“Frankly, there’s nothing that I have read or listened to from you which would invite a well-reasoned dispute with you”

I have been getting some interesting messages from people lately.

This is the latest one that came in today:

Thank you for your “Because I Am Watching” WordPress blog and your “Three Watches” blogspot blog and your YouTube channel and your book “Solving the Prophet Puzzle”.

Impressive scholarship and even more impressive exhortation to search the scriptures.


Frankly, there’s nothing that I have read or listened to from you which would invite a well-reasoned dispute with you, as two different persons search & interpret the scriptures together.

Conversation via email would be a blessing.

Personally, I enjoy learning via conversation as much as via solitary study. I get very little fellowship with the saints — although I doubt that the Lord Christ Jesus & holy heavenly Abba Father sees any of us presently as genuinely “saintly” — here in the rural region of the west central Kootenays.

I was in email correspondence with John P. Pratt just before his death last 12 October 2021. The last subject of our short email correspondence was if Joseph Smith Jr did or did not practice polygamy.

JP Pratt referenced this footnote: “The Saints Herald 51:305, quoted by Richard and Pamela Price, ‘Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy’ (Independence, MO: Price Publishing, 2014), vol. 2, p. 167. These three volumes provide a rich source of research defending the belief that Joseph never practiced polygamy.

While he may have done so his early years, possibly in the case of Fanny Alger, he apparently discovered the practice was wrong and fought against it in his later years. Again, just because a prophet does something, that alone does not make it right!” from Pratt’s article, [he then referenced one of Pratt’s articles]

(I fully realize that name-dropping JP Pratt won’t impress you, although you personally & privately might have been impressed with some of his [inspired?] scholarship, assuming that you read from Pratt’s blog from time to time.)

Might you please send me a pdf copy of the timeline you work from in your four-part series on the ministry of Joseph Smith Jr and the secret history of Mormonism? Thanks in advance.

We’re living in amazing times, eh Watcher? I was recently pondering about 9/11 in 2001 and the great recession (and financial crash) of 2008 seven years later (which might have put into motion the need for the World Economic Forum to accelerate their [so-called] “great reset” and their transhumanist fourth industrial revolution)

and now what’s happening fourteen years later in 2022 with everything associated with Covid medical tyranny (including mandates to get jabbed, health passports [which sure reminds me of Nazism], what’s in the shots which interacts with high-frequency 5G radio spectrum radiation).

All of this has me wondering what’s going to transpire during the next twenty-one years — presuming that we live that long — and how soon the marvelous work and a wonder / the dispensation of the fullness of times / the restoration following all of the foundational preparations will come to pass.

I turn 65 this year (obviously I have no clue as to your age) and I figure that — looking at how long my parents and grandparents lived — there’s a decent chance that I’ll be around for another twenty-one years, the Lord be willing.

I’d like to discuss specific prophecies associated with our present timeframe, if that’s of interest to you as a historian. If you require more background information from me about me prior to a deep dive into historical prophecies about what’s happening in the here and now, just ask.

Would you enjoy another email correspondence with the likes of me, or are you too busy, or are you disinterested?



XXXX British Columbia


This was my Reply”


It is good to hear from you.

You can get a copy of the timeline from my onewhoiswatching blog.

I loved John Pratt and have a soft spot in my heart for him and feel that he was very sincere in his beliefs although he was very confused and very deceived. It is unfortunate that he became involved with the Snufferite scam and the Mauricio Berger scam.

Regarding polygamy-

 I have read all of the information on both sides of the debate.

I realize that publicly Joseph Smith denied living polygamy and that people like Pamela Price and all of her disciples on the issue have been able to make a compelling argument that he never did.

I have also read all of the testimonies of all of Joseph Smith’s closest associates and confidants (even those that did not believe in the principle but testified that he practiced it) as well as the countless testimonies of the women he had relationships with, claiming that he did live it. Those testimonies also make a compelling case to the contrary.

Both sides make a compelling case drawing from credible historical sources.

 To me the tie breaker is determined by prophecy, which clearly testifies that Joseph’s eyes became covered because the saints of the restoration rejected the fulness of the gospel.

Once the saints rejected the fulness, Joseph’s eyes were covered and their sins were placed upon him and he began acting out their transgressions.

[Prophecy testifies that Joseph has not permanently fallen from his calling. He will return and complete all of the unconditional promises and prophesies about him]

You cannot fully understand why the actions and teachings of the Nauvoo Joseph Smith contradicted the actions and teachings of the Kirtland Joseph Smith until you understand Joseph Smith’s role as an intercessor who bore the sins of an apostate people just as Moses did anciently.

 You need to understand that the atonement statute as documented in the Old Testament was a literal enactment of a future event involving Joseph and Sidney and their associates..

This is not just about polygamy.. it has to do with Joseph Smith’s involvement in secret orders, and his false teachings about the nature and character of God which contradicted the previous revelations that Joseph had been given… etc., etc., etc.

I am tired of discussing the polygamy issue with people..

If you have read all of my documentation on the topic, both historical and prophetic, and still don’t get it, there is nothing I can for you.. . You will simply need to wait until God’s servants return and provide the report that will astonish people.

So, regarding polygamy, you and I can simply agree to disagree on that issue, if in fact you agree with the Price thesis.

Regarding an email correspondence regarding prophecy, I am always willing to initially engage with people depending on my time commitments and whether or not the conversation seems to be fruitful.

We can certainly engage and see where it leads us..

If the conversation is interesting, I may post it without revealing your name..

I hope you are doing well

May the Lord bless you in your study of God’s word.”

I don’t know if I will hear back from him, but if I do, and if the conversation seem instructive, I will make a series out of it.

Keep watching

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