Miscellaneous Musings # 5 Phineas Young

June 13, 2014

Church Discipline

We seem to be at another defining moment in Mormon history with the announcement that John Dehlin and Kate Kelly are facing disciplinary councils. The Church has done everything possible to avoid this confrontation, their hand is being forced, in my opinion. They don’t want the public relations nightmare and residual collateral damage that is going to result in holding church courts on people with high profiles. Obviously, they have come to the conclusion that doing nothing will result in greater collateral damage.

It is interesting how Mormon news now becomes national news as the NY Times, Huffington Post and other national media outlets are jumping on the story. America is having a warped fascination with things Mormon, particularly things that embarrass Mormonism.

I have mixed emotions about this topic because on the one hand, the church is totally within their right to cut off people who publicly disagree with official policies and doctrines of the church. In fact, if they don’t, the church could eventually implode as a result of the weight of internal skepticism and unbelief from within the church.

What troubles me is that the church falsely represents their own priesthood authority to represent the Lord and to judge others.

Although the media is suggesting that both of these individuals are being disciplined for their activism in womens rights and gay rights, LGBT, etc., I am not convinced that those are the primary issues for which John is being disciplined. I think John’s blatant mocking of the core beliefs of the LDS restoration and his use of mormonstories to embarrass the church on historical and doctrinal issues is really the real issue for his disciplinary council.

I also think it is not a coincidence that this action is taking place just prior to John’s upcoming interviews with Alex Beam, the author of American Crucifixion and Jeremy Runnells, the author of “Letter to a CES Director”.

One of my friends who teaches in elders quorum just read American Crucifixion and his comment was, “I don’t know how anyone can read that book and remain a Mormon without understanding the scapegoat doctrine“.

Although I believe John’s Mormonstories series has a profound calling in bringing issues and personalities to the public light of scrutiny, it has always bothered me that John presents himself and his series as being neutral. I think it is disingenuous of John to represent himself as a Mormon that loves the church and desires membership in it, while doing everything he can to embarrass the church and mock the core beliefs of the restoration.

I remain mystified how people that have lost all faith in God and the restoration fight to remain in the church and want sympathy when they are cast out of it.

I think Mormon stories would be much more powerful and authentic if the interviewer truly was neutral and objective and if they made more of an effort to balance things out and interview contemporary luminaries who believe in the Book of Mormon and the mission of Joseph Smith.

I noticed that at the end of his interview with Sandra Tanner, that he walked over and held up the replica of the gold plates and mockingly displayed how inconceivable the whole storyline behind the plates and the Book of Mormon is. He is definitely not a neutral interviewer.

John has a gi-normous following. He really knows how to play on people’s emotions and work an online crowd. He asked his followers to comfort his wife and children during the trauma of his upcoming church court and within 24 hours he has had over 1,000 comments from adoring fans.

According to my understanding, if a person submits a letter of resignation ANY TIME PRIOR TO THE CHURCH COURT, the church legally has to stop all proceedings and simply take the person’s name off of the records of the church. I suspect that Kate and John have no intentions of resigning, they want to become martyrs and to work the media for all it is worth.


A Blatant Lie

I noticed that Denver Snuffer has posted a blurb about the official response from the church regarding how church discipline is always conducted exclusively by local authorities. The official statement from the church states that:

“Decisions are made by local leaders and not directed or coordinated by Church headquarters.”


Snuffer’s response to the claim is as follows:

“The assertion by the church in their press release that “Decisions are made by local leaders and not directed or coordinated by Church headquarters” is false. In the case of public, controversial members, it is a lie.


Of course Snuffer is absolutely correct on this issue. It is shocking that the church would publish such a patently false statement. I have to wonder how the General authorities, not to mention the Stake Presidents, Bishops and regional authorities that have been caught in the middle of these disciplinary issues, feel in their hearts about this deception.

Is this justified under the topic of “lying for the Lord”?

The Book of Mormon is inspired fiction?

While perusing the Internet the other day I came upon a few sites that spoke about the fact that Van Hale, popular LDS apologist and talk radio show host, rejects the historicity of the Book of Mormon, but accepts it as “inspired fiction”.

He believes that God inspired Joseph Smith to create a false storyline with true doctrinal principles in it. He apparently believes that the Book of Mormon qualifies as divine scripture even though it’s claims to be a record of an ancient people are false.

How can a person maintain any personal integrity and self respect when claiming to believe that God inspired Joseph Smith to create a false storyline that is filled with lies about history and fictitious historic personalities?

The Book of Mormon is true. It is also an accurate record of the ancient inhabitants of North America.

William Smith Replaced Phineus Young as an Apostle?

I am reading a few interesting books. One of them is “Lost Apostles”. It is about the six original members of the quorum of the Twelve that left the church early on. As you know, I believe these guys are awesome folks, most of whom will return to complete their stewardships.

It is always fun to come across historical tidbits that are new to me. I was shocked to find out that when the three witnesses chose the twelve apostles, per their divine mandate from the Lord, Brigham Young’s brother Phineas young was one of the twelve they selected and William Smith, Joseph Smith’s brother, was NOT!

According to the testimony of Phineas, he was the FIRST one picked.

p young

Joseph intervened AFTER Phineas was selected and asked him to give up his position to his brother William Smith..




Here is a letter from Oliver Cowdery to Brigham Young


Elkhorn, Walworth County, Wisconsin February 27, 1848

Dear Brigham [Young]:

By the hand of Brother Phineas H. Young I received your epistle of December last, and after reading it carefully and conversing freely with Brother Phineas, I have thought that if circumstances would permit I would visit you in the early part of the spring say as soon as the 6th of April, if possible. This will give me an opportunity of seeing my valuable old friends, and time too of conversing upon interesting subjects. I have concluded to do so for many reasons; One is, it is difficult communicating as fully by writing as one would often wish, and also it will give time to say orally what one can hardly communicate in any other way as well. I have said above, that if possible I would see you the 6th of April: this my be prevented on account of certain business, of which Brother Phineas will fully acquaint you, which I may find myself under an honorable obligation of doing.

Brother Phineas informs me that you talk of going into the [Salt Lake] valley this summer. After conversing with Brother Phineas upon some matters of importance, you may think best not to, till you shall have seen us. I refer you to Brother Phineas for full particulars, upon which you will act as wisdom may direct. Brother Phineas will also inform you of the substance of what I have just written to Brother David Whitmer, advising him for reasons given by all means to be at Winter Quarters on the 6th of April.

As I may not be with you at the conference, and as this is a confidential communication, I may be permitted to say a word in relation to a matter long since past, but which is due Brother Phineas. At the time the Twelve were chosen in Kirtland, and I may say before it had been manifested that Brother Phineas was entitled to occupy the station as one of the number; but owing to Brother Joseph’s urgent request at the time, Brother David and myself yielded to his wish, and consented for William to be selected, contrary to our feelings and judgment, and to our deep mortification ever since. Brother Phineas occupied at that time a relation to myself that caused me to feel delicate about urging his name and besides Brother Joseph, about that time was bearing down heavily upon Brother Phineas. The time has now come when Brother Phineas can occupy the place where he ought to have been from the first, and I cannot but hope he may have justice done him as far as possible. You and others may think that it is a matter about which I have no right to speak, but this shall not prevent my saying the truth, for it one to a worthy man, though he be my brother-in-law.

As to other matters, I refer you to Brother Phineas. I will in great haste subscribe myself.

Yours in the new covenant,

Source: Oliver Cowdery to Brigham Young, February 27, 1848 in Gunn (1962).


According to the Wilford Woodruff Journal, in 1854, Phineas Young told the brethren in Utah about the switch:

“May 15, 1854: Near Fillmore, Utah.


Phineas Young said that he was the first that was chosen in the organization of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, but Brother Joseph said he wished I would let Wm. Smith have that place, so I gave way to him. The above shows Phineas Young’s feelings

“Some fifty years after the formation of the quorum, in an interview that Zenas Gurley conducted with David Whitmer in January 1885, Whitmer corroborated Cowdery’s and Young’s recollections and confirmed that Phineas was the man who was originally selected for the position” (Cook, David Whitmer Interviews, 157.)  See http://signaturebooks.com/2014/04/lost-apostles-excerpts/#apostle9




young brothers



Pictured above, are Brigham Young and his four brothers, Lorenzo Dow,  Brigham, Phineas H.,  Joseph, and John

 Choosing the President of the Quorum of the Twelve

Back at that time, the president of a priesthood quorum was picked according to age. The oldest member of the quorum was the presiding member of the quorum. There was some discrepancy between who was older, between Thomas Marsh and David Patten because one of them could not remember his birth date.

It is believed that Thomas Marsh was born in on November 1 1799. David Patten was born November 14th 1799.

Interestingly, Phineas Young was born February 16 1799!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One can only wonder what would have happened and how the trajectory of the history of the church would have been affected had Phineas remained as an apostle and as the presiding apostle. He ended up living a few years longer than Brigham.

Would Phineas have wrested the kingdom from Sidney during the succession crisis?

I don’t know that much about Phineas, but I suspect he was a good and humble man.

I would not be surprised at all if he returns and takes his rightful place as a member of the Twelve and perhaps even as the president of the quorum of the Twelve when the marvelous work begins.






15 Year Ministry of the Prophet Joseph Smith Part 2

February 19, 2020


What a difference a day makes.

The chronological listing of historical milestones is significantly bigger than it was yesterday. It has grown from about 24 to over 60.

Is suspect it could ultimately reach 90 or 100 by the time it is finished.

I want to thank those who contacted me and made suggestions. I am also embarrassed to admit that I had forgotten about the many notable historical events I had already catalogued and included on the timeline chart itself in the small print. I have attempted to include them.

Dementia is a bummer.

It is difficult to know where to draw the line on how significant of an event needs to be in order to be included on the list. Some are somewhat repetitive and yet provide much needed additional supporting documentation and another lens through which to view the event.

Please keep in mind this is a work in progress-

Listing of Pivotal Historical/Prophetic Events/Revelations/Observations
that bring to light the otherwise hidden narrative of the history of the restoration movement
*Entries in Red are Related to the Timeline Milestones on the Graphic


Period One: The Church of Christ comes forth out of the Wilderness

  1. March 1829 Book of Commandments Chapter 4 Milestone #1 The Lord Informs the Saints that he is going to establish His church the same as it was anciently
  2. March 1829 Book of Commandments Chapter 4 Milestone #1 The Lord warned the church that He would deliver them over to Satan if they hardened their hearts
  3. March 1829 D&C 5 Milestone #1 Modified revelation the church is coming forth out of the wilderness…. Prophetic context using keywords
  4. February 1829 D&C 4 “A Marvelous Work is ABOUT to come forth” but it did not take place during Joseph’s ministry, it is yet a future event- (see also sections 6, 11, 12, 14)
  5. May 15 1829 Section 13 The keys of the Patriarchal Priesthood that Aaron had held were revealed by the hand to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery. of Elijah the Prophet (See JS Inspired Version of the Bible… )
  6. June 29 1829 D&C 18 Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer called to choose Twelve Apostles (but they delay doing this for about five years)
  7. **November 1 1831** D&C 1 The significance of Section 1 as the “preface” and the 15 prophecies about the return of Joseph Smith & the Intercessory Servant Prophecy
  8. 1829 following the restoration of the priesthood of Aaron it is claimed that the keys of the apostleship are restored. Depending on which claim, they were restored by Peter James and John, (or just peter, or just John)
  9. September 1830 D&C 29 Seven shepherds mentioned in ancient prophecy identified and commissioned to eventually gather the elect. ( see also 84 )
  10. April 6th 1830 Formal establishment of the Church of Christ along with church
  11. April 6th 1830 Beginning of the repeated revelatory chastisements and warnings from the Lord about the eventually fall of Joseph Smith and the succession prophecy Sections 20 After receiving a remission of his sins Joseph Smith “had become entangled again in the in the vanities of the world” in Section 43
  12. September 11 1831 D&C 64 five year prophecy that Kirtland would be a stronghold for the saints
  13. October 25 1831 “The Lord would cut short his work in righteousness and except the Church receive the fulness of the Scriptures the they would yet fail”
  14. February 16 1832 Joseph and Sidney have the vision of the three degrees of glory
  15. April of 1832 D&C 82: the Law of Consecration officially entered into ( would last for about two years ending before the saints would fail in their attempt)
  16. September 1832 D&C 84 the oath and covenant confirmed with Joseph Smith and leading elders for the sake of the whole world prophecy of Daniel to restore
  17. August of 1833 D&C 94 Commendment to commence building the City of the Stake of Zion this would fulfill the prophecy of Daniel
  18. February of 1834 D&C 103 the Lord declares that the kingdoms of the world will prevail over the saints if they don’t repent
  19. April 1834 D&C 104 The Covenant had bee broken through transgression fulfilling the prophecy in Isaiah 24
  20. May of 1834 Special Conference of the Church to remove the name of Christ from the name of the church
  21. June of 1834 D&C 105 Because of Transgression of the Saints, they must wait for a little season before the laws of Zion can be successfully attempted again
  22. November of 1834 Joseph and Oliver enter into the “covenant of Tithing” for the “continuance of blessings” HC 2:175
  23. December of 1834 “Leaders and members of the church are under condemnation and must have a reformation in all things” Unplished Rev pg 79
  24. February and April of 1835 The delayed calling of the 12 apostles and Joseph Smith’s intervention into the calling of Oliver and David to replace Phineas Young with William Smith which completely changed the trajectory of the succession crisis
  25. August 17 1835 The Doctrine and Covenants is presented to the Church and “accepted by unanimous vote” Several revelations had been significantly Changed causing skeptics to refer to it as the “The Doctored Covenants”
  26. March 27 1836 The true restoration of the Jews as documented in section 109

Period Two- The Higher Priesthood is Restored and the Church of God Emerges

  1. June 5th 1831 Milestone #2
    The True Restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood in 1831 at the Morley Farm

  2. From June 5th 1831 to Dec 5th 1835 The 3 ½ year prophecy of Daniel the Prophet when the fulness was on the earth
  3. December 27 1832 D&C 88 Names of several of the first laborers of the last kingdom have their names entered into the Book of the Sanctified Section

Period Three- The Church is Condemned.

December 5th 1834 Milestone #3 The Condemnation of the Leaders and Members of the Church The fulness of the Gospel is rejected by the saints as prophesied in 3rd Nephi

  1. December 6th 1834 Milestone #3 The reorganization of church administration Father Joseph Smith Sr. called to be Patriarchal Presidency of the Church
  2. Address the Changes Between the Book of Commandments and the Doctrine and Covenants as a result of the downgrade
  3. The Church will fail is don’t publish inspired version
  4. February 1835 (also April) The Twelve apostles are ordained many years after Oliver and David were commissioned to find them. Phineas Young was replaced by William Smith in quorum of the Twelve Apostles which hugely affected the ultimate outcome of the succession crisis and the development of the largest faction of the LDS restoration (Source: Oliver Cowdery to Brigham Young, February 27, 1848 in Gunn (1962). (Cook, David Whitmer Interviews, 157.)  See http://signaturebooks.com/2014/04/lost-apostles-excerpts/#apostle9 .https://onewhoiswatching.wordpress.com/?s=phineas

  5. In late June or early July 1835 Michael Chandler exhibited his collection of mummies and papyri in Kirtland Ohio. Between July and November 1835 Joseph Smith began translating the Book of Abraham (and the Book of Joseph)
  6. November of 1835 Qurum of the Twelve pronounced to be under condemnation by the Lord Unpub Rev Page 78
  7. March 27-April 3 1836 D&C 109 & 110 Eight days of Temple events and dedication based on Old Testament Temple protocol. Fulfillment of Daniel 9:27 “He shall confirm the covenant for one week”
  8. April 3 1836 D&C 110 The secret ushering in of the Dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham as a result of the failure of the saints to usher in the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times
    The mind-blowing interrelationship between the Secret ushering in of the gospel of Abraham and the Book of Abraham

  9. April 3 1836
    The Secret Appearance of Elijah the Tishbite in Section 13 in the person of John the Baptist in relation to the declaration of Elijah in Section 110

Part Four- The Church is Placed on Probation

  1. September 11 1836 Timeline Milestone #4 The Five Year stronghold of Kirtland and designated date for the redemption of zion comes to an end Kirtland was no longer a safe heaven and shortly thereafter Joseph and Sidney had to flee in the dark of night from Kirtland
  2. May of 1837 the beginning of the Kirtland Safety Society failure
  3. June of 1837 realizing that the church has rejected the fulness, Joseph Smith announces that “the Lord has revealed to me that something new must be done for the salvation of the Church” Following that, foreign missions were set up
  4. July of 1837 D&C 112 The Lord declares that “.. all flesh has become corrupt..” noting that after after all flesh had already become corrupted (D&C 38:11 and then the fulness was restored and some of the leaders had become sanctified (D&C 84) the fulness had now been rejected and once again all flesh had become corrupt (See also Gen 6:12 for context)
  5. November 1837 As a result of the banking failure and the loss of money by numerous people, a fight broke out in the Kirtland Temple among various leaders of the church. The Kirtland Temple became defiled. (Life of Heber C. Kimball page 99)

Part Five- The Saints are Rejected as a Church with their Dead

  1. January 19 1841 Section 124 Timeline Milestone #5 The Fulness of the priesthood is no longer on the earth, must flee Nauvoo if they don’t… saints to be rejected as a church with their dead if they don’t repent and finish the temple, (section 124)
  2. July 20th 1840 is the last known patriarchal blessing given by Father Smith. It was given to Robert D. Foster. In the blessing Foster is told that his name has been enrolled among the Santified and that he will be one of the 144,000. He was also told ” thy enemies will rage and persecute thee, and foam out their own shame and shall see the error of their ways and be constrained to acknowledge their error, and they truth, the Lord has a great work for thee” Shortly thereafter Foster would be one of seven men that would expose the errors of Joseph Smith and publish the Nauvoo Expositor, exposing
  3. June 1st 1841 Sidney Rigdon is ordained a prophet, seer and revelator.
  4. October of 1841 Joseph Smith said:  “There shall be no more baptisms for the dead, until the ordinance can be attended to in the font of the Lord’s House; and the church shall not hold another general conference, until they can meet in said houseFor thus saith the LordSee https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/minutes-and-discourse-1-5october-1841/3#full-transcript
    !” Lyman Wight made the following comment about this event: “… We were to have a sufficient time to build that house, during which time our baptisms for our dead should be acceptable in the river. If we did not build within this time we were to be rejected as a church, we and our dead together.
    Both the temple and baptizing went very leisurely, till the temple was somewhere in building the second story, when Bro. Joseph from the stand announced the alarming declaration that baptism for our dead was no longer acceptable in the river. As much to say the time for building the temple had passed by, and both we and our dead were rejected together..
    The church now stands rejected together with their dead. The church being rejected now stands alienated from her God in every sense of the word.”
  5. March 6th 1842 Joseph Smith rises to the sublime degree of Master Mason on the first day he became a Mason
  6. July 15 1842 Joseph Smith published the following declaration in an editorial published in Times and Seasons, “We have been chastened by the hand of God heretofore for not obeying His commands… we have treated lightly His commands, AND DEPARTED FROM HIS ORDINANCES, and the Lord has chastened us sore, and we have felt His arm and kissed the rod…”
  7. February 21 1843 Joseph Smith declares “If the Temple and Nauvoo house are not finished you must run away.. our salvation depends upon it…
  8. July 16 1843 Joseph Smith declares that he will not prophesy for the Church anymore and he says Hyrum is the prophet
  9. The Joseph the Seer Prophecy and modern revelation clearly identify Joseph and Sidney as the seer and spokesman yet historm and prophecy inform us that if is to be a future fulfillment
  10. January 29 1844 Joseph Smith announces his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States
  11. March 10 1844 Joseph Smith is recognized as King of the council of Fiftry ( see 2nd Nephi 10 11 “there shall be no kings upon the land who shall raise up to the gentiles”
    April 5th 1844 Joseph Smith attends

  12. April 6th 1844 Joseph Smith delivers the King Follett Discourse and claims that God was once a human being
  13. April 6th 1844 Sidney delivers a sermon acknowledging that he has largely been silent for five years he said” Elder Sidney Rigdon then rose and said he had largely been silent for nearly five years, “It is with no ordinary degree of satisfaction, I enjoy this privilege this morning; want of health, and other circumstances have kept me in silence for nearly the last five years” he also assured his listeners that he had the testimony of Jesus: “I have the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy; I have slept with it, I have walked with it; the idea has never been out of my heart for a moment, and I will reap the glory of it when I leave this world. I defy men, and hell, and devils to put it out of my heart: I defy all, and will triumph in spite of them. I know God, I have gazed upon the glory of God, the throne, visions and glories of God, and the visions of eternity in days gone by..” Rigdon also alluded to the fact that he had experience some incredible things that he had not yet revealed “I have handled, heard, seen and known things which I have not yet told.” Those remarks were possibly referring to the fulfillment of a prophetic promise Rigdon got from the hands of Joseph Smith” Rigdon took an intermission and then continued with his remarks but sadly, those recording the sermon chose not to provide all of his remarks “for the want of room we postpone president Rigdons remarks” P579 https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/minutes-and-discourses-6-7-april-1844-as-published-by-times-and-seasons/6#full-transcript

  14. April 11 1844 Joseph Smith is crowned “king of Israel”
  15. June 7th 1844 the Nauvoo Expositor is published
  16. June 27 1844 Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith leading to the Succession Crisis: Joseph was not the president or prophet of the church at the time of his death, Hyrum was

End of the 15 year timeline

So Why am I doing this?

I plan on using the above listing when it is completed to do a book on the history of the LDS restoration movement specifically focusing on the 15 year ministry of Joseph Smith.

It will be available in hard copy or people will be able to access it online for free.

It will be unlike any other history of the LDS restoration movement ever written.

Instead of doing multipage chapters that address many events and issues, I have decided to do a one-page synopsis on each of the listed events that provide the prophetic narrative and reveal the true history of the LDS restoration that has been hidden in the past.

Each synopsis will provide scripture references and then direct the readers that want more lengthy documentation, to links containing blog posts, online articles, vlogs, and podcasts. Those who are reading the physical book can quickly go to the online version of the book to easily and quickly access live links to the supporting documentation.

Those that love lots of commentary and documentation will have plenty of supporting data to parse through, those that simply want to get to the bottom line will be able to do so quickly by simply reading the one page synopsis and then move on to the next one.

In cases where I have an existing graphic from my first book that would be a useful visual, I will use it, but I do not intent to spend time and energy creating additional graphics.

Can you imagine me limiting myself to one page about anything?

By the Mouth of Two or Three Witnesses

When I first started blogging there were not many people familiar with and talking about the prophetic implications of the three watches and the Intercessory Servant doctrine, or the true relationship between John the Baptist and Elijah the Tishbite, and the secret ushering in of the dispensation of the gospel of Abraham, etc. For that reason, it was difficult for some people to take this work seriously.

Now there are considerably more people that are familiar with and knowledgeable about the general storyline that is being presented. For this reason, this information can now be presented in a much more authoritative and powerful way.

When I provide links at the end of each one-page synopsis, I hope to direct readers to other bloggers and authors that have written supporting documentation. Also, readers of my blogs have provided many contributions to this work in the comment sections. I hope to provide links to some of the more notable comments that have provided ground-breaking observations and supporting historical information.

Unusual Format

I realize this is an unusual format, but most people have a very short attention span so I just want to present each important historical snippet in a short summary. Those that want the full-blown details can go to the more extensive documentation online.

Most histories about the LDS restoration by believers are highly influenced by the traditions of their fathers from one of the faith traditions of the LDS restoration. This makes it very difficult to cut through the bias and get to the truth.

Histories written by skeptics rely heavily on human intellect and evidence provided by modern science ( the arm of flesh) in debunking the claims of Mormonism.

This history will view the events of Mormon history strictly through the commentary that God provides from the revelations that Joseph Smith brought forth and from ancient prophecies that foretold of the restoration.

I am going to continue growing the list of significant topics.

If you have additional suggestions, feel free to contact me. If you are one of the many people who have made comments that bring to light supporting historical documentation I would appreciate the link to your comment. I am not sure I will have time to parse through the thousands of comments that have been made during the last decade.

Presenting this Material at a Historical Conference
or Study Group or other Venue

The next part of this project is to select about 15 to 20 of the most notable items on the list of historical topics to be briefly discussed in a 45 minute presentation before a live audience.

In other words, if a person was going to make a 45 minute presentation about the true history of Mormonism in front of a group of people, which major historical suppositions on the list will best paint an accurate picture of the overall historical narrative?

Any thoughts ?

Peruse the list and ponder which items of the listing are crucial in revealing the general storyline to those that have not been exposed to this information.

If you would like to share your thoughts feel free to contact me.

I would love to hear which topics provided the greatest impact and epiphany for you in your personal research.

Some of the major historical issues that obviously need to be discussed will be as follows:

  • The truth about the restoration of the keys of the Priesthood of Aaron and who John the Baptist really is. That topic will dovetail into the significance of elijahs visit and declaration in section 110.
  • The true restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood at the Morley Farm and the condemnation of the church 3 ½ years later is essential in understanding the timeline of events and the trajectory of the church after the Kirtland years.
  • Joseph’s role as the Intercessory Servant and Sidney’s role as the scapegoat are critical in understanding the bizarre events of the LDS restoration movement.
  • Changes in the Book of Commandments when D&C was published

Those major issues are obvious and critical, but what other historical events and revelations are essential in helping people to connect the dots?

Any thoughts?

Please do share.

The Significance of the Five Part Timeline Graphic

One of the things that I think will be very powerful in the book and in the presentation is the use of the timeline graphic because it provides a visual context of Joseph Smith’s ministry.

Virtually all of the historical events that are normally confusing and disconcerting to people make much more sense when placed in the historical backdrop of the five part timeline which shows the evolving status of the church and the downward revelatory trajectory after the early Kirtland years.

More to come.. keep watching

The 15 Year Ministry of the Prophet Joseph Smith

February 18, 2020

Dear Readers-

Years ago I created a graphic and did a short youtube series on the 15 year ministry of the prophet Joseph Smith in which I divided his ministry into five very definable and identifiable periods. ( I am providing the timeline graphic and links to the presentation at the end of this post for the benefit of new readers)

Each period is divided by a notable prophetic and/or historical milestone.

Each of the five periods are identified by the ever-changing name of the church and the ever-changing status of the church with regard to their relationship with God..

The number of canonized revelations within each time frame is listed on the graphic to show the revelatory trajectory of the church and to demonstrate that after the revelatory beginning of the church, the heavens began to close.

Synopsis of the five Identifiable Time Periods of Joseph Smith’s Ministry

The first period of time, lasted about two years. During this period of time, the newly established church was in the process of coming forth out of the wilderness.

Contrary to popular belief, the higher priesthood had not yet been restored yet. The newly established church was under the authority of the patriarchal priesthood keys that were restored by John the Baptist.

Initially the name of the church was called The Church of Christ and this name was received by revelation.

47 revelations that were canonized were received during this short period time.

The second period of time began once the Melchizedek Priesthood was restored at the special conference at the Morley Farm in June of 1831.

Those holding this higher authority were designated as the Church of God. The Church of God represented the inner church leadership while the outer church continued to be called the Church of Christ. This remarkable period had been prophesied of by Daniel the Prophet and it lasted for exactly 3 ½ years. 58 revelations were received during this period of time.

110 canonized revelations were received within those first 5 ½ years of Joseph Smith’s public ministry, yet only about 20 revelations were received during the following decade!

Once the church had failed in their attempt to live consecration, the Lord declared by revelation that both the leaders and the members of the church were under condemnation and that there needed to be a reformation in all things.

The following day, the church structure was changed and the Melchizedek Priesthood was no longer presiding over the church.

At that time, Father Joseph Smith Sr. was quietly ordained to be the President and Patriarch of the condemned church while Joseph Smith Jr. continued as the prophet and seer of the church. (Section 124 would eventually acknowledge that structure again, and replaced the deceased Father Smith with his oldest living son, Hyrum Smith as the President and Patriarch of the Church to work in concert with Joseph Smith who was the acting prophet in the patriarchal order.)

As a result of the failure of the church to live the fulness of the gospel that had been restored, a special conference was held toward the end of the second period, to rename the church.

This resulted in the name of Christ out of the name of the church. At that time the new name of the condemned church was the Church of the Latter day Saints. This third period lasted just two years wherein only 6 revelations were given.

Shortly after that, the fourth time period began after the designated drop dead date of September 11th 1836 came and went without the Saints being able to establish Zion. Shortly after that Joseph and Sidney were forced to flee from Kirtland. This was the start of a very dark period of church history.

Only 11 revelations were received during this third period of time.

During this period of time some of the saints reinserted the name of Christ back into the existing name of the Church, calling themselves the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. They did this on their own initiate even though there does not appear to be a definitive commandment from God to do so and even though there is no evidence that the saints had repented and begun living the higher law and the fulness of the Gospel again.

Finally, in the fifth and final period of Joseph Smith’s ministry, the Lord declared that the fulness of the priesthood was not longer on the earth and that the saints would be rejected as a church with their dead if they did not repent and complete the house of the Lord within a designated period of time. Shortly after that Joseph declared that no more baptism could be performed until the temple was completed. A few years later Joseph declared that he would no longer prophecy for the church

Interestingly, only three, thus sayeth the Lord canonized revelations were given during this period of time.

Many of the revelations given during the last two dark periods of time had ominous warnings in them, warning the saints of the destructive path that they were on

The Purpose of this Post.

The reason I am doing this post is because I am embarking on a new project that will require an updated commentary and presentation on the timeline chart.

I will be giving more details on this exciting new project in future posts.

In this new, updated timeline presentation that I want to create, I want to highlight in greater detail,  the main pivotal events of the ministry of Joseph Smith and I am looking for feedback from my readership in identifying the most important historical and prophetic milestones that took place during Joseph smith’s ministry.

Below I am providing an incomplete listing of 24 major, game changing, notable historical events that I have come up with thus far.

I need your help in completing this list.

What are some of the most significant events that you have found to be foundational in your understanding of the true history of Mormonism?.

If you are aware of any really significant, game changing events that I have neglected to include in the list below, please email me and let me know of any events that you feel should be included in the listing.

My email is onewhoiswatching [at] gmail [dot com]

Thank you in advance for any suggestions that you might have.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing more details about why I am doing this and how this information will be used.

Listing of Pivotal Historical/Prophetic Events/Revelations/Observations
that bring to light the hidden narrative of the history of the restoration movement

  1. The Lord warned the church that He would deliver them over to Satan if they hardened their hearts
  2. Marvelous Work did not take place during Joseph’s ministry, is a future event-
  3. The significance of Section 1 as the “preface” and the 15 prophecies about the return of Joseph Smith
  4. Seven shepherds mentioned in ancient prophecy identified and commissioned in Section 29 & 84
  5. The calling of the 12 apostles and the replacing of Phineas Young with William Smith which completely changed the trajectory of the succession crisis
  6. The Five Year stronghold of Kirtland and designated date for the redemption of zion.
  7. Repeated revelatory warnings from the Lord about the eventually fall of Joseph Smith..
  8. The succession prophecy in Section 43
  9. The Biblical Profile of the Intercessory Servant
  10. Daniels time sequence prophecy of restoring Jerusalem/Kirtland
  11. The true restoration of the Jews as documented in section 109
  12. The True Restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood in 1831 at the Morley Farm
  13. The 3 ½ year prophecy of Daniel the Prophet when the fulness was on the earth
  14. The Condemnation of the Leaders and Members of the Church and the associated New Patriarchal Presidency of the Church
  15. The fulness of the Gospel is rejected by the saints as prophesied in 3rd Nephi
  16. The Changes Between the Book of Commandments and the Doctrine and Covenants as a result of the downgrade
  17. The secret ushering in of the Dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham as a result of the failure of the saints to usher in the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times
  18. The Church will fail is don’t publish inspired version
  19. The Secret Appearance of Elijah the Tishbite in Section 13 in the person of John the Baptist in relation to the declaration of Elijah in Section 110
  20. The Biblical Profile of the Intercessory Servant and his associate the scapegoat servant
  21. The Fulness of the priesthood is no longer on the earth (section 124)
  22. The Church is rejected with their dead
  23. Succession Issue: Joseph was not the president at the time of his death, Hyrum was
  24. Phineas Young was replaced by William Smith in quorum of the Twelve Apostles which hugely affected the outcome of the succession crisis






Setting Up the Patriarchal Order to Establish an Ancient Kingdom in the Latter Days: The Gathering and Scattering of Latter Day Israel- Part 2

July 26, 2019

In part 1 of this series we observed that Joseph Smith Jr. was the first patriarch of the last days. We also observed that Joseph Smith Sr. became the Patriarch of the church one day after the Lord declared all members and leaders of the church to be under condemnation.

At the end of part 1 of this series I mentioned that a father of a prominent family during Joseph Smith’s ministry had been ORDAINED to be a patriarch and to give his family blessings, even before Father Joseph Smith Sr. was ordained to be the patriarch of the church.

This man was John Hayden Young Sr., the father of Brigham Young.

In 1834 John Young Sr. was ordained a Patriarch by President Joseph Smith so that he could bless his family. It appears as if he was the first man ordained to that office in the Church. His ordination preceded the ordination of father Joseph Smith Sr. as the Patriarch of the Church.

The following is Brigham Young’s recollection of how this unusual event took place:

“..at the time that Zion’s Camp, as it is called, went up to Missouri, in 1834, so far as I am aware, Joseph had never received any intimation as to there being a Patriarch in the Church. On our return home from Missouri, my brother Joseph Young, while conversing with me, asked if it would be right for our father to give us a blessing. Said he—”I feel just as though I want my father to give me a patriarchal blessing.” When we reached Kirtland we talked with Joseph on the subject, and he said, “Certainly,” and finally we appointed a day, and brother Joseph, the Prophet, came to where we met and ordained my father a Patriarch, and
he was the first man ordained to the office of Patriarch in the Church, and he blessed his children; and soon after this Joseph ordained his father a patriarch and his father called his children together and blessed them. Then Joseph had another revelation, that a record should be kept, and when this was revealed to him, he then had his father call his house together again, and blessed them over and a record was kept of it.

But Wait, Father’s don’t Need to be Ordained Patriarchs!
They Have a Lineal Right to Bless their Children!

Interestingly, there is an account of Joseph Smith Sr. and father John Johnson both giving patriarchal blessings to some of their children in February of 1834 even though they had not been ordained patriarchs. Those ordinations by un-ordained patriarchs took place before Joseph Smith ordained father John Young to be a patriarch to his family or Joseph Smith Sr., to be the patriarch of the church. This documentation of un-ordained fathers giving patriarchal blessings to their offspring is consistent with what the church has since taught, that fathers don’t need to be ordained as patriarchs in order to give their posterity blessings.

This begs the question, why did Joseph Smith respond in the affirmative to Joseph Young’s desire to have his father John Young ordained a patriarch, even the first to be ordained to give blessings?

Was Joseph Smith just being a loose canon?

Did he get ahead of himself in doing an unnecessary ordination, or was he winking at God, knowing that the Young family had an important part to play in the re-establishment of the patriarchal hierarchy of latter day Israel? After all, this event took place during Joseph Smith’s revelatory sweet spot.

The possibility that Joseph Smith knew about the prominent future role of the Young family in the restoration movement reminds me of the following account given by Brigham Young:

“In the evening a few of the brethren came in, and we conversed together upon the things of the kingdom. He (the Prophet) called upon me to pray; in my prayer I spoke in tongues. As soon as we arose from our knees the brethren flocked around him, and asked his opinion concerning the gift of tongues that was upon me. He told them it was the pure Adamic language.

Some said to him they expected he would condemn the gift Brother Brigham had, but he said, ‘No, it is of God, and the time will come when brother Brigham Young will preside over this Church.’ The latter part of this conversation was in my absence.”

A second testimony is given by Levi Handcock of Joseph’s prophetic understanding that Brigham would one day preside over the church:

“I was living with Joseph Smith Jr. and had completed the translating room and had seen many new brethren, and had heard Joseph speak many things concerning them, but no observation sunk with such weight on my mind as the one that he made about Brigham Young and Joseph Young.

Some time in the month of Nov. 1832, these men came to Joseph Smith in the evening and sung and prayed with us. After they had gone from there Joseph Smith said to me, “how do you like the men?” or something near it. After he had got my answer he said, “these are good men,” and “there is Brigham Young, [he] is a great man and one day the whole kingdom will rest upon him; and there is the smaller one, he is a great man, but his brother [Brigham] is greater..

It is interesting to note that there is nothing in the above alleged prophecies of Joseph Smith about Brigham Young being a “prophet” or “seer” or “revelator”. Simply that he would “preside” and that the “kingdom will rest upon him”. What kingdom? Was it a new patriarchal order?

One can argue that something deeper was in the works having to do with the establishing of a patriarchal kingdom in conjunction with the John Young Sr. family generally and Brigham Young specifically.

One of the interesting things about the succession debate between the LDS church and the RLDS church that took place shortly after the establishment of the RLDS church, is that Brigham Young and his successors had a blind spot regarding one of their strongest succession arguments.

Instead of trying to suggest that the Quorum of the Twelve had a legitimate right to preside over the entire church, which they clearly didn’t, they might have focused on the patriarchal order that was re-established on December 6th 1834 to lead the church. The re-establishment of this ancient order beginning with father Joseph Smith Sr., ultimately resulted in the passing of the torch of church leadership to Hyrum Smith and his descendants as documented in Section 124.

However, the “church of the Latter day Saints” was under condemnation and on probation when section 124 was given. If the saints became rejected as a “church”, is it possible that they could remain as a tribal kingdom that called themselves a church?

In previous posts we showed that the calling of Hyrum Smith to serve in unison with his brother Joseph, was the beginning of the fulfillment of the succession prophecy in Section 43 which warned that nobody would be called to succeed Joseph as the prophet UNLESS Joseph were to fall.

Within a few short years after the calling of Hyrum, Joseph declared that he would no longer prophesy for the church and that his brother Hyrum had the authority.

The Lord declared in section 124 that Hyrum presided in the office of “Priesthood and Patriarch” of the church by ordination and by lineal right :

91 And again, verily I say unto you, let my servant William be appointed, ordained, and anointed, as counselor unto my servant Joseph, in the room of my servant Hyrum, that my servant Hyrum may take the office of Priesthood and Patriarch, which was appointed unto him by his father, by blessing and also by right;

92 That from henceforth he shall hold the keys of the patriarchal blessings upon the heads of all my people,

93 That whoever he blesses shall be blessed, and whoever he curses shall be cursed; that whatsoever he shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever he shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

Note how the first order of business was to declare Hyrum as the holder of the office of priesthood and patriarch. Following that, as a secondary role to that presiding position, Hyrum was appointed to be a prophet, seer and revelator-

95 That he may act in concert also with my servant Joseph; and that he shall receive counsel from my servant Joseph, who shall show unto him the keys whereby he may ask and receive, and be crowned with the same blessing, and glory, and honor, and priesthood, and gifts of the priesthood, that once were put upon him that was my servant Oliver Cowdery;

96 That my servant Hyrum may bear record of the things which I shall show unto him, that his name may be had in honorable remembrance from generation to generation, forever and ever.

Clearly, the order of the church had changed. The dispensation of the gospel of Abraham had changed the order of priesthood leadership to the ancient patriarchal order. Hyrum held the office of “Priesthood and Patriarch“. The above passage becomes much more meaningful with the backstory of how the patriarchal order was established to lead the church of the latter day saints at the downgrading of the condemned church on December 6th 1834 followed by the secret ushering in of the dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham in 1836.

The above snippet from section 124 is highly significant.

The following statement has been greatly misunderstood “keys of the patriarchal blessings upon the heads of all my people

Those of us reared in the LDS church have been indoctrinated to think that the “keys” of the “patriarchal blessings” refer to the giving of fathers blessings and blessings by stake patriarchs.

In hindsight, it becomes obvious that the “keys” have to do with the evangelical priesthood keys that had been restored by John the Baptist in 1829. This is why the revelation states that Hyrum was replacing Oliver Cowdery who had once held the keys of that patriarchal priesthood.

Oliver Cowdery was not running around giving patriarchal blessings to members of the church (with the notable exception of the one he gave to Joseph Smith)

Where had Oliver gotten the evangelical keys?

From John the Baptist!

While it is important to acknowledge the significant priesthood roles of families like the Cowdery’s, Smith’s and Young’s, it becomes obvious that there were numerous people converting to early Mormonism that were from the chosen seed of Abraham and who had right to the lineal priesthood by birthright.

A Strong Succession Argument

The fact that Hyrum’s posterity went west with Brigham Young and his posterity and  quorum of the Twelve apostles who also held the patriarchal/evangelical priesthood keys of taking the gospel message to the world, is worth evaluating seriously.

Is it possible that even though the saints were rejected as a church, they continued on as a tribal kingdom with the priesthood mandate to take the knowledge of the gospel, via the Book of Mormon, to other remnants of Israel?

I believe this provides the real story of what actually took place during the succession crisis and how the Lord re-established an ancient patriarchal-tribal order with authority to take the knowledge of the gospel to the dispersed of Judah and the outcasts of Israel.

This is not to discount the importance of the seed of Joseph Smith Jr. who chose to reject the leadership of Brigham and the Twelve. They have their own place and standing. All of us are out of the way, but those of us associated with any of the LDS restoration fragments  who have the believing blood in our veins, are the children of Abraham and the literal descendants of Israel.

Oddly enough, the significance of this patriarchal order to lead the saints appears to have been totally lost on Brigham Young and his brethren.

They were hell-bent on maintaining the appearance of the acknowledged restored “church” organization rather than the “patriarchal” organization that had become the default powerbase and hierarchy of the Church of the Latterday Saints before it became rejected as a church.

The significance of the patriarchy in leading the saints after the “church” was rejected with its dead was completely obscured. The significance of the patriarchal priesthood of Abraham, otherwise referred to as the evangelical priesthood, also became obscured.

In fact, in conjunction with Brigham Young’s reorganizing of the existing church leadership in Nauvoo to secure his kingdom shortly after the succession crisis, a disinformation campaign was orchestrated by the Twelve regarding the office of Patriarch.

It neutered the authority of the office of the patriarch that had been re-established in 1834 and again acknowledged in 1841.

In an article in the Times and Seasons written by John Taylor under the direction of Brigham Young, it was declared that the office of Patriarch only had authority over other patriarchs in the church and related only to giving patriarchal blessings. Further, it was declared that Hyrum and his successors were “Patriarchs To the church” not “Patriarchs Over the Whole Church“.

Big difference.

Here is a snippet from an article written by author, researcher and historian E. Gary Smith:

ALMOST A YEAR after Patriarch to the Church Hyrum Smith was killed, the Times and Seasons, the official church newspaper in Nauvoo, carried an editorial entitled “Patriarchal,” with the prefatory note: “As the nature of the office of Patriarch, does not seem to be fully understood, we thought a little explanation on this point might not be amiss.”

1 If what followed failed in its stated purpose of providing a complete understanding of the office, it nevertheless represents the first attempt to provide a written description of the duties and responsibilities of the office of Patriarch to the Church, and for that reason has usually figured largely in historical studies of the subject and period.

2 “Patriarchal,” which appeared 1 June 1845, was authored by John Taylor, of the Times and Seasons and presumably spoke on behalf of Brigham Young and the Quorum of the Twelve.

3 Taylor, in his description of the office of Patriarch to the Church, concluded among other things that: the title is “Patriarch to the Church” and not “Patriarch over the whole Church”; that

“..the Patriarch to the Church is one of several patriarchs, all of whom have equal authority to give blessings; that patriarchs only bless the “fatherless” (those without worthy priesthood-bearing fathers); and that the presiding rights of the Patriarch to the Church are limited to presiding over other patriarchs.

To make use of this editorial in reconstructing the office as it once existed we must remember that, as with other offices in the Mormon hierarchy, the position of Patriarch to the Church evolved with few written guidelines during the lifetime of the Prophet Joseph Smith. We are left to evaluate and collate the miscellaneous and disparate evidences available to us.

As you can see, Brigham Young and his brethren were completely recharacterizing and marginalizing the power, authority and position of the office of Patriarch over the entire church in an effort to maintain the look and feel of the restored “church” priesthood organization.

The Remarkable Sons of Father John Young Sr.

John and Nabbie Young had 11 children, six daughters and five sons, beginning with Nancy in 1786 and ending with Lorenzo Dow in 1807

The brothers of Brigham Young are seldom acknowledged as being significant players in the LDS restoration movement and historically they were greatly overshadowed by the ministry and leadership of their brother Brigham. For the most part, he kept each of them out of the leading councils of the church. However it should be noted that Brigham’s brothers were noble disciples of Christ.

John M Young Jr.,

The eldest brother and name sake of father John Young, was deeply religious and became a Methodist minister at a very young age.

John was baptized into the restored Church by his brother Joseph Young, 6 Oct. 1833. He was ordained an elder in 1834.12. He served mission to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York in 1834, and established branch in Nunda, Livingston Co., New York. He assisted in construction of Kirtland temple and was ordained a seventy, by 1836.

He was Ordained a high priest by Lyman Wight and John P. Greene, 1841 and served as counselor in Kirtland stake presidency, 1841–1845, and as Kirtland stake president, 1845–1847 after which he migrated to Salt Lake Valley, Oct. 1847.21

Joseph Young

Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Daniel Bowen, 6 Apr. 1832, at Columbia, Bradford Co., Pennsylvania.

8 Ordained an elder by Ezra Landon, Apr. 1832.  Served mission to New York, spring 1832. Served mission to Upper Canada, summer 1832. Moved to Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio, fall 1832. Served mission to Upper Canada, winter 1832–1833. Participated in Camp of Israel expedition to Missouri, 1834.  Ordained a seventy, 28 Feb. 1835, in Kirtland.

Appointed a president of First Quorum of the Seventy, 1 Mar. 1835. Served missions to eastern states, 1835, 1836. Stockholder in Kirtland Safety Society.  witnessed massacre at Hawn’s Mill, Caldwell Co., Missouri.  Member of Nauvoo Legion, 1842

Appointed “first president over all the quorums of the seventies” at conference in Nauvoo, Oct. 1844. Admitted to Council of Fifty, 1 Mar. 1845.

He is documented as being a very solemn person who made the following observation before coming into contact with the Mormon Elders:

“There is not a Bible Christian in the world; what will become of the people?”

This had a profound impact on the views of Brigham Young and and was probably instrumental in preparing Brigham and his family for the message of the restoratioin.

In a discourse Brigham observed that the realization that the inhabitants of the earth had all gone out of the way had put a huge burden of the Lord upon his brother Joseph:

“For many years no person saw a smile on his countenance,” (see Journal of Discourses, 12:95)

To me it is not insignificant that Joseph Young is the one that felt impressed upon by the spirit to desire his father to be ordained a patriarch so that the Young brothers could receive their patriarchal blessings. Little did he know at the time just how significant a role the Young Family would play in the LDS restoration movement

Lorenzo Young

John Young’s youngest son Lorenzo Young was 19 Oct. 18071–21 Nov. 1895. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by John P. Greene, 1832. Stockholder in Kirtland Safety Society. Participated in skirmish at Crooked River, near Ray Co., Missouri, 25 Oct. 1838. mission to Ohio, 1844. 

Lorenzo and his second wife, Harriet Page Wheeler, were numbered among the first small company of pioneers, led by Brigham Young, to enter the Salt Lake Valley in July of 1847. They were parents of the first pioneer male child born in the valley—Lorenzo

Lorenzo was perhaps the most visionary of the sons of John Young. At the age of 9 he experienced a prophetic dream wherein he recorded standing in an open space, seeing a carriage coming along a road that led up into the air. The carriage was white and brilliant with gold and the horses traveled like the wind.

” the Savior was in the carriage… it was driven by his servant. The carriage stopped near me, and the Savior inquired where my brother Brigham was. After informing him, he further inquired about my other brothers and our father. After I had answered His inquiries, he stated that he wanted us all, but he especially wanted my brother Brigham.”

Numerous interpretations could be placed upon the dream. I find it interesting that the Savior inquired about the father and each of the sons. The fact that the Savior was looking specifically for Brigham could be viewed in a positive or negative light.

Where was Brigham?

Where had he gone?

What path had he gone down?

Phineas Young

16 Feb. 17991–10 Oct. 1879. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Ezra Landon, 5 Apr. 1832, Began serving mission to Canada with Elial Strong, Eleazer Miller, and Enos Curtis, June 1832.

Served mission to New York with Oliver Granger, ca. 1834. Served missions to Virginia, eastern states, and Michigan Territory, 1835. Ordained a high priest by Brigham Young and George Miller, fall 1842. Served mission to eastern states, 1843–1844, preaching mainly in Ohio and New York. Admitted to Council of Fifty, 15 Apr. 1845.

“Phineas, the third son, had struggled with the enticements of the world before finding a spiritual identity near the age of 24, when he forsook his former companions and pursuits, and prayed fervently to the Lord until he, too, accepted Methodism and became a preacher, according to “The Faithful Young Family.”

He tells of a singular experience he had when he was visiting a young woman who was dying of consumption, the same dreaded malady of which his mother had died. He relates that he was “promoted to lay hands on the sufferer and rebuke the disease” — and this action healed her. “I never had seen anything of the kind in my life,” Phineas continued, “but had always believed the people were living far beneath their privileges”

Of all of John Young’s sons, Phineas Young may be the most significant player to ever be pushed out of his rightful position. It is a little known fact that Brigham’s brother Phineas, who was six years older than Brigham was actually the very first man called by revelation, into the quorum of the Twelve apostles by Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer.

Interestingly, Joseph Smith used his influence to persuade Oliver and David to rescind the call that had been extended to Phineas Young and replace him in the quorum with Joseph Smith’s brother, William Smith.

Oliver Attempts to Correct the Mistake

Here is a letter from Oliver Cowdery to Brigham Young wherein Oliver Informs Brigham that Phineas had been robbed of his calling-

Elkhorn, Walworth County, Wisconsin February 27, 1848

Dear Brigham [Young]:

By the hand of Brother Phineas H. Young I received your epistle of December last, and after reading it carefully and conversing freely with Brother Phineas, I have thought that if circumstances would permit I would visit you in the early part of the spring say as soon as the 6th of April, if possible. This will give me an opportunity of seeing my valuable old friends, and time too of conversing upon interesting subjects.

I have concluded to do so for many reasons; One is, it is difficult communicating as fully by writing as one would often wish, and also it will give time to say orally what one can hardly communicate in any other way as well. I have said above, that if possible I would see you the 6th of April: this my be prevented on account of certain business, of which Brother Phineas will fully acquaint you, which I may find myself under an honorable obligation of doing.

Brother Phineas informs me that you talk of going into the [Salt Lake] valley this summer. After conversing with Brother Phineas upon some matters of importance, you may think best not to, till you shall have seen us. I refer you to Brother Phineas for full particulars, upon which you will act as wisdom may direct. Brother Phineas will also inform you of the substance of what I have just written to Brother David Whitmer, advising him for reasons given by all means to be at Winter Quarters on the 6th of April.

As I may not be with you at the conference, and as this is a confidential communication, I may be permitted to say a word in relation to a matter long since past, but which is due Brother Phineas. At the time the Twelve were chosen in Kirtland, and I may say before it had been manifested that Brother Phineas was entitled to occupy the station as one of the number; but owing to Brother Joseph’s urgent request at the time, Brother David and myself yielded to his wish, and consented for William to be selected, contrary to our feelings and judgment, and to our deep mortification ever since.

Brother Phineas occupied at that time a relation to myself that caused me to feel delicate about urging his name and besides Brother Joseph, about that time was bearing down heavily upon Brother Phineas. The time has now come when Brother Phineas can occupy the place where he ought to have been from the first, and I cannot but hope he may have justice done him as far as possible. You and others may think that it is a matter about which I have no right to speak, but this shall not prevent my saying the truth, for it one to a worthy man, though he be my brother-in-law.

As to other matters, I refer you to Brother Phineas. I will in great haste subscribe myself.

Yours in the new covenant,

Source: Oliver Cowdery to Brigham Young, February 27, 1848 in Gunn (1962).


According to the Wilford Woodruff Journal, in 1854, Phineas Young told the brethren in Utah about the switch:

“May 15, 1854: Near Fillmore, Utah.

Phineas Young said that he was the first that was chosen in the organization of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, but Brother Joseph said he wished I would let Wm. Smith have that place, so I gave way to him. The above shows Phineas Young’s feelings

“Some fifty years after the formation of the quorum, in an interview that Zenas Gurley conducted with David Whitmer in January 1885, Whitmer corroborated Cowdery’s and Young’s recollections and confirmed that Phineas was the man who was originally selected for the position” (Cook, David Whitmer Interviews, 157.)  See http://signaturebooks.com/2014/04/lost-apostles-excerpts/#apostle9

The Brigham Young Family Dynasty Fails to Gain Traction

Brigham Young and his associates reclassified and downgraded the office of Patriarch during the Nauvoo succession crises and essentially marginalized the significance of the Joseph Smith Sr. and the John Young Sr. patriarchies.

Interestingly, Brigham would later attempt to create a Brigham Young family dynasty to lead the church by ordaining several of his sons as apostles.

brighams sons.png

It is astounding nearly 200 years later to look back with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight (and hopefully a little inspiration) to see how a few key events completely changed the course of history.

It appears that Phineas, not Brigham, would have been the president of the quorum of the Twelve at the time of the succession crisis, had Joseph Smith not interfered with the inspired mandate that the Lord had given to Oliver and David to chose the Twelve Apostles.

There are numerous events that may well have been associated with Isaiah’s prophecy that the seers eyes would be covered, and with the prophetic warning found in the 1833 Book of Commandments that the Lord would deliver the Saints over to Satan if they had stiff necks. Joseph’s interference in this particular event appears to have been one of them.

It is my understanding that Phineas was a very humble, Godly man. It is a very sobering thing to contemplate just how differently things may have played out if Phineas Young, instead of Brigham Young, had been the President of the Quorum of the Twelve at the time of the succession crisis in Nauvoo.

One thing we know is that all things were foreseen by God and that he is ultimately in control.

The John Young family seems to play a very important role in the direction that the restoration movement took during the succession crisis. He raised five God-fearing boys. Three of them became Methodist Ministers before accepting the restored gospel. A forth became the presiding patriarch of the latter day kingdom regardless of whether you want to refer to him as a prophet, president or patriarch. The fifth, probably should have been in that position.

John Young’s genealogy shows that he descends from ancient kings. Will deeper research reveal that they come from the Davidic bloodline that was necessary to re-establish the Davidic dynasty in the latter days?

In part three of this series we will ponder why in hellfire God commissioned David Whitmer and Oliver Cowdery to “search out Twelve” apostles in May of 1829 yet they did not get around to obeying that commandment until nearly six years later in February of 1835, AFTER the fulness of the gospel had been rejected!!!

The apostles that David and Oliver called only held patriarchal priesthood keys.

In the interim, while awaiting Oliver and David to act on that commission in 1835, God had called a quorum of apostles who held the Melchizedek Priesthood.

What is with that?

Is it possible that the twelve traveling evangelical apostles represented the beginning of a patriarchal order and tribal kingdom that would continue on after the succession crisis?

More to come.. keep watching m

A Few Important Updates on the Claims and Vicissitudes of the Brazil Plates Movement

November 26, 2018

The latest news from the Brazil Golden Plates scam is that the translation from the sealed portion is about to come forth for all to read and ponder. This will apparently take place after the witnesses have all had the opportunity to read and study it.

In my opinion, Mauricio Berger’s claims about the Brazil Plates have categorically been proven to be false. Both from empirical evidence with respect to the verified forgeries from the Hoffman manuscript and more importantly, from the blatant inconsistencies of the claims that have been exposed by the word of God.

Nevertheless, there is a remnant of die-hards that still keep the movement alive, and this unfolding drama is instructive and worth monitoring because there is much to be learned from it with regard to how cults are formed and how cult personalities rise to prominence. It shows how Satan deceives the gullible who are not seasoned in the word of God.

Interestingly, the movement seems to be struggling to gain traction among most of the RLDS offshoot branches. The movement has had a similar lack of appeal to mainstream Mormons although there is a very small group of Mormons that have bought what Mauricio is selling. Two of the three movers and shakers of this heretical group are actively promoting this movement. The third person is a prolific author who has made a visit to Missouri and is apparently getting ready to promote the movement as well.

On August 18th of this year a “Solemn Assembly and Conference” was called by Joseph F. Smith. At that conference it was agreed upon that Joseph F. Smith would be ordained as the prophet of the movement at another special conference to be held on September 23rd. Another very important conference was held after that.

Two of the eight witnesses, Bob Moore and Brad Gault failed to make themselves available for either conference. They were conspicuously missing because of scheduling conflicts.

Bob Moore, one of the original masterminds of this spectacle, and Brad Gault, the presiding “high priest” of the Zarahemla Branch (which  initially was the group of people that Joseph had been affiliating with and preaching to), appeared to be having a cold war of sorts with the very dominant and strong handed Joseph.

Among other things, it appears as if the cold war was over the High Priest controversy.

Bob and Brad believe in the calling of High Priest and the restoration of the high priesthood during the ministry of Joseph Smith Jr.. In fact Brad has been ordained to be a High Priest. Conversely, Joseph F. Smith has been preaching for many years that Christ was the last great high priest and that there were not to be any men ordained to that office after that. Joseph believed that Joseph Smith had been deceived about the calling of the high priests at the special conference at the Morley Farm.

Naturally, Joseph F. Smith questions many of the things Joseph was doing in during the early years of his ministry, including the revelations he brought forth.

Joseph apparently believes that Joseph Smith Jr. had been a fallen prophet. Apparently Joseph has been echoing the sentiments made by David Whitmer in his address to believers of the Book of Mormon.

When I personally spoke to Joseph, he informed me that he planned to do away with the calling of High Priest among those that come from the RLDS tradition when he sets his newly formed church in order.

Interestingly, even though Bob Moore has not been very supportive of Joseph F. Smith for several months, he continued to outwardly affirm his belief in the movement.

This is what he said to me in an email when I quizzed him about the High Priest controversy and the apparent cold war he was having with Joseph F. Smith:

“..I remain convinced that the plates in the possession of Mauricio Berger are the same plates that Joseph Smith used in the translation of the Book of Mormon.  From what I understand, the translation of the part that we saw unsealed is nearing completion, both the English and the Portuguese.  

I realize that the testimony Joseph F. Smith and I originally bore implies some significant and direct divine interventions to achieve the promises that we were given and about which we bore testimony.  

The truthfulness of our testimony rests on our Lord fulfilling His promises.  In particular, it requires him to pour out His righteousness as promised in the Book of Mormon:

‘And it came to pass that I beheld that the great mother of abominations did gather together in multitudes upon the face of all the earth, among all the nations of the Gentiles, to fight against the Lamb of God.  And it came to pass that I, Nephi, beheld the power of the Lamb of God, that it descended upon the saints of the church of the Lamb, and upon the covenant people of the Lord, who were scattered upon all the face of the earth; and they were armed with righteousness and with the power of God in great glory’ (1N 3:229-231 RLDS).

Believers in the latter-day work that Joseph Smith, Jr. began are thoroughly divided into various camps to such an extent that unification of understanding, let alone organization, is not possible without this descent of righteousness.  

I still believe and bear the same testimony that I did last October.  Until the descent of righteousness, differences will remain, even when some wish to be unified.

That disunity (as well as distrust caused by the circulation of rumors and gossip) has led to inaccurate and false conclusions.. I truly care about Joseph…

..I was on a mission to assist the church in another country when the “conference” occurred in August.  That was the reason I was not there.  Last Sunday, I fulfilled a commitment that I made in early August to preach.  I would also like to point out that I have attended all the meetings of the eight witnesses, except for when I was out of the country.  I plan to continue doing so.


As you can see, Bob is now finally acknowledging that many of the prophetic events that his movement claims to be ushering in cannot proceed until the “power of the Lamb of God” descends “upon the saints of the church of the Lamb, and upon the covenant people of the Lord, who [are] scattered upon all the face of the earth”

I applaud him for this.

This was my reply to Bob expressing my skepticism:


I guess I am going to need to ask you to forgive my mistrust also.

How likely is it that you (and Brad) would both find it more important to fulfill speaking assignments and other errands that can easily be changed instead of attending to those two very important conferences of historic and prophetic significance (if the claims of the movement are true)?

I am finding it very hard to believe what you are telling me, however, I will provide your declaration, word for word in my write up if you want me to.

Here is what I believe is really happening. Apparently you still believe in the testimony of Mauricio and in the veracity of the plates. I get that and I don’t doubt your statement of continued belief..

..However the evidence is overwhelming that you and Joseph have had a falling out. It appears to be over the validity of the high priest issue and possibly other things including his role in all of this and his plans for setting the church in order.

Perhaps that is what you were alluding to when you said that differences will continue until the “descent of righteousness” takes place. If it is, and you are simply downplaying the degree of disunity that is taking place, then perhaps what you are saying is accurate and you are simply being a team player and putting on a good game face for the movement.

It is my understanding that the ordination did not take place on the 23 and that Joseph has called a new conference to take place in April in Utah. . Is that incorrect also? I am sure you have been appraised of what went on even though you were conveniently not in attendance.

I also heard that he is going to appoint twelve apostles. Is that also a false rumor?

I appreciate your willingness to respond…  My blog seems to be the one that many people look to for information regarding the movement that you and Joseph have been instrumental in starting.


This was Bob’s reply to my skepticism regarding his inability or unwillingness to change his schedule to be able to attend the conferences that Joseph had called:

“..you apparently believe that my participation in the mission to train the priesthood and other church leaders, as well as visit the branches in one of four nation in which I help direct missionary work, should have been abandoned because of Joseph’s July announcement about an August conference.

 In so doing, you dismiss the preparation of others involved in the mission, including the vacation dates that they obtained, and my commitment to the church leaders there.  

What about the prepayments for renting the training facilities?  Then, you conclude that my participation indicates a rift.  What response can I make to that determination?


Apparently there is no other person capable of filling Bob’s shoes in the priesthood assignments that he has been given prior to the conferences called by Joseph F. Smith. He seems to feel that these responsibilities are of greater importance than the unfolding of the great work that he claims is taking place.

I have inside sources that have informed me that there has been tension between Bob and Joseph. At first I could not figure out why Bob had distanced himself from Joseph and yet continued to state that all is well and the work was true.

However I believe I have it figured out now.

Some of my inside sources have been telling me that Bob had been emailing Mauricio and discussing the High Priest controversy with him. Apparently Mauricio sided with Bob on the high priesthood controversy and assured Bob that he would deal with Joseph.

Eventually Mauricio sent a revelation to Joseph that he had received from the Lord. The revelation validated the office of high priest!

To Mauricio’s surprise, Joseph rejected the revelation.

But the story gets better.

Joseph flew to Brazil to meet with Mauricio and discuss things.

While discussing the revelation with Mauricio,  Joseph apparently pointed out a few things in the revelation that were not consistent with his understanding of things. The reply of Mauricio is that the revelation had been corrupted and that it originally did not contain the questionable content. This helped Joseph save face regarding his rejection of the revelation. This is what Joseph says about the incident on his website:

“..on August the 3rd Mauricio sent me a revelation and I rejected it. And I got chastised for doing that. But when it came to me the Spirit was not there. And I laid it before the Lord and I said,

‘Lord if this is of you, you give me a confirmation.’

And he would not. The Lord gave me no confirmation. And the people kept mentioning that to me. Some people, not everyone, some people.   So when I got to Brazil, when I had the opportunity, I took that revelation that I had been given in English and I took Mauricio off into a room and Tyler , Bobbi and Kelvin too, came with me. And he begin to read it. And he said,

‘Well, this is true and this, well that’s not true. That’s only half true.’

And he went through the whole thing and showed that it had been corrupted. So I was justified. That’s one for me. Now he has sent another one. It is rewritten and it is around somewhere.

While in Brazil, Mauicio reiterated that the calling of High Priest was valid and that Moroni had ordained Mauricio to that office and had instructed Mauricio to ordain Joseph to that office.

On Joseph’s website, he shares that his initial response was to get up and walk out of the meeting:

..Sam Gould.. has worked with me for 35 years to try to convince me that the high priesthood was of the Lord. I have fought him and I have fought against believing in the high priesthood. And that belief was still strong when I went down there.

I was adamant that no one was going to ordain me to the high priesthood. And that was the directions that was given to Mauricio by the angel. That he ordained Mauricio to the high priesthood and directed him to ordain me to the high priesthood.

So in the service, as I sat in the chair, and they begin to talk about it in Portuguese, and they had a man there that was interpreting into English, but to my poor ears his English was as bad as (my) Portuguese. But at least he was trying.

Then there was Tyler was trying to help and Kelvin. But the thing in my mind was confusion. And God is not the author of confusion. This had me so wound up that in my mind I said, “I’m going to get up and walk out of here.”

In fact, I pulled my feet back and got hold of the chair arms and I was ready to catapult myself out of that meeting. And a voice spoke to me, as loud as any amplifier could make it in my mind. And he said,

“If you leave this service, you will destroy my work.”

I sat back in my chair and I said,

‘Lord, thy will be done, not mine. Whatever you give me, I will operate with the best of my ability to perform the work that you’ve called me to do.’ “

As you can see, Joseph’s first impression was to just get up and walk out of the meeting when he was being told that the office of High Priest was a valid office and that he needed to be ordained a high priest.

One can only imagine the conflict that Joseph F. Smith was experiencing. If he rejected the office of High Priest, he would have to publicly admit that he had been besnookered by Mauricio and his fabricated claims.

How humiliating would that be?

One the other hand, if he accepted Mauricio’s claim that the office of high priest is an authentic office it proves that Joseph F. Smith has not been very inspired and has been a false teacher regarding this very important doctrinal and priesthood issue for much of his adult life!

Joseph was between a rock and a hard spot.

Indeed, even to this day, Joseph must be wondering what other claims of David Whitmer that he has spent much of his life parroting that are also false?

It will be interesting to see if this recent turn of events will mend the breach between Bob and Joseph.

Anyway, there has been much confusion over what is really taking place in this movement because Joseph, Bob and Brad are all very evasive about the obvious contention that has been taking place between them.

Because of the many rumors floating around, I also contacted Tyler Crowell several weeks ago and asked for clarification.

Tyler is one of the eight witnesses. I asked him if he could confirm the rumors about Bob and Brad becoming disaffected from the movement.

This was my email to him


It is apparent that there has been a falling out between Joseph F. Smith and the leaders of the Zarahemla Branch. Can you provide any details? Will Bob Moore and Brad Gault be having their names removed as witnesses?

Hope all is going well for you.

This was his reply:

Dear brother,

In spite of my weaknesses and frailties I have been mercifully blessed with the intercession of the Holy Spirit which causes me to greatly rejoice. I hope the same is true for you also.

As yet we who see through a glass darkly use our own human understanding and traditions as a lens to perceive what God sees perfectly in entirety. As you are aware different men have different understandings and interpretations of specific prophetic timelines and events.

But I hope in spite of varying perspectives we all still labor for the same cause. Those who have a witness from the Holy Spirit that this work is of God, such as the eight witnesses, as well as those who wait for confirmation can all labor according to their faith and diligence to bring souls to Jesus.

If you desire to have the intentions of Bob or Brad you will have to ask them. From what I know their testimony stands firm.

As you can see, Tyler’s response seems to suggest that ALL of the witnesses including Bob and Brad are still strong in the emerging movement dispite differing perceptions pertaining to prophetic timelines, events and doctrines. Yet he ultimately refers me to Bob and Brad for their own word on the matter regarding their intentions about their future involvement. Kind of a mixed message.

He then took the opportunity to ask me if I would be willing to post on my blog Mauricio’s responses to my accusations about him:

I am glad you chose to write to me because I would like to ask you if you are willing to allow a reply to be posted to your readers of the accusations you have made?
Since you have spoken in behalf of Mauricio I am sure you would want your readers to have the opportunity to read for themselves his response to your assertions.  
I anxiously await your reply. 

This was my response:

I find it very hard to believe that their silence and absence from the last conference is just a coincidence or apathy towards the work.

Regarding your request, absolutely.

I will post his responses to my assertions. I think all sides of an issue should be able to state their case. I hate to give him publicity, but it is only fair to state his responses.

Obviously I reserve the right to respond to his responses.

I am glad you are doing well.

So, I am going to publish Mauricio’s responses to my accusations at the end of this post. Anyone interested in his replies are welcome to read them.

First I want to share an interesting email I got from an anonymous group of people who claim to live in Missouri that are quite close to this situation and very familiar with the personal life and history of Joseph F. Smith.

Here is what the email says:

“There have been activities in the last nine months that concern several people who are observing the Brazil movement and the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon; concern due to certain actions which have wrought discord instead of the promised unity, corrupting some hearts against others, and undermining the good intentions of others.

We continue to observe a rebellious spirit that seems to emanate from Joseph Fredrick Smith., the great-grandson of Joseph Smith Jr., who was recently acknowledged as prophet by the group in Brazil. These observations brought to mind the character of Joseph Fredrick’s 2ndgreat uncle, William Smith.

There were good reasons that William Smith, brother to the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr., was often chastised by the Lord and at length rejected by the brethren from the office of patriarch after the deaths of his brothers and finally excommunicated.

He allowed himself to be ruled by his passions, pride, and ego. This reflection has come to surface in the minds of several who have been keeping an eye on the claims coming from Brazil and the restructuring of a new search. We have sat back and watched, prayed, considered, attended some meetings, yet tried to do so with our spiritual eyes for it is that vision that keeps us balanced. 

Since it was declared that the gold plates, including the sealed portion, had supposedly been delivered to Mauricio Berger in Brazil, events have been unfolding that show similarities between William Smith and Joseph Fredrick Smith that should give many cause to step back and see things with their spiritual eyes and not be taken by the awe and splendor that their human eyes afford them, for such splendor is wrought through lenses which distort and skew reality. 

Here are just a few notes of interest concerning William:

1)   William felt he was important and should be highly placed.

2)   Contended with those who did not agree with him, at length turning to the people to rally behind him, undermining the leadership.

3)   Felt that he knew more about the direction of the church than those surrounding him, primarily after Joseph’s death, and continually attempted to show the leaders that they were in error.

4)   His pride outweighed his reason. Joseph told him that if he could not learn to control his passion and put it under foot, he would not be welcomed into the kingdom of heaven.

5)   Was not a team player, wanted more authority than he was given.

6)   Resentful, articulate, and abrasive.

7)   1845- After being ordained a patriarch he made public expressions of harmony with the brethren, while in private letters and conversations, he resorted to name calling and accusations.

8)   After Joseph’s death, William bounced from one group to another in an attempt to exert his authority but to no avail.

9)   May 1845, sought the support of the people because he felt his right to lead was being unfairly challenged.

10) Parley P. Pratt objected to sustaining William as an apostle in 1845 because he, “aspires to uproot and undermine the legal presidency of the church that he might occupy the place himself.”

11) George Albert Smith said of William, “he has a pattern of building himself up on the merits of others.”

12) William’s brother, Joseph the Prophet said that William was “a fierce lion who will neglect the more weighty matters until his head is bowed down with sorrow.”

13) The blessing he received while in Missouri speaks of his prideful heart and rebellious spirit.

*This information was taken from the book United by Faith, and the following websites: https://www.lds.org/ensign/1979/09/joseph-smiths-brothers-nauvoo-and-after?lang=eng

William Smith Problematic Patriarch https://www.dialoguejournal.com/wp-content/uploads/sbi/articles/Dialogue_V16N02_13.pdf

One cannot deny that there are many similarities here between William and Joseph Fredrick Smith. Anyone who has been close to the events unfolding in Holden, Blue Springs, and other areas, know of the unrest and division which has been increasing. 

There is another thought which must be taken into consideration as well; where is the family of Joseph F. Smith in the matters at hand? Through the journals and writings of William’s own siblings and those who witnessed his behaviors, we have a good accounting of what he was driven by and that, despite being a good man, he heeded his own passions and ego rather than the more weighty matters of the church and building up the kingdom.

It leads to the question of Joseph Fredrick Smith’s own family. Has anyone thought or wondered where they are? Why are they not rallying behind what he is doing? What are their thoughts? What insights would their reflections offer that we do not see? For the heart of the man who is seen in the home reveals the true nature of that man.”

*end of anonymous email

This is really quite a remarkable email from an anonymous group of people who have been watching the events of this movement very closely.

Having read a little bit of history about William Smith, and also having heard from several informants close to the situation about Joseph F. Smith’s history of jumping around from group to group until his dominant personality burns bridges, I must admit that the comparison is striking.

If my personal beliefs would allow it, I would have to strongly consider the possibility that Joseph F. Smith is the reincarnation of William Smith!


I found the above email very interesting and the comment about Joseph F. Smith family possibly not supporting his claims of being a prophet or his claims about the authenticity of the Brazil plates.

That really caught my interest.

In regard to that I became aware of a book written by one of Joseph’s daughters which I am currently reading. I am now about half way through it. It is a real eye opener about the life and character of Joseph F. Smith.

Regarding William Smith, one of the most fascinating parts of LDS history that I have found over the years is the little known fact that William Smith was not originally chosen to be a member of the quorum of the Twelve apostles by the witnesses of the book of Mormon who had been given the mandate from the Lord to chose the Twelve.

After the witnesses of the Book of Mormon fulfilled their calling from the Lord to chose Twelve men to be apostles and submitted their decisions to Joseph Smith, they were pressured by Joseph Smith into replacing Phineas Young who had originally been chosen by the witnesses, with Joseph Smith’s brother William Smith!

Here is an excerpt from the book “Lost Apostles, Forgotten Members of Mormonism’s Original Quorum of the Twelve Apostles” by Shepard and Marquardt:

“In the behind-the-scenes negotiations, Joseph Smith had rejected on nomination: Phineas Young, Brigham Young’s brother, in favor of Josephs own brother, William. Cowdery wrote to Brigham Young in February 27, 1848:

‘At the time the twelve were chosen in Kirtland, and I may say before, it had been manifested that brother Phineas was entitled to occupy the station as one of that number,; but owing to brother Joseph’s urgent request at the time, Brother David and myself yielded to his wishing and consented for William to be selected contrary to our feelings and judgment and to our deep mortification ever since’

About two decades later in 1854, Phineas spoke to a group of church leaders in Salt Lake City about how his call to the quorum had been cancelled. According to Wilford Woodruff, Phineas Young said that he was the first that was chosen in the organization of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles but brother Joseph said he wished I would let Wm. Smith have that place so I gave way to him. 

It is very telling that Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer felt deep mortification about being pressured into changing their inspired choice of Phineas Young to that of William Smith.

That is a very interesting historical tidbit that few people know about. Here is another quote from the Book that encapsulates Williams perceived character-

“Historian and educator Paul M. Edwards, second-great-grandson of Joseph Smith, caught the essence of William Smith’s character when he wrote: ‘William B. Smith was a difficult man. Like so many who feel denied power and recognition, he was probably best described as being his own worst enemy, … William had the habit of saying what was on his mind, and as a very active and concerned man, he was often in the midst of controversy'”

The book concludes its remarks about William Smith as follows:

“After Joseph and Hyrum Smth were assassinated, William found he was less able than before to control his acerbic tongue or need to dominate others. Brigham Young did his best to accommodate the volatile apostle but eventually shunted him to the children’s table, so to speak, for which William set about trying to convince the other branches of the Restoration to recognize him as his brother’s rightful heir.

He ended up being excluded from all the churches and engaging in the exchange of insults that were even shriller than his past examples of character assassination. He managed to find peace only in old age when his nephew, Joseph III, was wise enough to keep him at arm’s length.”

 Again, some of the parallels between the very dominate, controversial and sometimes caustic personalities of William Smith and Joseph F. Smith are uncanny. ”

But I digress.

The anonymous group of people who sent me the email brought up a very important observation. Why is it that the family members of Joseph F. Smith who know his character the best, are not rallying around him and supporting his quest to become the prophet to finish the work that Joseph Smith started?

Is it possible that this anonymous group of insiders know something that we should know about the very telling family life of Joseph F. Smith?

When Joseph Smith Jr. was called to be a prophet, his parents and most of his brothers and sisters were very supportive of his claims because they knew the integrity of his soul.

Where do Joseph F. Smith’s children fit into his quest to become prophet?

Those who have decided to sustain Joseph F. Smith as a prophet should do their “due diligence” and make sure they are comfortable with his history.

Here are the responses from Mauricio in regard to the accusations I have made to his claims:

Clarifications by Mauricio A Berger – 05.23.2018 (English)

Throughout my life, many people passed by me, day after day. But only a few of these people are in my memory and I will carry them forever in my heart. Among these people there is one in particular, my friend, Jader.

Recently an acquaintance of social networks has passed me a link: https://onewhoiswatching.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/final-mauricio-blog-10.pdf where the “watcher” of site makes numerous accusations about me, from deceiver and falsifier. This does not really make a difference for me, because I me feel as Joseph Smith Jr. it when he related his story and among his words I highlight some to express what I feel about all of this:

“However, it was nevertheless a fact that I had beheld a vision. I have thought since, that I felt much like Paul, when he made his defense before King Agrippa, and related the account of the vision he had when he saw a light, and heard a voice; but still there were but few who believed him; some said he was dishonest, others said he was mad; and he was ridiculed and reviled. But all this did not destroy the reality of his vision. He had seen a vision, he knew he had, and all the persecution under heaven could not make it otherwise; and though they should persecute him unto death, yet he knew, and would know to his latest breath, that he had both seen a light and heard a voice speaking unto him, and all the world could not make him think or believe otherwise. So it was with me. I had actually seen a light, and in the midst of that light I saw two Personages, and they did in reality speak to me; and though I was hated and persecuted for saying that I had seen a vision, yet it was true; and while they were persecuting me, reviling me, and speaking all manner of evil against me falsely for so saying, I was led to say in my heart: Why persecute me for telling the truth? I have actually seen a vision; and who am I that I can withstand God, or why does the world think to make me deny what I have actually seen? For I had seen a vision; I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny it, neither dared I do it; at least I knew that by so doing I would offend God, and come under condemnation. I had now got my mind satisfied so far as the sectarian world was concerned” — Joseph Smith —History 1:24-26 LDS.

In a similar way I can say that my mind is already satisfied with regard to the sectarian world and their opinions regarding to this work. But there is something to be said about my friend Jader who needs to be recorded here and in the story that will be drawn from that event with the restoration of the gospel.

So I am willing to clarify some things through this message.

But first, I must make a few remarks about the “watcher” accusations about the facts. First, I it has proved to those who seek the truth that such artifacts exist. No man who could have falsified such evidence would be in his right mind to invite eight unknown witnesses to come to his house and test its truth if it were not true. In addition, all eight witnesses are members of some restoration church in the United States, which, of course, would make any charlatan avoid coming to Brazil with the possibility of checking artifacts up close. In fact, most, if not all, wanted only one thing, make sure they were not being deceived. Yet, they all departed with conviction of what they saw when they returned to the United States, with complete certainty of the plates. Doubt, if it existed, did not last in their hearts, not only for the materials that proved to be reliable, but also for the confirmation of the Holy Spirit which he was spilled in all of them here in Brazil.

In its turn, what can I say about the for the accusations highlighted raised by the “watcher”?

By the accusation raised by the “watcher” that I falsified the plates by the Mark Hoffman document, I can say that such an argument only proved even more that the plates in my possession are true.

According to material that the eight witnesses elaborated to understand this coincidence, exist is at least two letters written by Professor Charles Anthon, whose content coincide comes with the description of the last plaque and corroborates with the description of his letters, in which Charles Anthon describes that he saw characters arranged in vertical columns and at the end of the document there was a circle divided into several compartments, adorned with several strange marks. It is logical to assume that Joseph Smith designed this document of Anthon from the last record plate that I showed the eight witnesses. I would not have been able to forge that, since I, like many Latter-day Saints here in Brazil, had no knowledge of this descriptive letter of Anthon, because in short, what is presented to us by the LDS church is that the characters that Martin Harris showed Charles Anthon are those available on the internet, but that second the information I later obtained from the eight witnesses, not match what Professor Anthon mentioned. —https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthon_Transcript.

That is, this argument raised against me proves even more the veracity of the plates, since such descriptive figures are in agreement with the reports of the past. If there were no such last plaque, however close it may seem to Hoffman’s counterfeit, then they would in fact be false. Because Anthon’s description proves that at some point Joseph Smith Jr drew from the gold plates something similar to what is contained in the last plate of the records that the eight witnesses saw.

What do I have to say about the widespread issue of where Mark Hoffman would have copied his paper?

There are some arguments to be considered, especially one that mentions that Mark Hoffman at some point had access to a fragment of the document described in the letters of Charles Anthon, and from then on he forged an entire document to have more monetary value and obtain higher profit from its sale. However, for me the question is simpler than it seems: The Lord our God possesses a real enemy of the invisible and extremely intelligent and powerful world to influence the minds of men, just as he influenced Mark Hoffman to act obscurely among his similar. (Joseph Smith—Históry 1:16 LDS). This enemy, as everyone understands, has lived among humans for thousands of years and has undoubtedly seen Mormon handling the last plate as he may have seen the original Joseph Smith-produced document that Martin Harris took to Charles Anthon. That is the most plausible answer! At the present time and knowing that the sealed part would soon be exposed to the world with the birth of Mauricio Berger, he found in the figure of Mark Hoffman a counterpart to falsify the said document, using in the forger’s thoughts only the original characters that he retained in his remembrance, already with the intention of interrupting the work of the Lord when it began to occur again among the people of the church in the present day.

As for the following question raised by the “watcher” that Joseph Smith Jr. will return to complete the paper, which he says on his website, which has been announcing this idea for years to his readers, and therefore, according to him, I must having copied his idea, when surprised he reads in an email sent by me to a young man from the LDS church stating that Joseph would come back to finish the job. It was then that the so-called “watcher”, perhaps afraid of that I can copy your ideas, tries to manipulate his readers into thinking that I am hiding my personal beliefs from Brother Bob, who according to the “watcher”: Bob not believe in the return of Joseph. Here I confirm again what I said in the e-mail, I know by revelation of Moroni that Joseph will return to finish the job and not because I have read in some place something similar. Yes, he will come, but not in the way the “watcher” testifies, that Joseph will rise again to complete the work, not least because the scriptures do not mention resurrection in the case of that return. But behold, I say unto, that it shall be done in a way no one shall perceive, as it was in the days of Jesus when the Jews also awaited Elijah’s return, but as Jesus taught his disciples, Elijah came in the figure of John Baptist, but no one recognized him. This is so true that in Joseph Smith’s inspired version of the Bible, exactly in the text of Mark 9: 3 mentions that Moses and Elijah were on the mountain of transfiguration, and confirms that this Elijah was indeed John the Baptist. Lastly, if this is the main point of the question, So I say it is a simple fact to understand, because there has been a parallel in the history of the gospel, but still, it is one of the mysteries that the Lord will not make known to ordinary men, but only to his prophets. In this case I regret to inform you that the idea of the “watcher” regarding Joseph’s return is similar to what happened to the Pharisees in the meridian of the times, when they were waiting for Elijah’s return, but they did not realize that Elijah was there among them.

Now, finally, I want to talk about Jader. First of all, I want to reinforce his character by saying that I have not known any man more just, more distinct, and true than the Jader.

In his commentary, Jader mentions that Mauricio has been talking about that he Jader, broke the seer’s stones. First he just came to this comment because someone behind the questions passed the wrong information to him, and because he is very correct in his way, must have thought that I’m spreading lies about he, because he never had access to the stones. On the other hand, whoever passed this distorted information to Jader, lied to him and entangled him in a web of deception. The “Questions and Answers” video is widely available to all interested parties at this link below since the first visit of Joseph and Bob to Brazil, where Bob tells in detail that I, Maurício Artur Berger, broke the seers stones with my own hands. It was only on this occasion on 10/29/2017 that the history of the stones broke was known by the general public. — 10.29.2017 Zarahemla Branch Open Forum – Questions & Answer

On the other, if they asked me, if Jader exerted some influence to break the stones the way I broke them? So the answer is yes! Jader was always a friend who taught me a lot about loving the truth above all things, and made me see situations that sometimes we do not realize its real meaning. In this case, it was Jader, who somehow caught my attention so that I would ascertain the facts in order to see if I was not being deceived by the devil, and with that in mind, and weakened by losing the friendship of my best friend, I acted compulsorily in relation to the feelings that struck me in those days, coming to break the stones, because of the sadness and the doubt he raised in my heart, because of the things that Jader had told me about the lie of satan. The hard words that Jader told me about the lie of Satan, was for the same reason that made Jader move away from me, and I never hid from anyone that I made a mistake with Jader and with God in that regard, when I asked Jader to tell his bishop that he had seen the angel Moroni and the plates, when in fact he had never seen. This point goes into the second charge of the site where Jader responds that I asked him for it, and it was precisely at this point that he came to believe that everything was a lie. I did not see any problem in asking him this because I was quite sure that one day Moroni would show the plates to him personally, because the promise of being one of the three witnesses was his and not Brother Valdeci Machado. Maybe Jader is right when on the site he says that I am arrogant because after my excommunication I felt the desire to show LDS church that they were wrong about me but could not show the plates to Jader, time after he received an email from one of the three men who were on the mountain I requested this him. But for knowing the character of the Jader already predicted that he would move away, however, I asked anyway, for I was sure that as soon as Moroni confirmed everything, he would not be disappointed with me. But he did not allow himself that opportunity.

Jader also mentions in this same comment that I already have the translated material completely. In fact, while Jader was at my side, he saw a part of the translation being made from a context that was not in the Book of Mormon that he knows, this context was a translated portion of Lehi’s book. After that, I had to deposit the plates in a hole at the top of the hill, shortly thereafter, I, Jader and Joni, climbed the mountain once more to see if I took the plates from the hole where I had put it, but one a huge stone was laid on top of the site, making it impossible for him to be removed at the time, after which I asked him to trust that the plates would be shown to him by the angel Moroni at the end of the ten years from 2007 to 2017, the year in which Moroni of in fact it showed for the three witnesses. Therefore, I never had all translated material, because I only had the plates again in January 2017, and resumed the translation work only after the eight witnesses came to Brazil earlier this year of 2018.

As I said, Jader is an extremely correct person, and I agree with him to maintain his position in defending his truth, for each one will be judged by what he has. And since many things have become undesirable in my person for him, for I am flawed and imperfect, then I do not see how he can have other position concerning me at this stage in which this story in which he has been involved unfolds. However, I insist that the questions to Jader were questions disguised by someone who made him think I was using his name to make him a bad character. Be that as it may, I believe that if the right questions are asked, he will also speak the truth about them. There is even an email from him dated June 29, 2011 that includes a testimony with his words that say:

I also testify that I know these things are true because I had the privilege exactly on February 4, 2008 to see a group of renowned spirits at the top Acute hill. I want you all to know that I Jader and Brother Mauricio we were ministered and visited on December 25, 2008 also on the Acute Hill by the three Apostles of the Lord, by Simon Peter who holds the keys of the kingdom of his church and together with him James and John. I say this and I tell everyone and I confirm and without shadows of doubt that I speak and believe in what I have seen and know and that all listen and pray to the Lord so that their minds are opened and their hearts are touched. Knowing this I close saying that this is the will of our Savior Jesus Christ to be thus manifested the designs of God and the Holy Spirit, and I do and I leave this Testimony in the name of the Great, Mighty and Redeemer of humanity the Savior Jesus Christ. Amen”.  (Jadar – June 29, 2011)

I do not believe, for a single moment that he allowed himself to be influenced by me at the time he wrote this testimony, because he was always a man of great character to be influenced for someone. Because of this character, I do not believe that in the present time he will let himself be influenced to change his previous testimony. This would be contrary to their high moral standards. I believe that he can say at the present time that they were manifestations of the devil, because, that is what he believes today, that I have been deceived. But I do not think he would say he’s never seen anything.

Finally, to conclude my opinion on the subject posted by the “watcher,” I know that Jader now thinks that the three men who appeared to us at the top of the mountain, whom I supposed at the time to be Peter, James and John are for him only three common men, similar to us, made from of flesh and bones, who coincidentally climbed the mountain that day at a late hour and stayed there no more than fifteen minutes and then left. But if you ask Jader what those men actually did and spoke in those 15 minutes, surely Jader will confirm these words of mine:

1º they asked to pray with us.

2º spoke of his master healing people only with his shadow.

3º they said that they were from Paraiso, which could be a nearby city of the city of Agudo, but also, could be the literal Paradise.

4º They also said that it was the first time they had climbed that mountain, which is impossible in the middle of the bush and the night for someone who does not know the way.

5º Although we saw a light approaching when they arrived, we did not see them light any lantern in the darkness of the night to go away and to go down the mountain.

6º Apart from all this there is there were a storm approaching quickly from the top, there was no escaping it, and I told Jader that we should go down, when one of them said, calm down. If you just believe it, it rains around and the storm does not even touch you. So we spent the night there, and in fact, the storm passed around us with a lot of wind shaking the trees of the mountain, but nothing happened to us.

7º We did not see them drinking water when they arrived among us, or having some canteen or backpack that could contain water so they could hydrate, so little showed signs of fatigue, which was impossible for a man of flesh and bones as we arrive up there on the mountain without feeling exhausted and thirsty for water.

Here is a question: if they were just three ordinary men, do not you think, in the least strange that they go up at night and stay there only 15 minutes after such an intense walk to reach the top and the time they were there, spoke about the subject that led me and Jader to that place, coming to pray with us?

Lastly, it does not matter much to me on which side Jader is at this moment and how much he believes me to be a false prophet, what matters to me is the character of my friend Jader. It matters that their morality remains untouched, though these malefactors try to persuade him with questions elaborated with distorted facts of the current history. Because, I have been told, on at least two occasions, one before Jader departs from me and another afterwards, that he will in future be a key player in this work. Therefore, when I think of my friend Jader raising an accusation against this work, it is like thinking of the story of Paul, who was as whole and zealous as Jader is in defense of the truth. But when God called Paul to embrace his cause, then that zealous man for his traditions bowed to the ground to recognize the truth that was right among those whom he accused of apostasy.

As for the “watcher” and the other sectarians who accuse me of this or that, I mean that I am not angry with them. I have pity before, just as Jesus took pity on those who crucified him because they did not really know what they were doing. Similarly, I, Maurício Berger,  I’ll be praying for those who persecute me and try to disfigure the image of this work, because indeed they do not know what they do. Amen!

Mauricio A Berger – 05.23.2018


Miscellaneous Musings #20 “..Now it is not common that the voice of the people desireth anything contrary to that which is right”

March 1, 2017

The War in Heaven Is Taking Place Right Now on Earth?

In a recent blog post G.azelem made the following statement

Two nights ago I began praying very fervently for Donald J. Trump, which was almost a surprise to me. I’ve never prayed for anyone in government before, ever.

I have also begun praying for Donald Trump.

The polarization that is taking place right now in America specifically, and the world generally, is astounding.

Despite the many many divisions of people that have always been in existences pertaining to personal philosophy, political beliefs and religious beliefs, the current political environment is creating a great divide resulting in two general groups, with regard to the current political environment in America. Certainly during my lifetime I don’t think there has been such a distinct and global polarization, the tension of which that just seems to keep growing.

There is a concerted and concentrated effort by the liberal media and many other liberal organizations in America to fight Donald Trump on everything he does, every step of the way.

Every single thing the Trump administration does is reported with a negative, accusatory spin on it in the liberal media. It is having an incredibly depressing and divisive effect on people. One has to wonder if this is the beginning of the “division” spoken of in prophecy that results in the dividing up of families with father being divided against son and son against father, and mother against daughter, etc.

Although there has always been a spiritual dimension to all secular things, the spiritual warfare that is currently taking place is becoming less subtle.

Recently there was a global unified effort by witches, occultists and satanists to cast a spell on Donald Trump and his supporters to block their efforts and remove Trump from office.

Contrast that with the fact that the First Lady recently publicly led a cheering crowd of Trump supporters in the Lord’s Prayer.

A friend of mine says the Lord is using Trump as a “wrecking ball”. His perception kind of coincides with the post I did about “The Deadly Wound

I recently saw a comment made by someone speculating that Trump is more representative of a latter day Sampson, than Cyrus.

Interesting possibility, on multiple levels..

Encompassed Round About

In Section  76 Joseph and Sidney were shown in vision that Satan had been in a position of authority in heaven and was cast down. It then speaks of the saints being encompassed round about by Satan and his minions.

A surface reading of those passages might lead one to assume that the war against the saints wherein they were encompassed about by Satan and his minions had taken place in the past in the pre-existence or at least prior to the vision that Joseph and Sidney had.. however in a clarifying poem later written by Joseph Smith, it is made clear that the event was to be a future one.

And the heavens all wept, and the tears dropp’d like dew,
That Lucifer, son of the morning, had fell!
Yea, is fallen! is fallen and become, oh, alas!
The son of perdition, the devil of hell!

And while I was yet in the spirit of truth,
The commandment was–“Write ye the vision all out,
For Satan, old serpent, the devil’s for war,
And yet will encompass the Saints round about.

It really feels to me like the war in heaven is being acted out or at least reenacted right here on earth and that those who want to stop the flow of terrorists coming into our land and desire nationalism and a nation of Christian values are being besieged by those desiring globalism and every form of liberalism, atheism and Satanism.

It is possible that the reign of Trump could abruptly end and the United Nations come in to try and restore order.. the new world order?

At this present time, the polarization has created two general groups of people in America and this fight and philosophical division extends beyond America’s borders.

Once the light breaks forth and the servants return, a third group will emerge and be gathered out.

At that point, the souls of men on earth, (and possibly in heaven) will be generally divided into three parts.

This third group will separate itself from the two existing polarized groups that are waring against each other and Zion will be established.

Is this not a type of the three divisions mentioned in prophecy?

And his tail drew the third part of the stars of for, behold, the devil was before Adam, for he rebelled against me, saying, Give me thine honor, which is my power; and also a third part of the hosts of heaven turned he away from me because of their agencyand did cast them to the earth  D&C 29:36

And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth  JST Revelation 12:4

The Lord warns in the Book of Micah that at the appointed time, he will cut off the strong holds of Satan that have been established in America and will at that time cut off the witchcrafts that have insidiously overcome this nation:

 11 And I will cut off the cities of thy land, and throw down all thy strong holds:
 12 And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers:
 13 Thy graven images also will I cut off, and thy standing images out of the midst of thee; and thou shalt no more worship the work of thine hands.
 14 And I will pluck up thy groves out of the midst of thee: so will I destroy thy cities.
 15 And I will execute vengeance in anger and fury upon the heathen, such as they have not heard.

A Shocking Experience at Seagull Book

BTW speaking of the graven images that the Lord will one day destroy, I walked into Seagull book the other day and thought I had walked into a Catholic monastery gift shop or book store.

There were only a few shelves with books on them and the entire remaining inventory of goods for sale was composed of pictures of Christ, replicas of Mormon Masonic Temples and religious trinkets of every sort.

Seagull Book was once the cutting edge supplier of LDS related books. Books were the main emphasis. They had rows and rows and rows of books for sale.

They were a thorn in the side of the LDS church and the Church owned Deseret Book because they discounted prices and were willing to carry some of the controversial, thought provoking books that Deseret Book refused to carry.

Once the LDS Church purchased that book chain, they neutered it and de-emphasized the role of books in their inventory.

They got rid of the more thought provoking books and have made a glorified religious trinket and gift store out of it.

Their website says this

Seagull Book is a discount bookstore that caters quality religious and family value centered products to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the general Christian community.

I fully expect Seagull Book to sell rosary beads within the next ten years. After all, they cater to the general Christian community and the modern corporate LDS is just a rebellious subsidiary of the Catholic Church.

Nevertheless, we should probably follow the example of Dan Peterson and speak reverently about our mother Church. In a recent article he made the following comments:

On a beautiful sunny day many years ago, I found myself standing in the Piazza of St. Peter in Vatican City with Elder V. Dallas Merrill and two or three others. We had just emerged from a relatively lengthy meeting with Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy, the genial Australian who was then serving as president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and whom some regarded as, after the Vatican Secretary of State and Pope John Paul II himself, the third most powerful person in the Roman Catholic Church.

Among other things, Cardinal Cassidy had invited us to meet with the newly named cardinal Walter Kasper, until recently archbishop of Stuttgart, who had been appointed to succeed him after his impending retirement as president of the Pontifical Council. He had also arranged for us to attend a gathering at the Papal Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls (the Basilica Papale di San Paolo fuori le Mura). Pope John Paul II joined with representatives of the eastern churches in an effort to bridge the longstanding gap between the bishopric of Rome and the other ancient episcopal sees of the first centuries of Mediterranean Christianity.1

[Page viii]Elder V. Dallas Merrill, an emeritus member of the Seventy, had been a pioneer in building a relationship between leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and high-ranking Catholic leaders, and specifically with Cardinal Cassidy. He had brought us to visit with the cardinal.

As we stood there talking, Elder Merrill turned to me and, referring to the high-ranking prelates with whom we had been meeting, asked, “Well, what are we as Latter-day Saints to make of these men?”

The answer came clearly and immediately into my mind, and I responded that I felt that we should honor and respect them as true successors, in a very real sense, to the leaders of the earliest Christian community in Rome. While, from the Latter-day Saint perspective, genuine priesthood authority had long since been lost, and many doctrines had become garbled, they had kept the flame of basic Christianity alive, often through great tribulation and at great cost. They had preserved and disseminated the scriptures. They had sent missionaries throughout the world. They had served and sought to imitate the Savior.

The State vs. Religion

I recently listened to a video done by a very popular libertarian thought leader named Stefan Molyneux. I found his logic and reasoning in that particular presentation to be presented in a very compelling way. He is not even Christian. He might even be an atheist even though you would not know it to watch the video.

He spoke about how the evils of organized religion pale in comparison to the evils of the state.

About half way through his presentation it occurred to me that Stefan was mirroring many of the concepts presented by H. Verlan Andersen in his book, The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil.

The premise in the book by Andersen is that the Great and Abominable Church of the Devil that is mentioned in the Book of Mormon, is referring to GOVERNMENT, and that Satan, the god of this world, controls it through the state by getting the world to blindly support government. He characterizes government as a religion, as does Stefan.

Being the simple-minded literalist that I tend to be, I was offended when I first entertained the proposition because I felt that the church described in the Book of Mormon clearly identified the Catholic Church and all of her subsidiaries.

It would be some time later that I would realize that the Mother Church and her Jesuits do in fact control the banking system and virtually all governments in the world and hence, there was not conflict is what Andersen was saying and what I believed.

The Record of John the Baptist?

For decades LDS students of the gospel have debated back and forth over the “record of John” that is spoken of in Section 93 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Is it speaking of the “record of John the Baptist” or the “Record of John the Beloved (Revelator)”.

Both Johns seem to have been given a responsibility to testify of Christ, but only one was tasked with the responsibility to bear RECORD that Christ recieved the fulness of the father at his baptism.

I found the following comment on a Snufferite Blog quite interesting

John is one of my favorite books of scripture. I studied the Greek New Testament in college and later on studied John 1 extensively and came to the conclusion that most of John 1 was taken from the record of John the Baptist, that John the Beloved was originally a disciple of John the Baptist, that John the Beloved included a portion of the record of John the Baptist as the preface to his testimony, that the record of John referred to in D&C 93 refers to the record of John the Baptist, not John the Beloved and that the fullness of the record of John would be scripture written by John the Baptist and an expansion of John 1. For this reason I don’t see TSJ as the fullness of the record of John.

Also TSJ mentions Mary cutting Jesus’ hair which had not been cut because of the vow. I assume this refers to the Nazarite vow. This vow has three main restrictions, not to cut your hair, not to drink wine and not to have contact with unclean things including corpses. Jesus was a Nazarene (from Nazareth) but it is doubtful he was a Nazarite. I find this section of TSJ problematic.

Needless to say, if the above commentor is correct, it throws a huge wrench in the belief that Denver has brought forth the long awaited record of John the Beloved.

I’ll be blogging on this topic in the near future.

Three Degrees of Gospel Understanding

Dan Peterson posted an interesting article at the MormonInterpreter titled “Three Degrees of Gospel Understanding“. It would have been a better, more convincing post if he had provided some compelling examples of what the third degree of gospel understanding was.

He began his post by reminiscing a talk he heard LDS Historian Stanley Kimball give back in the 1980’s.

More than three decades ago — I was still in graduate school, so it must have been in the first half of the 1980s — my wife and I attended a gathering in southern California where the late Stanley Kimball, a professor of history at Southern Illinois University and a former president of the Mormon History Association, was the speaker. His remarks have stayed in my mind ever since…

Professor Kimball explained what he called the “three levels” of Mormon history, which he termed Levels A, B, and C. (Given my own background in philosophy, I might have chosen G. W. F. Hegel’s terminology, instead: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.)

Level A is the Sunday school version of the Church and of its history. It’s the kind of simple story that we tell in missionary lessons and in the Church’s visitors’ centers. Virtually everything connected with the Church on Level A is obviously good, beautiful, true, and harmonious. Ordinary members may occasionally make mistakes, but leaders seldom, if ever, do.

It’s difficult for somebody with a Level A understanding to imagine why everyone else doesn’t immediately recognize the obvious truth of the gospel, and opposition to the Church seems flatly Satanic.

Level B — what I call the antithesis to Level A’s thesis — is perhaps most clearly seen in anti-Mormon versions of Church history. In its purest and most extreme form, everything (or virtually everything) that Level A declares to be good, beautiful, true, and harmonious turns out actually to be evil, ugly, false, and chaotic. Latter-day Saint leaders at the general and sometimes even the local levels are viewed as deceitful and evil. They consider the Church’s account of its own story a complete fabrication, and some exceptionally antagonistic anti-Mormons even claim the general membership often misbehaves very badly.

It’s difficult for somebody solidly embedded in Level B to understand how anybody can fail to see the manifest evil and transparent falsehood of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and of the claims of the Restoration. Disagreement with them is the result either of some combination of ignorance and stupidity or, if that explanation can’t be made to work, of flat-out dishonesty.

In my view, the inadequacy of both Level A and Level B for any reasonable and realistic adult ought to be immediately obvious. Nothing involving humans is purely good and without flaw, just as, so far as I can tell, nothing involving humans is entirely evil and without some trace of good…

But one needn’t read anti-Mormon propaganda to be exposed to elements of Level B that seem to be true and that can’t quite be squared with an idealized, Level A portrait of the Restoration. In other words, it rapidly becomes obvious to people who read Mormon history or who experience it directly in the congregations of the Saints that Level A isn’t entirely accurate and that Level B isn’t entirely false. Some claims on Level B are true, at least to some extent, although many are wholly or largely false or are so taken out of context that they are effectively false. 

Whether newly converted or born in the covenant, maturing members of the Church will inevitably discover, sooner or later, that other Saints, including Church leaders, are fallible and sometimes even disappointing mortals. There are areas of ambiguity, even unresolved problems, in Church history; there have been disagreements about certain doctrines; the archaeological evidence for the Book of Mormon doesn’t yield decisive proof of its authenticity; and some questions don’t have immediately satisfying answers….

Of course the obvious problem with the above  characterizations of Level A and B is that it simplifies A as being taught by the church, depicting church leaders in a positive light, suggesting that they make few errors and B has anti-Mormons characterizing church leaders as being evil and generally being the root cause of historical problems.

Brother Peterson then goes on to characterize Level C as the official and deeper version that provides broader context. He refers to it as the “’warts and all’ version of Restoration history” that reveals the reality of human fallibility of the saints, including their leaders without demonizing the saints and leaders.

Peterson recalls Kimballs explanation as to why the church taught church members the A version of church history-

“Professor Kimball’s remarks in southern California, decades ago: He observed that the Church isn’t eager to expose its members to the problems and ambiguities of its history. Why? Because souls can be lost and are lost on Level B.”

Peterson  recalls Professor Kimball justifying the church in not teaching the deeper version of church history that shows the “warts and all version of Restoration history” because:

“Its mission isn’t primarily to teach history; it’s to preach the gospel. That humans are fallible and flawed goes without saying..”

 On the other hand, Peterson recalls Kimball being somewhat torn about the decision to teach the sanitized version of church history instead of providing a balanced version of history with its warts, because doing so fails to “inoculate” the members who come in contact with the raw history of the church from having their faith destroyed.

Thus, in failing to “inoculate” its membership against the follies and questions and problems of its history, the Church can sometimes leave them vulnerable to faith-destroying disease.

Personally, I love the analogy of the three levels of understanding church history that Professor Kimball spoke about. However, I see a few problems with how he characterizes them as primarily having to do with human fallibility.

I believe Level C should be faith promoting and edifying but it should  also answer the tough questions. In short, it should tell the truth while providing the prophetic narrative behind the historic narrative. Simply acknowledging human fallibility hardly inoculates anyone with serious historical questions.

Secondly, implying that all or most of the difficult historical issues can be classified as human fallibility is an egregiously false characterization.

The truth is that MOST of the problematic issues having to do with church history have to do with what appear to be legitimate discrepancies in doctrine, protocol, events and the general narrative which are not necessarily related to human fallibility.

In some instances where human mistakes appear to be the problem, there is a deeper doctrinal and prophetic reason as to why God’s servants did some of the bizarre things they did. It is an industrial strength oversimplification to classify the third category as generally relating to human fallibility.

I think the reason that apologists like to make that simplification when attempting to alleviate the concerns of the members of the church who are just beginning to be confronted with the problems of church history and experiencing a crisis of faith, is because it lets them off the hook in providing serious answers to the truly difficult questions.

I believe the true Level C of church history that actually answers many of the difficult questions and strengthens faith, is the secret prophetic narrative behind the 15 year ministry of Joseph Smith that to my knowledge, has never been publicly taught in the past. Certainly not by the church. I provide this narrative in my youtube series titled The Secret History of Mormonism.

Frankly, as I have read books by faithful LDS historians and listened to the arguments of LDS apologists I have not found their Level C version of history to be very edifying or faith promoting, nor do they provide real answers to serious questions. That is probably why Peterson’s article did not provide any compelling examples of how Level C is really significantly better than Level B or how it increases faith in the restoration.

Allow me to provide one brief example of a difficult historical topic and how it might be characterized in levels A, B, and C.

Example: History of the Changes Made in Modern Revelation

Level A- Members are taught or allowed to assume that the revelations in our current Doctrine and Covenants are presented exactly how Joseph Smith originally received them from God.

This simplified but inaccurate historical narrative provides comfort and stability in believing that the revelatory doctrinal development of the church was consistent, orderly, inspired and reliable.

Level B- Members find out, (sometimes from anti-Mormons) that many of the original revelations were canonized into the Book of Commandments in 1833. Then, in 1835 most of those revelations were re-canonized into the Doctrine and Covenants with some very significant passages being deleted or altered to say something different than they originally said. In some cases, altered to say just the opposite. This creates confusion and anxiety in members to find out that the original revelations were changed.

This information leaves them wondering if the original revelations were uninspired or if changes made were uninspired. In either case, it causes doubt in the divine calling of Joseph Smith.

Level C- Members are introduced to the true prophetic narrative behind the history of the church and find out that the original revelations were true and that they pertained to the “Church of Christ” as it existed in 1833. They also learn what the fulness of the Gospel is and that is was rejected by the saints of the restored church within a very short period of time.

They learn that after the fulness of the gospel was rejected by the early Kirtland Saints in 1834, the restored church fell under condemnation. They learn that the name of Christ was taken out of the name of the church, and the gospel of Abraham was secretly ushered in, causing a second wave of missionary work wherein this preparatory gospel was taken to converts across the great waters, changing the demographics of the church .

In short, they learn that the D&C and the modified revelations in it were also inspired and accurate and that the are corrected to contextually pertain to the “Church of the Latter day Saints” in 1835.

They learn that the prophetic trajectory of the church had changed by 1835 and the previous scriptures needed to be modified under the direction of the Holy Spirit to be consistent with the new historical context that the members of the church found themselves in.

Once people understand this, their faith crisis on this issue is replaced by a much greater and more accurate understanding of church history and the gospel resulting in stronger faith in the LDS restoration.

I could probably provide another 30 or 40 examples just like that of the A, B, and C, level of understanding pertaining to other controversial historical  and doctrinal issues such as the historicity of Section 110, three orders of priesthood, spiritual wife doctrine, etc., etc., etc.

The article went on to say:

There are no easy, black and white solutions to this problem. Interestingly, although he was a professional academic historian, Dr. Kimball remarked that, were he in a high leadership position, he would himself probably make the same decision. He would not, that is, seek to expose Church members to a “disease” that would make them stronger if they survived it but that, in fact, more than a few would find fatal.

Once members of the Church have been exposed to Level B, though, Professor Kimball argued, their best hope is to press on to what he believed (and I believe) to be the richer but more complicated version of history (or to the more realistic view of humanity) that is to be found on Level C. Here’s a crucial point, however: He contended (and, again, I agree) that Level C — what I call the “synthesis” level — turns out to be essentially, and profoundly, like Level A. Level B is substantially and essentially wrong. Level A is correct but only as far as it goes.

This is vital to understand. For one thing, it undercuts the claim that by giving little or no attention to a “warts and all” version of Restoration history in its Sunday school classrooms, the Church is lying to the Saints. From the standpoint of a believer such as I am (and such as Professor Kimball evidently was), Level A is a simpler version of the truth and not in any significant sense a lie.

Do you buy what he is selling?

Everything is Rigged

Prior to the Presidential election I skimmed through an article titled “Everything is Rigged : Medicine, science, elections, the media, money, education, search engines, social media… you are living in a fabricated fairy tail

How is that for a depressing declaration?

Here is the intro to the article

After witnessing how Reuters just blatantly cooked the presidential election polls this week to favor Clinton and how the mainstream media is so terrifyingly biased in favor of Clinton that the very foundation of democracy is now in crisis, it’s time to tell you something that perhaps a lot more people are finally ready to hear:

Everything is rigged. 

Every institution in America is sold out, corrupted and politically rigged to favor Big Government and Big Business. “America is a lost country,” explains Paul Craig Roberts. “The total corruption of every public and the private institution is complete. Nothing remains but tyranny. And lies. Endless lies.”

The most depressing thing about the article is that it is, in my humble opinion, true.

Everything is rigged.

However there are those who do not think that tyranny and rigged elections is sustainable nor can it withstand the strain of social blow-back and protest. Another article that may reflect the crossroads that America finds itself  in is titled “Chaos will erupt across America in less than 100 days… no matter who wins the election

There are over 40 saints of the restoration who have testified that Joseph Smith prophesied that the America we know it would end in a Civil War. There are numerous prophecy scholars including Jonathan Kahn who believe that 2016-17 is the time of the last big Jubilee and that our currency will either collapse or experience a huge hair cut in this time period.

Whether we experience such a major change in the near future or not, I think it is safe to say that we are in unchartered waters and on the brink of major prophetic events taking place.

How did America and the world arrive at this dire situation where there is so much deception and everything is rigged against the common man?

The above article on how everything is rigged reminded me of a chastisement that I got from my older sister about 30 years ago.

She had been quizzing my wife and I about why we were considering doing home school for our children and we shared with her our distrust in the “system”.

In our conversation we shared our distrust in government run education and also in modern science in General. We shared our distrust in traditional medicine and the AMA and why we thought that using alternative health methodologies was a better way to go.

We shared our concern about some of the things being taught in the corporate LDS church and we even mentioned our distrust of the legal system and how it was ultimately governed by the “Crown” and the “Vatican”.

After getting an earful of why the whole system was corrupted and rigged, my sister exclaimed in disdain, “you guys seem to see a conspiracy under every rock you look under!

She was right. We did see a conspiracy under every rock that we overturned. I made no apologies for it then and I make no apologies for it now.

Her reaction is understandable because she, like most Mormons, did not believe that Satan is the god of this world and that this world represents his kingdom. (2nd Cor 4:4)

The Four Crafts

Brigham Young made the following statement.

When God spoke from heaven to Joseph Smith, the people were bound down by priestcraft, doctorcraft, kingcraft, and lawyercraft, the four grand crafts that uphold Satan’s kingdom.” Brigham Young (Des. News, July 12, 1863)

CRAFT, noun
2. Cunning, art or skill, in a bad sense, or applied to bad purposes; artifice; guile; skill or dexterity employed to effect purposes by deceit.  1828 Websters

In my opinion, the above four crafts are responsible for the destruction of America, the deception that is taking place and the dilemma our world is in. Satan has worked his magic primarily through those four crafts. They have permeated and completely taken over government and religion. Both the President of the United States and the President of the LDS Church along with their inner circles are practicing kingcraft with virtually no accountability to the people they rule over.

Those that administer the directives of our kingly government and kingly Church leaders, are largely composed of career doctors, lawyers and priests. I believe that Teachercraft can be added to the above list because the educational system is the primary purveyor of all this nonsense to our children.

It is amazing that Brigham Young warned the Saints against being educated by the worldly schools of Babylon and as an alternative he created a church sponsored university that has grown into BYU!

Yet BYU has become exactly what it was created to be a Godly alternative to. There is virtually no difference between the education that one gets from BYU and any other worldly institution. Indeed BYU aspires to be more like the Jesuit controlled Ivy League schools.

The Law of Common Consent and Leadership Accountability

I have blogged numerous times about the fact that the Lord initially gave the Saints of the restoration the Law of Common Consent as a checks and balances instrument to prevent priestcraft from entering into the church and prevent leaders from making uninspired decisions. The Law of Consecration is an essential law that makes everyone temporally equal in their temporal opportunities and prevents church leaders from practicing priestcraft.

That law of common consent has been perverted by church leaders into a tool for identifying those that are loyal to the faith and those that are not loyal to the faith. When someone votes to the contrary, they are called in to determine their worthiness and whether or not they should face a tribunal, the issue they are voting against is never objectively and sincerely questioned by the authorities.

In a recent podcast about the law of common consent I heard a scripture that I had never noticed before in the Book of Mormon. It blew my mind-

“..choose you by the voice of this people, judges, that ye may be judged according to the laws which have been given you by our fathers, which are correct, and which were given them by the hand of the Lord.

Now it is not common that the voice of the people desireth anything contrary to that which is right; but it is common for the lesser part of the people to desire that which is not right; therefore this shall ye observe and make it your law—to do your business by the voice of the people.

And if the time comes that the voice of the people doth choose iniquity, then is the time that the judgments of God will come upon you  (Mosiah 29:25-27)


Allow me to paraphrase what the above passage is saying to me.

The voice of the God’s people as a collective, commonly (generally) desires that which is right, which is why everyone needs to have an equal voice in the voting of all major decisions in the Church.

Smaller special interest groups, including special quorums that take it upon themselves to make decisions in behalf of the collective body of Christ, commonly (generally) desire that which is not right for the people. 


Smaller groups within the collective group commonly want that which is not right!!!!!

No wonder the Lord commanded the saints thusly in governing the church-

“And all things shall be done by common consent in the church, by much prayer and faith, for all things you shall receive by faith. Amen.” D&C 26:2

Imagine what would have happened if Joseph Smith would have publicly put the law of Celestial Polygamy up for a vote of the total membership of the church which contradicts the previous revelation on the higher marital law of monogamy in Section 42.

I believe it would have been voted down emphatically and decisively. He would have probably been excommunicated from the church.

That is the express reason he had to practice it in secrecy and why God commands that things of this nation not be done in secret. He knew the united voice of the saints would have voted against it based on previous revelations and commandments as well as innate conscience. A vote would have prevented the practice of celestial polygamy from entering into the church.

Imagine what would have happened if Brigham Young would have put it up to a vote (without retribution) when he decided to start withholding the priesthood from the blacks after they had enjoyed the privilege of holding the priesthood from the beginning of the restoration under the direction of Joseph Smith.

Imagine what would have happened if President Monson would have openly presented the desires of the governing quorum of the church to spend Billions of dollars on a real estate project that featured a large shopping mall instead of focusing on investing additional resources of the church on the poor and needy.

Do you think that would have been accepted by the voice of the people? How would members of the church who are practically starving and making huge sacrifices to pay tithing feel about that decision?

If it had been  accepted by the majority of the people, according to the above scripture, it would have been a sure sign for the judgments of God to fall upon the people.

What would have happened last year if the leaders of the Church would have explained to the saints the legal reasons why they had been instructed by the law firm of the Church to withhold the saving ordinances of the Gospel from innocent children because of the family circumstances they were in?

Do you think the majority of the saints, (if they did not feel the threat of church discipline for voting their conscience) would have sustained such an abomination if asked to vote on it?

I think not.


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Miscellaneous Musings #19- Was Eliza R. Snow gang-raped by Eight Missouri ruffians?

March 9, 2016

Attention email subscribers. Much of this post includes youtube that can only be seen if you log into the blog post

Radiation Alert!
radio active

215 times the allowed RADIOISOTOPE in BISCAYNE BAY Florida, suspected NUKE LEAK!!!

Selling our Inheritance to Russia


EXCLUSIVE: Massive Cover-up – BLM leases Hammond ranch land to Russia through Clinton Foundation donors for uranium

Was Eliza Gang Raped by Missouri Ruffians?


Shocking historical finding: Mormon icon Eliza R. Snow was gang-raped by Missouri ruffians

Meg Stout finds the evidence inconclusive

The Sign of Death

George Bush Sr shows up to the Republican debate and gives the sign of the satanic cut throat gesture that was once part of the LDS temple endowment. Conspiracy theorists believe he did it to signal the death of Donald Trump.

Mitt the Accuser

My cousin Mitt played the role of the accuser against Donald Trump, who usually plays the roll of the accuser. He was incredibly articulate in his criticisms of Donald Trump. I couldn’t disagree with anything he said about Trump and yet I felt nothing but distain for Romney the entire time he was speaking. He is simply doing the bidding of his cronies in the illuminati and, according to some of the buzz, he may seek the party nomination at the last minute.


Blow back from Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine: Mitt Romney awoke a sleeping giant

Will Mitt Try to Steal the Nomination?

“Mitt Romney has filed paperwork with FEC to run in the current election and may be trying to block out Trump so he does not get the Republican nomination. This does not mean he has to run for President but it allows him to leave his options open.”

[link to freepatriotpost.com]

Posting this dispite my fears

Rounding up the Patriots


Feds rounding up Patriots connected to Western lands battle

Tithing: Checking your Gullibility Quotient 


6% on interest is how tithing is calculated? I don’t think so.

New historical information reveals original meaning of LDS tithing”

Here is a snippet from the article

(KUTV) The LDS church is shedding more light on the faith’s longtime practice of tithing, answering a long-standing debate about how it is referred to in the faith’s scriptures and what it means today.

Tithing requires members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to pay one-tenth of their income to the church. That money is then used to fund church operations.

But while tithing has root in Mormon scripture, an LDS historian says the way it was calculated in the late 1830s was far different than what is practiced today.

Steven Harper, a former BYU professor who now works at the LDS Church History Department, said tithing was originally based on net worth – not income.

In an article published on LDS.org, Harper said the practice took shape in July 1838 when the faith’s founder, Joseph Smith, said he received a revelation about it. This came as the church was looking to raise money to build a new temple, Harper said.

In the revelation as recorded in Mormon scripture, tithing was explained to mean members would give “all their surplus property” to the bishop at the time, Edward Partridge, and thereafter “pay one-tenth of all their interest annually.”

Current LDS leaders say interest is typically interpreted as “income.” But that’s not what it has always meant.

“Bishop Partridge understood ‘one tenth of all their interest’ annually to mean 10 percent of what Saints would earn in interest if they invested their net worth for a year,” Harper wrote. He cited an example from Partridge who was reportedly in the room when Smith received the revelation.

“If a man is worth a $1000, the interest on that would be $60, and one/10. of the interest will be of course $6. thus you see the plan,” Partridge wrote in a letter just days after the revelation was received.”

It amazes me that so many people jump on the bandwagon of believing a heresy just because a historical figure believed it. In an upcoming post I will debunk the belief that tithing was based on the going annual interest rate based on a person’s net worth.

Merchants trafficking in the souls of men
Understanding your birth certificate

“The edification of the corporation to the status of person is one of the most enduring institutions of the law and one of the most widely accepted legal fictions.” Few people understand that corporations (legal fictions) were originally created by the Catholic Church and that each soul that is born into this world is essentially incorporated with copyrighted names that are trafficked as merchandise.

The birth certificate represents a financial transaction. The holy See believes he is ruler over all governments and religious institutions. In this video, Santos Bonacci lectures the Pope and tries to shame him into repenting of trafficking in the souls of men.. He gets a few things wrong, but his rant is interesting and it represents that fact that the masses are beginning to catch on to the grand scam that has been taking place for centuries.

Will Hillary be Indicted over her Private Email Server?

Megan Kelly Hammers on Debbie Wasserman Schultz about Hillary Clinton Email Scandal.. start at 3:54

Video Released showing two camera angles of LaVoy Finicum shooting


My slip is showing
my slip
In a recent Notable Emails I inferred that DS claimed to have begun his second comforter visits 30 years ago. I’m getting senile and I keep getting confusing his timeline with mine. LOL  I apologize for this egregious mistake.
My journey of awakening began 30 years ago as I began delving into a deep study of doctrine and history. Apparently it was about 14 years ago when he began getting tutored by Christ, enabling him to read what everyone else has said about doctrinal and historical issues and then rewrite about it in his own words. 🙂

Miscellaneous Musings #17 “For it was the woman that sinned not the man”

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Miscellaneous Musings #3 Kingdom of the Jews (3/7/2014)

Miscellaneous Musings #2 (2/28/2014)

Miscellaneous Musings #1 (2/11/2014)


Miscellaneous Musings #18 Catholic Theologian Accepts Joseph Smith as a Prophet

November 19, 2015

Boy is he in for a surprise! 

Elder Jeffery R Holland declared in February of this year that the Church is immune to error and will not fall into apostasy.

“Ours is that fail-safe, inexorable, indestructible dispensation of the fulness of the gospel… Unlike every other era before us, this dispensation will not experience an institutional apostasy; it will not see a loss of priesthood keys; it will not suffer a cessation of revelation from the voice of Almighty God. Individuals will apostatize, they may turn a deaf ear to heaven, but never again will this dispensation collectively do so. What a secure thought that is! What a day in which to live! What a way to cut through fear or faintheartedness”

I have no problem accepting Joseph Smith as a Prophet
An evening with margaret Barker and Stephen Webb 

When was the last time you heard a high profile Catholic theologian state that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he brought important information to the earth?


Humility & Sweetness Soundly Defeats Arrogance

I am not a huge fan of extreme fighting, particularly female extreme fighting, I think it is wrong.

I must admit however, that I found the shocking victory of Holly Holm over Ronda Rousey extremely inspiring. I love it when the overwhelming underdog wins a decisive victory.

Warning for Violence

A Female Smackdown on Feminism


Think You Are Going to Skate by With a Cheap Obamacare Penalty in 2016? Think Again! Penalty Shock Fine Just Released

[link to apnews.myway.com

Folks. The 2014 $75 penalty was just another Obama ruse to get his horrific ‘health care’ law in place. The purpose is to collapse the health care system and get our citizens to BEG for single payer, Bernie Sanders style health care.

That is when your taxes go up to 75-80% of your income. You can take the pennies you have left over from your paycheck and spend any way your little heart desires.

2016 penalty for those who are not enrolled in Obamacare is a minimum of $695 dollars or 2.5% of your gross income, which ever is higher.

For a family of four who has two working parents and a combined gross income of $100,000 will pay $2500 per year for the privilege of NOT having Obamacare insurance.

With $5000-10,000 per year of up front payments (deductibles) before your coverage even kicks in…when will single payer insurance start in America?

2017? 2018? or 2019? We can’t go on much longer than this as the fines and penalties will continue to skyrocket every year until people are all tapped out.

Congratulations Barack. You won again. You beat Congress and the Supreme Court on the way to national tyranny.


Logs Logs

Has anyone been keeping a log of Log’s logs? on other people’s blogs?

On one particular post, I counted 23 out of the 66 comments which is roughly 38.8%

Whose blog is this?

Is there no limit to how many logs a person can lay on another person’s blog?

I disabled the comments section on my blog to prevent two things from happening. One was to stop the paid LDS shills from trying to do damage control, the other was to prevent people from hi-jacking the thread. The comment section of two of the most popular LDS blogs have been ruined by a guy that is so incredibly divisive and critical of others and yet he plays the victim every time anyone calls him on it.

 Invasion by Immigration

Large scale mass migrations become invasions and this actually appears to be a hijrah as he describes it. This is NOT going to end well. It appears the policies of the liberal socialist leaders in Europe and the US do not want to keep these lands from being overrun. Why???

I couldn’t figure out why other Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, etc.) weren’t taking in refugees, so I started  digging.

Hijrah is jihad by emigration.

It means moving to a new land in order to bring Islam there and is considered in Islam to be a holy and revered action:

“And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance, and whoever leaves
his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah.” (4:100)

Anyone Familiar with “The Watcher”

“To me, it seems that he sees the same basic problems with the corporate church that we all do, but he takes it in a whole different direction. From a “fruits” point of view, when I read his stuff I don’t get nearly the same enlightenment or sense of understanding my own place in the grand scheme of things. I’m wondering, though, if this is just a result of my own lifelong conditioning for heartsell. From a scriptural viewpoint he certainly has a new perspective on things. While I can see where he gets to conclusions, I think that he sees many things that the verses he cites just don’t support He tends to wrest the scriptures quite a bit, in my opinion..”

Do I wrest the scriptures? Or is it that you have been so brainwashed by the corporate church, and void of the true spirit of revelation that you don’t know how to accept the literal interpretation of the scriptures?

Peer Reviewing the Interpreter


The Smoking Gun of Book of Mormon Geography


Finding the Temple Endowment “Disturbing”

What went through your mind the first time you went through the temple endowment? Many people have been shocked at their first experience.

Marlin K Jensen: “ I think my little daughter was quite worthy, but she was so disturbed, I’ll say..”

Sustaining the Brethren

“I think I understand from this article that binding doctrinal announcements are those sanctioned by the First Presidency in unison. If so, when and where did Presidents Sidney Rigdon and William Law line up in support and implementation of Celestial Marriage in its fullness as presented in Section 132?”


I believe that the concept of “progressive revelation” originally had to do with “continuous revelation” and the belief that the Lord’s church enjoys continuing revelations that remain consistent with previous revelations, and that all new revelations are congruent and harmonious with the past revelations, generally providing additional details and clarifications to past revelations.

Sadly, I think that for many Saints, the term “Progressive revelation” has come to mean “Revisionist Revelation”, or the belief that past doctrines that were presented by a past First Presidency as being true, can legitimately be overturned and revised by the current First Presidency.

Was Jesus Married?

Was Jesus Married? A Careful Look at the Real Evidence

Suffer the Little Children.. and the Gays?

The latest policy controversy is so frustrating that it makes those of us that resigned many years ago so angry that we want to join again to have the privilege of resigning again. Nevertheless, there are two issues that have been messed together. One has to do with stifling the agency of innocent people from making their own decisions. The other has to do with the successful attempt by a special interest group in making their lifestyle generally accepted which, according to Chuck Missler, is a sign of the times.


Here is a recent comment from someone who is responding to a gay person

“I have never been able to swallow this implicit contention that your sexual abnormality is any different or more privileged than my daughter’s congenital birth defects. Do we have to create entirely new categories of humanity and tell her there isn’t actually anything wrong (as she struggles to walk…seeing every minute that other can without effort) in order for her to lead a psychologically healthy life?

She isn’t going to get to do a lot of things she would like to in life. How are you any better than her? Why do we have to change the Plan for you and not for her? There are plenty of physically disabled folks who will never get to have sex or have children in this life.

Why are you so much better than them? Why is it supposed to be such an impossible burden for gays to live a celibate life when so many others, disabled and not, manage to pull it off however hard it may be? You aren’t God’s special little revelation, you’re just one more human with divine potential and human challenges.”


Miscellaneous Musings #17 “For it was the woman that sinned not the man”

Miscellaneous Musings #16 The Link between Prophet Worship and Breaking the LAW of the Gospel

Miscellaneous Musings #15 “Dedicating yourself to truth and dedicating yourself to God are the exact same thing”

Miscellaneous Musings #14 The Collateral Damage of the LDS Historical Essays on Polygamy Transcend the Mormon Church

Miscellaneous Musings #13 Peter was a High Priest

Miscellaneous Musings #12 Are the Nauvoo Discourses True?

Miscellaneous Musings #11 Six Year Anniversary of OneWhoIsWatching

Miscellaneous Musings #10 Ferguson is Close to the “Center Place”

Miscellaneous Musings #9 The Mystery of the Shemitah

Miscellaneous Musings #8 Sunstone Symposium 2014

Miscellaneous Musings # 7 The Kinderhook Plates were Authentic

Miscellaneous Musings # 6 Jeremy Runnells

Miscellaneous Musings # 5 Phineas Young

Miscellaneous Musings #4

Miscellaneous Musings #3 Kingdom of the Jews (3/7/2014)

Miscellaneous Musings #2 (2/28/2014)

Miscellaneous Musings #1 (2/11/2014)

Miscellaneous Musings #12 Are the Nauvoo Discourses True?

November 12, 2014

are you in the wrong place

[WARNING: This blog documents the truthfulness of the restored gospel and the validity of the LDS restoration movement and the ministry of the prophet Joseph Smith. HOWEVER, it also contains very controversial material about LDS Church doctrine and history and it is often critical of Modern Mormonism and the actions and decisions of the leaders thereof.

This particular series of “Miscellaneous Musings” addresses current events and the random thoughts and observations of the author.

At times the author uses a tone of irreverence, cynicism and sarcasm as therapy to help himself and some of his readers cope with the absurd, alternate reality that we live in.

Although many of the Latter day Jews (Mormons)  are convinced that we have the fulness of the Gospel on the earth, I am of the belief that we actually live in the prophesied time of “hidden darkness” when God’s apostate people think they are righteous but they are not..

You should be at least 18 to view this site or have parental permission and a note from your Bishop.

Comments, complaints, accusations and threats can be directed to OneWhoIsWatching [at] gmail dot com. ]

Aaron Weiss Speaks Very Articulately

Deputy Slaps Citizen for Not Allowing Car Search



“Saratoga County Deputy Shawn Glans had no idea he was being recorded as he tried to intimidate a man into allowing him to search his car, which is why he slapped him on the back of his head while yanking the keys out of his hand, tossing them to another deputy who searched the man’s car and found nothing illegal.

But he does know now after Adam Roberts uploaded the video to Facebook where it began going viral Friday.

Deputy Shawn Glans has been fired!

Update on the deputy that slapped the citizen.


Ebola Infographic

Does Jacob 2 Teach that God Sometimes Commands Polygamy?

There is a fellow that has tried to convince me that Jacob 2:30 was really not saying what most people think it is saying. I have stated repeatedly that section 132 is a revelation from hell and that I do not believe in the spiritual wife doctrine. I have written numerous articles to that effect:

I told this fellow that nobody would be happier than me if he was correct about Jacob 2:30 being misinterpreted, however, the wresting of the scriptures that he offered me to prove his point was not compelling to me. I felt that I needed to accept the interpretation at face value until someone could show me a compelling reason to assume a different interpretation.

I noticed the other day that someone came to his website and provided a fascinating explanation of how the meaning of the passage may have been corrupted by the misapplication of punctuation.


I do find that explanation with the differing punctuation to be more persuasive, particularly in light of the condemning text that precedes and follows the declaration. 🙂

Notice the reverse meaning when the punctuation is used differently:

“For if I will, saith the Lord of Hosts, raise up seed unto me, I will command my people otherwise; they shall hearken unto these things.” (referring to the things mentioned before and after the verse, condemning the practice of polygamy)

I am still not totally convinced. It seems to me that the passage is probably referring to the Levirate Law.

Just something to ponder..

Obama and the Democrats got a Thrashing..
..to no avail

It was interesting to watch the interview with Obama after the huge thrashing that his policies and the democrats got. He spun the message that he got from voters to mean that people simply want him and congress to “get something done”.

That, of course, was not the message being sent from voters. The messages was, “quit doing what you are doing! You are destroying this nation!”

Obama then proceeded to tell reporters that he was not going to compromise on anything. Either Congress would pass bills that he likes and that promoted his agenda, or he would continue to use Executive Orders to promote his agenda.

I used to get serious heartburn watching him dismantle this nation, however, I keep reminding myself that God has put this latter day Pharaoh in power as a chastisement to this Godless nation. Obama is just one of many judgments that God has sent against the “hypocritical nation”.

Congressman Calls on Americans to
“Surround the White House”
to Stop Obama

Quo Warranto

From time to time patriot groups attempt to reverse the damage being done by the secret combination that is destroying the freedom of all nations.

The Line in the Sand – Breaking News November 10, 2014 Unified Common Law Grand Jury in every State files writ of quo warranto in every Federal District Court, United States Supreme Court and served upon every Federal Judge and all 9 US Supreme Court Justices. Information in the nature of a quo warranto.

Of course we know from prophecy that it will take an intervention from God and His servants to break the bonds that have us in bondage. Nevertheless, for those of you who are just waking up to a sense of our awful situation, this video provides a significant summary of many of the issues at hand.

 The PDF is found here

The   Secret History of the Mormon Church

Over the years, I have been uncovering what I refer to as the secret history of Mormonism. The true history of the LDS Restoration has been hidden and sanitized by well meaning people.  I have shared my findings regarding the history of the restored church, in light of prophecy.

I have taught that after the Gentile church rejected the fulness of the gospel (3rd Nephi 16:10, D&C 124:28) which was on the earth from June of 1831 to November of 1834, by taking lightly the Book of Mormon and the commandments given through Joseph Smith, including the law of consecration, an intercessory offering needed to be made.

The Lords anointed servants of the restoration needed to make this intercessory offering to prevent the Latter day Saints from being swept off of the face of the earth.

Following this 3 1/2 year period and the rejection of the fulness, Joseph and Oliver entered into a “covenant of tithing” for the “continuance of blessings“. This enabled the Saints to complete the Kirtland Temple so that the secret vision and transferring of dispensational keys could take pace behind the veil in the holy of holies.

At that point, the fulness of the Gospel of GRACE, was taken from the Gentiles and replaced with the preparatory gospel of MERCY. The Gentiles then took this preparatory Gospel, which contained the KNOWLEDGE of the fulness of the Gospel to the House of Israel.

Many Mormons are JEWS

In Christ’s prophecy about this event, he said that after the Gentiles sinned against the fulness of the gospel, (in 1834) the gospel would be taken to “His People” the “House of Israel” (This began in about 1839 when Joseph Smith had the Twelve Apostles establish foreign missions ) :

10 And thus commandeth the Father that I should say unto you: At that day when the Gentiles shall sin against my gospel, and shall reject the fulness of my gospel, and shall be lifted up in the pride of their hearts above all nations, and above all the people of the whole earth..

..I remember my covenant which I have made unto my people, O house of Israel, and I will bring my gospel unto them.

12 And I will show unto thee, O house of Israel, that the Gentiles shall not have power over you; but I will remember my covenant unto you, O house of Israel, and ye shall come unto the knowledge of the fulness of my gospel.

Throughout the scriptures when referring to “his people” “Israel”, the Lord is usually referring to the “Jews”. Sometimes the word Jews is used synonymously with the term “house of Israel”, while, at other times, it is referring primarily to the “Tribe of Judah” or the “kingdom of Judah”.

It is therefore not surprising that embedded in modern revelation, we are told that the foreign missions that Joseph set up following the secret ushering in of the “dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham”, would be gathering in the Jews:

“That through your administration they may receive the word, and through their administration the word may go forth unto the ends of the earth, unto the Gentiles first, and then, behold, and lo, they shall turn unto the Jews.” (Section 90)

“Therefore, renounce war and proclaim peace, and seek diligently to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers, and the hearts of the fathers to the children;

And again, the hearts of the Jews unto the prophets, and the prophets unto the Jews; lest I come and smite the whole earth with a curse, and all flesh be consumed before me.” (Section 98)

The Twelve being sent out, holding the keys, to open the door by the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and first unto the Gentiles and then unto the Jews.” (section 107)

All three of the above passages, in conjunction with the prophecy of Christ in 3rd Nephi, inform us that directly after the gospel goes to the Gentiles, it went to the House of Israel, otherwise referred to as the Jews. Clearly, the Twelve Apostles were commissioned to take the gospel to the Jews. Other sections of scripture that show forth the commission to the Twelve Apostles in taking the gospel to both the nations of the earth, to the Gentiles and then the Jews, are Sections 112 and 118.

Those converts that began flowing into the church from Great Britain during the Nauvoo era, were of the House of Israel or Jews, in contradistinction to the Gentiles members of the church from the Kirtland era.

Although some may assume that the preaching of the Gospel to the Jews has not yet begun and is a future, 3rd watch event, the following passage of scripture given during the dedication of the Kirtland Temple proves that from the very hour in which the Temple was dedicated, the ancient city of “Jerusalem”  was redeemed, the “yoke of bondage” began to be broken off of the ancient “house of David” and the literal “children of Judah” began to return to the land of America which is the land of the Abrahamic Covenant!

We therefore ask thee to have mercy upon the children of Jacob, that Jerusalem, from this hour, may begin to be redeemed; And the yoke of bondage may begin to be broken off from the house of David; And the children of Judah may begin to return to the lands which thou didst give to Abraham, their father.” (Section 109:62-64)

A contextual reading of modern revelation and study of LDS church history, in conjunction with the prophecies contained in the Old Testament, verify that the early Gentile Saints from the Kirtland era, from pilgrim heritage, descended from the ancient “Kingdom of Israel”  that had mingled among the nations of the Gentiles during Old Testament times.

Conversely, the converts flowing in from Great Britain during the Nauvoo era, included the “Children of Judah” who were descendents of the ancient “Kingdom of Judah”, many of which had gathered back to the Old World Jerusalem prior to the Savior’s earthly birth. After rejecting Christ, the kingdom of the Jews was destroyed and dispersed among the nations until they were to be gathered again in the last days and called Latter day “Saints”.

The terms “House of Israel” and “Jews” are often used interchangeably in the scriptures because there is a broad definition of the word Jew. However, within this general group of Jewish LDS converts, was a remnant from the literal “house of Judah“. IMO, the Fielding family was a text book example of descendents of the tribe and kingdom of Judah. When Hyrum Smith’s posterity intermingled with remnants of the house of Judah and were given positions of presidency among the Saints, it enabled the latter day Saints to re-establish the Kingdom of Judah in the latter days!

Despite how corrupt and apostate the modern Latter day Saint Church is, it is still composed of the “Jews” who are the Lord’s people. Traditionally, the Jews have been a rebellious people so it is not surprising that the modern Mormon church is totally apostate and completely out of the way. Nevertheless, they have the standard works which contain the knowledge of the fulness of the Gospel which is being taken to the nations of the earth.

We know that in the 3ed watch, when the last RESTORATION takes place,  the two witnesses that will come with a voice of warning will come to the Latter day Saints that represent the “Jewish nation”  and “Kingdom of the Jews”:

They are two prophets that are to be raised up to the Jewish nation in the last days, at the time of the restoration, and to prophesy to the Jews after they are gathered..” (D&C 77:15)

Will the latter day Jews listen to the message of the two witnesses and repent when the last restoration begins?

Despite the fact that Brigham Young and the twelve wrested the leadership of the church away from the rightful person who had come in at the gate (See D&C 43:7) and been anointed as a prophet seer and revelator, they still had the authority, according to the law of common consent, to lead the apostate church that did not want to be led by a true prophet, seer or revelator.. it appears, from sections107, 112, and 118, that although Brigham and his fellows were not prophets and seers, they held the keys of taking the scriptures containing the fulness of the gospel, to the Jews, which they did!

President Monson, truly sits in the latter day seat of Moses over the kingdom of the Jews. There is reason to believe that the latter day Saint JEWS are as corrupt and blinded as their ancestors were at the time that Christ came into the world and was rejected by His people the Jews.

From about April 4th, 1836, the period of time that the dispensation of the gospel of Abraham was secretly ushered in, things went downhill as the church fell into yet another time of apostasy. Instead of the law of consecration, the saints tried to create a Babylonian banking entity that ended in disaster. As they fled from Kirtland to Far West, the Saints began warring against the enemies of the church and a secret society called the Danites was established by members of the church who felt that they were now justified in plundering the unbelieving Gentiles and taking the spoils of war.

The next episode brings us to Nauvoo where the Saints continue practicing abominations that led to the martyrdom.

Nevertheless, during this time of apostasy, the message of the gospel was taken by the apostate apostles to the nations of the earth.

The Book of Mormon informs us that because of the abominations of the believing Gentiles, and because they would rejected the words of the prophets, the eyes of the seers would be covered. It informs us that AFTER the eyes of the prophets and seers are covered because of the iniquity of latter day Israel, the sealed book containing the revelation from God from the beginning to the end would come forth in the 3rd watch:

4 For behold, all ye that doeth iniquity, stay yourselves and wonder, for ye shall cry out, and cry; yea, ye shall be drunken but not with wine, ye shall stagger but not with strong drink.

5 For behold, the Lord hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep. For behold, ye have closed your eyes, and ye have rejected the prophets; and your rulers, and the seers hath he covered because of your iniquity.

6 And it shall come to pass [after the covering of the eyes of the prophets and seers] that the Lord God shall bring forth unto you the words of a book, and they shall be the words of them which have slumbered.

7 And behold the book shall be sealed; and in the book shall be a revelation from God, from the beginning of the world to the ending thereof.

History verifies that the eyes of the Lord’s prophets and seers, Joseph, Oliver, Hyrum, and Sidney were covered and they erred in doctrine.

Joseph Smith’s eyes were covered by the Lord as a result of his intercessory atonement offering, in which he was used by the Lord to deliver His people over to Satan for a little season. (See section 105)

Because the eyes of the prophets and seers were covered, it is obvious that they taught some false doctrines. This brings up an interesting question regarding the Nauvoo discourses that Joseph Smith gave.

Years ago when I did my series on Sidney Rigdon, I realized that it was his responsibility to prove the revelations brought forth through Joseph Smith, according to the Bible. That is why most of the significant doctrinal discourses during the early days of the church were given by Rigdon. He was one of the greatest doctrinal scholars and preachers of the day.

It seemed odd to me that Joseph began doing the discoursing during the Nauvoo era instead of Rigdon and it got me wondering about the credibility of the doctrinal content of those discourses, in light of the Lord covering Joseph’s eyes.

Are the Nauvoo Discourses True?

I recently got the following email from someone:


In your opinion, how useful and/or valid are Joseph’s sermons and teachings in the Nauvoo years as compiled in Andrew Ehat’s “Words of Joseph Smith” considering the state that he was in by that time?

I know that you/we accept section 124 as valid and being a true revelation, indeed. However, haven’t you concluded that much of the doctrine brought forth in the period from 1839 until his death is “questionable”?

Just wondering how you view the talks compiled in Ehat’s compilation?



This was my response to the above email:

“I have really labored over this question. Early in my quest for truth I obtained a document that contained all of the Nauvoo discourses, very similar to the content contained in Ehats book. At that time I assumed everything Joseph had taught during the Nauvoo era was the gospel truth.

One of the things that modern Mormonism indoctrinates us into thinking is the black and white belief that a person is either a prophet or they are not. If they are a prophet, everything they say is true. If they are not a prophet, nothing they say can be relied upon.

I think this belief creates a stumbling block at two different levels.

The first level of confusion is in the belief that a prophet of the church is infallible in what they teach and that they dont’ have personal opinions that can be wrong (nor is it possible that their eyes have temporarily been covered by the Lord, etc.)

The second level of confusion comes with the belief that we must rely on the prophet of the church to receive revelation for us and interpret the scriptures for us. Yes, at first we may need guidance, but the whole goal of the saving ordinances and the spiritual rebirth is to become revelatory vessels ourselves.

The purpose of receiving the spiritual rebirth and taking the Holy Ghost as our personal guide is to become prophets and revelators for ourselves.

The great key that was revealed to Peter and later expounded by Joseph Smith is that the “rock of personal revelation” is the foundation upon which the true church is built and upon which the gates of hell cannot prevail:

“And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. (PERSONAL REVELATION)  And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock (THE ROCK OF PERSONAL REVELATION)  I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Notice how the modern paraphrasing of the concept also establishes personal revelation as the rock:

“Yea, repent and be baptized, every one of you, for a remission of your sins; yea, be baptized even by water, and then cometh the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost. (PERSONAL REVELATION)

 Behold, verily, verily, I say unto you, this is my gospel; and remember that they shall have faith in me or they can in nowise be saved;

And upon this rock I will build my church; yea, upon this rock ye are built, and if ye continue, the gates of hell shall not prevail against you.”

Joseph reiterated the truth that the rock spoken of is the rock of revelation:

“The plea of many in this day is, that we have no right to receive revelations; but if we do not get revelations, we do not have the oracles [prophets] of God; and if they have not the oracles of God, they are not the people of God. . . . Jesus in His teachings says, ‘Upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’ What rock? Revelation.”

Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, sel. Joseph Fielding Smith (1976), 272, 274.

Joseph also taught that “salvation cannot come without revelation; it is in vain for anyone to minister without it. No man is a minister of Jesus Christ without being a Prophet”.

One of the most liberating and revelatory things I have come to realize is that EVERY SERMON ever given by ANYONE must be measured against the four standard works and PERSONAL REVELATION.

There is no mortal man that is always right and probably no mortal man that is always wrong. This puts the burden on each Saint to discern truth for themselves.

Paul was one of the most revelatory apostles in the New Testament and yet we find the Lord correcting some of his statements in modern revelation.

I make no bones about my disdain for some of the things Brigham Young did and taught, and yet, I sometimes come across things he ways that are profoundly true and revelatory. In fact one of my favorite Brigham Young teachings states that faithfully following the prophet will not save a person if they never learn to become a prophet themselves.

Likewise, I love and admire Joseph Smith, and yet, I can find teachings of his, such as the spiritual wife doctrine and the teachings found in the King Follett sermon that clearly contradict the word of God in the revelations that Joseph Smith himself brought forth, not to mention the Old and New Testaments.

When I finally discovered and began to understand the prophecies contained in 2 Sam 7, Lev 16, and other related passages detailing the true mission of Joseph Smith and the fact that he would eventually have his eyes covered, I began to take everything out of my wheelbarrow of beliefs and begin re-evaluating everything before putting them back into the wheelbarrow.

I began to place the scriptures and the Holy Ghost as the lens through which I studied and verified the gospel instead of categorically accepting everything that Joseph Smith supposedly taught and using his teachings as the lens through which I judged everything else, including the scriptures.

Realizing that Joseph had to have his eyes covered because of the transgressions of Latter day Israel, provided the perfect explanation as to why many of Joseph’s Nauvoo teachings and actions were not congruent with the early Kirtland teachings and revelations that he brought forth.

After revisiting the Nauvoo discourses and dissecting them, I have come to the conclusion for myself that the majority of what he publicly taught during that time was true, although certain things like the King Follett discourse has falsehood in them.

I absolutely love what the Lord says about the apocrypha because I believe it contains the answer to your question about how we should approach the Nauvoo sermons and ALL of the sermons given by ANYONE:

 Verily, thus saith the Lord unto you concerning the Apocrypha—There are many things contained therein that are true, and it is mostly translated correctly;

 There are many things contained therein that are not true, which are interpolations by the hands of men.

 Verily, I say unto you, that it is not needful that the Apocrypha should be translated.

 Therefore, whoso readeth it, let him understand, for the Spirit manifesteth truth;

 And whoso is enlightened by the Spirit shall obtain benefit therefrom;

 And whoso receiveth not by the Spirit, cannot be benefited. Therefore it is not needful that it should be translated. Amen.

Again, we are directed by the Lord to call upon personal revelation and learning by the spirit, in discerning which parts of the apocrypha are true and which are the interpolations of men.

I believe the same is true when reading the Nauvoo discourses and all other discourses. We must learn to identify and discern truth by the spirit.”

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October 24, 2014

are you in the wrong place

[WARNING: This blog documents the truthfulness of the restored gospel and the validity of the LDS restoration movement and the ministry of the prophet Joseph Smith. HOWEVER, it also contains very controversial material about LDS Church doctrine and history and it is often critical of Modern Mormonism and the actions and decisions of the leaders thereof.

This particular series of “Miscellaneous Musings” addresses current events and the random thoughts and observations of the author.

At times the author uses a tone of irreverence, cynicism and sarcasm as therapy to help himself and some of his readers cope with the absurd, alternate reality that we live in.

Although many of the Latter day Jews (Mormons)  are convinced that we have the fulness of the Gospel on the earth, I am of the belief that we actually live in the prophesied time of “hidden darkness” when God’s apostate people think they are righteous but they are not..

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**China to Purchase the Federal Reserve?**


**Citizen Pulls Cop Over… Gives Warning**

**Ebola (The Desolating Scourge?) Update**

Years ago I met a brilliant scientist as a result of this blog. I have enjoyed a correspondence with him over the years.

Several days ago, on the 15th of this month, I got the following email from him:

“this ebola mess is getting really, really bad. my prediction, this will flare to something quite large in the US in a matter of two months.” I hugely respect the opinion of this man. I responded to his email with this response: “I am concerned that this may be the “desolating sickness” mentioned in the scriptures. We live in a time when it is difficult to know what to believe. there are still people claiming it is just a false flag with no real threat… but there are also lots of terrifying stories. Who can we believe? The main reason I take it seriously is that such a plague is prophesied to emerge at about this time..(according to my precise calculations LOL) I recently read a story claiming that the disease was intentionally started by the American Red Cross who started it and spread it with their vaccines in that country. The government has since kicked the ARC out of the country because it was realized what they have done. It appears the mainstream media is covering it up. I realize that sounds unbelievable, but what if it is true? What if the PTB are implementing their global population control agenda through this disease? Now there are people calling for the vaccination of the global community to prevent this thing…RIGHT! Yep, sign me up for that one… NOT! It is also interesting how the demise of the dollar and the financial system is also being projected by some people to begin during that same two month period… Interesting times..” This was his response: “There is no vaccine for Ebola, so I wouldn’t put any stock in the ARC story, unless we are to assume that the ARC intentionally infected one or more individuals with an active virus and then purposefully reused needles from infected individuals to vaccinate (e.g., for measles, hepatitis, etc) uninfected people. That would require the collaboration of lots of field docs and nurses who would have to have ignored standard safety protocol, which is a scenario that is even too far-fetched for me. In fact, there is no real treatment for ebola whatsoever. There are experimental treatments that hold some promise; however, there are no resources to manufacture them on a scale that matters, since they only recently were put to the test. In my opinion, this is simply a case of ignorance, unpreparedness, negligence, or perhaps more maliciously, intentional negligence on the part of governments world-wide. The real issue here is that, contrary to what the CDC says, ebola appears to be air-borne, or at least is somewhat aerosolizable. In other words, either the CDC is just plain stupid, or they are lying about how contagious it is to blanket us with a false sense of security. On top of that, fatality is approaching 70%. This is super bad. Most people who die from the flu and other viruses are people who are immuno-compromised in some way due to pre-existing conditions. Ebola doesn’t discriminate, it simply kills you no matter how healthy you are (at least 70% of the time). This is the scariest part.” I then asked him the following question: “Do you put any stock in the claims that a blood transfusion from someone that recovers from the virus can cure the disease in someone else?” His response was: “That I do believe….given that that is the basis for what I do for a living. 🙂 In one of our company’s product lines, antibodies are purified from people who have been previously immunized (or perhaps infected) with a virus like rabies, hepatitis c, tetanus, or another virus. The antibodies are concentrated and formulated to have a very low risk of contaminating pathogens, and then used by patients for acute infections of the aforementioned viruses. They help the body to fight the infection. The main difference between using whole blood from a person who has successfully recovered from ebola infection and using a purified stock of antibodies is that antibodies in the whole blood are less concentrated and there a much greater risk of opportunistic infection from a different virus or pathogen in the whole blood. (However, if you have ebola, I’m guessing you don’t really care if you contract another virus from whole blood treatment, even if it is HIV-1). Nevertheless, in the long run, it is much more preferable to have a purified therapeutic. Some of the experimental drugs that have been used successfully for ebola are similar in concept to purified human antibodies, except that they are mass produced in cell culture (basically, in large incubators or flasks) rather than harvested from human plasma (like we do at the company I work for). However, it seems to be much more effective to have a polyclonal treatment (many different kinds of antibodies like you get from human plasma) rather than monoclonal antibodies (like you get from cell culture). So these companies that make monoclonals tend to make a couple of them and combine them in a cocktail so that they are more effective. In a nutshell, yes, I think taking whole blood from a recovered individual works, but it is a last resort.” As I have pondered the ominous concerns that this fellow raised about the possibility of the Ebola mess getting really really bad in a matter of two months, I was reminded of the incubation period. What if many of the the hundreds of Americans who have possibly been exposed to this virus are in the incubation period and eventually break out! Can you imagine the panic and paranoia that would ensue? Particularly now that it is know that many people suffering from the virus don’t even get a fever. On a related note, here is a video of a concerned MD that I found quite interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npqnYniJQnU#t=91 After reviewing 900 papers on Ebola… “The more I learn [about Ebola], the less I knowhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkMKUa0sxBQ#t=55 Also consider this: • 95% of Ebola incubations occur from 1 – 21 days • 3% of Ebola incubations occur from 21 – 42 days • 2% of Ebola incubations are not explained (why?) If this interpretation of the WHO’s statistics are correct, it would mean that: • 1 in 20 Ebola infections may result in incubations lasting significantly longer than 21 days • The 21-day quarantine currently being enforced by the CDC is entirely insufficient to halt an outbreak • People who are released from observation or self-quarantine after 21 days may still become full-blown Ebola patients in the subsequent three weeks, even if they have shown no symptoms of infection during the first 21 days. (Yes, read that again…) Any declaration that an outbreak is over requires 42 days with no new infections http://www.naturalnews.com/047267_ebola_outbreak_incubation_period_viral_transmission.html BTW I have a first cousin that is a member of the Presidency of the Africa West Area of the Church. He noted at a family gathering that the Ebola crisis is leaving missionaries with no place to go after the mission ends because the countries that they are from will not allow them to return… gruesome!

**Temple Garment Damage Control**

 “To those outside a particular faith, the rituals and clothing may seem unfamiliar. But for the participants they can stir the deepest feelings of the soul, motivate them to do good, even shape the course of a whole life of service. The nun’s habit. The priest’s cassock. The Jewish prayer shawl. The Muslim’s skullcap. The saffron robes of the Buddhist monk. All are part of a rich tapestry of human devotion to God.” I never thought the church would use the apostate robes and paraphernalia of an apostate priesthood and of other pagan religions to justify the un-scriptural used of the robes and apron in the LDS temple ceremony. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsLrVpeodog Here is one of my favorite snippets from brother Hugh.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSjE2Ks38uE

**Two New Disciplinary Protocols ?** Two Excommunications for the Price of One

I am hearing stories increasingly about people who are called in by their Stake President for counseling and possible disciplinary action who, when they are not willing to be strong-armed into submission, they are invited to resign or face excommunication.

In the past, people were seldom invited to resign prior to a court, rather, they were simply brought into a church court.

If this is a new trend, I applaud the church on this change.

I think it is very wise on their part.

I think the church leaders have learned that when you excommunicate  for someone for apostasy, you are inadvertently destroying their reputation among certain judgmental friends and church members.  When you do that to sincere religious people who simply disagree with practices and doctrine, bad karma takes place and it comes back to haunt the church for generations.

In the past, destroying a person’s reputation was leverage that the church took advantage of.

Things appear to be changing.

Nowadays, because of the Internet and the court of public opinion,  it is the reputation of the church and how they treat people that seems to be on trial.

The Internet is making everything public.

Another trend, according to some accounts, is that the church is now categorically excommunicating the spouse of the person being disciplined if she appears to be supportive of her husband in anyway.

This is quite interesting.

I am not sure it is a true trend. I suspect there are a few isolated situations that we don’t have all of the information about that are being highlighted.

I am aware of leaders of the church in the past that have counseled people to divorce their spouse over doctrinal and faith based issues. I have a very close personal friend who had a crisis of faith in the early part of his marriage and his Bishop counseled his wife to leave him.

I feel there is a special place in hell for Bishops and Stake Presidents that would take it upon themselves to interfere in a marital relationship in that way.

The apostle Paul took quite a different view of the situation:

And the woman which hath an husband that believeth not, and if he be pleased to dwell with her, let her not leave him. For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband..”

On the other hand, if the leaders of a local church really are beginning to put a spouse through excommunication even though they have paid a faithful tithe and never been vocal themselves, in a sense, the church may still be encouraging divorce. Such a humiliation upon a neutral spouse or even a spouse that leans towards the philosophical side of their mate may not weather the storm of public humiliation, and the strain may result in divorce.

Supposedly both of these trends are identified in this current event.

**Absolute Zero**

A book about a man with Ebola who flew to Dallas and began the Ebola pandemic in America

Published in 1999, written in 1997.

Has it all been planned out and revealed.

Very bizarre.

** I am a Racist**

**Magnetic Field weakening 10 times faster**


**Update on “Meet the Fokkers Mormons”**

In my last musings I commented about the up and coming Meet the Mormons Movie. Since then, the movie has hit the theaters and is doing better than expected by the leaders of the church. My personal assessment is that “Meet the Mormons” is an extension of the “I am a Mormon” Internet campaign, which subliminally promotes the “I want to be like you” narrative on varying levels. One the one hand, the “I am a Mormon” campaign wants non-Mormons to know that we Mormons are just like them. Just regular guys! Forget about our history of blood atonement, polygamy and racism. We are just like you now, world! The deeper message of the campaign is that “you pagan monkeys out there should want to be like us!” We are happy, successful and amazingly awesome! So come an join us and you can be totally awesome too! For this reason, I think the popular Disney song should be the theme song for the “I am a Mormon” internet campaign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JDzlhW3XTM “I want to talk like you, walk like you, wee-bee-dee-boo..  La La La” Anyway, getting back to the new Meet the Mormons flick which is basically an extension of the “I am a Mormon” campaign except that it focuses on highly unusual people who have apparently internalized some Christ-like principles in their lives, a friend of mine went to see it and I asked him what his assessment of it was. His comment was that the marketing department of the church did a remarkable job of finding six needles in a haystack of about 15 million pieces of straw. LOL These hand picked people were chosen to be the poster children of Mormonism. What I found poignant was the Deseret News article on how the Church invited the whose who of famous celebrity Mormons to preview the screening. What a striking difference when you compare the lives of some of these high profile Mormons to the poster children in the movie. It was shocking to see celebrities who have exercised their faith in silicone and plastic surgery to maintain fame and fortune, and others who need to mainline Prozac in order to deal with their miserable lives because of really bad decisions they have made, in the context of being cheerleaders for the poster children of their shared faith. One has to wonder if some of the celebrities were privately mumbling something about how surprised they were, to find out from the movie, what Mormons are supposed to be like. It was also interesting to note that the church PR department had identified and recruited numerous high profile LDS bloggers and Vlogers to try and generate a viral marketing campaign to promote the movie. Heck, if Jeremy Runnells can use the Internet to do a negative viral campaign about Mormonism, why can’t the church use it to improve the image of the Church by promoting  a positive, if not, skewed view, of what an average Mormon is like? As I looked at how some of these online Internet celebrities became popular and what their themes are centered around, I had to blush a little bit. Several decades ago some of these folks would have been censored by the church, now they are embraced because they have a huge center of influence.

 **The Latest Financial Doom**

BIS warns on ‘violent’ reversal of global markets http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/11162217/BIS-warns-on-violent-reversal-of-global-markets.html Why would a CIA insider predict that a 25 year great depression is going to begin in April of 2015? http://moneymorning.com/ext/articles/rickards/25-year-great-depression.php?from=oo

**Is Karma Catching up with Lois Learner**

**ISIS Update**

ISIS : A CIA Creation to Justify War Abroad and Repression at Home

**Section 132 and the Doctrine of Exaltation**

Years ago I wrote some blog posts regarding the doctrinal inconsistencies and absurdities of Section 132. It completely contradicted three other revelations in the D&C when Brigham Young took it upon himself to canonize it.  I also questioned the doctrine of “exaltation” as depicted in section 132. It always tickles me when someone else seems to agree on many of the issues I bring up. Particularly when they do a better job of articulating the issues: http://gregstocks.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/dc-section-132-is-an-other-gospel/

** Sixth Year Anniversary of OneWhoIsWatching**

A few days ago I was notified by WordPress that it was the 6th anniversary of OneWhoIsWatching. I should have ordered custom caps for readers of this blog that say “Because I am Watching” on them. LOL Perhaps I will do that one the 7th anniversary, which is hopefully about the time that the servants will return to the vineyard. I had started my ThreeWatches blogspot a few months prior to starting this blog which focused on how the Marvelous Work and a Wonder is a future event. It did not start back at the restoration of the Church. While posting over 50 scriptural and historical indicators showing that Joseph Smith’s ministry was a preparatory work for the great work that is yet to come forth, in the 3rd and final “watch” (dispensation) I decided to create this blog which would have to do with deep doctrine and church history. I chose to use wordpress for this theme because the Anarchist had invited me to do some guest posts on his blog and I fell in love with how wordpress works. My how time flies when you are having fun! I can’t believe I have been offending people for six years now. LOL. I have tried to be as nondiscriminatory as possible in who I offend, whether it be protestants, anti-Mormons, LDS apologists, Mainstream Mormons, my fellow bloggers in the LDS fringe vertical and even the Snufferites.

The Goal of OneWhoIsWatching   

My primary goal over the years has been to drive people into a much deeper study of the scriptures and the true history of the church. I have never had a large readership and I am pretty sure I never will because very few people can handle the cold hard truth. Most people visit this blog for a short period of time and then run for cover and therapy. Nevertheless, I have met a few kindred spirits who are also watching. I have had some wonderful feedback from time to time from people who have taken the challenge to search the scriptures and delve deep into a literal, non-correlated, spirit-led reading of God’s holy and infallible word. Here is the most recent feedback that I have received. His first comment came in my “about” section because I cannot turn the comments off in that part of the blog: “Watcher My eyes have been opened. I have read through almost everything you have written here and have delved headlong into the scriptures as a result. The insight provided by the Atonement Statute and JS’s intercessory offering explain so much. The Spirit has testified to my soul of the truthfulness…I am now watching.”   In a follow up conversation by personal email this same person calling themselves “T”, had this to say:

  “I don’t know that I have had quite as spiritual an experience with the scriptures as when studying the intercessory offering of JS et al. It has been amazing..The problem with losing your naivete regarding the modern church is that one has to reconstruct faith based upon the revelations and scriptures and systematically identify and discard all the distracting dross. The precepts of men are so prevalent in what we preach, and yet few notice. It is without irony that we hear “follow the prophet” repeatedly in general conference, and are assured that he will never lead us astray. I never noticed the idolatry until recently. The wonderful thing is that I am now focused on Christ, and it feels so good.As I have been reconstructing my faith from the scriptures, it has become clear that everything that Joseph did or said after the pivot point of the intercessory offering (April 3, 1836) should be subject to a double dose of serious scrutiny. This particularly relates to what goes on in the temple. As you have rightly pointed out the “endowment ceremony” that is currently practiced bears no resemblance to the true endowment of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood, being called up by the voice of the father. I can find no scriptural justification for this at all….Awaiting the return of the servants…”
I praise God almighty for testimonies from people like “T” who are experiencing a spiritual awakening in God’s holy word.During the last six years I have been the recipient of numerous emails and blog comments like that one and I get giddy every time I get one. . One of these days I am going to do an entire post containing some of the amazing testimonies that people have shared about their personal awakening in reading the scriptures.
. I don’t take credit for any of those testimonies. . PRAISE BE TO GOD! . I am a pathetic, dross, mortal just like everybody else. I want to make that perfectly clear. . Whenever I start getting full of myself the good Lord humbles me real quickly and he reminds me that I am the back end of a horse. Whenever truth emerges on this blog it is because of the glory and condescension of a merciful God. When something foolish and untrue finds its place on this blog, it comes from my mortal, prideful heart and mind. . Your job as a reader of this blog is to discern which is which. . There are signs of the times all around us. It is showtime my friends. . The great work is about to begin and there is not one of us that will not be surprised at how the event is going to unfold.
 Dr. Hales ad Dr. Smith Respond to Grant Palmer

To celebrate my anniversary I thought I would antagonize some LDS apologists, so I went over to MormonInterpreter to see if I could shake things up a little bit. Dr Brian Hales and Dr Gregory Smith had recently posted an article called “A Response to Grant Palmer’s ‘Sexual Allegations against Joseph Smith and the Beginnings of Polygamy in Nauvoo” Grant Palmer is an ex-missionary and ex-seminary instructor who became an ex-Mormon. He lost his faith when he became aware of some controversial historical issues. He was not able to withstand the storm of the adversary because he had built his faith on a sandy foundation. Had he searched as deeply in the word of God, looking for reasons to believe and expecting the promised manifestation of the spirit, as he did the history of the church looking for reasons to reject the restoration, he may have withstood the storm of the adversary. Of course the game is not over. Pray for him.

How does Revisionary Interpretation of Scripture Take Place?

It was actually a pretty good article that Brian Hales and Gregory Smith wrote. I learned some interesting things in reading it. Dr. Brian Hales has apparently made some serious scratch, passing gas during surgery  and he has used some of his fortune to pay a full time researcher to gather up everything he can find about the topic of polygamy in LDS church history. In my opinion, many of his views about polygamy appear to have been formulated whilst he was standing too close to the gas dispenser. With the research he has paid a researcher to accumulate, he has written several books to promote his views on polygamy. Because if his research, he and his friend Gregory Smith were able to write a critical review of Grant Palmer’s article about Joseph Smith’s involvement in polygamy. Although I enjoyed the article by Hales and Smith, I found a very disturbing attempt by them to participate in a blatantly false, revisionist interpretation of section 132, so I thought I would call them on it. Here is my first response to the article Here is Brian’s reply Here is my response to his reply I must say that I am impressed that the folks over at the MormonInterpreter (Formerly FARMS) are allowing my comments now. They used to ban many of my comments. Perhaps it is a sign of the times. In my comments I mentioned Brian’s debate at Sunstone with an LDS feminist and how impressed I was with how Brian conducted himself during the debate. In my next life I am going to be as classy as he is in responding to my detractors.

The Kingdom is Currently Prevailing over the Kingdoms of the World?!?!

During our exchange Brian accused people like me, that are critical of the church, of not helping the kingdom to roll forth and he grossly misinterprets the prophetic dream Joseph had about the kingdom rolling forth, that is recorded in section 65 to justify his declaration. Naturally he assumes that the LDS church is the kingdom that the prophet Daniel saw. He is apparently unfamiliar with the old testament prophecies regarding the kingdom that would roll forth in power,  breaking in pieces all of the kingdoms of the world. He is unaware of this because he is apparently not very well read in the scriptures and he has been brainwashed by the correlated teachings of the corporate church. This is the problem I have noticed with many of the so-called scholars that attempt to defend the church. A person who is not intimately familiar with the history of the LDS restoration has a very difficult time contextually understanding prophecy and even doctrine in the scriptures, particularly in the D&C. Conversely someone who is not intimately familiar with the four standard works cannot understand the context behind the bizarre things that took place during the history of the church. A person who has a busy medical practice has little time to delve deeply into the word of God. He doesn’t even have the time to do his own research of church history for the books he writes.

LDS Apologetics Has Changed

I have been thinking about how much things have changed in the world of LDS apologetics during the last few decades. In the early days, Mormon apologists  only had to deal with a handful of prominent anti-Mormon critics, most of who were evangelical Christians. Those were the good old days when the apologists would circle the wagons and defend the faith against protestants that had a differing view of Biblical Christianity. As they constructed their replies to critics, they were largely catering to both critics and members of the church who were largely ignorant of the true history of the church and unqualified to discern the veracity of the articles that were defending the faith. LDS apol 1 Things have changed! Now critics of the church are much more knowledgeable about the history of the church and many mainstream members are also becoming much more knowledgeable. I have noticed that every day Christians are now taking a greater interesting in parsing out problems Mormonism, not just protestant scholars. People such as this guy and this guy are actually doing critical book reviews of the Book of Mormon on the Internet. The Mormon Moment fueled by Mitt Romney and proposition 8 has created a very negative hyper-focus on Mormonism. Additionally, in today’s world, LDS apologists have much more to deal with than just outsiders that view Biblical Christianity differently than Mormonism and claim that Mormons are not Christian. They are now getting bombarded from all directions. Much of what LDS apologetics must deal with now, is coming from Mormons who are having a crisis of faith. Some of them leave the church while others stay and become vocal from within. John Dehlin is a good example of someone who has chosen to retain his membership so that he can be critical of the church from within the ranks of the membership. Then there are those of us blogger that passionately believe in the restored gospel, but are challenging the truth claims and other teachings of the apostate corporate church. This means that traditional LDS apologetics are being attacked from without and from WITHIN the faith! The Internet has greatly changed things. The Google apostasy has completely changed the dynamic as thousands of Latter days Saints are being bombarded with controversial doctrinal and historical information on a daily basis. In the early days of my blogging career, it seemed like there was just a handful of blogs that were defending the true principles of the restoration while challenging the teachings of the modern corporate church. LDS apol 2 In the last few years however, there has been a proliferation in new blogs that are all challenging the false teachings of Modern Mormonism, while still affirming the authenticity and truthfulness of the LDS restoration movement that took place 180 years ago. There is clearly an awakening taking place among members of the church. Sadly, many of the new blogs are authored by Snufferites. Tim Malone has done a good job of cataloging many of these new blogs in his blogroll on the side panel of  of his blog. His blog is an interesting case study because for years, he was an ardent supporter of the corporate church, but has recently changed his views drastically as a result of the Snufferite Movement. In the past, traditional LDS apologists at FAIR and FARMS ignored those of us that were challenging the revisionary history and doctrines of the modern corporate church. It will be interesting to see if they eventually feel the need to start specifically addressing our articles the way that they have written responses to the papers written by critics like Wesley P. Walters, Ed Decker and Michael Marquardt and ex-Mormon critics like Grant Palmer. [I just noticed that  LDS apologist Dr. Brian Hales has started commenting on the PureMormonism blog trying to engage some Snufferites and other disenfranchised Saints, which I think is wonderful! I think he is going to find a different situation speaking to them than he has found speaking to the Grant Palmers of the world ] Interestingly, many long term, professional critics of Mormonism like Wesley P. Walters and Michael Marquardt, who have never believed in the LDS restoration, are actually softening in their criticisms of Joseph Smith and Mormonism while ex-Mormon critics are becoming much more vocal and vicious. I was somewhat shocked at the following admission of Waters and Marquardt in their publication of “Inventing Mormonism” (A title which is very misleading): “Having been involved in our own quest for the past thirty years searching archives for clues to this and other mysteries, we have long since abandoned the simple prophet-fraud dichotomy that others still find so compelling. Our intent is to understand, not to debunk. The question of volition is open-ended. Smith believed that he spoke with supernatural beings, and he produced impressive transcripts of interviews with them. Whether he actually did is ultimately a matter of faith.”

False Prophets can be a Blessing

Even false prophets that arise amongst us do a wonderful work in getting people to begin searching the scriptures. The problem of course is that many of their followers begin to rely on the false prophets to interpret what the passages are saying. At the end of the day, those who are predestined for life and salvation eventually see the deception and move on, those that have been ordained for darkness continue on in the deception created by the false prophet. It is unfortunate that those of us in this blog niche have not come to a unity of the faith on many issues. Sadly, many of my contemporaries in this niche are shamelessly promoting the Snufferite Movement. I doubt that a unity of faith will happen until the light shines forth and God’s anointed servants return to the vineyard. Nevertheless, I think that cumulatively, we have all been inspired to bring to light many issues that are causing people to think, ponder and pray about the current state of the corporate church and prepare themselves for the great work that is coming. Most importantly, these blogs are getting people to search the scriptures and re-evaluate their beliefs that they have gained from the correlated lessons given in Church. While I disagree with some of the things my fellow fringe bloggers teach, I am very aware that they are doing a great work in waking people up. There are now countless blogs out there that are taking the church to task and challenging the idolatry in the false doctrine of “follow the brethren, they will never lead you astray“.

The Rockster is a Rock Star

Recently a very good friend of mine experienced a severe crisis of faith which almost destroyed his faith in everything, including Christ. It began when he read “Mormon Crucifixion” and then he read the article by Jeremy Runnells, who, like Grant Palmer, had built his faith on a sandy foundation. Jeremy’s article is basically a summary of all of the most compelling criticisms that have ever been leveled about the church. He claims his paper is about why he lost the testimony of the Gospel. I would suggest that you cannot lose something you never had. Like Grant Palmer, Jeremy apparently used his energy looking for problems instead of searching the scriptures and looking for the manifestation of God’s spirit, therefore, when he came across some disturbing controversial issues pertaining to church history and doctrine, his religious worldview imploded. Sadly, this friend of mine that had a crisis of faith, had little interest in reading anything I have written to help him during his crisis because he had known me personally for many years and he realizes what a pathetic clown I am. (familiarity breeds contempt) Anyway, on with the story, one day this close friend of mine that was having a crisis of faith called me to chat about things and I heard the sound of hope in his voice. He informed me that he had found a renewed hope and had made a commitment to get back to the basics and reconsider the life of Christ and his ministry. I asked him why he was feeling better about things and he said he had just listened to the Rock Waterman interview on Mormon Stories. It was just what he needed to hear to guide him into a more positive paradigm change. It played a pivotal role in helping him to transition from faith crisis, to hope and renewal. He is now delving deeper into the scriptures. You rock, Rock, but Praise be to God. God is working through lots of people and it is important that we all give credit to God and realize what clowns we all are.

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Miscellaneous Musings #10 Ferguson is Close to the “Center Place”

October 5, 2014

Two women raised from the dead
on or near the beginning of Shemitah

Is this bogus?

Or is it a fitting beginning for the Shemitah year which may mark the beginning of the return of the servants and the fulness?


You can’t trust your Feelings

The following passages should strike fear in the hearts of Mormons because the structure of belief and testimony in Modern Mormondom is based on the sandy foundation of feelings and emotions without studying the facts.

Zeal without knowledge as Nibley would say.

” My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”  (Hosea 4:6 )

“He that trusteth in his heart is a fool” ( prov 28:26 )

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jer 17;9

One must take the Holy Spirit as their guide, which speaks to both the mind and heart of the recipient:

“OLIVER Cowdery, verily, verily, I say unto you, that assuredly as the Lord liveth, who is your God and your Redeemer, even so surely shall you receive a knowledge of whatsoever things you shall ask in faith, with an honest heart, believing that you shall receive a knowledge concerning the engravings of old records, which are ancient, which contain those parts of my scripture of which has been spoken by the manifestation of my Spirit.
2  Yea, behold, I will tell you in your mind and in your heart, by the Holy Ghost, which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart.”

The Anonymous Blogging Bishop

Someone recently brought a new blog to my attention about a guy that claims to currently be serving as a Bishop who has a few issues with the Church. I found his observations about the new “Meet the Fockers Mormons” Movie to be compelling:


I thought his observations and comments about not using the new movie for missionary work and the absurdity of the church donating profits from commercial ventures to the Red Cross dead on.

The Jewish Day of Atonement

Last night began the Jewish Day of Atonement for Jews scattered all over the world. It is considered the holiest day of the year. Its central themes are atonement and repentance and historically the more faithful among the Jews have often spent the day in fasting and prayer.

Here are a few interesting facts according to the wiki (which is never wrong)


Yom means “day” in Hebrew and Kippur comes from a root that means “to atone”. Yom Kippur is usually expressed in English as “day of atonement”.

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is “the tenth day of [the] first month”[2] (Tishrei) and is regarded as the “Sabbath of Sabbaths”. Rosh Hashanah (referred to in the Torah as Yom Teruah) is the first day of that month according to the Hebrew calendar. On this day forgiveness of sins is also asked of God.

Yom Kippur completes the annual period known in Judaism as the High Holy Days or Yamim Nora’im (“Days of Awe”) that commences with Rosh Hashanah.

As one of the most culturally significant Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur is observed by many secular Jews who may not observe other holidays. Many secular Jews attend synagogue on Yom Kippur—for many secular Jews the High Holy Days are the only times of the year during which they attend synagogue[3]—causing synagogue attendance to soar.”

The Semi-Annual Jewish Conference

Falling on the Day of Atonement is the Global Jewish Conference that is held annually.

In these latter days, the Jews have a tradition of having a Jewish conference two times per year. Those that can physically gather to hear the chief priests speak do. Other participate through the use of modern technology.

The first semi-annual gathering of the Jews is held during the March-April period and the second is held during the September-October period. Each of these periods has great historical and prophetic significance in Judaism which has been carried down to our present day.

Being somewhat curious to know what is taking place among the latter day Jews, I suffered myself to listen in on a few of their opening talks this year.

In the first talk, the leading Rabbi and chief priest of the Jews spent most of his time boasting about how many temples the Jews have built. It is interesting how temple theology seems to have more significance among modern Jews than any other doctrines having to do with their messiah or the saving ordinances.

His comments brought to mind the following warning of Jeremiah:

“Trust ye not in lying words, saying, The temple of the LORD, The temple of the LORD, The temple of the LORD, are these.”

Hosea also made a profound observation about the state of his Jewish brethren which was an exact type of the latter days Jews as well:

“For Israel hath forgotten his Maker, and buildeth temples; and Judah hath multiplied fenced cities: but I will send a fire upon his cities, and it shall devour the palaces thereof.”

The Urgent Need to Remodel Perfectly Good Temples

One the amazing things the Chief Priest reminded his people about is the fact that huge sums of money are being spent to remodel and rededicate existing temples that are not as opulent as they otherwise might be. For this reason, some of the older temples such as the Ogden Jewish Temple are being updated. Apparently they have spent over 100 MILLION dollars in renovating that temple.

The Poor have been taken Care of!

Although this may seem a little excessive and out of touch with the original mandate of the Jewish Church, particularly since the existing structure was more that adequate for doing their Jewish-Jesuit-Masonic ceremonies in, it is actually very good news because it indicates to me that the tribe of Judah has more than enough money to assist the poor and to alleviate suffering throughout the world and are currently meeting all of the needs of the poor.

Therefore, having successfully fulfilled the mandate to take care of the poor and needy, they are now justified in finding less deserving causes to throw obscene amounts of money at. (rumor has it that the Jews have been so successful in achieving all of their charitable mandates from the Lord, that they are now donating excess funds from business ventures to the American Red Cross. (See the musing on the anonymous Bishop post regarding the Meet the Mormons movie)

During this talk, the Chief Rabbi emphasized that the young Jewish women of the tribe were not under the same priesthood mandate as the young Jewish men to go out and preach the gospel. Some have speculated that, that notation was meant to dissuade young Jewish women from going on missions now that the church has so many missionaries that they don’t know how to use them all. (nearly 90,000!)

I was somewhat surprised that he would make such an insensitive and sexist statement given the fact that there is a current uprising and even some degree of dissent among a vocal feminist group of Jewish women that are demanding that the Sanhedrin begin ordaining Jewish women to the same priesthood offices that have traditionally been restricted to Jewish men.

The Stone Is Rolling Forth?

The next speech was given by the leading Rabbi of the Jewish quorum of the Twelve Apostates. He boasted that there are now over 15 MILLION Jews worldwide!

I was a little taken back by his declaration that the establishment of 2000 stakes is proof that the stone Daniel spoke of has been going forth for nearly 200 years throughout the world. I guess I need to go back and re-read the Book of Daniel, I had remembered that when the stone goes forth, it will simultaneously destroy the kingdoms of the world. Perhaps I misread that part of the prophecy, or better yet, perhaps the world we live in has in fact been sanctified and Zionized and that the presence of Babylon is simply a figment of my imagination!

Following that sermon we heard from the token Jewish female who quoted profusely from other contemporary Jewish leaders who were sitting on the stand judging her remarks, instead of from the scriptures.

After that, it was fun to listen to a Jew who was born in Hong Kong. He spoke in Cantonese. and needed a translator. I suspect that the Chief Priest that spoke first and presided over the Jewish conference, having been sustained by all faithful Jewish people as a translator, would have done the translating, except that he is getting old and a bit feeble.

Unfortunately I was unable to listen to every part of each talk given by all of the rabbi’s that spoke during the Jewish General Conference, however I did hear a few tidbits I want to share.

One Rabbi who was trying to do damage control over the controversial life of Joseph Smith warned that the Internet is not a good place to obtain knowledge because it does not have a “truth meter” on it. (He neglected to mention that the correlated LDS priesthood and Sunday school manuals with the false truth claims in them also don’t come with a “truth meter” on them.)

He suggested that members of the church record the testimony of Joseph Smith in their own words and listen to it again and again and again and again instead of listening to disruptive information from questionable people like me in the Internet. The impression I got was that by doing so, one could divert their thoughts and drown out the negative historical data that is presented on the Internet

la la la

Ben Carson fears Anarchy within a few years

I was impressed when another Rabbi quoted from a story in the life of Ben Carson.


Although I have never voted during a presidential campaign, and don’t intend to in the future, I would probably vote for such man if I was going to vote. I love virtually everything I have ever heard him say. Interestingly he recently made an eye opening prediction about the future when asked about his intentions to run for the Presidency.

He fears that the US may be in a state of anarchy preventing elections and keeping Obama in the White-house indefinitely.

ben carson

According to some sources,

“Ben Carson, the 63-year-old neurosurgeon-turned-Tea-Party activist and Fox News commentator, is reportedly ready to throw his hat in the ring for the 2016 presidential race — but Carson hasn’t made up his mind yet, because he fears that the elections will be canceled as society falls apart and slips into a state of anarchy…

..Asked in a Fox News interview on Sunday morning whether he still believed that the United States will disintegrate into “widespread anarchy” in the next two years, Carson held to his prediction.

“Certainly there’s the potential because you have to recognize that we have a rapidly increasing national debt, a very unstable financial foundation, and you have all these things going on like the ISIS crisis that could very rapidly change things that are going on in our nation,” Carson told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. “And unless we begin to deal with these things in a comprehensive way and in a logical way there is no telling what could happen in just a couple of years.”

(personally I think there will be an election because section 124 foretells of one)

Sadly I fell asleep during part of the talks but I am sure they were profound.

I did notice that Rabbi Holland publicly acknowledged, amidst his sobbing and tears that he had no idea what it felt like to be poor. I would have appreciated a little more context, such as his personal net worth and how much LDS Inc. pays him annually.

He also gave a heart wrenching plea for members of the church, both rich and poor, to help the poor financially, (despite the irresponsible expenditures of Billions of dollars on real estate investments by him and his fellow leaders of the tribe if Judah.)

 Only Two Options?

I have blogged before about the book, “Book of Mormon, Key to Conversion” which proposes the false supposition that if the Book of Mormon is true, then the Modern Corporate Church is true. This type of black and white mind-numbing over- simplification gets people into trouble.

Along the same lines, I noticed the following comment on another blog:

As we all have said about Joseph he was either a true messenger ,a fraud or a psychopath That is especially true of D Snuffer.

I don’t want to be unduly critical  of the commenter, but, IMO, the above statement is extremely naive and could only come from someone with an extremely limited-correlated understanding of the scriptures and the way that God uses his servants.

The truth is that there are other possibilities for both Joseph Smith and Denver Snuffer.

Joseph, like Moses of old, could have provided an intercessory atonement offering in behalf of Israel that would have resulted in him acting out the sins of Israel and causing some of his actions and teachings during the later part of his ministry to be contradictory to some of the actions and teachings in the early part of his ministry. This would not disqualify him as a true prophet and it certainly would not make him a fraud or a psychopath.

With regard to Denver, he could certainly have been visited by a false Christ and been deceived, while desiring to do good. If that is the case, it disqualifies him as a true prophet but it would not make him a fraud who is intentionally lying to people and being deceptive, nor would it make him a psychopath.

American Banks Hold $240 TRILLION in Derivatives Exposure

Here are fresh numbers through December 31, 2013 for derivatives exposure for the top 25 banks in the U.S.

(That table is about 3/4 of the way down the document)
The top 25 banks in the U.S. now hold $304 TRILLION in notional derivatives value.

The top 5 banks are as follows:

JP Morgan: $70.4 TRILLION
Citigroup: $63.5 TRILLION
Bank of America: $55.7 TRILLION
Goldman Sachs: $53.5 TRILLION
Morgan Stanley: $46.7 TRILLION

“..for a desolating sickness shall cover the land.”

U.S. PROFESSOR PROVES EBOLA SOURCE: Manufactured Bioweapon From Our Own CDC


Ferguson is Located Close to the “Center Place”
in the “heart of the earth”

In section 57 the Lord identifies Independence, Missouri as the “Center Place” of the geographical area that is consecrated for the gathering of the Saints. The revelation notes that it is the “land of Promise” and the “place for the city of Zion”.

1 HEARKEN, O ye elders of my church, saith the Lord your God, who have assembled yourselves together, according to my commandments, in this land, which is the land of Missouri, which is the land which I have appointed and consecrated for the gathering of the saints.

2 Wherefore, this is the land of promise, and the place for the city of Zion.

3 And thus saith the Lord your God, if you will receive wisdom here is wisdom. Behold, the place which is now called Independence is the center place; and a spot for the temple is lying westward, upon a lot which is not far from the courthouse.

“all nations”

One of the many Mormon Myths that has been perpetuated in the last days by the corporate church is the belief that the “Lords house” spoken of by Isaiah where “all nations” shall gather in the last days, is referring to the Salt Lake Temple in Utah.

That is absurd.

It was well understood in the early days of the church that the mountain of the Lord’s house that Isaiah spoke about was speaking about the holy places designated by revelation, located in the middle of the United States. Several scriptures, like the one quoted in section 57 as just one example, identify the great last house of the Lord as being in the center place. (For scriptural literalists like me, the top of the mountains reference is easily explained by the fact that there are going to be significant earth changes that take place wherein many flat places will be made high and high places will be made low).

The Indignation Upon All Nations

If we continue searching the prophetic use of the key phrase of “all nations” we find passages such as the following one in Isaiah 34 that inform us that there will be an army composed of all nations that come against the mountain of the Lord

1 COME near, ye nations, to hear; and hearken, ye people: let the earth hear, and all that is therein; the world, and all things that come forth of it.

2 For the indignation of the LORD is upon all nations, and his fury upon all their armies: he hath utterly destroyed them, he hath delivered them to the slaughter.

3 Their slain also shall be cast out, and their stink shall come up out of their carcases, and the mountains shall be melted with their blood. (see also Isaiah 60:..)

The Prophet Joel speaks of an amazing time when God’s people mingled among the Jews and Gentiles (Judah and Jerusalem) will be in captivity in the last days. During this time He will deliver his remnant that repent and call on the name of the Lord. At this time the Lord will gather all nations and plead with them. The great sign associated with all of these events is that the sun will turn to darkness and the moon will turn into blood.

And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.

31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.

32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.


All nations shall be at war—Multitudes stand in the valley of decision as the Second Coming draws near—The Lord will dwell in Zion.

1 FOR, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem,

2 I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.

Section 34 gives us a peak of the same event, noting that the sun must be darkened and the moon turn into blood BEFORE the GREAT DAY of the COMING of the LORD:

To lift up your voice as with the sound of a trump, both long and loud, and cry repentance unto a crooked and perverse generation, preparing the way of the Lord for his second coming.

7 For behold, verily, verily, I say unto you, the time is soon at hand that I shall come in a cloud with power and great glory.

8 And it shall be a great day at the time of my coming, for all nations shall tremble.

9 But before that great day shall come, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon be turned into blood; and the stars shall refuse their shining, and some shall fall, and great destructions await the wicked.

10 Wherefore, lift up your voice and spare not, for the Lord God hath spoken; therefore prophesy, and it shall be given by the power of the Holy Ghost.

The prophet Haggai also spoke prophetically of this time when all nations shall be shaken and shall come when the House of the Lord is filled with glory:

And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts.

8 The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts.

9 The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.

Nephi saw the time when the “multitudes of the earth” were gathered together to fight against the 12 apostles of the Lamb resulting in the destruction of all nations. (1 Nephi 11:35)

In chapter 14 he notes that:

“..it came to pass that I beheld that the great mother of abominations did gather together multitudes upon the face of all the earth among all the nations of the Gentiles, to fight against the Lamb of God

A Plague Smites those that refuse to gather and worship the King

Zachariah notes that when those left of the nations, refuse to come and worship the king, the Lord of Hosts, they will be smitten with the plague:

¶ And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles.

17 And it shall be, that whoso will not come up of all the families of the earth unto Jerusalem to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, even upon them shall be no rain.

18 And if the family of Egypt go not up, and come not, that have no rain; there shall be the plague, wherewith the LORD will smite the heathen that come not up to keep the feast of tabernacles.

19 This shall be the punishment of Egypt, and the punishment of all nations that come not up to keep the feast of tabernacles.

In Matthew 25 the Lord makes reference to the final separation of the wheat and the tares. In his remarks he refers to himself as the “King” and to the gathering of “all nations” during this time of great separation:

31 ¶ When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:

32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:

33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

34 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

One of the things that becomes apparent when searching the topic of the nations of the earth gathering to the center place, is that there are a series gatherings to the center place.

Section 58 does a great job of explaining this. It informs us that all nations will be invited to the supper of the house of the Lord:

“Yea, a supper of the house of the Lord, well prepared, unto which all nations shall be invited” (58:9)

Embedded within that section is the acknowledgement that the first preliminary administrative gathering took place during Joseph Smith first ministry wherein the first elders of the church were:

“honored in laying the foundation and in bearing record of the land upon which the Zion of God shall stand“. (58:7)

While a preliminary testimony went forth at that time, that same testimony will be reiterated in power after Zion has been established. This if mentioned in countless sections of the D&C. Section 58 also alludes to the fact that Zion would in fact be established at a future time so that:

the testimony might go forth from Zion, yea, from the mouth of the city of the heritage of God..For, verily, the sound must go forth from this place into all the world, and unto the uttermost parts of the earth—the gospel must be preached unto every creature, with signs following them that believe. And behold the Son of Man cometh.  Amen.” (58:13,64-5)

We have previously covered the parable of the redemption of Zion in section 101 so that we know how the land of Zion will be redeemed with the shedding of blood.

Section 124 also speaks of how a declaration will go forth to the governors of the nations of the world AFTER Zion has been reclaimed.

continuing on with the theme of multple gatherings-

Section 58 informs us that a preliminary invitation to the supper of the Lord first takes place BEFORE the great day of the Lord:

“First the rich, and the learned, the wise and the noble”

It is my belief that we are currently living during the time of the preliminary gathering of the rich, learned, wise and noble. Sadly, most of us will be included in this group if we don’t repent when the appointed time arrives.

This cryptic time of gathering the rich, learned, wise and noble probably began when the secret dispensation was ushered in on April 3rd, 1836.

That is when a strange “bait and switch” took place in the history of the LDS restoration.

Right at the time when the first laborers of the last kingdom (High Priests) were expecting to be endowed with power from on high, so that they could go forth preaching the fulness of the gospel for the last time, something secretive took place.

When the dispensation of the fulness of times failed to materialize as expected, a secret ushering in a an ancient dispensation and a lesser gospel was secretly ushered in.

Instead of the first elders of the restoration going forth in power with the fulness of the gospel, the second elders, who had been declared to be in a state of apostasy by the Lord, were commissioned by the Prophet Joseph Smith to begin taking the knowledge of the gospel to the nations of the world.

Many people have come to my blog and asked the question, “if the fulness of the gospel was rejected in 1834 and if the saints were rejected with their dead by the Lord in 1841, what has been taking place during the last four generations?

The Grafting in of the Wild Branches Kept the Roots Alive

My positive response has been that the establishment of foreign missions and the grafting in of the House of Israel shortly after the Kirtland era kept the roots of the mother tree alive.

Which is true.

However, there is also another way to characterize what has been taking pace during the last four generations. I have probably never publicly shared this narrative until now.

Here it is:

“For the last four generations, the Lord has been extending his invitation to the marriage feast, to the rich, learned, wise and noble”

Interestingly, the proud members of the church and splinter groups, particularly those in America, who are highly educated by the world and very wealthy, are deluded into thinking that they, themselves, represent the last group of people that are gathered in at the day of the Lord’s power. The last group that is gathered is characterized in section 58 as the poor, lame, blind and deaf:

and after that cometh the day of my power; then shall the poor, the lame, and the blind, and the deaf,come in unto the marriage of the Lamb, and partake of the supper of the Lord, prepared for the great day to come” (38:11)

I am guessing that most of the wealthy Mormons who have no desire to live consecration and establish Zion obviously do not represent the poor, lame, blind and deaf that will be gathered into the marriage of the Lamb during the great day of POWER.

A typical American Gentile Mormon is wealthy according to the meager living that most inhabitants of this world enjoy. Even those of us that think we are financially challenged, live like kings compared to most people in 3rd world countries, according to the average global pay scale.

We also represent a demographic that is highly educated according to the learning of the world.

The term wise as used in the above passages is not being used in a complementary way. It is referring to those that are wise in their own conceit. Wise unto the precepts of men. People who are to wise to become humble, contrite and born of the spirit.

One of the best textbook definitions of modern day Mormonism is found in D&C 76:75

I used to think that the passage was condemning the “crafty men“, however, I have since come to believe that the primary chastisement must be referring to the “honorable men” that allowed themselves to be deceived by the crafty. How else could the law of justice and mercy prevent these souls from the greatest reward?

This information does not bode well for the deluded latter day saint. Those that think they can live in a mansion in this world and then inherit another one in the world to come may be deceiving themselves.

Bringing this gathering of all nations narrative into relevancy with regard to current events and “soon to come” events, I want to provide a speculative scenario for those who are watching.

The Book of Joseph

I have referred to the mysterious “Book of Joseph” manuscript that surfaced years ago and some of the amazing prophetic content therein. In one portion there is a reference made to an event that takes place in the “heart of the earth“. It informs us that “all nations shall gather together in the heart of the earth to make war with the Lord“.

What is shocking about this prophecy is the fact that it accurately foretold that the powers that be, would invent weapons of war that would “touch the power of the Most High” and these evil power would justify the weapons by stating that they are for the protection of the people.

What I want to emphasize, with regard to this topic, is the fact that according to the prophetic narrative, the evil conspirators who control the governments of the nations of the world are aware of the “appointed time” (and place) when the Lord is to return to his vineyard BEFORE his coming in glory!

With this knowledge, they “lay an awful scheme by the word of their god that they should destroy the Lord when he shall visit men at the appointed time

Prophetic Passages from the Book of Joseph

3:4 Behold, wisdom shall increase in the latter time. And men shall make weapons of war; yea, even terrible weapons which shall touch the power of the Most High.
3:5 And the seed of Joseph shall believe a lie, wherein the terrible weapons shall be for the protection of their lands. And wo unto them, for the people shall be deceived.
3:6 And the Lord showed Jacob a vision, and said: behold, the mighty men of the earth shall lay an awful scheme by the word of their god, that they should destroy the Lord when he shall visit men at the appointed time when he shall reward the sons of men according to their works.
3:7 And all nations shall gather together in the heart of the earth to make war with the Lord, even the almighty king of heaven and earth. Wo, wo, wo unto the chief princes of the earth, even unto the seed of Dan, who hath made gold their god and a lie their refuge:
3:8 Who have said among themselves: the Lord is no god wherein we should fear him, for by our mighty power have we become gods ourselves and have spread abroad ourselves over all the earth. Yet shall they be judged and cut off from among the sons of Jacob.
3:9 Thus sayeth the Lord: The wicked plot in vain. And they shall drink from the cup of vanity which they have grasped: for the Lord himself shall utterly destroy them all by the brightness of his terrible presence.

The realization that the secret society that controls the governments of the world actually knows the approximate time of the “appointed time” of the Lord’s return and is devising a scheme to thwart the purposes of the Lord and destroy Him is quite remarkable.

Which brings me to my speculative ponderings as to why the powers that be have tried to fan the fires for so long in a town located in the center of the earth, and look for reasons to accumulate a foundational army of military law enforcement at that location. Another question is, what else were they doing while the attention of the media was on the rioting?


Overkill, Police in a Missouri suburb demonstrate how not to quell a riot


Could it be that they are preparing their scheme for the appointed time?

It may just be a coincidence.

It may be that the recent and current events in Ferguson have nothing to do with prophecy.

I just don’t know.

But I am watching.

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August 4, 2014


I have just experienced three days of nostalgia by attending the Sunstone Symposium. (Warning- It is late so my spelling will be even worse than it usually is…)

My first experience with a Sunstone Symposium was in 1991 when I attended Sunstone for the first time and listened to a presentation by Ogden Kraut. Ogden Kraut (who has since passed away) was one of the most prolific writers and promoters of LDS fundamentalism.

I had become friends with Ogden back during that time frame. Mrs. Watcher and I had had Ogden and his 2nd wife Anne Wilde over to our home for a fireside and had compared notes with them.

It was a sweet surprise to see Anne at the symposium. She was walking up the Isle during the “Moderating Mormons in Cyberspace” panel so I grabbed her and reintroduced myself to her. We had a great moment doing a little reminiscing with each other about the past.

I introduced Anne to my son and she asked him if he had read any of Ogdens books. He informed her that he owned the book Ogden wrote titled the “95 thesis”, or something like that. As I recall, the book does a great job of pointing out the similarities between how Catholicism and Mormonism both eventually departed from scripture. The 95 doctrinal problems that Martin Luther nailed on the door of the cathedral were a type and shadow of the doctrinal changes that had taken place in Mormonism. One year, Mrs Watcher and I gave the book to everyone we knew as a gift for Christmas. The book did such a good job of alienating our friends and relatives that we did not even need to hand out gift the following Christmas because we no longer had any friends. LOL

Ogden’s presentation at the Sunstone Symposium back in 1991 was on the topic of the “One Mighty and Strong” which originated, in modern revelation, from a letter sent from Joseph Smith to the Saints in Zion. A portion of the letter has become canonized as scripture in section 85. The following passage from section 85 is the primary theme that Ogden Kraut addressed in his presentation:

And it shall come to pass that I, the Lord God, will send one mighty and strong, holding the scepter of power in his hand, clothed with light for a covering, whose mouth shall utter words, eternal words; while his bowels shall be a fountain of truth, to set in order the house of God, and to arrange by lot the inheritances of the saints whose names are found, and the names of their fathers, and of their children, enrolled in the book of the law of God”

The Davidic Servant

We often think of the “One Mighty and Strong” as the “Davidic Servant” however there are numerous other prophetic terms and phrases that are often associated with the last great servant that will set the church in order to prepare it for Zion. Included among these are, the “one like Moses” and the last “Elias“, “the Branch servant“that is mentioned in Isaiah 11:1, (Zech 6:12), “his hand” Isaiah 11:11, “My Servant” referenced in Isaiah 42:1, 49:5, etc., etc.

Much of the content of Ogden’s presentation was taken from a book he wrote on the topic. (by the way, Bill Shepard, co-author of Lost Apostles, who also participated in a wonderful session at this recent Symposium, “, has also written about the One Mighty and Strong)

Back in 1991 Ogden agreed with me that Joseph Smith is the “one mighty and strong”. He agreed that the parable of the redemption of Zion in Section 101, provides an unconditional prophecy about how Zion is going to be redeemed once the light shines forth among those that sit in darkness. It also identifies Joseph as the lead servant that redeems Zion.

Anyone that truly wants to know how Zion is going to finally be redeemed can know how this is going to take place if they believe in the literal interpretation of the unconditional prophecies received by Joseph Smith, and have the faith to believe these unconditional prophecies about this upcoming epic event.

Section 103 is a follow up revelation to the parable of the redemption of Zion in section 101, that informs us that:

“..the redemption of Zion must needs come by POWER; Therefore, I will raise up unto my people a man, who shall lead them like as Moses led the children of Israel.”


The Strong Man Model


The Holy Word of God  informs us that the Lord is going to use a “strong man” approach to establishing Zion just as he did in the days of Enoch. The term “strong man” typically refers to a person that has “great physical strength” and often “rules” using “force” and sometimes even “violence”.


In the scriptural and prophetic narrative, the servant of God is demonstrating miraculous, supernatural powers and leads a military conquest.


In the case of the one mighty and strong, this mighty servant of the Lord will be showing forth the fulness of priesthood power like Moses, Enoch and Melchizedek manifested. Enoch represented a prophetic strong man type when he was going forth in power, resulting in the establishment of Zion (BTW Section 103 reminds us that Jesus Christ will personally return with the servant(s) of the Lord’s vineyard as well. )



The parable of the redemption of Zion informs us that God’s servant will lead a military strike and will break down the walls of mine enemies; throw down their tower, and scatter their watchmen


The Lord is going to use a man that is commanding the elements and showing forth the great miraculous power found in the fulness of the priesthood. This power will be similar to the power manifested by Moses when he led the Children of Israel out of Bondage. (The bondage the ancient Children of Israel were in pales in comparison to the bondage we are in today, and yet, few people even know that they are in bondage!))


Section 103 informs us that the servant of the Lord that returns in power to redeem Zion AFTER “many days” and after the enemy has “broke down the hedge” and literally “destroyed their works and broke down the olive trees“, is none other than Joseph Smith.


Verily, verily I say unto you, that my servant Joseph Smith, Jun., is the man to whom I likened the servant to whom the Lord of the vineyard spake in the parable which I have given unto you.


According to the unconditional prophecies contained in the word of God, Joseph Smith must return and complete the gathering of Israel and the redemption of Zion. (see also Isaiah 49) This is why the Lord declared that the keys of priesthood would remain with Joseph Smith in this world and in the next, because Joseph’s calling was not completed during the second watch:


“Thus saith the Lord, verily, verily I say unto you my son, thy sins are forgiven thee, according to thy petition, for thy prayers and the prayers of thy brethren have come up into my ears.


Therefore, thou art blessed from henceforth that bear the keysof the kingdom given unto you; which kingdom is coming forth for the last time.


Verily I say unto you, the keys of this kingdom shall never be taken from you, while thou art in the world, neither in the world to come;”


Of course we have many scriptural witnesses that Joseph will return. One of the more notable ones is found in the allegory of the Olive trees in the book of Jacob. I have blogged about this before and broken the allegory down into the different time frames. Regarding the return of the Lords servant who had previously done a work in the vineyard, we read that the Lord of the vineyard sends this servant back to the vineyard again:


“And it came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard sent his servant; and the servant went and did as the Lord had commanded him, and brought other servants; and they were few.”


I have also discussed how the Lord has revealed, by name, who 15 of the other servants are from the 2nd watch that will return with Joseph to “gather up the strength of the Lords house“, and fulfill the prophetic commandment of the Lord in section 101 etc.


Break down the Hedge… destroy the works..


If you don’t understand what it means to break down the hedge and destroy the works that the Lords servants were overseeing in the parable of the redemption of Zion and the allegory in Jacob, I would suggest that you do a little research to see just how dire our current situation is in the church, and how desperately we need the divine intervention that has been prophesied about.


Integrated into your search, I would suggest considering that the tower was the Nauvoo temple (or possibly Nauvoo House- Temple) which was never finished… that fleeing from the enemy represented the leadership leading the saints in many different directions from Nauvoo despite the fact that they had been commanded to not be moved out of their place.


Lastly, I would suggest that the breaking of the hedge has to do with loss of the remaining priesthood the saints had in Nauvoo, and that the act of having their “works destroyed” had specific reference to the failed attempt to redeem the dead. Clearly, the works for redeeming the dead and all associated works, came to no avail and were destroyed. Note the associated warning given in section 124:31-33


“But I command you, all ye my saints, to build a house unto me; and I grant unto you a sufficient time to build a house unto me; and during this time your baptisms shall be acceptable unto me.


But behold, at the end of this appointment your baptisms for your dead shall not be acceptable unto me; and if you do not these things at the end of the appointment ye shall be rejected as a church, with your dead, saith the Lord your God.


For verily I say unto you, that after you have had sufficient time to build a house to me, wherein the ordinance of baptizing for the dead belongeth, and for which the same was instituted from before the foundation of the world, your baptisms for your dead cannot be acceptable unto me..”


Lots of Wannabes


Ogden Kraut was perhaps the most famous polygamist in modern Mormonism. He had people flying in from all over the world to consult with him and to have him perform their polygamous sealings.




As a result of his high profile and his down to earth willingness to speak with anyone about the gospel, all of the crazy delusional wing-nuts in the LDS fringe would meet with him, so he was well connected to a lot of people.


During his Sunstone talk in 1991, he mentioned that he had personally known countless delusional people that had all been visited by angels and by Christ. Each of these pathetic individuals declared themselves to be the “one mighty and strong” and the “one like Moses”. Kraut also pointed out that many people had claimed that calling in the early years of the restoration movement following the death of Joseph Smith.


According to Kraut, the following people were among the most noteworthy “mighty ones” of the deluded, from the past until Kraut’s talk in 1991:


  • James Strang
  • James Brighouse
  • Samuel Eastman
  • Paul Feil
  • LeRoy Wilson
  • John Tanner Clark
  • Benjamin LeBaron
  • Joel LeBaron
  • John Bryant
  • Elden Hollis
  • Sherman Russell Lloyd
  • Frank Miller
  • Jasper No. 7
  • Art Bulla (Art is the fellow that initially agreed to debate me about the polygamy and the spiritual wife doctrines, claiming he had never lost a debate. Sadly, he didn’t lose the debate with me either since he was a no-show)
  • Alonzo Langford


Since the passing of brother Kraut, there have arisen a few other notable colorful personalities that suffer from delusions of grandeur. One is Christopher Nemelka. Another is Jim Harmston, who I personally knew.


The Time of Joseph’s return must be Near


I always sit up and take notice when well meaning people begin bearing their testimonies that the “one like Moses” has arrived,  or, “there is a new prophet in town”.


When someone rises up claiming to have a message from God and/or claiming to have been commissioned to lead people to Christ, or show people how to redeem Zion, or set the church in order, etc., I take note because Joseph Smith revealed that the devil would be setting up a part of his kingdom and sending his false prophets at the same time the true kingdom of God was ready to go forth:


Here is an excerpt from the discourse:

“..In relation to the Kingdom of God–the devil always sets up his Kingdom at the very same time in opposition to God,–every man who has a calling to minister to the Inhabitants of the world, was ordained to that very purpose in the grand Council of Heaven before this world was–I suppose that I was ordained to this very office in that grand Council–“

Another excerpt is as follows:

“..false prophets always arise to oppose the true prophets, and they will prophesy so very near the truth that they will deceive almost the very chosen ones–“

We often think of the coming of false prophets when we think of Matthew 24 because it clearly speaks of the role of false prophets at the time when the light once again shines forth during the last generation. But Joseph Smith used the German Bible to show that Matthew 24 also testifies that a TRUE prophet would arise during the last generation as well:

“..the Savior said, when those tribulations should take place, it [the Gospel] should be committed to a man, who should be a witness over the whole world, the keys of knowledge, power, and revelations, should be revealed to a witness who should hold the testimony to the world..”

In the discourse, Joseph alludes to the fact that it is he, Joseph, that is the one that is to be the holder of keys that is to be a witness over all the people. He also alludes to the fact that he, Joseph will be the angel flying in the midst of heaven, spoken of in the book of Revelation:

“..all the testimony is, that the Lord in the last days would commit the keys of the Priesthood to a witness over all people–has the Gospel of the Kingdom commenced in the last days..

I have read it precisely as the words flowed from the lips of Jesus Christ–John the Revelator saw an angel flying thro’ the midst of heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, &c.”

Joseph Smith then lists the signs that will be taking place when he, Joseph Smith , and his associates return to the vineyard:

  • wars
  • famines
  • pestilence
  • great distress
  • judgments
  • false prophets

“.. the Scripture is ready to be fulfilled when great wars, famines, pestilence, great distress, judgments, &c are ready to be poured out on the Inhabitants of the Earth–John saw the angel having the holy Priesthood who should preach the everlasting gospel to all nations,–God had an angel, a special messenger, ordained, & prepared for that purpose in the last days–    (quoted Rev. 14-6 having the Gospel saying the hour of his Judgment is come.)

Joseph then prophesies that the man or set of men (false prophets) that have already set themselves up as the appointed servants to set the church in order, will lift their hands against God and his witness and, if possible, will deceive almost the very chosen ones:


Woe! Woe! be to that man, or set of men, who lift up their hands against God and his Witness in these last days.–for they shall deceive almost the very chosen ones–“

Joseph Smith taught that his return to the earth, to give his final testimony, would be accompanied by the rising up of false prophets who would deceive “almost” the very chosen” ones.

That is why I sit up and take notice when a new “One Like Moses” wannabe begins claiming that Christ and angels have commissioned him to bring a message about Zion, etc to this wicked world.

I have wondered if in fact the last great imposter would be a little different type of person than the typical ones that have risen in the past. Many of the ones in the past have been poor and lowly types with relatively little money or worldly education. For this reason, they were not appealing to the wealthy or the highly educated intellectuals.

But what if a false prophet showed up, that was a highly educated and highly respected professional type that would be much more acceptable to the more sophisticated in today’s world?

What if he were a doctor or a lawyer that was a great thinker and eloquent orator with great confidence and charisma?

What if he began challenging God’s word on how Zion was going to be established and yet he was so smooth and persuasive that he could convince people to discard the truth so clearly laid out in the word of God?

What if his main emphasis was a “how to” see the Savior instead of warning EVERYBODY to REPENT and receive the true baptism?

When the light shines forth for the last time, everybody on the earth is going to need to repent and receive the true ordinance and start from the beginning with faith and repentance. It is impossible to use the false ordinances and doctrines of Mormonism as a springboard for getting the Second Comforter! The assumption that we don’t need to repent is critical for deluded people to think that they simply need to exercise faith and they can see God.

What if much of what this person is saying is not congruent with the true gospel found in the scriptures? Remember how all of Adam and Eve’s posterity quit believing the gospel Adam and Eve had taught them once Satan claimed to also be a son of God and told them to not believe?


And Adam and Eve blessed the name of God, and they made all things known unto their sons and their daughters.


And Satan came among them, saying: I am also a son of God; and he commanded them, saying: Believe it not; and they believed it not, and they loved Satan more than God. And men began from that time forth to be carnal, sensual, and devilish.

(yes, that is right, Eve also preached the gospel to their posterity, not just Adam. Emma was also promised that she would be ORDAINED to preach the gospel: “And thou shalt be ordained under his hand to expound scriptures, and to exhort the church, according as it shall be given thee by my Spirit” (I point this out to keep all of the feminist stoners happy 😉  )

What if a successful, articulate, charismatic fellow came among the people and began preaching a different gospel and was able to mesmerize people into disregarding many of the true points in the scriptures by mingling selected passages with his own narrative?

What if he claimed that priesthood authority was not necessary to administer the ordinances of salvation even though God’s word teaches it is categorically necessary?

What if he began claiming that Zion would not necessarily be established in the designated places identified in scripture?

What if he challenged the strong man narrative so clearly laid out in scripture and convinced people to believe in a different protocol for establishing Zion instead of the protocol provided in the  word of God?

It is easy to get sucked into the belief that someone who is speaking to God is more credible than the lowly voice of warning coming from someone who simply quotes scripture, even though the person claiming to be speaking directly to God, is contradicting scripture!

What if he was to declare “A “strong man” model is the opposite of Zion” even thought prophecy teaches that Zion can only be established by someone endowed with power from on high?

What if he continued teaching the false doctrines that Joseph taught in Nauvoo, which contradicted the “thus sayeth the Lord ” teachings revealed during the Kirtland era?

We know that according to ancient prophecy, Joseph had his eyes covered, had the sins of latter day Israel placed upon himself and spoke “presumptuously”, delivering the Saints over to Satan for a little season which resulted in false doctrine being taught that contradicted the foundational doctrines, ie, the King Follett discourse completely contradicts Lectures on Faith. What if the false prophet foolishly continued teaching those falsehoods to tickle the ears of his hearers?

What if he denied that God is from everlasting to everlasting, without beginning of days or end of years and began teaching the heresy that there are other numerous numberless Gods above God the Father, even though the Father has declared that there is no other God beside him?

What if he could sway public opinion in his favor by getting highly popular LDS fringe bloggers to begin promoting him to their readers?

What if he was to write an impressive book detailing the problems with modern Mormonism, filled with doctrinal errors, and inaccurate historical dates and characterizations, yet was unwilling to respond to or acknowledge those specific problems when exposed by critics?

What if he were to question the historicity of one of the most significant and foundational visitations that took place during the LDS restoration movement?

Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the last great false prophet is much more palatable to the tastes of the scripturally ignorant, yet highly “educated” masses than his past predecessors… but I digress, I wanted to briefly share some brief thoughts and experiences I had at Sunstone.

I am not going to give a detailed analysis or even a summary of the content in the sessions I attended. Rather, I am simply going to randomly share a few impressions and thoughts that came to me while attending the symposium.

Moderating Mormons in Cyberspace

I enjoyed the “Moderating Mormons in Cyberspace” session. Of particular note, Andrew Spriggs was a bright, witty, engaging personality that was fun to listen to. It was also fun to see and hear from Rock Waterman of PureMormonism who is always quite outspoken.

Interestingly, John Hamer was sitting in back of me and I got to chat briefly with him. He was familiar with my blog and remembered chatting with me in the comments section of his Mormonstories interview. (John Hamer, Mike Quinn, William Sheperd and every other credible LDS historian all agree that Joseph Smith secretly practiced polygamy. The evidence is overwhelming. That is why the RLDS Church finally decided to reinvented itself and take their emphasis off of Joseph Smith. Yet some people still think there was a global conspiracy by Brigham Young to blame the practice on Joseph Smith even though he never practiced it.

During the free lunch sponsored by Signature Books, I randomly sat down by a guy in a crowd of several hundred people and started chatting with him… before long it occurred to me that he was one of my old online friends that used to comment quite a bit on my blog. It was fun to get to know him better and have a face to associate with a screen name! We picked several of the same sessions to attend because great minds think alike.


One of the best sessions I attended was the one titled “The Latter day Apostasy: A scriptural perspective” done by “Spek” (Joe Jensen) author of the Just and true blog. He did a SPEKtacular job. It was the only session wherein the scriptures were exclusively used as the foundational basis for what was being presented. It proved to be a novel approach for a Sunstone presentation.

“Sealing and salvation in early Mormonism: Perspectives on the law of adoption” was an interesting session wherein feminist Cheryl L. Bruno debated with polygamy enthusiast Brian C Hales about how the mystical law of adoption is supposed to work.

As you all probably know, after the death of Joseph Smith, the apostate apostles in Nauvoo started running around trying to seal as many men and women to themselves as possible thinking it would give them greater power and glory than their fellow apostles in the afterlife if they could recruit more people to be part of their own spiritual tribe. Brigham Young even called all of his sealed minions together and named them the “Tribe of Brigham”.

It was kind of like a multilevel marketing pyramid that was trafficking in souls instead of snake oil and money. Everyone was frantically trying to build their spiritual “down-line” in hopes of gaining more power and glory. The New Testament refers to the situation as a “strong delusion”.

I was amazed that both of the presenters have spent so much time and energy trying to figure out something that originated primarily from Brigham Young and yet, Brigham Young himself was clearly clueless about the concept and simply improvising to keep everyone in tow.

I found it interesting that both of these people conveniently neglected to mention the visitation Brigham Young claimed to have with Joseph Smith in a dream, wherein Brigham admitted that he and the brethren didn’t understand the concept and needed a little help understanding it.

During the Q&A I got up and asked both presenters o comment on the content of the dream in that I felt it clearly showed that Brigham Young was clueless about the law of adoption.

In the dream Brigham Young said to Joseph:

“The Brethren have a great anxiety to understand the law of adoption, or sealing principles; and if you have a word of council for me, I should be glad to receive it.”

Of course Joseph refused to dignify the question with a direct answer but instead told Brigham to tell the saints to be humble and faithful and to keep the spirit of the Lord…. bla bla…

Here is a post I wrote on the topic years ago

At the end of this session, I crossed paths with the notorious Jeremy Runnells who wrote the controversial Letter to a CES Director, so I took the opportunity to shake his hand and tell him that I enjoyed his paper. I then said with a smile, “I disagree with your conclusions, but I enjoyed reading your paper”. He smiled back and nodded his head and we parted in peace.

I enjoyed “Authors Meet Critics: The Lost Apostles”. My favorite historical takeaway from the book is how the first person called by the three witnesses to be a member of the quorum of the twelve apostles was Phineas Young, but Joseph intervened and replaced Phineas with his brother William Smith, who proved to be an embarrassment to himself and the church. Since Phineas was older than all of the other apostles, he would have been the president of the quorum and that would probably have very significantly changed the trajectory of the church and the outcome of the succession crises, etc! Had Joseph never interfered with those that had received the commission to choose the apostles, the church may well have never heard about blood atonement or the Adam-God doctrine or any of the other absurd heresies that BY introduced into the apostate church.

An unrelated but interesting historical issue that came up afterwards, while I was speaking to Bill Shepard- he informed me that the complete affidavits of Thomas B Marsh and Orson Hyde, were now available online. Here is the pertinent portion of the Marsh declaration that brought persecution upon the church and got them expelled from the state:

“… Hogs were brought in dead, but I know not how many; I saw only two. They have among a company consiting of all that are considered true Mormons, called the Danites, who have taken an oath to support the heads of the Church in all things, that they say or do, whether right or wrong. Many, however, of this band are much dissatisfied with this oath, as being against moral and religious principles. On Saturday last, I am informed by the Mormons that they had a meeting at Far West, at which they appointed a company of twelve, by the name of the Destruction Company, for the purpose of burning and destroying; and that if the people of Buncombe came to do mischief upon the people of Caldwell, and committed depredations upon the Mormons, they were to burn Buncombe; and if the people of Clay and Ray made any movements against them, this destroying company were to burn Liberty and Richmond. This burning was to be done secretly, by going as incendiaries. At the same meeting, I was informed, they passed a decree that no Mormon dissenter should leave Caldwell county alive; and that such and that such as attempted to do it, should be shot down, and sent to tell their tale in eternity. In a conversation between Dr. Avard and other Mormons, said Avard proposed to start a pestilence among the Gentiles, as he called them, by poisoning their corn, fruit, &c., and saying it was the work of the Lord; and said Avard advocated lying for the support of their religion, and said it was no harm to lie for the Lord!! The plan of said Smith, the Prophet, is to take this State; and he professes to his people to intend taking the United States, and ultimately the whole world. This is the belief of the Church, and my own opinion of the Prophet’s plans and intentions. It is my opinion that neither said Joseph Smith, the Prophet, nor any one of the principal men, who is firm in the fiath, could be indicted for any offecne in the county of Caldwell. The Prophet inculcates the notiion, and it is believed by every true Mormon that Smith’s prophecies are superior to the law of the land. I have heard the Prophet say that he should yet tread down his enemies, and walk over their dead bodies; that if he was not let alone, hew ould be a second Mahomet to this generation, and that he would make it one gore of blood from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean; that like Mahomet, whose motto, is treating for peace, was ‘Alcoran or the Sword,’ so should it be eventually with us, ‘Joseph Smith or the Sword.’ These last statments were made during the last summer. The number of armed men at Adam-on-diahmon was between three and four hundred. “ Thomas B. March.

According to Shepard, Marsh was accurate in everything he stated and he never recanted anything in the statement. His sin was in telling the truth.

“Apologetic Ethics: Defending the Faith without Losing Your Soul”

In this presentation Seth Payne appeared to be encouraging LDS apologists to change their tone and strategy in how they debate with skeptics.

“Church Discipline: A procedural Overview

Nadine Hansen is a feisty attorney who wrote the legal brief for Kate Kelly which was submitted to her Bishop and Stake President. She did an eye-opening job of showing how the church violates their own rules of disciplinary procedure, let-alone the procedures provided in revelation. It was a great session.

Perhaps the most significant procedural takeaway is that the “judge” of the court is not supposed to be the “accuser” also, yet in Modern corporate Mormonism, the Bishop or Stake President that presides at the court acts as both judge and accuser.

Another session I attended which I cannot remember the name of, involved Paul Toscano and Mike Quinn. Although I think the world of Quinn as a credible historian, he presented a rather weak and illogical presentation on why people should stay in the church in my opinion. He claimed that the church facilitates us in serving others. He acknowledged that he could go volunteer at a soup kitchen, but he was too self centered and selfish to do so. He said he had never done such a thing and likely never would… Therefore, church membership is good because it helps people to be of service to others who are otherwise unwilling and unmotivated to be proactive in serving others….. Huh?

I could listen to Toscano nonstop because he is so funny, entertaining and relevant. At one point he said something to the effect of, “I wish the Twelve Apostles would simply go out into the world and preach the gospel as a traveling missionary quorum like they have been commanded to do. When they hang around Salt Lake, all they do is irritate people.” LOL, LOL, LOL

I attended a panel discussion on demanding financial transparency from church headquarters that was excellent. I was extremely impressed with everyone that participated on the panel. They were all very bight, passionate people who had done their homework. Obviously, they are pissing into the wind if they think the church will ever provide full transparency. How can a church that spends money on paid shills to influence public opinion be expected to provide transparency on how they spend their money?

The very last session I attended was “Cutting Down the Tree of Life to Build a Wooden Bridge” by Denver the Snuffer.

My first born son and Mrs Watcher were able to attend and it was very interesting. Snuffer is a gifted thinker and orator. He was providing historical context to how and why doctrine has changed in the past and why it will continue to change in the future based on social trends and potential threat of tax status.

He did a remarkable job.

I felt sorry for the respondent who tried to challenge the supposition Snuffer made that gospel fruits are no longer in the church. He felt that the church was being blessed by all of the special interest groups that are gaining acceptance and traction in the modern church… go figure.

As an added bonus to the session experience, Snuffer took off his “independent historical researcher who was giving a presentation at a symposium of liberal Mormons” hat, and put on his “prophet” hat during the Q and A.

A person asked a question that sounded something like: “why can’t we get a complete sentence from God when we pray to him?”

That was all Denver needed to begin proclaiming how he has been visited by God and angels. I don’t know if the person was a “plant” or if she simply felt inspired to ask the question, but that question gave Denver the opportunity to let everyone know that he has heard a complete sentence from God!

It was somewhat of a crowd-pleaser of a presentation in my opinion.

It would be interesting to know how many of the approximate 3oo attendees were Snufferites that follow him around in mindless adoration and how many of them were Sunstone “intellectuals” who were boredd and wanted to be entertained. My guess is about 80% followers and 20% Stoners… but that is pure conjecture.

I enjoyed my visit to Sunstone this year/ I am really glad I attended…  however, it may be another 23 years before attend another one. Perhaps I will attend again if Joseph returns and decides to speak there