are true and faithful, and the prophecies and promises which are in them shall all be fulfilled.

38 What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken, and I excuse not myself; and though the heavens and the earth pass away, my word shall not pass away, but shall all be fulfilled, whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.

39 For behold, and lo, the Lord is God, and the Spirit beareth record, and the record is true, and the truth abideth forever and ever. Amen.

The Elect Will Be Gathered BEFORE the Day of Tribulation and Desolation

The above declaration that the founding disciples of the restored church will be the ones to return and gather God’s elect had already been established in an earlier revelation.

That unconditional promise of God given through Joseph Smith in the presence of six elders as contained in Section 29 states that those seven elders will gather out the elect BEFORE the day of tribulation and desolation takes place!

4 Verily, I say unto you that ye are chosen out of the world to declare my gospel with the sound of rejoicing, as with the voice of a trump.

7 And ye are called to bring to pass the gathering of mine elect; for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts;

8 Wherefore the decree hath gone forth from the Father that they shall be gathered in unto one place upon the face of this land, to prepare their hearts and be prepared in all things against the day when tribulation and desolation are sent forth upon the wicked

Those passages in Section 1 and 29 and other sections, inform us how the elect will be gathered to Zion in preparation against the day of tribulation and desolation.  But what about those of Judah within the LDS church that will also be gathered out to ultimately go to the “mountains of the Lord’s house” located in America?

You may be thinking to yourself that the modern corporate church (which represents the latter day kingdom of Judah) is light years away from being gathered anywhere because they have no plans to gather anywhere and they are not anticipating Zion.

Further, prophetic scripture seems to indicate that they will reject the true servants of the Lord and they do not seem to understand the signs of the times around us.

You may be thinking that the modern church suffers from complacency and seems to be doing the tango with Babylon and is oblivious to the fact that the season of the Lord’s return is upon us.

If you are an active latter day saint then you have noticed that the topic of Zion is seldom spoken about in church in a serious and passionate way as a literal event that is soon to happen.

Although that may be true regarding the general, mainstream, collective body of the latter day Jews, there is a remnant within the LDS church that is very much focused on Zion and is anxiously preparing to be gathered out.

They do indeed recognize the season of the Lord’s return and they are diligently making temporal preparations.

A Remnant of Judah is Currently Preparing for the Gathering

In this post I am going to put a spotlight on who they are and give you a synopsis of what their beliefs are and how they are preparing to be gathered out. Some of you may be part of this group.

I have a soft spot in my heart for these people even though I do not feel as if I am part of their tribe.

I know that they are a remnant of God’s people and he loves them very much. Ultimately, after their pain, they will be redeemed and saved in a kingdom of glory.

Interestingly, some of them think that the preliminary gathering out will begin this year.

I am very hopeful also.

I base my speculative conclusions on a different set of data than they do, nevertheless, we both have arrived at the same general timeline with regard to when major events will begin to happen.

Of course I have been speculating about the time that things will begin to happen for many years and I have the dubious distinction of batting 1000% in my speculative predictions.

They have all been wrong.

That is because I am not a prophet, I am a “Yankee Guesser” like BY.

Those of Judah Preparing to Gather have no Formal Organization

This remnant of Judah within the modern church is a rather loosely organized fellowship that sustains the current leaders of the LDS church as prophets, seers and revelators.

They congregate at preparedness fairs, Book of Mormon Conferences, Gileadi Lectures, and other similar events. They even sponsor special “Zion Camps” where fellow “preppers” camp out together for a week at a time to hear lectures from people like Mechelle (Shelle) McDermott and enjoy classes about a multitude of topics having to do with end times prophecy and physical preparations for the impending calamities  and the interim gathering out to tent cities.

Some of the main declarations coming from this group of people are as follows-

1- A huge earthquake is going to hit the Wasatch Front very soon followed by financial chaos, plagues, civil war and the invasion of America.

2- The leaders of the LDS Church will not warn the church about this calamity.

3- The more righteous in the church will be temporally prepared for this calamity and will be gathered to “tent cities” in designated “cities of refuge”.

The Leaders of the Church will not Raise the Warning Voice

Those are among the major points of belief and general mantra of this group of believers. Interestingly, they believe selected members of the church are currently getting their calling and election made sure.

Oddly enough, they don’t believe the leaders of the church will raise the warning voice just before calamity hits because they feel that the leaders of the church have already given an adequate general warning for many decades.

The following video titled “There Will Be No General Warning By The Prophet Before The Prophesied Calamities Strike” distills their belief about why the ordained watchmen on the wall will be silent and not offer the voice of warning prior to this great calamity.


Isaiah 52 and 62 informs us that the true watchmen of the latter days will lift up the voice of warning just prior to the calamities, yet Isaiah 56 speaks of latter day watchmen that are impostors.  He characterizes them as blind, ignorant  dumb dogs that cannot bark.

10 His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.

11 Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.

Although these latter day Jews are active in the modern corporate church and claim to sustain the brethren, several leaders of the church have warned the general membership to not pay any attention to them. The leadership has continually admonished members to rely exclusively on the brethren for all of their prophetic guidance.

Since this group of believers appears to be classified among the Jews that only begin to believe in Christ without accepting the fulness when it returns, they do not appear to take the unconditional promises and prophecies in the Doctrine and Covenants literally and seriously nor do they appear to believe in the return of Joseph Smith and his fellow servants of the first laborers of the last kingdom .

Because of this, the Doctrine and Covenants is a sealed book to them regarding the prophecies contained therein.

In some of the presentations the following listing of prophetic books of scripture is what they encourage their followers to study. You will notice that only one section in the D&C is even mentioned:

The Book of Revelation
D&C 45
Matthew 24
Mark 13

With the exception of Section 45, the above listing of suggested prophetic scriptures to read seems to avoid the prophecies contained in modern revelation.

You will notice that the following sections containing critical information about the prophetic events of the last days are missing in the suggested reading list above.

Section 1 (preface)
Section 29
Section 88
Section 101
Section 103
Section 105
Section 109
Section 110
Section 112

Section 118
Section 133 (appendix)

To be fair, those that call themselves “the remnant” represent a very broad category and it contains many sub-factions. They do not all believe exactly the same.

It appears as if most of them have discounted the significance of the prophecies contained in the above sections in part.

Many in this group of latter day Jews do not see any need for the leaders and members of the Church to collectively repent of any serious wrongdoing.

It appears to me as if the majority of this collective group, that consider themselves to be the remnant of God’s people, don’t think the church has changed the ordinances and broken the everlasting covenant as documented in section one, Isaiah 24 and the Book of MalachiThey seem to be virtually illiterate regarding the true history of Mormonism with regard to how early the restored church became condemned and then rejected as a church with their dead.

Many of them think the church membership still has access to the fulness of priesthood (even though the fulness of power and blessings have largely been dormant since the martyrdom) and that all that is needed to bring down the fulness of power is greater faith. They do not recognize a need for any kind of course correction or the return of God’s servants.

Some factions within this group are very much oriented towards a gathering that is led by a Davidic Servant of the Lord while others feel that no servant is necessary.

Where do they get their prophetic beliefs from?

Their beliefs regarding doctrine and the pending calamities and subsequent gathering to tent cities, come largely from the following sources

1- The writings of Avraham Gileadi
2- Podcasts, talks and writings of Mike Stroud
3- The writings and teachings of Val Brinkerhoff
4- Selected writings and talks of Ezra Taft Benson
5- The Book titled “Visions of Glory” by John Pontius
6- The dreams, visions and writings by Sarah Menet
7- The dreams, visions and writings of Julie Rowe
8- The dreams, visions, writings and lectures of Mechelle (Shelle) McDermott
9- A collection of hundreds of other visions which have been collected and published by Roger K. Young.
10- Selected statements about the gathering by Brigham Young and other Utah General Authorities found in Journal of Discourses.

Again, not all members of this loosely organized group believe the same way but many of them are influenced by the teachings of the following teachers.

Shelle McDermott seems to be a chief organizer of some of their conferences and she is one of the primary visionaries that speaks about the tribulations that are about to take place.

Mike Stroud seems to be the doctrinal patriarch of this movement. I would characterize him as the “Denver Snuffer of active Mormons.”

Temporal preparedness is hugely emphasized among these people.

Below is a video of talks that Mike Stroud and Shelle McDermott gave at a recent conference.


The following link is to a podcast that Mike Stroud gives about receiving one’s calling and election. He claims to have over 15,000 followers of his blog.

I refer to Stroud as the Denver Snuffer of active Latter day Saints because he emphasized some of the same things regarding the importance of seeing and conversing with God that Snuffer was teaching before getting excommunicated.

He teaches that selected Mormons are currently getting their calling and election (despite the fact that they don’t have the fulness of priesthood, don’t live the fulness of the Gospel and have been rejected as a church with their dead.)

Indeed, there seems to be a strong connection between the group taught Stroud and McDermott, and those that follow the teachings of Denver Snuffer. I have even been informed that some of them follow my blog, dispute the fact that I have a radically different religious world view from either of those groups.

Both Groups Call themselves the Remnant

The preppers are calling themselves “the remnant” and the Snufferites are also calling themselves “the remnant“.

I know of high profile people in this prepper group that are also secretly participating in the new Snufferite church and have received the new baptism protocol set forth by Snuffer. I think the Snufferites do lots of proselytizing among the preppers.

Interestingly, Mike Stroud repeatedly makes reference to the fact that he is being taught by a “holy man”, but refuses to reveal who this holy man is. He also claims to know some anonymous bloggers who teach about the importance of calling and election and the Second Comforter. It is possible that the holy man that is feeding information to Stroud is either Snuffer or one of Snuffers disciples.

Mike Stroud claims that translated beings are currently commissioning and ordaining people as part of the 144,000 servants of God.

He appears to be connected to an underground group of people who claim to have a special authority.

When asked about the Snufferites, Mike Stroud refused to condemn their movement or acknowledge them as apostates. Here is a question that one of his students asked him about the Snufferites and his response

Student 1: The group that is following Denver Snuffer, they think they’re that group? (the remnant mentioned in scripture)

Mike: Well, there may be some of them that are.

Student 1: How could they? How could they since they are apostatizing? Don’t you believe that they’re apostatizing?

Mike: I don’t know. I know some of those people, and I know that they are honorable people and their hearts are in the right place. I don’t know what the Lord is going to do there, but I do know some of them personally, and they are fine, good people and they have strong faith. Whether or not they have been deceived, and whether their doctrine is false, that is something between them and the Lord.

Would the Real “Remnant” Please Stand Up?

It is interesting that both the Preppers and the Snufferites have both chosen to call themselves “the remnant“.

The term remnant shows up throughout the scriptures in many different ways. The scriptures speak of the remnant of Jacob, the remnant of the Gentiles, the remnant of Joseph, the remnant of Judah, the remnant of Israel, etc. 

Other times the scriptures only refer to “the remnant”, requiring the student of the scriptures to do extensive keyword searching and employ the spirit of revelation to discern which remnant is being spoken of.

Herein lies the wonderment of how the term is being used among these two groups of people.

One of the few sections in modern revelations that is spotlighted along with prophecies from the other standard works among these two groups is section 45 wherein the term remnant is used.

As previously discussed, Section 133 speaks of two gatherings and associated harvests that are about to take place. The first gathering has to do with those of Joseph and Ephraim that are associated with the gentiles. The second gathering has to do with those of Judah.

In Section 45 the Lord cryptically refers to those among the gentiles as “my disciples”  that shall “stand in holy places“. Conversely, that same section speaks of “a remnant” [of the Jews] from Jerusalem that is scattered among all nations that are gathered into the LDS church AFTER the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled during Joseph Smith’s first ministry. Section 133 reveals that the believing remnant of Judah shall be saved and receive their inheritance AFTER their pain.

Both the Snufferites and the Preppers, have unwittingly referred to themselves as “the remnant” in the context of how it is used in Section 45.  This group of Latter day Saints feel they can receive the fulness of gospel blessings without living the fulness of the gospel. (additional passages that use the term remnant as it applies to the tribal identify of these two groups are  1 Nephi 10:14,  1 Nephi 15:13-14, 3 Nephi 16:4 & Rev 11:13


Fearful Outlook of the Events to Come

Among the many visions and dreams that create the fearful outlook of this group of people include the vision of John Taylor, the Cardston Temple vision by Sols Caurdisto, a vision by President George Albert Smith, the vision of Patriarch Charles D. Evans, the predictions of Bishop Koyle, the warnings of Apostle Moses Thatcher, the prophetic warnings and writings of Heber C. Kimball, and George Washington’s alleged vision of the invasion of America.

Huge emphasis is place upon the writings of John Pontius.

A typical last days presentation that incorporates the mindset of this group can be seen here

This group puts a huge emphasis on the role of Jewish Feast days in prophetic fulfillment. Among the prophetic signs and timeline speculations that are discussed within their meetings is the belief that the 70 Jubilees began in 1416 BC when God’s children entered Canaan and the fact that that time period has expired.

They believe a seventy year generation has nearly elapsed from the time the Jews began to gather to the Old World in 1948 brings us to the year 2018.

They also put a huge emphasis on the upcoming September 23 event.

Another important prophecy that leads many of them to believe that the era of the Messiah is upon us in 2017, is the one given 12th century Rabbi, Judah Ben Samuel.

A more detailed listing of their source material can be viewed here.  Additional resources are found here.

The following presentation was given by Mechelle McDermott in Arizona

The following statement by Brigham Young is typical of the types of predictions that this group is attracted to-

An inland Empire will be established in these valleys of the mountains, which will be a place of refuge for millions of people to gather to, when the great day of the judgments of God comes upon the earth, and the righteous come here for safety. Our people will go East…, West, North and South, but the day will come, when they will be glad to come back. We will be shut out from the rest of the world.” 

As previously stated, there are numerous movers and shakers within this movement, with Avraham Gileadi and Mike Stroud being among the most prolific teachers that are looked up to. Nevertheless, the unique thing about this group is that their prophetic worldview with regard to the pending calamities seems to be dictated primarily by three charismatic and visionary women who claim to have special gifts of the spirit and a connection to heaven.

Sarah Menet
Julie Rowe
Mechelle (Shelle) McDermott

These women love to share their visions and dreams to spell-bound audiences. There seems to be a real market for their special prophetic knowledge gained from their spiritual gifts.

Many members of the church who are watching for the signs of the times and seeking direction on how to prepare, are largely left frustrated and unsatisfied by the modern General Authorities of the Church and therefore are looking for like-minded people who recognize the signs of the times.

Modern leaders seem reticent to offer the voice of warning regarding impending doom. The voice of warning from the pulpit seems to be ever so subtle if not virtually non-existent with regard to an impending calamity.

In addition to being silent about warning people of any impending doom, leaders of the church have indicated that the writings and claims of these women should be considered to be “spurious” and “non-authoritative”.

In August of 2015 a memo was issued by the LDS Church Seminary and Institute Department titled “Spurious Materials in Circulation“.

This memo is updated periodically to clarify statements given by General Authorities, halt rumors about Church policies, or list books that were being used inappropriately in the classroom. Julie’s book fell into the last category.

Here is the actual statement:

Publication Caution: A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond the Veil
Additional Information: [August 31, 2015]

In 2014, Spring Creek Book Company published A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond the Veil by Julie Rowe (see shaded box for Amazon’s description of the book). Although Sister Rowe is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, her book is not endorsed by the Church and should not be recommended to students or used as a resource in teaching them. The experiences she shares are her own personal experiences and do not necessarily reflect Church doctrine or they may distort Church doctrine.

A statement from the publisher of Julie Rowe’s book can be seen here.

Julie has since come out with the following statement:

“I agree that the Curriculum for LDS Church classes should only come from sources recognized by the LDS Church as being authoritative.  My story is not intended to be authoritative nor to create any Church doctrine.  It is simply part of my personal journey that I have chosen to share in hopes that it can help people to prepare for the times we live in by increasing their faith in Christ and by looking to our Prophet and Church leaders for guidance.”

—  Julie Rowe

According to one online commenter, their Stake President spoke with General Authorities regarding the claims of Julie Rowe and made the following statement:

“While I do not want to publicly disparage anyone for their personal belief and inspirations, read Jeremiah 23:32. I have been told by leadership that this is the case with Julie Rowe. 

“Behold, I am against them that prophesy false dreams, saith the Lord, and do tell them, and cause my people to err by their lies, and by their lightness; yet I sent them not, nor commanded them: therefore they shall not profit this people at all, saith the Lord.” Jeremiah 23:32:

It will be interesting to watch those that call themselves the remnant as the momentum builds and as we approach the end of the year.

Although I do not share their belief that you can ascend into heaven and claim the highest gospel blessings in a face to face relationship with the Lord until you have repented, entered into consecration and kept the full law of the gospel, I think their passion and sincerity in looking forth for the signs of the coming of the Son of Man set them apart from most Mormons.

One major question yet to be answered is whether the preppers will ultimately become a front for the Snufferite movement.

Another is will the preppers eventually depart from the main body of the church when they are gathered out.

It is very possible that they will simply remain in full membership and facilitate in preparing other Latter day Saint Jews for the gathering out when that time comes.

Regardless, I acknowledge their legitimacy as a latter day tribal entity.

I believe that they are fulfilling prophecy and that when the calamities do hit, they will probably be a huge catalyst with a huge effect upon others, regardless of how things play out.

I believe God loves them as a remnant of his people and my hope is that God will ultimately redeem them even if they must go through pain as a collective body of believers.

Section 45 informs us that at the time of Christ’s return in glory, these Jews will finally accept the truth. Because of this, they will abide the day of the Lord.

Praise God for his goodness and mercy.

Michael A. Kennedy: “Joseph Smith Never had Sex with Any of his Plural Wives”

August 19, 2017

The other night I and Mrs. Watcher had the opportunity to listen to a lecture by Michael Kennedy and his wife.

The lecture was entertaining and informative. Brother Kennedy has warmth and humor and passion when he speaks. We really enjoyed listening to him.

mike kennedy

Mike is apparently the first descendant of Joseph Smith Jr. to convert to the church and receive what the church claims to be the Melchizedek Priesthood.

My suspicion is that Mike has also received what the church refers to as the second endowment or anointing at the hands of the president of the church or one of the brethren.

The reason I have this suspicion is because the church has given him a special lifetime calling to seek out and gather, or unify, the remnants of the posterity of Joseph Smith Jr. and to be somewhat of a special emissary of the church in that capacity.

Mike Kennedy has made the following statement:

It makes sense that a loving God would have a plan that would recover the family of Joseph and Emma, honor the sacrifices made, and fulfill Joseph’s petition that his family would come to “be converted and redeemed with Israel, and know that thou art God” (D&C 109:70).  I did not know then that the Lord did have a plan, nor that I would be a big part of that effort.

As you can see, Mike Kennedy and the leaders of the church who have appointed him to help gather and unify the family of Joseph Smith Jr., believe that the time has come for Joseph’s family to finally be gathered and redeemed. They feel this effort is fulfilling prophecy.

It is a great honor for Brother Kennedy to be chosen to lead this effort.

By placing him in the spotlight and making him somewhat of an official emissary and spokesman on issues having to do with Joseph Smith Jr. as it relates to the history of Mormonism, the church indirectly presents him to be a credible authority on such issues.

Naturally the brethren take a huge risk in doing this should brother Kennedy ever  become disaffected from the church or begin teaching false doctrine.

Keep  in mind that brother Kennedy spends much of his time dealing with the posterity of Emma Smith, his cousins. Many of them believe in the restoration that Joseph Smith was involved with, and are very bitter towards the LDS church and the way that the LDS church has treated Emma and her offspring in the historical narrative that they have perpetuated.

Emma refused to go west with Brigham Young and the saints after the martyrdom and ensuing succession crisis in Nauvoo. Following that, harsh words and accusations about Emma were made by Brigham Young and other leaders of the Utah Mormons.

The brethren have put an enormous amount of trust in brother Kennedy, by virtue of the position they have placed him in, not because of anything he has accomplished or learned, but because of his birthright. Because of this, I suspect that the brethren have tested his loyalty and consecrated it with the higher religious endowment that usually takes selected members of the church to a higher level of loyalty.

Again, it is total speculation on my part that he has received the second endowment.

Mikes conversion story is quite fascinating and entertaining. It is well known to many and can be read here and here.

Although he has given many talks and fireside presentations, the talk he gave the other night seemed more controversial than what he has presented in the past.

It may be because he was addressing a fringe group of LDS preppers that thrive on controversial stuff or it may simply be a sign of the times.

In this post I am going to share some of the fascinating things that he talked about.

As always, there will not be even a hint of bias in the spin I put on his remarks.. LOL

The Posterity of Joseph Compared with the Posterity of Hyrum

One of the first things that caught my attention was the statistical comparison between the posterity of Joseph Smith and that of Hyrum Smith.

Mike had a genealogy chart showing the complete posterity of Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith Jr. has about 2500 descendants that can be verified.

He noted that Hyrum  has about 30,000 descendants !!!!!!!!

joseph posterity.png

This is shocking given the fact that both men died at the same time and Hyrum had only a few polygamous wives while Joseph Smith is believed by many to have had upwards of 30.

Both men had nine biological children from non-polygamous wives although one of Joseph’s was still born and two died shortly after birth.

Hyrum had 16 biological grand children and Joseph had 23 biological grandchildren.

Hyrum had no biological children from his two plural wives and to date, DNA suggests that Joseph Smith Jr. did not have a single biological descendant from any of his alleged polygamous wives either!!!!

One would think the brother with 23 biological grandchildren might have an advantage over the brother with 16, in propagating a large posterity.

Not in this case.

Obviously the fact that Hyrum’s posterity followed Brigham Young to Utah and was no doubt involved at least to some extent in polygamy before it was discontinued, while Joseph’s offspring did not go west and was not involved in polygamy, had some bearing on the lopsided discrepancy.

However, it appears as though most of Hyrum’s grandchildren were female and very few of his male grandchildren were involved in polygamy, hence polygamy does not appear to be the only or even the primary factor to be considered.

The practice of polygamy was abolished by the Utah church by the time the offspring of Hyrum became middle aged.

Brother Kennedy pointed out numerous instances having to do with why Joseph’s posterity did not seem to flourish. These instances included three of Joseph’s children that  died early, single females that did not marry and a son of Joseph’ that was committed to a mental institution.

If I am not mistaken, Joseph’s posterity of 2500 includes his adopted children from the murdocks. This would make his count of biological descendants even smaller than the 2,500 figure would indicate.

Interestingly Hyrum is the one designated in Section 124 as holding the office of PRIESTHOOD and PATRIARCH:

91 And again, verily I say unto you, let my servant William be appointed, ordained, and anointed, as counselor unto my servant Joseph, in the room of my servant Hyrum, that my servant Hyrum may take the office of Priesthood and Patriarch, which was appointed unto him by his father, by blessing and also by right;

92 That from henceforth he shall hold the keys of the patriarchal blessings upon the heads of all my people,

It seems somewhat fitting to me that the brother designated as the patriarch would produce such a vast posterity.

The Brigham Young Family Apologizes to the Emma Smith Family

Brother Kennedy mentioned that one of the challenges that he had in bringing all of the Smith relatives together and cultivating positive feelings towards each other had to do with how angry many of the Emma Smith descendants were about the mean things that Brigham Young and others had been said about Emma’s character and motivations at the time of the succession crisis.

Because of this Brother Kennedy felt that a public apology to the descendants of Emma Smith was appropriate and necessary in mending the hard feelings that still existed.

Brother Kennedy claims that his suggestion to the First Presidency was to get an official apology from the Brigham Young Family Organization, of which I am a member.

I suspect that Brother Kennedy’s original request was that the First Presidency issue the apology on behalf of the entire church and that the request was flatly turned down by the brethren as their policy is to never apologize for anything even when they are wrong.

Elder Oaks has stated that the church doesn’t “seek apologies,” “and we don’t give theM”.

Indeed, Elder Oaks has declared that members should never criticize the leaders of the church even when the criticism is true


At any rate, regardless of whether my speculation is accurate or not about the church refusing to apologize to the descendants of Emma Smith, Brother Kennedy was successful in getting the leaders of the church to encourage the leaders of the Brigham Young Family organization to issue a formal apology. Again, the apology was for the harsh things that have been said about Emma Smith by leaders and members of the church for the last four generations, beginning with the statements made by Brigham Young.

letter of apology

Brother Kennedy said that when members of both family organizations were gathered in a room to hear the Brighamite family leaders make the official apology, many of the angry descendants of Emma began weeping as they heard the apology. He felt this event went a long way in softening the hearts of many of the Emma Smith posterity.

Mrs Watcher and i were touched by this story.

As a descendant of Brigham Young I wanted to jump up and shout for joy when I heard about this apology. In fact, I wish i could have been the one to verbally make it.

As Brother Kennedy was diplomatically throwing Brigham Young under the bus, I envisioned myself driving it. I backed up several times so I could run over him again and again. LOL

DNA is on My Side!

Anyway, now for the really controversial part of Brother Kennedy’s presentation.

After pointing out that DNA testing has resulted in disqualifying every suspected polygamous descendant of Joseph Smith Jr. as being a true descendant, Brother Kennedy made the claim that Joseph Smith Jr. NEVER HAD SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH ANY OF HIS POLYGAMOUS WIVES!!!!

I just about fell of my chair when he made that claim.

I don’t remember him prefacing his remarks with “in my opinion…”

I only remember an authoritative declaration that Joseph Smith never had sex with any of his polygamous wives.

After the talk I cornered Brother Kennedy and informed him that what he was saying was not congruent with the conclusions that have been made by most LDS scholars on the topic. I then asked him if he had received any blow-back on his claims.

He said he had not gotten any blow-back on the claim that Joseph Smith never physically consummated any of his polygamous sealings. He then emphatically stated that “DNA is on my side on this issue”.

The Top LDS Apologist Begs to Differ

As soon as I got home from the meeting I sent an email to one of the top LDS scholars who has financed more research on this topic than anyone else and asked him is he agrees with the supposition being made by Brother Kennedy.

His response was as follows:

Hi Owiw, I haven’t heard from you for a while. Hope you are well. Bro. Kennedy is entitled to his opinion but the evidence supporting sexuality is very strong in several of the relationships. Here’s a link  

Included in that article is the following chart

polygamy chart

While I agree that the absence of verifiable offspring is compelling, it certainly is not conclusive.

The fact that a person does not have offspring from a wife or wives, does not categorically prove that they did not have sex with them.

I find the numerous testimonies of plural wives that they did have sex with Joseph to be just as compelling.

Perhaps more so.

I simply don’t think they all lied about it.

In addition to the testimonies of these women, countless men who knew Joseph Smith intimately also testified that he consummated his polygamous marriages.

Does God Intervene During Modern Times?

One of the most intriguing things about this issue to me is that to my knowledge, nobody has ever suggested the intervention of God in closing the wombs of Joseph’s polygamous wives from having children.

It is strange how we latter day saints have no problem accepting the fact that God miraculously closed and opened wombs from bearing children anciently, but it is beyond our faith and comprehension to consider the possibility that he might have done it in Joseph Smith’s day:

So Abraham prayed unto God: and God healed Abimelech, and his wife, and his maidservants; and they bare childrenFor the LORD had fast closed up all the wombs of the house of Abimelech, because of Sarah Abraham’s wife.

Indeed there are numerous other times in the Bible when God closed up wombs or opened them for his own purposes. He seems to have total dominion over the sending of spirit children to this earth.

Two Completely Different Types of Polygamy

The controversy in Mike Kennedy’s talk did not end with his claim that Joseph Smith never had intercourse with his plural wives.

He then made the pronouncement that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young practiced two completely different types of polygamy.

He claimed that Joseph was practicing a spiritual wife- celestial marriage type of polygamy that did not require sex in this world.

Conversely, he claimed that Brigham Young used polygamy for the purpose of “planting the roots deeply” when the saints got to Utah, by propagating the Lords people through a form of polygamy that did involve sexual intercourse.

As I sat there pondering the theological and historical ramifications of what was being suggested, I was flabbergasted.

I wondered if the brethren knew that he was publicly teaching this stuff. Do they endorse this new line of thinking?

I must admit that much of his talk and the sanitized history that he shared seemed scripted by the church until he got to some of his views on the polygamy issue.

On the positive side, the new paradign that he was presenting actually creates an innovative way to enable the conflicting factions on this issue to come together in agreement on a  long disputed issue that has been very divisive.

joseph compromise

Those historians and doctrinal scholars, primarily in the Brigham Young-Hyrum Smith family traditions, who are adamant that Joseph Smith did practice polygamy are still validated that he did, while those that have adamantly claimed that Joseph did not have physical relations with polygamous wives, primarily from the Emma Smith family tradition, are also validated.

It actually makes a lot of sense that such a theory would be presented by a man who has spent years trying to bring these two factions of the restoration together since this issue is one of the chief doctrinal and historical contentions that have separated them.

Frankly, the theory creates cognitive dissonance in my brain.

If indeed Joseph Smith intentionally abstained from sexual intercourse with the wives that he sealed to himself, it is difficult to believe that Brigham Young was justified in doing the opposite.

On the other hand, if Brigham Young was justified and correct in having sex with the women that were sealed to him, then why wouldn’t Joseph Smith have done the same thing since he is the prophet of the dispensation and the one to introduce the general doctrine?

Since Brigham Young repeatedly claimed that Joseph Smith had intercourse with his polygamous wives and that Brigham was simply perpetuating the doctrine of celestial marriage that had been taught to him by Joseph, Brother Kennedy was once again just diplomatically suggesting that Brigham got it wrong. He was once again throwing poor old Brigham Young under the bus.

I must confess, both those who claim that Joseph was a polygamist that had sex with his wives, and also those that claim that he never practiced polygamy, have compelling evidence to support their beliefs.

The Biblical Profile of Joseph Smith Provides the Answer

The ultimate conclusion that I have made regarding the polygamy issue comes largely from the Biblical profile of Joseph Smith which informs us that after the Davidic Servant restores the law and builds the temple, he would “commit iniquity” and be “chastened by the rod of men” (2 Sam 7) . More specifically, the prophetic profile  informs us that the Davidic Servant “dealt treacherously” against the “wife of his youth” ( Mal 2)

Interestingly, although it outwardly appears as if the Davidic Servant becomes a fallen prophet after restoring the law and building the temple, Isaiah informs that the real reason that the Davidic Servant “errs in doctrine” (Isa) 28) is because his eyes are “covered” by the Lord. The Lord covers his eyes because the latter day saints “reject” the Lord’s servant and the law he brings forth. (Isa 29)

From the very beginning of the restoration movement, the Lord had warned the saints that if they hardened their hearts and did not repent, he would “deliver them up unto Satan”  (BofC 4) 

It is my belief that-

The Lord used his servant Joseph Smith to restore the law and build the temple.

The latter day saints rejected the law of the Lord that was restored by Joseph Smith.

Because the latter day saints rejected God’s Law and his Servant, the Lord covered the eyes of His Seer and allowed him to err in doctrine.

The Lord used his servant to deliver the saints up to Satan for a little season of chastisement and learning.


A final opportunity for the latter day saints to repent will take place when the “times of the gentiles comes in” again and  “light shines forth” among  those that sit in darkness. (D&C 45)



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The Secret Isn’t Secret Anymore

July 18, 2017

[Editorial Note: The coming forth of this kind of information provides greater clarity as to why we are in the kind of bondage we are in. It is surely a sign of the times. The following is published without permission]

The Secret Isn’t Secret Anymore

Posted: 18 Jul 2017 06:39 AM PDT

By Anna Von Reitz

Here it is, in black and white, the beginning of the whole web of  treachery, deceit and Breach of Trust that has caused two World Wars, multiple international bankruptcies, and the current plot to overthrow private property and self-government worldwide:

CONGRESSIONAL RECORD – SENATE. 64th CONGRESS, 1st SESSION VOLUME 53, PART 7 Page 6781 25 April 1916, by Senator Owens:

 “I wish to put in the RECORD the Secret Treaty of Verona of November 22, 1822, showing what this ancient conflict is between the rule of the few and the rule of the many. I wish to call the attention of the Senate to this treaty because it is the threat of this treaty which was the basis of the Monroe doctrine. It throws a powerful white light upon the conflict between monarchial government and government by the people.
The Holy Alliance under the influence of Metternich, the Premier of Austria, in 1822, issued this remarkable secret document : [American Diplomatic Code, 1778 – 1884, vol. 2 ; Elliott, p. 179.] SECRET TREATY OF VERONA The undersigned, specially authorized to make some additions to the treaty of the Holy Alliance, after having exchanged their respective credentials, have agreed as follows :
 ARTICLE 1. The high contracting powers being convinced that the system of representative government is equally as incompatible with the monarchial principles as the maxim of the sovereignty of the people with the high divine right, engage mutually in the most solemn manner, to use all their efforts to put an end to the system of representative governments, in whatever country it may exist in Europe, and to prevent its being introduced in those countries where it is not yet known.
 ART. 2. As it can not be doubted that the liberty of the press is the most powerful means used by the pretended supporters of the rights of nations to the detriment of those princes, the high contracting parties promise reciprocally to adopt all proper measures to suppress it, not only in their own states but also in the rest of Europe.
 ART. 3. Convinced that the principles of religion contribute most powerfully to keep nations in the state of passive obedience which they owe to their princes, the high contracting parties declare it to be their intention to sustain in their respective States those measures which the clergy may adopt, with the aim of ameliorating their own interests, so intimately connected with the preservation of the authority of the princes ; and the contracting powers join in offering their thanks to the Pope for what he has already done for them, and solicit his constant cooperation in their views of submitting the nations.
 ART. 4. The situation of Spain and Portugal unite unhappily all the circumstances to which this treaty has particular reference. The high contracting parties, in confiding to France the care of putting an end to them, engaged to assist her in the manner which may the least compromise them with their own people and the people of France by means of a subsidy on the part of the two empires of 20,000,000 of francs every year from the date of the signature of this treaty to the end of the war.’
 ART. 5. In order to establish in the Peninsula the order of things which existed before the revolution of Cadiz, and to insure the entire execution of the articles of the present treaty, the high contracting parties give to each other the reciprocal assurance that as long as their views are not fulfilled, rejecting all other ideas of utility or other measure to be taken, they will address themselves with the shortest possible delay to all the authorities existing in their States and to all their agents in foreign countries, with the view to establish connections tending toward the accomplishment of the objects proposed by this treaty. ART.
6. This treaty shall be renewed with such changes as new circumstances may give occasion for, either at a new congress or at the court of one of the contracting parties, as soon as the war with Spain shall be terminated. ART.
7. The present treaty shall be ratified and the ratifications exchanged at Paris within the space of six months. Made at Verona the 22d November, 1822.
For Austria :—————————————————–METTERNICH.
For France :————————————————CHATEAUBRIAND.
For Prussia :———————————————————BERNSTET.
For Russia :——————————————————NESSELRODE.
I ask to have printed in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD this secret treaty, because I think it ought to be called now to the attention of the people of the United States and of the world.
This evidence of the conflict between the rule of the few verses popular government should be emphasized on the minds of the people of the United States, that the conflict now waging throughout the world may be more clearly understood, for after all said the great pending war springs from the weakness and frailty of government by the few, where human error is far more probable than the error of the many where aggressive war is only permitted upon the authorizing vote of those whose lives are jeopardized in the trenches of modern war.
Mr. SHAFROTH. Mr. President, I should like to have the senator state whether in that treaty there was not a coalition formed between the powerful countries of Europe to reestablish the sovereignty of Spain in the Republics of South and Central America?
 Mr. OWEN. I was just going to comment upon that, and I am going to take but a few moments to do so because I realize the preasure of other matters. This Holy Alliance, having put a Bourbon prince upon the throne of France by force, then used France to suppress the constitution of Spain immediately afterwards, and by this very treaty gave her a subsidy of 20,000,000 francs annually to enable her to wage war upon the people of Spain and to prevent their exercise of any measure of the right of self-government.
The Holy Alliance immediately did the same thing in Italy, by sending Austrian troops to Italy, where the people there attempted to exercise a like measure of liberal constitutional self-government ; and it was not until the printing press, which the Holy Alliance so stoutly opposed, taught the people of Europe the value of liberty that finally one country after another seized a greater and greater right of self government, until now it may be fairly said that nearly all the nations of Europe have a very large measure of self government.
However, I wish to call the attention of the Senate and the country to this important history in the growth of constitutional popular self-government. The Holy Alliance made its powers felt by the wholesale drastic suppression of the press in Europe, by universal censorship, by killing free speech and all ideas of popular rights, and by the complete suppression of popular government.
The Holy Alliance having destroyed popular government in Spain and in Italy, had well-laid plans also to destroy popular government in the American colonies which had revolted from Spain and Portugal in Central and South America under the influence of the successful example of the United States.
It was because of this conspiracy against the American Republics by the European monarchies that the great English statesman, Canning, called the attention of our government to it, and our statesmen then, including Thomas Jefferson, took an active part to bring about the declaration by President Monroe in his next annual message to the Congress of the United States that the United States should regard it as an act of hostility to the government of the United States and an unfriendly act if this coalition or if any power of Europe ever undertook to establish upon the American Continent any control of any American Republic or to acquire any territorial rights.
This is the so-called Monroe doctrine.
The threat under the Secret Treaty of Verona to suppress popular governments in the American Republics is the basis of the Monroe doctrine. This secret treaty sets forth clearly the conflict between monarchial government and popular government and the government of the few as against the government of the many.
It is a part, in reality, of developing popular sovereignty when we demand for women equal rights to life, to liberty, to the possession of property, to an equal voice in the making of the laws and the administration of the laws. This demand on the part of the women is made by men, and it ought to be made by men as well as by thinking, progressive women, as it will promote human liberty and human happiness. I sympathize with it, and I hope that all parties will in the national conventions give their approval to this larger measure of liberty to the better half of the human race.”   — Senator Owens.
Thank you, Senator Owens, now and forever— from a grateful American Public and from all the people of the world, for forcefully and with great foresight bringing this to our attention now, a full hundred years later.
The threat has remained with us all these years.
Having failed to win by military valor, the Popes and the failed monarchies of the European Continent have never repealed nor repented the content of this gross Breach of Trust, and the same parties conjoined with corrupt British Government interests, have still conspired to wreck all the free people of the world via fraud, deceit, undisclosed contracts, unlawful conversion of property interests, bankruptcy fraud, probate fraud, false claims of abandonment and similar legal chicanery to attempt to realize their goals and reduce the world to Commercial Feudalism.
We have discovered the true enemies of freedom and human progress deeply embedded in the municipal and territorial governments of the world.
Those governments are now bankrupt and we have the opportunity to peacefully and in an orderly way recoup the assets of each country and each Man and Woman, out of the dreadful snares that have been set for them and to return these assets to their lawful owners.
The Popes and British and other European Monarchs who have pursued this course of action have been the principle cause of two World Wars, as they have sought to reduce the world to a form of modern feudalism in which billions of people and their assets would be made slaves for an unaccountable and totally immoral few.
The deceitful and duplicitous United States Congress has been a key component of this plan to overthrow all self-governing nations and most particularly, the fifty nation-state republics of the unincorporated United States of America.  The entire world has been confused and deluded by these fraud artists, encouraged to think that they exercise valid power related to the American states and people, when in fact they are our employees and have no territorial or municipal authority over us and are strictly limited to the exercise of nineteen enumerated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea.
Their usurpation and trespasses and acts of fraud against us have been fully researched and evidenced and they have been given Due Process and Summary Judgment.  Their false claims in commerce against the American states and people stand forever and fully and conclusively rebutted, including all claims of abandonment and presumptions of citizenship.
The Popes are not proud of this history, nor should they be.  The kings and queens of Europe have acted more like floozies and gangsters than men and women with any common sense, decency, or heart.  It is time that we all turned our backs on feudalism of any kind, and cherished the God-given freedom we were born with.
It’s time to make a new start.
Their plan to use bankruptcy and probate fraud and false claims of abandonment in commerce as a means to defraud the entire world have failed.  The Americans have returned to the land they never actually left, and their claim stands firm.  Let all those people around the world who have been similarly mis-characterized and defrauded come forward to claim back their assets and the assets of their lawful states and provinces.
We call upon Pope Francis to repudiate the obnoxious Secret Treaty of Verona and the Breach of Trust that it represents against the American states and people. We likewise call upon the other Principals and Principles to honor their contractual obligations to our states and to us in every detail.
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[There is going to be a new start alright… It will be actuated by the Lord God almighty. It is referred to by Isaiah as the Marvelous Work and a Wonder.

The Questionable Longer Ending of The Gospel of Mark?

July 16, 2017

Jeff Lindsey, an apologist for the latter day saints (Jews) recently wrote an interesting but somewhat lengthy two part article which is posted by our Jewish friends at the Interpreter.

It is titled:

The Book of Mormon Versus the Consensus of Scholars: Surprises from the Disputed Longer Ending of Mark, Part 1

The beginning of the extract states:

Abstract: Following the account of the ministry of Christ among the Nephites as recorded in the Book of Mormon, Christ gave a charge to His New World disciples (Mormon 9:22–25). These words are very similar to the commission of Christ to His apostles at the end of the Gospel of Mark (Mark 16:9–20).

The article points out that according to the consensus of modern Bible scholars, Christ did not speak those words; they are a later addition to the ancient text. If that supposition is true, it poses a real credibility problem for the Book of Mormon.

According to the research done by Lindsey, recent modern scholarship by some scholars offers compelling reasons for overturning the old consensus against the longer ending of Mark. This happy news solves the credibility problem of the Book of Mormon pertaining to that issue.

What are the Doctrinal Implications?

IMO the true underlying controversy pertaining to the validity of the long ending of the Gospel of Mark has to do with priesthood authority and the absolute necessity of baptism for salvation.

The only truly compelling statement from the words of Christ himself that declare the necessity of baptism and the priesthood authority of God’s ordained servants, is found within the longer ending of the Gospel of Mark.

It is my belief that uninspired theologians and combinations with an agenda want to discredit the longer ending of Mark containing the great commission given by Christ to his disciples because they question the need for water baptism and the authority to perform it.. Even many Christian denominations that accept the longer ending still maintain that the ordinance of baptism is not mandatory for salvation.

For this reason, this topic of whether the longer ending of Mark is valid, is a really important theological topic.

I am going to be honest and admit that I have only skimmed through a hand full of paragraphs in the article.

This is because I don’t find the effort by latter day saints Jews in convincing Protestants and Catholics that the Book of Mormon is true, from the Latter day Jewish point of view, and the work of secular scholars to be particularly relevant to my work.

Nevertheless, as I skimmed through part of the article I came upon this very revealing observation by the author.

“One could argue, as some Latter-day Saint [Jews] have, that the Book of Mormon is somehow an expanded text that builds on … ancient “truthy” ideas, with Joseph’s added commentary and thoughts taken from modern sources…”

The Latter day Jewish apologist that wrote the article is admitting that some of the other LDS Jews are defending the inclusion of the questionable ending narrative in the Gospel of Mark into the Book of Mormon by simply characterizing the inspired teachings in the Book of Mormon as “commentary” on “ancient truthy ideas“.

In other words they seem to believe that Book of Mormon is not a literal history with credible doctrine, rather, it is semi-inspired fiction.

Some of these Latter day Jews are conceding that the long ending of the Gospel of Mark was not written by the original writer of the Gospel of Mark.

They are rationalizing the inclusion of the commission into the Book of Mormon. they do this by stating the the ancient truthy ideas in the end of the Gospel of Mark that were also incorporated into a Book of Mormon narrative is not a problem because the Book of Mormon is really just a commentary on ancient truthy claims.

That is Abso-damn-lutely amazing to me.

Why do I find such an apologetic response from those claiming to believe in the LDS restoration so appalling?


A) The Joseph Smith Translation that was done by the gift and power of God through God’s latter day Seer validates the long ending of the Gospel of Mark as authentic! It includes the long ending of Mark and makes precious few changes to it, validating it as being an accurate original part of the writings of Mark.


B) The longer ending of the Gospel of Mark is substantiated in Modern Revelation. The same commission, much of it given almost verbatim, is given in modern revelation.

and finally,

C) Other Gospels in the New Testament as well as the Book of Mormon confirm the commission given in the long ending of the Gospel of Mark. Numerous other snippets from the long ending of Mark, including keyword terms such as “taking the gospel into all the world” and preaching it to “every creature” are also found in modern revelation, the Book of Mormon, and other Gospels in the New Testament.

The Latter day Jews Only begin to believe

In past years I would simply scratch my head when latter day Jewish apologists would manifest a lack of belief in the literal rendering of the scriptures that Joseph Smith brought forth. However it has become apparent that the dispersed of Judah have gathered into the condemned church and gained control over the leadership positions and teaching curriculum. I realize now that these people are the latter day Jews that the Book of Mormon refers to.

Sadly, one of these apologists has informed me that he and many of his brethren also refuse to take the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible seriously. They consider the changes in it to simply be commentary by Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon.

This acknowledgement shed quite a bit of light on why the folks at Mormon Interpreter refused to believe and refused to respond to the article I sent them years ago demonstrating that the JST reveals that John the Baptist in the New Testament was literally the manifestation of Elijah the Tishbite from the Old Testament.

The Latter day Jews call themselves Latter day Saints

One of the truly amazing discrepancies between the end times narrative presented in the scriptures Joseph Smith brought forth vs. the commonly accepted narrative, is that-

A) The Book of Mormon teaches that in the latter days, the Jews would begin to believe in Christ BEFORE they gathered to the lands of their inheritance.


B) They would gather to America instead of to the Old World because it is the land of the Abrahamic land covenant.

Those two verities contained in the Book of Mormon throw an industrial sized wrench into the commonly accepted narrative regarding the gathering of the Jews in the latter days.

The gathering of the Jews narrative in the Book of Mormon is diametrically opposed to the protestant belief, (which has been adopted by the Mormon Church), that the gathering of the unbelieving  Ashkenazi Jews to the Old World Jerusalem beginning in about 1948 was fulfilling the Biblical prophecy.

Having had this epiphany and being armed with this knowledge that many of the latter day leaders and scholars of the LDS church are the real Jews from the loins of Judah who have gathered into the latter day church, I now understand why they take the scriptures Joseph Smith brought forth so lightly and don’t seem to believe the fulness of the gospel and the Doctrine of Christ as detailed in the scriptures Joseph brought forth.

The Book of Mormon teaches that the latter day Jews in the Mormon Church only have the capacity to begin to believe. They do not have the capacity to fully believe.

And it shall come to pass that the Jews which are scattered also shall begin to believe in Christ; and they shall begin to gather in upon the face of the land; and as many as shall believe in Christ shall also become a delightsome people. 2 Nephi 30:7

The narrative never states that these latter day descendants of the ancient Jews would ever progress beyond the state of beginning to believe.

Hence it is understandable that despite the fact that the JST validates the long ending of Mark, and the Lord reiterates the same commission almost word for word, in both the Book of Mormon and again in modern revelation, many Latter day Jewish apologists still find the most palatable answer to the dilemma to be a non-literal view of the passage in the Book of Mormon.

I am here to state unequivocally that the long ending of Mark is the authentic and original ending provided by the original writer and I don’t need to rely on secular scholars to prove it. I have the Book of Mormon and modern revelation to prove it.


Side by Side Comparison

Shown below is a side by side comparison of the commission from the JST gospel of Mark, Book of Mormon, and the latter day commission given in Section 84

[the header for Mark 14 is wrong. It should be JST 16:14-21]

every creature


Praise God for revelatory work accomplished by the Lord’s Seer during the 2nd Watch which has laid the foundation for the 3rd Watch which is soon to break forth.