Light, Truth, and Chuck Missler

One of my favorite Bible Scholars is a fellow by the name of Chuck Missler. Mrs Watcher and I can listen to this guy non-stop because he is so full of light and truth.

We obviously don’t agree with all of his conclusions and, as a non-believer in the Book of Mormon,  he has blind spots, just as Latter day Saints, who have entered into strong delusion have blind spots.

Nevertheless, he has extracted a lot of truth from the Holy Word of God that can edify those of the restoration tradition who are searching for additional light.

I believe you will receive more light and truth downloaded into your soul listening to him for one hour than you will get listening to 100 LDS general conferences.

In my opinion, he is a textbook example of a believing gentile who will accept the Lord’s servants when they return and he will be gathered to Zion. When the fulness of the Gentiles comes in again, and the Jewish leaders of the LDS church scatter like a bunch of rats fleeing from a sinking ship, people like Chuch Missler will come flowing into Zion, singing praises to the Lord.

The only reason he won’t give the Book of Mormon a fair trial right now is because it has been packaged with a lot of baloney. He assumes that the heretical teachings of the modern Mormon Church represents the fruits of the Book of Mormon, and all he can see is a bunch of spiritual  and doctrinal imbeciles.

In one of his talks he said,there are some people that think that Jesus and Satan are brothers, pray for them!” LOL

We really do need people to pray for us, Brigham Young and those that followed him have delivered us into such a “strong delusion” and taken us so far down a rabbit hole that it is difficult to get all of the way out.

May the Lord God have mercy on our souls.

Do yourself a favor and listen to some of Chuck’s talks on YouTube.

Here is a talk he gave on America’a Predicament. Try to imagine someone saying these things in general conference. Such truth would never be tolerated.

I have said lots of negative things about modern science in some of my posts, but it was in the context of people who put their trust in science and in the arm of flesh. It was about the dangers of viewing the gospel through the lens of science.

Chuck, on the other hand makes science come alive. He makes science faith promoting because he views science through the lens of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He puts his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and then he views modern science from that foundation.

It is so refreshing to listen to an intelligent, well read man of God share his perspective of the universe based on the word of God in the Bible.

Here is a taste of how Chuck brings science alive from a Christian perspective

I praise the Lord God for believing gentiles like Chuck Missler. He has been a blessing in my life. I hope you will take the opportunity to give him a listen.

Try to imagine an LDS conference talk that contains the light and intelligence that you will experience by listening to Chuck Missler.

The Lord God is preparing people like Chuck to receive the light and truth that is about to flood this planet.

12 Responses to Light, Truth, and Chuck Missler

  1. Thanks for the tip, Watcher. I’m listening to Dr Missler right now.

    There is indeed much we can learn from gentiles. Indeed, as you suggest, we can often be much more edified by those outside the church than by the flat and uninspiring talks given by most speakers in General Conference.

    • Rock

      I am extremely humbled every time I listen to one of Dr Missler’s talks because it reminds me just how ignorant I am, with regard to the Bible and the world around me, as it relates to the Bible. I love how he is just filled with enthusiasm and wonder at the world around us because of his strong belief in God and the Bible.

      It is shocking how bold he is when speaking about our national predicament. I am not sure the content of such a talk would ever get past the editorial committee that approves conference talks.

      I thought it was profound when he said that despite going through lots of devastating life experiences, the biggest shocker he had was when he realized that what he had previously considered to be “patriotism” was really just a form of “idolatry” once he found out what a sham it all is and that most wars have been contrived by the elite that run things, etc.

      flat and uninspiring” really hits the nail on the head Rock!

      I would even add “monotone”.

      I believe there is actually a very identifiable speaking tone and delivery method that differentiates the way LDS authorities speak, as opposed to people like Dr. Missler that simply speak matter of factly, from the heart and say it as they see it.

      Thank you for your comments.

  2. Fusion says:

    Hi Watcher,

    Incredible to check out Chuck Missler’s rather large library of videos on youtube. What an incredible find, I must say.

    I feel embarrassed that the 15 and the 70’s in their various quorums get on the podium and give ‘talks’ (ugh, I have grown to despise that word) in such pedestrian terms whilst we have a guy like Chuck who does what they do not: open the scriptures and study and teach and exhort! It is truly a pity that mind of his has not opened up the Book of Mormon and modern day revelation, as well.

    Since every coin has two sides and Paul has admonished us about proving all things, what is your take on Chuck being a fake and a CIA agent/Illuminati guy? Some are adamant that he is. Here are a couple of quick links:

    Personally, I don’t know about him and his biz, but his Biblical knowledge is outstanding, most especially the way he ties in other things to the scriptures from other sources.


    • I had never heard that rumor before. I look forward to reading the links.

      If they are true, maybe he and Neal Maxwell were buddies, the rumor mills claims he also worked for the CIA… I am skeptical that Missler did.

  3. Fusion says:

    Just wanted to share this vid of Chuck on the ‘Two Witness’, which is very pertinent to this blog. Here he details some incredible stuff and breaks down the reasons why.

    Thanks for sharing your discovery of Chuck with us, Watcher…he truly opens up the scriptures.

    Check it out:


    • Fusion

      Thanks for sending that link.

      I am currently only 1:29 into his presentation and I am going crazy. Over the years I have made lots of speculations as to who the two witnesses are that testify to the terrestrial portion of Israel. While doing my current project on the secret return of Elijah the Tishbite I have become convinced that his ministry is not over.

      In the Old Testament there is an account of how the Lord calls him three different times to go to three different places and I think that is typological of how he has a mission in all three watches!!!!

      Elijah and Moses came to visit Jesus in the first watch on the Mount of Transfiguration in secret, then to the secret visitation behind the veil in the 2nd watch and finally, Elijah and Moses will return and witness in the third watch. Modern revelation informs us that Elijah was raised up to bring down the kingdom of the Jews… that is what he will do when he returns and testifies to apostate Israel, in my opinion.

      I love how Chuck points out the two of the powers are unique to Elijah and two of them are unique to Moses.

      Moses and Elijah typify and represent the LAW and the PROPHETS or in other words the LAW and the TESTIMONY (witness of Christ)

      AWESOME LINK!!! I think the Chuckster nailed this one.

      THANK YOU.

      PS now I am at 2:57 I love how he points out that both of their ministries were unfinished!!!

  4. Fusion says:

    I knew you’d dig it…chuck has an outlook on the scriptures that for the most part seems to resonate with my soul. I notice a couple of things with him-

    1. He reminds everyone to research for themselves and not necessarily agree with him.

    2. There are some things he is clearly puzzled at and admits. I wonder if these puzzles would be solved if he got into the BoM and D&C, Lectures on faith, books of Abraham and Moses etc.I think he is missing the greater light because of these, but is still doing a far more enlightening job that the LDS leadership who have the above resources yet do nothing with them! Imagine his teacjings on the remant, BoM geography, Joseph and Sidney. ..etc times a thousand.

    3. He isn’t afraid to tackle things that are controversial.

    I definitely find things I disagree on including tithing and some others but for the majority of it I think he is worth the price of admission and beyond.

    Bless him…I hope he accepts the Restored gospel soon not just for his benefit but ours! I’d love to hear him teach about it.

    That said did you ever get to engage him in a discussion? ?

    • Yes I have noticed those same things. I love how matter of fact he is and his humility in acknowledging when he doesn’t know something. I really like how he is willing to address every possible topic.

      I have not contacted him yet.

  5. Fusion says:

    Hi Watcher,

    I have to share this beautiful testimony and expression of our Lord, Jesus, from Chuck- I wish I could send to the ‘Brethren’ in SLC to get some tips:

    Just remarkable. Actually humbled me a little and I almost got choked up…a rarity these days.


  6. Fusion says:

    …begins at 55:17 of the video, although the entire video is just as remarkable.

    • I have gone back to the beginning to start from the beginning and I just realized that Mrs Watcher and I listened to this a few months ago. The reality of Evil and cosmic warfare is quite interesting. I find his statement that there is a limit to smallness… quite interesting if true..

  7. Fusion says:

    Yes, it makes sense that once something is broken down to its ultimate smallness that it would lose its locality. Goodness only knows how much there is that we incredible super intelligent humans think we know, and yet, don’t know trash!

    I had a dream about 6 or 7 years ago, that I was holidaying in South America, and was woken by a voice that was calling my name out specifically. As I awoke and followed this voice, I realised it was coming from deep in the heavens, and was inviting me to get ready immediately for what I suppose is the Rapture.

    Confused, I went into the backyard and looked up at the night sky to try to behold this voice, very still, very small. Suddenly, my eyes, perhaps my spiritual eyes, opened and I could focus far into the night, beyond the atmosphere. I was amazed to see things moving around, lights in various shapes, and explosive sounds that were almost inaudible, but very clear, and only I could hear and see this. As I focused it became immediately clear that there was a literal war going on in the skies, monstrously huge motherships and the like were fighting each other with fully intensity, yet no one in my vicinity, apart from myself, could perceive these things. The war up there was vicious. Suddenly, the understanding came to me that the war here on earth that heralds the Great Tribulations and the beginning of the end here on Earth, just before the Saviour finally come, begins first in the heavens.

    That thought has been in my mind for years: The wars to end all wars on earth begins with the war in the heavens.

    I don’t know what to make of it because it seems so unreal, but it was extremely real and has never left my memory.

    Chuck’s views in this video brings this dream almost to life for me.


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