Searching for Zarahemla

Back in the late 80’s or early 90’s I wrote an article titled “A Mystical Look at the LDS Restoration Movement“. It spoke about how the events contained in the Book of Mormon took place in North America and more specifically how they intersected with many of the sites of the LDS restoration movement.

I have previously blogged about how I sent the article to the folks that promote the heartland Book of Mormon Geography Model. Unsurprisingly, most LDS apologists continue to promote Central America as the lands of the Book of Mormon people.

I digitally posted the article on the LDSAnarchy blog about 4 1/2 years ago, in October of 08.

In the article I opined that many of the events that took place in Kirtland and relating to the Kirtland Temple were in fulfillment or partial fulfillment to some of the ancient prophecies of Daniel.

I also suggested that when Isaiah spoke of “Jerusalem” with regard to the end times, he was referring to the Jerusalem that would be located in North America, not the  Old World. Additionally, when latter day revelation mentions “Jerusalem” in section 109 and 124 it is cryptically referring to the Kirtland Ohio area, not the old world Jerusalem. (I am not referring to the “New Jerusalem” of end times prophecy, I am referring to “Jerusalem”)

Something I speculated in the article was that the city across the river from Nauvoo that the Lord named “Zarahemla” in section 125, was the same geographical location as the Zarahemla mentioned in the Book of Mormon.

1  WHAT is the will of the Lord concerning the saints in the Territory of Iowa?
2  Verily, thus saith the Lord, I say unto you, if those who call themselves by my name and are essaying to be my saints, if they will do my will and keep my commandments concerning them, let them gather themselves together unto the places which I shall appoint unto them by my servant Joseph, and build up cities unto my name, that they may be prepared for that which is in store for a time to come.
3  Let them build up a city unto my name upon the land opposite the city of Nauvoo, and let the name of Zarahemla be named upon it.

Enter Wayne May

Yesterday I dropped by the preparedness fair at UVC in Provo Utah. While speaking to Wayne May, one of the presenters, and the editor of the Ancient American Magazine, I asked him if he had ever considered the possibility that the city of Zarahemla mentioned in section 125 was in the same location as the ancient Book of Mormon city by the same name.

When I asked the question he smiled and pulled out a special edition of his magazine and showed me an article that told an interesting story.

Apparently, in October of 2010 Wayne was visiting some friends in Nauvoo. In the conversation the same question was posed. This led to the idea that, using descriptions provided by Joseph Smith and others in some historical texts, they go over to the other side of the river and  scout around to see if they could ascertain where the Zarahemla of section 125 may have been located. They also wanted to see if there were any signs of an ancient City and Temple.

While on this expedition, Wayne found an earth-berm that looked very similar to other Hopewell sites that he has discovered. This exciting discovery motivated them to utilize Google earth and do further research.


After finding the general area they believed the city to have been located in, they used ground penetrating radar to see if there were any detectable objects buried in the vicinity.

Believe it or not, the scan identifies a wood foundation buried five feet below the surface of the earth. The foundation is a rectangle shape of approximately 180 feet by 120 feet which is about the same approximate dimensions as three other previously identified Ohio Hopewell Temples that have been discovered as well as one ancient Hopewell Temple located in Iowa.


To make a long story short, Wayne and about six or seven other investors have located the owner of the property and made an offer .

They are hopeful that it will go through.

If it does, they will begin doing an archeological dig as soon as the deal closes.

Will this strengthen my mystical testimony of modern revelation and the Book of Mormon if the dig takes place and hard evidence is found to substantiate the Book of Mormon?

Of course not.

Testimony is not built on scientific verification.

“Cursed is he that putteth his trust in the arm of flesh.”

Nevertheless, it will be fun to see what happens…..  😉

I’ll be watching

(BTW in the article I mention that I had heard that the indians in Ohio once referred to the “Jerusalem Trail” that went through Ohio and that there was once a “Jerusalem County” in Ohio but I could not find verification of either of those two facts. I have since come across this link It appears to at least validate the fact that there was once a county in Ohio called Jerusalem. I cannot add this to the article footnotes since the anarchy blog does not let me edit articles)

15 Responses to Searching for Zarahemla

  1. Bounce Back says:

    Pretty exciting, well done, my love.

    Date: Sun, 5 May 2013 02:41:05 +0000 To:

  2. Fusion says:

    Hi Watcher,

    I was actually under the impression that I had sent you some stuff about this (Zarahemla and Wayne May). My apologies if you have already watched these. Wayne has some fascinating videos on youtube that I have been watching over and over for the past year or two. There is actual footage of this Zarahemla site, which completely thrilled me…and I have watched it a few times.

    Here are the links. I encourage everyone… believer, critic, cynic, everyone who has anything to do with the Book of Mormon, to watch these. I am not sure which one exacty has the Zarahemla site footage but although they are long, it is well worth it. His discovery on artifacts, along with Joseph Smith’s statements are eye-opening. Also, utterly fascinating is a rare book that Wayne shows which was written at the turn of the last century about the Temples discovered in the Mississipi Valley (if I recall correctly…it is late here in Australia) when they did some construction after flooding there. Anyway, here they are:

    These are some of the closest things I have found that confirm what the Spirit has whispered to me over the years about all things Book of Mormon. When the mystic elements mesh with the tangible, there’s a degree of elation to be felt.


    • Fantastic!!!

      Thank you for providing these vids

      I don’t recall you bringing up the Zarahemla thing but that is not surprising at all, my senior moments are becoming increasingly common.


  3. BTW Fusion-

    At the preparedness fair I saw a DVD I really want to get by Amberli Nelson.

    Are you familiar with Amberli and some of the research she has done?

    Here is a write up on it.

    Jehovah’s Holy Days in the Heartland

    by Amberli Nelson

    3 Essential Truths about Nephite Observance of the Law of Moses

    First Truth:

    The Nephites “strictly” kept the Law of Moses as indicated in 37 verses in the Book of Mormon, (see Alma 30:3, Mosiah 13:29-30, Jarom 1:5) and they did so with delight as it was seen by them as both symbolic of Christ and a means of coming unto Him. Occasionally even the Lamanites were known to “strictly” observe the law (Hel. 13:1).

    Second Truth:

    In “observing to keep the commandments of the Lord in all things, according to the Law of Moses” (2 Ne. 5:10) the Nephites would have necessarily observed all the feasts or “holy days” given to Moses by Jehovah. These are recorded in Exodus and Leviticus and are known as “holy convocations”. You will learn how beautifully these “rehearsals” typify the life and mission of Jesus Christ.

    Third Truth:

    It was absolutely essential for these Jewish Lehites to be brought to and given a land that would provide an abundance of all the plants and animals necessary to keep the Law of Moses, with its concomitant Holy Days or celebrated festivals.

    A list of 10 essential items required by every Mosaic Law abiding people are revealed in this compelling presentation. Some of those essential items include lambs, goats, wheat and barley.

    These have never been found in the archaeological record of the Maya in Mesoamerica yet, in stark contrast, each has been verified in the archaeological record of the ancient Mound Builder civilization which flourished in the Heartland of North America during Book of Mormon time frames.

    Based on the latest archeological findings of this civilization, it can now be irrefutably shown that the Heartland of North America is the only location in the Western Hemisphere where all 10 essential items have been confirmed.

    Thus, this covenant and Promised Land is the only one capable of sustaining and enabling a Jewish population, such as the Nephites, to observe and honor their sacred rites and religion without being forced to use unauthorized substitutions that would have been utterly offensive to God. Learn about the symbolic significance of each of these 10 critical items in this inspirational presentation.

  4. Fusion says:

    Thanks Watcher.

    Haven’t heard of Amberli, so i appreciate it. I have, however read Sister CarolPhyllis Olive’s excellent ‘We are Israel’ – a small yet worthwhile book with some excellent stuff (i paid about 15-20 bucks incl a dvd and shipping to Australia), including maps of the Book of Mormon lands in western New York, Ohio etc. Wayne agrees with Sis Olive. She does some good stuff about what Amberli is talking about, and may have even been the original researcher. Her statements on the various peoples that were in America at the time the Lehites etc arrived is fascinating. I dont want to give too much away here 🙂

    Trust me, i have more than many senior moments of my own and i’m not 40 yet!

  5. Fusion says:

    BTW- i dont take notice or waste anymore time on this supposed central/south america/mayan stuff anymore. Its nothing but a red herring by the powers that be, or who think they are. When a supposed prophet such as the king noahs and their buddies at the rameumptons today who sit in their plush general conference thrones (mosiah 9:9-11 is a stinging parallel about our day and yet the lds populace just dont see it or care to!) dont know where the book of mormon took place, the red flag starts turning deep crimson


  6. Fusion says:

    Exciting time we’re in, isnt it?!

    Can’t wait for ‘deconstructing lds apologetics part 3’ by the way

  7. Fabledsog says:

    While I don’t doubt that the particular territory of Iowa, which is to be named Zarahemla to be held of great importance; but it now seems to me to be held for the future, instead of the past. It has occurred to me that the possible locations of the ancient land of Zarahemla and the land of Nephi are extremely close to where the mystical plates were discovered.

    The area when viewed with the spirit of prophecy enlightens why Zarahemla shifts to another place. The primary lands mentioned in the book of Mormon are cursed. With the clues of the book of Mormon, and the understanding of the desolating curse that has been and shall be, concerning the lands surrounding Hill Cumorah; and the realization that the inhabitants of the primary lands had a different north than considered today. The land of Zarahemla and the land of Nephi seems to me, to be the very land that we now call Long Island, NY.

    It is my observation that the mainland north of the island is the land called Desolation, and the mainland south is the land Bountiful. With that said, it wouldn’t surprise me if Zeus’ highest point is built upon the foundation of the very temple that Christ visited among the Nephites. I bet old scratch just couldn’t resist in putting an occultic throne on a divine place of witnesses. After all he has already trampled David’s Ariel in many ways.

    So it is understandable why the Lord would shift the land of Zarahemla, as the ancient resting place is soon to be a center of tribulation, and it is also my belief that a more recent mystical place will shift also and in a marvelous way. I have been impressed that the temple meant for Missouri has already been built, it being obscured by the eternal format of the Lord’s word. It being known, but at the same time unknown as the center place of the work of Eternity; when the Light breaks forth unto the gentiles, what we consider Kirtland may ascend unto the heavens, out of reach for the unsanctified.

    I still believe the designated area of Missouri is the land of Zion, but I now believe Kirtland is to be glorified into Zion even New Jerusalem. Since by various means, Isaiah 2:3, began to glare out to me more than usual, and some inconsistencies caused by the obscuring began to dissipate in my mind, and my mind opened to the interweaving of the scriptures referencing Zion. I realized the Lord was laying the foundation to Zion not by Kirtland but through Kirtland. And through Kirtland the Lord will prepare a heavenly place above the mountains, a floating island of paradise, where the Lord will gather his first-fruits from the four quarters of the earth; to accomplish in preparing a holy city for refuge from the great calamities soon to come forth.

    Which is why I bring up Isaiah 2:3, it contains a prophetic utterance concerning Kirtland, because where did the law of the church come from? And a good chunk of the D&C revelations? Isn’t it amazing how consistent the word of the Lord is, and the word of men not so consistent? I doubt I am alone in understanding that D&C 84:3 is currently of ill-effect, and misguiding both mormons and antis. As I seem to recall, Sidney was suppose to be the primary dedicator of the temple lot, as he was commanded to do. So it seems the temple lot has a need for a rededication by Sidney, to be held in reserve for the descension of the Kirtland temple which has already been built, that coincidently needs a re sanctification.

    Now if only I and others who are intrigued can find the inhabitants of the ancient cities of the book of Mormon in preparation for the holy city Zion; I am sincerely curious on their perspective on the matters.

    • Fable

      As always, you bring up some interesting and thought provoking theories.

      “Now if only I and others who are intrigued can find the inhabitants of the ancient cities of the book of Mormon in preparation for the holy city Zion; I am sincerely curious on their perspective on the matters.”

      I would suggest that the righteous inhabitants of the ancient Book of Mormon cities have been taken to and preserved in the City of Enoch in the bosom of God and that they are awaiting for the literal restoration of their fleshly bodies to the earth when the fulness of times is ushered in. (Section 45:11-14) They will no doubt be instrumental in converting and gathering the righteous remnants of Lehi’s seed. God’s servant will “raise up the tribes of Jacob, and… restore the preserved of Israel” (1 Nephi 21:6) Once the final work of the Father has been accomplished in the 3rd watch, the CHILDREN of Zion from below will be caught up and reunited in the cloud with the FATHERS of Zion from above. (Section 84:99-101 88:96-98)

  8. JennyP1969 says:

    I don’t know how to ask this question…..I don’t ask out of pettiness, or obstinacy, or jealousy. I just sincerely want to understand….well….everything.

    What is the point of women?

    Why am I striving to learn or grow or become a better person? What’s the point?


    Watcher, you wrote of the Bridal Chamber for the Nauvoo House. I remember watching some of the Warren Jeffs’ trial and learning that the FLDS temple in Texas had a bridal chamber, patterned after previous temples (?????) where he and his apostles went after being sealed to a new bride to consummate the sealing. I’m wondering if he got all this as a corrupt, or heaven forbid direct copy, of these sections and their meanings from the D&C and teachings of these mysteries. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    • I think celestial male and female intelligences wanted to serve God and recieve a fulness of joy and that is why they yearned to take on a tabernacle and go through the process of the fall and redemption via the atonement. We see through a glass darkly right now and it may not seem to make a lot of sense from our mortal view. We just need to keep following the light until the perfect day.

      Yes, there is a long line of Satan’s people who simply copied and modified truth’s from God’s holy scriptures. All of the break offs of the LDS restoration movement and the different fundamentalists have taken bits and pieces of the truths found in God’s scriptures. All of the break offs in Protestantism and even the Catholic Church all have some profound aspects of the very deep and mystical doctrines found in the scriptures.

      I was not aware of the Warren Jeffs temple with a bridal chamber… that is interesting. I suspect that many of the pagan religions as well as witchcraft have similar rituals. Many of these teachings have a strand of truth in them and very possibly can be traced back to ancient times and ancient teachings.

  9. JennyP1969 says:

    Wow… That was quick! Thanks. And Happiest of Thanksgivings! I’m thankful to have found this blog in August and thank you again so much for your years of devoted study, and your sharing of it. I am just drawn to these articles and study them relentlessly. My scriptures have been given greater light.

    Perhaps I can answer my own question regarding women.

    Before the foundations of the world, perhaps the Sons of God in embryo were of both male and female intelligence. Eve was created out of Adam to enable the Fall. In this fallen estate, women comfort the male who has lost his female perspective….he desires her greatly. She “gives” herself to him as a type of “giving” herself back to him literally someday. She bears the children, nurtures them, makes a haven of their home, hearkens to him because the male always presides in any union.

    In this estate the male learns to lead, provide, preside, administrate, use priesthood power, learns to become more of a Son of God.

    Perhaps the genders must be separated in order for each side of the Sons of God to be able to fully develop. This results in a tug of war between genders. In this estate neither gender fully understands the other, but whatever gender you are here you fully understand that gender, and because of this, each one can progress without “interference” from the other. Also, by separating, they can perhaps actually help the other gender through learning to “love thy neighbor as thyself” for our closest neighbor is, after all, our spouse. We learn to forgive what we perceive to be weaknesses in the other gender, which in the end is learning to forgive ourselves and to love ourselves.

    Pres. Monson recently said in the RS broadcast that we sisters refine you men. So while here on earth, women grow and bear the tabernacles for the next generation of the progressing Sons of God, nurture and refine them, have the females that will keep this going in this estate, and then someday, give ourselves away again — literally this time — to be swallowed up in a Son of God, which is the will of God that all His daughters do. Then the male now has all feminine traits fully developed, and fully understood. He becomes complete……which is the Greek version of the verse, “be ye therefore perfect”…….”be ye therefore complete, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect”…….. complete.

    Perhaps it matters a great deal then that a women develop ALL that she can so that when she is swallowed up, she makes his completeness……well…….more highly or righteously complete.

    I still cannot find joy through these mortal eyes to spend forever looking at the same guy over and over, or not being my own self any longer. But I probably dreaded being separated in this estate when I learned that’s what this life would require. If we see through a glass darkly here, I wonder what we saw through before. Most truths bring a sense of joy, peace, and a feeling of rightness and goodness. This concept still brings me a terrible anguish……..

    Women have suffered so terribly in this estate — the statistics tell only a small portion of the grief and sorrow. And then to go back into the man for his sake to become another God, she disappearing, well……….through my dark glass I can only see women being used every step of the way. It seems as though we are means to your ends.

    But I really am trying to find a seer stone, if you will. I’m trying to understand, no matter how sad it may be. I pray for understanding and to be able to see the beauty of this doctrine, and the joy, but so far, it hasn’t come. Some things take a great deal of time.

    “Truth reflects upon our senses, gospel light reveals to some….”

    • Wow.. you have shared some great insight. I need to continue with short responses to encourage readers to ponticate what they are really thinking… 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone looking at this blog!

  10. JennyP1969 says:

    Thanks for letting me ponder on YOUR blog.

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