Part Two of Church History Overview is Ready

January 31, 2019

Part Two of our Church History Overview Podcast is Ready

Podcast #7 Discusses parts of the history of the Church that are seldom discussed in Priesthood Meeting or Gospel Doctrine Class.

January 22, 2019

In the latest edition of the podcast we discuss the first half of Joseph Smiths’ ministry and some significant historical landmarks that are critical in understanding the true history of the restoration.



The Nature of God

January 17, 2019

Podcast #6 on the Iron Rod Podcast addresses the Nature of God

Iron Rod Podcast 006 — The Nature of God

Also, in the comment section of the podcast the doctrinal implications of the following passage found in John 5:19 are addressed.

“The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.”

A questionable interpretation of that passage represents the sole scriptural justification for the narrative found in the King James Discourse.


God’s holy and infallible word assures us that God has given the saints the kingdom.

January 14, 2019

I got a fascinating email from a fellow watcher the other day.

He had read an article by a Snufferite claiming that the kingdom of God has finally been ushered in.

This birth of the Kingdom supposedly took place on September 3rd 2017 when the Snufferites held a conference and entered into covenant in Boise Idaho.

The Snufferite star gazer opined that the September 23rd 2017 sign in the heavens was the one spoken of by John the Revelator and that it was somehow pointing back to the previous Snufferite meeting to validate that it represented the birth of the kingdom:

“Thus, it appears that the prophecy in the Book of Revelation has been fulfilled when the covenant from God was accepted, resulting in the birth of the Kingdom of God.”

Here is the email that my friend sent me,

Good morning Watcher,

I continue to devour the podcasts of the  “three tenors” and found the last one with the historical documents identifying Sidney Rigdon’s commission as nearly as important as the Morley farm conference in 1831. I had just re-read your articles on Sidney a week or so before this podcast and was extremely grateful for that added substance.

But, once again I note that the RLDS restoration groups seem generally unaware of Sidney’s commission, and certainly I was. So this is another great addition to the teaching needed among those groups.

I read this morning John Pratt’s 1/5/19 article, entitled “Kingdom of God Born.” In it he identifies the event with the 2017 Snuffer Covenant Conference. This problematic for me because I have been somewhat “put off” by Snuffer’s writings.

I am really excited about Pratt’s exegesis on the meaning of the constellation alignments in September of 2017 and I agree with him that the birth of the Kingdom of God will most likely go unnoticed by the World and even by most persons. (This is the reason why I go to the Kirtland newspaper, at the beginning of each month and look to see whether there is any report of “suspicious” activity involving the Temple or those servants who might be in the process of finishing the work started previously. So far, the Temple seems unmentioned.)

I am also questioning whether Bro. Pratt has a correct handle on the location of the New Jerusalem and Zion. He seems to believe that they are located in Independence, Mo while I have adopted the notion that both Independence and Kirtland are significant locations.

Anyway, if you have not seen his latest article, I’m sure you will find it of interest and I just wanted to alert you to it.

As always, I so appreciate the tremendous work you have done in plowing the fields of our history and the searching of the written words. I pray for your continued strength and ministry from the Holy Spirit.



This was my reply to my friend (with a few clarification added):-

Great to hear from you XXX

In the opening declarations of the article John Pratt says this:

“Joseph’s first attempts to found the Kingdom of God failed“.

 Never does he say that Joseph later was successful or that he would later be successful at some time I the future. Only that Joseph Smith failed and that the kingdom was never established during Joseph’s ministry.

In other words, all of Joseph’s attempts ended in failure prior to his death, requiring a new servant and a new work of restoration.

        That belief is a trademark belief of the Snuffer Movement.

They don’t believe that the kingdom was given to Joseph and the restoration saints nor do they believe that Joseph laid the foundation for a future work.


They think the LDS restoration failed to establish the kingdom and that Joseph Smith categorically failed in his mission to lay the foundation of the kingdom that would come forth in power at a later time.

They don’t accept the unconditional declarations from God that the kingdom had been given to the saints nor the unconditional prophecies about Joseph returning to complete his commissions and lead the kingdom forth in power.

Therefore according to their paradigm, another Davidic servant (namely Denver Snuffer) needs to come and clean up the mess that is left of the failure. 

This basic premise that Joseph failed and the kingdom was never established is believed by virtually all of the fundamentalist offshoots and all of the emerging false prophets.

The followers of Mauricio Berger and Joseph Frederick Smith have the same false paradigm.

They also believe that Joseph failed to establish the kingdom. Hence, they think they need Mauricio Berger and Joseph Frederick Smith to clean up Joseph Smith Jr’s mess and to fulfill the commission of establishing Zion that the Lord had initially given to the restoration saints. 

The narrative that Joseph failed and the kingdom was not established is not congruent with prophecy and scripture.  

All you need to do is do a keyword search on the word “kingdom” in the D&C and you will find unequivocally (from the mouth of two or three witnesses) that the kingdom WAS established during Joseph’s ministry and that the keys of that kingdom were to remain with Joseph and his associates while they were in this world and even into the next world after they die.

They needed to retain the keys of the kingdom that had been given until they return to complete the unconditional promises given to them.  

Lets do some keyword searching and look at the holy word of God to see if they failed to bring forth the kingdom, or if in fact the kingdom was established in preparation for the fulness to shine forth at the appointed time after the gentiles stumble and eventually repent.

Here are some notable snippets about the kingdom in chronological order- 

1- In Dec of 1830 (Section 35) the Lord told the first elders that the kingdom had been given to them and would be theirs until he comes “quickly” ( A keyword search on “come quickly shows that it is referring to his last coming to judge the nations) .

 26 Lift up your hearts and be glad, your redemption draweth nigh. 27 Fear not, little flock, the kingdom is yours until I come. Behold, I come quickly. Even so. Amen. 

2- In Jan of 1831 (Section 38) The Lord again verified that the kingdom was theirs and that the enemy would not overcome the kingdom (even though the saints would stumble and the emergence of the kingdom in power would be delayed) 

9 Wherefore, gird up your loins and be prepared. Behold, the kingdom is yours, and the enemy shall not overcome. 

3= In October of 1831 (Section 65) a revelatory prayer revealed that in a future time, one would be sent down from heaven who is mighty and powerful, warming people to prepare for the way of the Lord. It informs us that the gospel will roll forth to the ends of the earth from the keys of the kingdom that had been committed unto man on the earth, a clear reference to the LDS restoration work of Joseph Smith’s ministry. 

1 Hearken, and lo, a voice as of one sent down from on high, who is mighty and powerful, whose going forth is unto the ends of the earth, yea, whose voice is unto men—Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.

 2 The keys of the kingdom of God are committed unto man on the earth, and from thence shall the gospel roll forth unto the ends of the earth, as the stone which is cut out of the mountain without hands shall roll forth, until it has filled the whole earth.

3 Yea, a voice crying—Prepare ye the way of the Lord, prepare ye the supper of the Lamb, make ready for the Bridegroom.

 4- Then in December of 1832 (Section 88) the Lord informs Joseph and his associates that they are the first  laborers in the LAST KINGDOM!!!!!

It was later explained that Brigham and his brethren of the Twelve were not the first laborers and that they were responsible to tarry in the mission field and take the knowledge of the gospel to the dispersed of Judah and the outcasts of Israel until it was time for Joseph and the first elders to complete their work. .

..And I give unto you, who are the first laborers in this last kingdom, a commandment that you assemble yourselves together, and organize yourselves, and prepare yourselves, and sanctify yourselves; yea, purify your hearts, and cleanse your hands and your feet before me, that I may make you clean..

..that ye may be prepared in all things when I shall send you again to magnify the calling whereunto I have called you, and the mission with which I have commissioned you..

..Therefore, tarry ye, and labor diligently, that you may be perfected in your ministry to go forth among the Gentiles for the last time, as many as the mouth of the Lord shall name, to bind up the law and seal up the testimony, and to prepare the saints for the hour of judgment which is to come;..

..Verily, I say unto you, let those who are not the first elders continue in the vineyard until the mouth of the Lord shall call them, for their time is not yet come; their garments are not clean from the blood of this generation..

5- In March of 1833 (Section 90) the Lord informs his servants, that the kingdom they had been given was coming forth for the LAST TIME and that the keys of that kingdom would not be taken from them in this world or the next.  

2 Therefore, thou art blessed from henceforth that bear the keys of the kingdom given unto you; which kingdom is coming forth for the last time. 

3 Verily I say unto you, the keys of this kingdom shall never be taken from you, while thou art in the world, neither in the world to come; 

Notice that the keys they had been given were to the LAST kingdom that was coming forth. 

6 And again, verily I say unto thy brethren, Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams, their sins are forgiven them also, and they are accounted as equal with thee in holding the keys of this last kingdom;

As you can see, the narrative being given in the revelations joseph received is consistent in saying that the LAST kingdom had been given and established among Joseph and his brethren and that those same men would retain the keys to the kingdom that they had been given so that they can eventually see it to its final conclusion.

Did the fulness of the last kingdom flee from the earth with those that held its keys when the holders of those keys were killed?

It appears as if the answer is Yes.

But the kingdom was still established, the keys were given, the stewardship was established, and that kingdom that was given to Joseph Smith and the saints will return and go forth in power as prophesied.

It is difficult for people to comprehend the fact that even though the saints were temporarily overcome, the kingdom wasn’t! .

The book of Daniel documents this narrative in the 7th chapter but first, lets look at an amazing observation provided in Section 109.

 6- In March of 1836 (Section 109) it is revealed that the Kingdon that God had established among the saints was the kingdom set up “without hands” that is prophesied of in the Book of Daniel: “

Remember all thy church, O Lord, with all their families, and all their immediate connections, with all their sick and afflicted ones, with all the poor and meek of the earth; that the kingdom, which thou hast set up without hands, may become a great mountain and fill the whole earth; That thy church may come forth out of the wilderness of darkness, and shine forth fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners; (verse 72-3)

Section 109 uses the exact language from the Book of Daniel to establish the fact that the kingdom Daniel prophesied of that would be set up “without hands” was the same kingdom that was restored to the earth through Joseph Smith. According to the Book of Daniel, this kingdom would eventually smite the image of Babylon with is composed of iron and clay and break it in pieces.

The book of Daniel observes that the kingdom would be established among the saints and “shall not pass away” and “shall not be destroyed“.

Yet it notes that after the kingdom is given to the saints, “the ..horn made war with the saints and prevailed against them UNTIL the ancient of days came and judgment was given to the saints of the most high..”

As you can see from the “kingdom” scriptures in the D&C as well as the prophetic narrative in Daniel, there was not a complete failure to establish the kingdom. The kingdom was established and it will eventually go forth. There is no need for a completely different servant to be called so that he could start everything all over again. We are simply awaiting the appointed time when the ancient of days will return and judgment will be given to the saints of the restoration so that those holding the keys of the kingdom can finalize their work.

What is the significance of the Dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham?

With all of this in mind, one might ask how all of this relates to the ushering in of the dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham in 1836 (Section 110)  and the commission to the quorum of the Twelve to “send forth my word to the ends of the earth” (Section 112) and to the message of the gospel across the great waters (Sections 118). C

Clearly, God was moving forward in having his word taken to the nations of the earth regardless of the fact that the saints of the restored church had stumbled and were in a state of apostasy.

This begs the question, what authority were the Twelve functioning under if the fulness of the priesthood had been taken?

Section 112 informs us that-

“the keys of the dispensation that ye have received , have come down from the fathers , and last of all, being sent down  from heaven unto you”

As you can see, the missionary responsibilities of the Twelve during their interim missionary assignment did not require the fulness of the priesthood which had been lost, rather, their priesthood assignment at the time was based on the patriarchal, evangelical priesthood.

Even though the fulness of the priesthood was taken and the keys of the kingdom stayed with Joseph when he died, there was a remnant of “authority”  that would remain on the earth after Joseph was killed.  It was held by the quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Interestingly, the authority that they held was not just patriarchal. It was a “written” authority with power of its own as we shall see.

7- In January 1841 (Section 124)  the Lord declares that the Twelve held the “Keys” to open up the “authority of my kingdom” upon the four corners of the earth and to every creature. 

 128 Which Twelve hold the keys to open up the authority of my kingdom upon the four corners of the earth, and after that to send my word to every creature. 

It is really remarkable that the church had been pronounced to be under condemnation back in 1834, then in 1841 (Section 124) the Lord acknowledges that the fulness of priesthood had been taken from the saints and that they were practicing abominations before him, and yet, the Lord was providing provisions for an ongoing missionary work that would continue to this present time.

The missionary work continues to be conducted under the direction of the quorum of the Twelve. 

 So what exactly is meant by the word “authority” and the phrase “authority of my kingdom” in the above passage?

I am going to suggest that it is not referring to a priesthood ordination.

It is referring to something different than you might suppose.

I would suggest that definition #7 in the 1828 Websters reflects the meaning of what was being said.


In essence, “authority” as used in the above passage, is a “written authority“.


It refers to books that contain written precedents” and “official declarations”  which influence the opinions of others.
In other words, it is referring to the written precedents and official declarations contained in the scriptures that joseph Smith brought forth as well as the existing scriptures that he had corrected. The Book of Mormon and revelations that Joseph brought forth represents the oracles of God and the written “authority of God’s Kingdom”.

That is the authority that the Twelve were supposed to take to the world.

There is power and authority in the written word of God.

A prophecy contained in Section 43 informed the saints that although Joseph would take the keys of the kingdom into the next life when he dies, the “oracles” of God (which constitutes the written authority of God’s Kingdom) would remain on the earth:

 Verily I say unto you, the keys of this kingdom shall never be taken from you, while thou art in the world, neither in the world to come;

Nevertheless, through you shall the oracles be given to another, yea, even unto the church.

And all they who receive the oracles of God, let them beware how they hold them lest they are accounted as a light thing, and are brought under condemnation thereby, and stumble and fall when the storms descend, and the winds blow, and the rains descend, and beat upon their house.

These oracles or scriptures that the Twelve were to take to the house of Israel is also what was being referred to in the prophecy in 3rd Nephi 16:10-13.
It says the knowledge of the gospel (authority in the written oracles of God) will be taken to the House of Israel after the Gentiles sin against the fulness of the gospel.
Eventually, the Gentiles will repent and the fulness will return with the kingdom that had been established four generations earlier.

The narrative about the LAST kingdom all throughout scripture testifies against Denver Snuffer  or Mauricio Berger or anyone else being a new Davidic servant that is sent to clean up Joseph Smiths failure.

You can cry and moan and complain all you want to about how the modern church is conducting the affairs of their little kingdom, but you cannot get around the fact that they have continued on in the original commission given to Brigham Young and the Twelve, to take the written authority of God’s kingdom to the world. Don’t take the written authority of God’s Kingdom lightly.

The Truth Behind the Creation of the Lectures on Faith and the Doctrine and Covenants

January 9, 2019

Podcast #5 is about Lectures on Faith and how it was taken out of the Doctrine and Covenants. You can listen to it here

Many people assume that the 1835 edition of the Doctrine and Covenants was simply an updated version of the 1833 Book of Commandments. They assume it was a newer, more complete canon of scriptures. It is also believed by some, that the Lectures on Faith that was originally the “doctrine” portion of the doctrine and Covenants should never have been canonized and that the doctrines contained therein, are not entirely correct.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I have written several articles differentiating the two canons of scripture and explaining how the historical context had drastically changed in just a few years requiring Joseph Smith to change the content of some revelations significantly.

While preparing for the above mentioned podcast, I read for the first time in recent years, the minutes of the church conference in which the First Presidency, composed of Joseph, Sidney, Oliver and Frederick, were commissioned by the church and the high council to compile and prepare what became the Doctrine and Covenants. The account blew my mind and answered some very important questions for me.

Furthermore, because of an email from a very astute person that listened to the podcast, I have been able to connect a few more dots for myself in my never ending quest to better understand God’s work through the prophet Joseph Smith.

Book of Commandments vs. Doctrine and Covenants

The Book of Commandments was written for the “Church of Christ” which was composed primarily of believing gentiles from the tribe of Joseph. It was composed of selected revelations that Joseph Smith received and the primary purpose was to highlight the COMMANDMENTS that had been to the saints including the law of the church and the law of marriage (currently section 42the and the law of Consecration. It was written during the 3 1/2 years that the fulness of the Gospel was on the earth.

Conversely, the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants was written to the “Church of the Latter day Saints” which was on the crest of taking the knowledge of the gospel to the “dispersed of Judah” and the “outcasts of Israel” which would radically change the tribal demographic of the church membership.

The name of Christ had been taken out of the name of the Church by the time the Doctrine and Covenants had been published because of the transgression of the saints.

The Doctrine and Covenants was arranged for publication just as the restored church was beginning to take God’s word lightly and come under condemnation. Shortly after that, God would declare that the saints had collectively broken the covenant of consecration and would not be allowed to live the laws of Zion for a little season which would last for four generations.

God declared that the little season would be a time of chastisement and learning for the saints.

Because of God’s infinite foreknowledge of the events that would be taking place in the near future, the Lord inspired the leaders of the church to present and clarify doctrine that can teach the saints very important principles to overcome the stumbling blocks that prevented them from living the law of consecration and establishing Zion.

These items of doctrine contained in the Lectures on Faith have the capacity to prepare the hearts and minds of the saints for when the light of the fulness shines forth again if they study and believe them.

The real story behind the creation of the Doctrine and Covenants and the Lectures on Faith has been obscured and greatly misunderstood.

It has been shrouded in mystery, misinformation and confusion. In the podcast, we attempt to shed some light on this historical and doctrinal narrative through the lens of modern revelation and the true history of the church to show just how profound revelatory they are.

Regarding the truthfulness and significance of the Lectures on Faith, I agree with Bruce R McConkie who said-

In my judgment, it is the most comprehensive, inspired utterance that now exists in the English language – that exists in one place defining, interpreting, expounding, announcing, and testifying what kind of being God is. It was written by the power of the Holy Ghost, by the spirit of inspiration. It is, in effect, eternal scripture; it is true. Bruce McConkie  (See also D&C 68 when God’s servants speak by the Holy Ghost it is scripture)

Sadly, some LDS apologists don’t feel that the Lectures are inspired, and therefore they have tried to destroy the credibility of the Lectures.

In recent years, it has been proven that Sidney Rigdon is the primary contributor of the first presidency in writing them and also in teaching the Lectures on Faith in the school of the Elders. Since character assassination has been employed by some historians from the time of Brigham Young to the present, most Mormons think that Sidney was a heretic so they have used Sidney’s involvement to discredit the Lectures.

That argument holds little water since Sidney had been appointed by the Lord to write for Joseph when he received revelations and to prove the revelations coming through Joseph using the words of the holy prophets in the scriptures:

And a commandment I give unto thee—that thou shalt write for him; and the scriptures shall be given, even as they are in mine own bosom, to the salvation of mine own elect.. thou shalt preach my gospel and call on the holy prophets to prove his words, as they shall be given him.

As the resident scriptural scholar in the restoration movement, it made perfect sense for the Lord to give Sidney that assignment. Further, Sidney had been given the keys of the school of the prophets. The Lord had given Sidney and Frederick the assignment to teach and prepare the missionaries for the ministry. Who else would be more likely and more qualified to write the doctrine portion of the doctrine and Covenants in conjunction with the other members of the First Presidency?

One of the real reasons that the church expunged the Doctrine portion of the Doctrine and Covenants from the canon in 1921, is because it conflicted with some of the revelations that Brigham Young later incorporated into that canon of scripture in 1870’s.

Perhaps one of the most controversial things in it is the description of the godhead and the nature and character of God. It teaches that the Father is a personage of spirit and that the Son is a personage of tabernacle and the Holy Ghost is not a personage at all, rather it is the mind of God. The teachings that Brigham Young inserted erroneously proclaimed that the Father has a body of flesh and bone and that the Holy Ghost was a personage of spirit.

Noel Reynolds, anLDS apologist has publicly stated that Joseph Smith had nothing to do with the Lectures on Faith-

“There’s actually no historical evidence that Joseph ever looked at them or touched them.”

He implies that Sidney Rigdon pulled a fast one on Joseph Smith by placing them in the Doctrine and Covenants while Joseph Smith was out of town.

When you finish this article you will realize that is a silly and nonsensical declaration.

To begin with, Joseph Smith and his brethren of the First Presidency had been commissioned by the church and high council to create what is now referred to as the Lectures on Faith a full year prior to it’s publication.

For that reason, Joseph had to have had an intimate understanding and involvement in the preparation of the document. That is probably why he felt comfortable being out of town on business during the general assembly in which the work was sustained and voted on by all of the priesthood quorums and by the entire the church.

Secondly, the original preface to the Book of Commandments had a written testimony of the truthfulness of the work over the signatures of Joseph Smith and his brethren showing that Joseph was familiar with it and endorsed it, if not one of the contributors of it. Members of the First Presidency would never insert Joseph’s signature without his permission. It would have been obvious that Joseph would notice it when reading the canon of scripture.

Thirdly, Joseph lived for nine years after the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants was published and he certainly would have noticed that the Lectures, and his signature under the testimony and endorsement  had been put in there without his approval. He would have corrected the problem if in fact they are heretical and should not have been canonized.

Fourthly, the Doctrine and Covenants was published a second time during Joseph’s ministry under his direction, and he left the doctrine portion of the Doctrine and Covenants in it. He never said anything derogatory about them.

One of the things that I became aware of in preparing for this podcast is that the terms “School of the Prophets” and “School of the Elders” were not interchangeable. They referred to two very different theological schools that were held at different times for different reasons. It is often said that the Lectures were prepared for the school of the Prophets.

That is not correct.

Those principles in Lectures on Faith were no doubt understood by those participants in that first school of the Prophet, but it was actually the school of the Elders in which the Lectures were prepared and taught.

-School of Prophets vs School of Elders

School of the prophets took place in early 1833. It was commissioned by the Lord in section 88  and addressed again in section 90. (school began in early 1833 about one year after the vision in section 76…. Feb 16 1832 )

Only the “first elders” who were clean from the blood and sins of that generation were allowed to participate.

The purpose of the school was to prepare the high priests who will go forth in power for the last time in the 3rd watch.

Interestingly, those “First Elders” that were participating in the school of the prophets that began in March 8, 1833, were told that they did not need to continue laboring in the mission field at that time.

Yet he made it clear that those elders that had not yet been cleansed from the blood and sins of that generation, to continue in their missionary labors until further notified.

 Therefore, tarry ye, and labor diligently, that you may be perfected in your ministry to go forth among the Gentiles for the last time, as many as the mouth of the Lord shall name, to bind up the law and seal up the testimony, and to prepare the saints for the hour of judgment which is to come;

That their souls may escape the wrath of God, the desolation of abomination which awaits the wicked, both in this world and in the world to come. Verily, I say unto you, let those who are not the first elders continue in the vineyard until the mouth of the Lord shall call them, for their time is not yet come; their garments are not clean from the blood of this generation.;

And ye shall not receive any among you into this school save he is clean from the blood of this generation..”

The School of the Prophets was a very exclusive and small group of probably about 25 high priest/prophets. they practiced the missionary ordinance of washing of feet to become clean.

They were told that the physical location of their school would ultimately be held in the Kirtland temple and that they would receive an endowment of power in a solemn assembly to take the everlasting gospel into all the world. Naturally, many thought that the upcoming solemn assembly would be the one, however we now know that it will take place at a future time. The school of the Prophets took place January through April, 1833 (Millenial Star 14:358)

The School of the Elders did not begin until late 1834 just as the saints were being downgraded and ultimately told that they were under condemnation.

As many as 400 men and some women attended these meetings.

You did not need to be a high priest or a prophet to attend that school, nor did you need to be clean from the blood and sins of that generation. The school of the elders did not practice the ordinance of washing of feet because they would be performing their missionary labors during the interim time when the fulness would not be on the earth.

These classes were held two times. Once in November 1834 to March 1835, and a second time from November 1835 through March 1836

This explains why Joseph, Sidney, Oliver and Frederick were not sent as missionaries across the great waters when the new wave of missionary work was commissioned in section 118.

They had been cleansed and prepared for a very different mission than the rest of the elders. They were being held in reserve for the second part of their ministry in the 3rd watch when they will go forth in power. During the School of the Prophets they were visited by the Father and the Son.

Zebedee Coltrin was a member of the school of the prophets and he told how the Father and Son made an appearance and was seen by himself and others and he describes the Father and the Son the same way that Lectures on Faith describes them with the Son being a personage of tabernacle, even wearing clothing while the Father was a spirit personage that was surrounded with a consuming flame of fire.

It was the quorum of the Twelve Apostles that would tarry in the vineyard and conduct the next preliminary missionary work despite the fact that they were not yet cleansed from the blood and sins of that generation..

One of the things that blew my mind as I was doing research for this podcast was that in the September 24, 1834 General Assembly of the church, the following commission was given to the First Presidency of the Church which was composed of Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Oliver Cowdery, and Frederick G. Williams. They were to-

 ..arrange the items of doctrine of Jesus Christ, for the government of his church of the Latter Day Saints, These items are to be taken from the bible, book of Mormon, and the revelations which have been given to said church up to this date, or shall be until such arrangement is made.

Holy Shamoly!!!

Did you catch that?

The primary essence of the assignment given to the First Presidency was for something further to be written by these brethren. These brethren were to arrange items of doctrine for further clarification and they were to prove the doctrinal suppositions from the Bible, Book of Mormon and the new revelations that had come through Joseph!

Nothing was said about updating the Book of Commandments.

In fact, nothing was expressly said about canonizing a new set of scriptures per se.

The primary emphasis in the commission given to the First Presidency was not to compile the revelations into a canon of scripture. It was to write an inspired thesis on the doctrine of Christ. The inspired thesis was to be backed up by the existing canons of scripture and the new revelations that Joseph had received.

That is exactly what the Lectures on Faith is.

Once you realize this information, you realize just how seriously wrong it was to separate the doctrine portion of the Doctrine and Covenants from the covenants portion of the Doctrine and Covenants, because the doctrine contained in the Lectures on Faith was the primary purpose of the commission.

Compare the wording between the commission and the preface on the finished work.

The Commission to Create the Lectures

to **arrange** the items of **doctrine of Jesus Christ**, for the government of his church of the Latter Day Saints, These items are to be taken from the bible, book of Mormon, and the revelations which have been given to said church up to this date, or shall be until such arrangement is made

The Preface of the Lectures

The first part of the book will be found to contain a series of Lectures as delivered before a Theological class in this place, and in consequence of their embracing the important **doctrine of salvation**, we have **arranged** them into the following work.

 The above description of arranging items of doctrine of Jesus Christ and doctrine of salvation from the scriptures is a perfect description of what became known as the Lectures on Faith in conjunction with the scriptures which contain the covenants of the Gospel! Lectures employs countless references from the scriptures to support the suppositions being presented.

The link to the joseph smith papers to view the minutes of the general assembly for this historical item is here-

The term “items” is referring to a written description of the doctrine of Jesus Christ based on the written word of God in the scriptures.  

 I’TEMadverb [Latin item also.] Also; a word used when something is to be added.

I’TEMnoun An article; a separate particular in an account. The account consists of many items.

Hopefully you are experiencing a paradigm change like I did.

Lectures on Faith was a specific response to a specific commission to write additional items of doctrine based on the scriptures.

In part two of this series I will share with you an astounding observation that one of my readers shared with me about the commission to write additional clarifications about the doctrine of salvation which incorporates the doctrine of Christ.

In the mean time, I encourage you to listen to the podcast.

The Role of Prophets

January 1, 2019

Podcast #4 is now available. It is about the multifaceted role of living prophets.




Episode 3: Reformatted Scriptures and Textual Changes Between the Book of Commandments and Doctrine and Covenants.

December 28, 2018

The Iron Rod Podcast has a new home.

In this episode we discuss the advantages of MD’s Reformatted Scriptures over the traditional formatting and also discuss some of the changes that have occurred over time between the Book of Covenants and the D&C.

We also discuss plans for taking the new scripture format and amalgamating the revelations in the D&C with the true history of the LDS restoration. We will be using white space, chapter heading area and footnotes integrate critical historic, doctrinal and prophetic context into the various canons of LDS scripture.  Everyone that is interested is invited to participate.