The Gold Plates found by Marcos Montezuma?

A person placed a comment on my blog today asking for information about the validity of the information contained in the following video.


The video claims that in 2011 a boy named Marcos Montezuma found an ancient tomb in Panama containing lots of gold artifacts including some “gold plates” that are very similar to the description of the gold plates that Joseph Smith described.

It seems to me that a discovery like this would be buzzing around Mormonism like crazy yet I don’t recall ever hearing about this discovery.

Is this a fraud?

Is this story common knowledge?

Have I been living in a freezer?

If anyone has further knowledge about this please share it.

If this story is true, it seems to me that it would be very significant in validating the fact that these types of gold plates were indeed used anciently for record keeping in this particular area of the world.

12 Responses to The Gold Plates found by Marcos Montezuma?

  1. Ranae says:

    This is the first I have heard of it, but this link from two years ago might be a place to start looking.

  2. ferdinand respicio says:

    what ever they discover the gold plates should be translated in order to know what was written inside to validate if there is a connection in the bible or other Hebrews hieroglyphics…before we conclude and assume any things that are connected to our oldest civilizations…?

    • I agree that understanding the content is important but regardless of the content, if the gold plates are authentic relics of how an ancient civilization kept records, it seems to me that it greatly increases the credibility of Joseph Smith and the LDS restoration narrative.

  3. R C says:

    I just did a little googling and came across this article about plates found by BYU archaeologists on Hill Cumorah.

    ???????? What to make of this, too?

  4. Nicole says:

    Artifacts in Hebrew and reformed Egyptian piques my interest. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Erstwhile says:

    Hi Watcher

    Thats is a fascinating, if not, awkward video of the gold plates in panama. Has a weird feel to it, especially with how no one seems to want to steal 146lbs of gold! Even if that thing was is Australia, it would be long gone…and we’re talking about panama here!

    It seems all too convenient to be honest. The ‘D’ rings seem very modern, and the book seems very out if place with the rest of the artifacts’ style. The quasi papyrus scrolls’ print seems to be extremely new as well. Hmm. In addition, its translation is too conveniently old testament.

    Dr Maria Rozario looked like she had a gun pointed to her as she robotically goes thru the motions. Her ‘speech’ looks terribly setup in front of an audience that i dont think exists. Furthermore, i could not find her anywhere on the google machine.

    This ex-archeologist visited the site and has some interesting things to say, especially about the fakeness of the excavation pit.

    I would LOVE to be wrong about my analysis. However, i stand by my statement that that is one of the most weirdest editing job i have ever seen lol.

    As a side- check out the comments on the original host on YouTube’s video page. He translates some of the words on the scroll and the ‘white horse…red coats and black coats’ give me a red flag.

    Also- This is supposedly the guy who translated it and also claims that they found the ark -Dr. Samuel Aron Weinstein. I found him on the dialogue msg board and interestingly, he disappeared. Have a read!

  6. Royx says:

    Nothing but a contemptible hoax and a bad attempt to lure tourists to Panama.

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