Did the Portal Open on the evening of the Feast of Trumpets 2009?

Question from someone on a chat board

one thing leads to another- I was reading reviews of Dan Brown’s new book Lost Symbol

one of the commentaries led me to something I have never heard of that seems to be really based in fact and historical documents called Hidden Star Charts.

partial quote from Amazon.com commentary on the book:

There is a real historical Freemason star document recently released by the Bradford university in the UK with the same star pattern including the Pleiades stars and it is identical to the Stonehenge layout plan recently seen on history channel’s ‘Ancient aliens’.

The secret star maps identify a real star for the Bethlehem star which is no big deal, until you see that the star is like our Sun and the Solomon Key diagram depicts it with four orbs around it… four planets perhaps? It has a beam of light/ladder coming down from it to Earth matching the masonic document and the biblical Jacobs ladder account.

The Egyptian Senmut tomb at Der el Bahri has the same star chart and beam of light coming down to Earth and it is under lock and key. The public are not allowed to see this tomb and most scholars will not comment on the shocking mural on the tomb roof.

The star maps from all over the world seem to be pointing to the belt of Orion and show a shaft of light coming down from this star to earth.

My understanding of this is minimal, as I am not even an amateur astromomer. However, it seems worth looking into further.

Has anyone heard of SENMUT’s TOMB?

links below for further study. Please comment if you know anything more about this.


Answer from Me.

“The Egyptian Senmut tomb at Der el Bahri has the same star chart and beam of light coming down to Earth and it is under lock and key. The public are not allowed to see this tomb and most scholars will not comment on the shocking mural on the tomb roof.”

“Wayne believes this protocol is still active today, although it has taken a whole new direction. ‘Angels’ appear to be real flesh and blood visitors to our world and the texts encode important stars associated with these visitors as ‘demons’.”

To understand and appreciate what is being spoken of here you need to have a deep esoteric understanding of the ancient prophecies and the events pertaining to the end times.

You also need to understand that the 400 year time has expired in the prophecy contained in Gen 15 and the 40 Jubilees as also expired as contained in the book of Daniel.

Isaiah speaks of a time when God is going to return the ancient prophets and patriarchs to the earth… associated with the time of Jacob’s trouble.

“And I will restore thy judges as at the first, and thy counselors as at the beginning: afterward thou shalt be called, The city of righteousness, the faithful city.”

Daniel also speaks of the time with the “ancient of days” (Father Adam) and others will return…

The “seer” and the “spokesman” are going to return… along with the “Man of Sin”.

Actually, forces of good and evil from the past will converge upon this earth and the great spiritual war is going to be finalized.

The passages that speak about Jacobs ladder are followed by a reference to the “gate of heaven”.

This has reference to a celestial “portal” intersecting to a holy place on earth wherein the beings from the past will return to this earth.

All of this is foretold in prophecy.

The reason some of the ancient documents are suppressed is because they reveal too much about when and where this event was/is going to take place.’

There is an “appointed time” in which the return of these beings was to take place… having to do with the feast of tabernacles…

Potential clues to this event may have to do with a recent event when a “cone of light” was seen by hundreds of people across the US which looked like some kind of portal opening up in the heavens.

Some of their comments are noted below,

“We were about to call it quits when I glanced overhead and saw a bright light with a cone of light extending below it.”

“It looked like a huge comet, with a very globular tail.

There was a bright light at the bottom, surrounded by a glowing cloud. Then, the light at the bottom suddenly seemed to go up disappear, leaving only the cloud, which slowly dissolved”

Because of the ancient documents being suppressed provide detailed information about the opening of the portal and the return of these souls to this earth, the powers that be were ready to spin and obscure this event,
NASA quickly took credit for the display stating that they had done an experiment having to do with a rocket launch… they called it a Night Time Artificial Cloud Study and a Charged Aerosol Release Experiment, however several viewers emphatically voiced skepticism.

some people disagree that the object could not be a rocket.

One said,

“I highly doubt that this was any rocket launch look at the times evidenced by these replies. No rocket takes a half hour or more to leave earths orbit and can be seen across a wide swath of the US and even Canada. I don’t know what it was but it seems clear that which it was not.”

Another said,

“In New York State we all saw a hovering object high in the sky project a cone shaped light and then it shot straight up into the atmosphere. This was not a rocket! Freaked us all out!”

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