Dr. Malone, The Kabbalist, & The Strong Delusion

A Reader of this blog sent this to me so I thought I would share it-


“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie” (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

By now I’m sure you have watched (or at least heard of) Dr. Malone’s 3-hour interview with Joe Rogan.  Even FOX News gave Dr. Malone a 3-minute segment about it.  Even Robert F Kennedy Jr. said it was the interview of all interviews.  Dave and I met Dr. Malone at the Covid Summit in Ocala, Florida.  I’d say he is one of the geniuses of this world—a wise man not bought off by the bankers as most wise men (of the world) are.  Here is the interview if you haven’t seen it:  https://odysee.com/@NoFriendRequests:5/joerogan-robertmalone:c

Toward the end, Dr. Malone spends a couple of minutes explaining something called Mass Formation Psychosis, a subject I studied in Psychology 101.  It’s a term that explains how the Germans went from being an intelligent and civilized people, to a people off their rockers in the 1930s.  Putting it simply, Mass Formation Psychosis starts by overwhelming a population with a number of confusing and anxiety-provoking situations, then bombarding them with a series of solutions that focus their attention on a desired outcome.  Hypnosis works this way.  Once all the free-floating anxieties can be harnessed into one solution (or series of solutions), people can be led anywhere.  Truth no longer matters.  Here’s how it worked in Nazi Germany:


Dr. Malone explained how we are repeating history, only on a world-wide scale.  And he is right.  In 2020 the whole world was hit by a number of things that made no sense, things which produced an overabundance of fear and anxiety.  Then in 2021 came the 24/7 bombardment of the solution which would eliminate the fear and anxieties.  History didn’t matter.  Data didn’t matter.  Truth didn’t matter.  Just as Mass Formation Psychosis explains how the Germans accepted the dehumanization of the Jews in the 1930s, it explains why so many around the world are supporting medical apartheid and the dehumanization of the unvaccinated.

Albert Pike (1809-1891) used a different term to describe a future Mass Formation Psychosis.  He called it a world-wide social cataclysm which would be followed by a Masonic solution.  For 15+ years I have warned about this social cataclysm, and Masonic solution, which describes the grand finale of the strong delusion Paul warned us about in 2 Thessalonians 2.  Which takes me back to Dr. Malone’s 3-hour interview.

At about Marker 2:49, Dr. Malone briefly explains how a people can be set free from this Mass Formation Psychosis or hypnosis.  This is basically what he said:

“People will come out of Mass Formation Psychosis as they become aware of the truth—in our case, that a “global tyranny” is the real agenda.   Coming out of Mass Formation Psychosis requires making people realize there is a bigger threat than the virus.  This causes a psychological separation in the hypnosis.  The only problem is, it then become possible to substitute a bigger boogeyman for the current one.”

Dr. Malone was describing the prophecy of 2 Thessalonians 2:11, and what I have been warning about for years.  Many in this world have been hypnotized.  But as truth leaks out, even the un-hypnotized will become vulnerable to an even greater delusion, a spiritual one; one that would expose the darkness of global totalitarianism while introducing another form of it (Isaiah 14:29, 2 Nephi 10:51).

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