Deconstructing the April 23 Presentation on the Signs of the Times by Morgan Philpot

There is a remarkable presentation that has been given by Morgan Philpot on April 23 2022 regarding the Signs of the Times.

It is very long.

I don’t know how long it will be available on YouTube or if the link will even show up on this blog post.

If it doesn’t, show up, or if it is taken down, I will post the transcript in a later post. (if you contact me I can send you the link if it does not show up in this post)

I am going to give the readers of this blog a “sufficient time” to read and digest it and send comments to my email address. OneWhoIsWatching [at] gmail dot com

Then I will provide a blog series containing my own commentary regarding which things I agree with and which things I think he gets wrong and I will integrate pertinent reader comments into my own views.


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