Liars Figure but Figures Never Lie

I got the following email from a reader the other day. It is quite revealing about the credibility of the claims being made about Covid deaths: survey covers 10% of the US population so if you multiply by 10 you get just under 2 million hospitalizations and just under 200,000 deaths. 200,000/32,000,000 = .625% chance of hospitalization and with the 10.2% death rate if hospitalized you have like a .06% chance of dying. According to everyone’s favorite search engine there are over 600,000 deaths, so they all died outside of hospitals? Or apparently the other 90% of the US not in the survey has way worse health outcomes?


At last, undeniable legal proof with all of the patent numbers. Perhaps one of the most powerful whistle blowers has come forth. Dr. David Martin has now documented the fact that the Corona Virus was patented over 20 years ago and the vaccine which was supposedly rushed into production was actually developed years ago.

Dr. M*artin interview with attorney R*einer Fuelimich

Dr. M*artin on the St*ew Peters Show


This Can’t Be R*eal NBC Producer Fired After This Hot Mic Incident


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