1. Jan Griffith says:

    Hi Watcher,

    Thank you for your continuing updates. The archbishop’s letter to Trump is one I have passed along also. Amazingly a number of Book of Mormon people haven’t seemed that interested in it. I hope that’s just my imagination.

    My prayers are continual for Watchers like yourself. Attached is my latest installment to my own list. Wasn’t sure if there might be something of value in it for you also. This is the first paper I’ve written such a comprehensive summary of where I believe we are, which does not contain BOM references. I have felt a sense of urgency for some time to write such a paper that could be shared with non-BOM believers, family, and friends, and this was it. Believe it or not their responses have been much greater than the responses of our own people. And have opened windows of opportunity to witness.

    God bless you and yours in the trials we all face.



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