The truth about the so-called virus, exposing the true sickness of radiation, and the end-game of slavery

We are truly all deceived as John the Revelator prophesied.

The rabbit hole is deep with lots of channels to divert.

There are many layers to the onion that need to be removed.

There are many people who have uncovered a portion of the truth but are still limited in what they can see.

I love Judy Mikovits, she has done much good in exposing the evil forces, but she is a victim of indoctrination. Here entire career has been wasted because the modern science that she bought into was based on a false premise.

There has never been a “virus” that has been truly isolated and therefore identified… hence there is no such thing as a virus.

Watch Dr. Andrew Kaufman destroy the false virus narrative-

So, if viruses don’t exist, what is making people sick??

We are seeing the “symptoms” of a so-called “virus”, but in fact radio spectrum radiation is making people sick. Especially when they have been injected with poisons that highly interact with and magnify the effects of the radiation.

The remarkable speech from Anthony Patch 2013 – 2014 !!

Like all of the rest of us, Patch only has part of the truth, but it is a very important part of it.

This presentation seems to assume that a virus or some kind of sickness exists, however the import of the video is that it was clearly known years before the so-called pandemic that the goal was to create enough fear in people that they would demand a solution… a vaccine (with deadly toxins in it).

The purpose of the vaccine is to alter DNA and make hybrids out of people.

It takes away a person’s true independence.

People become slaves to a system..

The vaccines contain a DNA modifier that leads to mental and physical slavery.

He ends by providing a synopsis of the problem

.. a small group that has been in control since ancient times..

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