Christians, do you have the true gospel message?

The other day I saw the following title on a forum entry of a conspiracy website “Christians, do you have the true gospel message?

It intrigued me because most Christians assume that activity in an established “church” with a “preacher” who has been trained and credentialed for the ministry by a Babylonian Christian school is essential to actuate the gospel in their lives.

Clearly, non-believers in the LDS restoration without the additional scripture that Joseph Smith brought forth do not have as broad or as detailed of a context for New Testament Christianity as we do.

For one thing, most Christians do not understand the necessity of gaining the three part baptism of water, fire and the Holy Ghost.

Nevertheless, I found the reasoning of this individual to be quite remarkable.

The remarks in the forum were most likely not made by the preacher in the youtube that was provided along with the remarks

Enjoy the remarks and the associated youtube as food for thought-

“The New Testament warns that there are wrong gospels being preached. It also warns that the wrong Jesus is being preached. The true gospel message can be distilled into three fundamental components: Believe, repent, and follow Jesus.

The video below clearly, and simply teaches what those fundamental components mean:

“The gospel message is cognitive. You hear it with your ears, understand it with your mind, and believe it with all your heart. Reject anything that goes against it as you walk [work??] out your faith according to His word.

The apostasy, or falling away from sound faith, prophesied in the Bible by Paul is now complete. There are no formal gatherings outside of small family households.

If there is an organization claiming to represent God today, they are lying. It is the antichrist’s kingdom pretending to represent God so they can trap anyone who would follow Jesus and keep them under control until they are counted a foolish Christian at Christ’s return and then they would have to go through the hour of testing where the anticrhist’s kingdom is unrestrained. The wise Christians who have avoided their schemes will be harvested and attend the marriage supper of the Lamb.

The word of God is very, very important in these last moments before Christ’s return.


Because the Bible teaches that God, Himself, sends a strong delusion upon the world because people did not love the truth. The word of God is that truth, and it has wonderful knowledge that will train you in righteousness and give you promises to hold fast by faith as God delivers, protects, provides, and fights for you. There are a lot of bad translations out there, but the (NASB) New American Standard Bible is a solid translation.

Understanding these important points, I will now show you exactly what it means to be a Christian:

Christianity, after all, isn’t something we do, it’s something God does inside us, and through us when we follow Jesus’ simple teachings on the gospel.

So what did Jesus teach?

Well, he used agricultural metaphors a lot because true Christianity is organic growth.

What does a plant need to grow and flourish?

– seed
– water
– food
– light

Did Jesus equate these things with Christian practices?

He sure did.

The Gospel Message = Seed (Matt. 13:1-9)

Faith = water (John 7:38)

Food = the word of God (Matt. 4:4)

Light = having a humble, repentant, teachable attitude as we all come across Biblical truth which outshines the current state of being of our soul (1 John 1:6-7).

A balanced Christian organic life would look like this:

– Understanding the true gospel message.

– Exercising your faith through regular prayer, trusting God’s word when making decisions in life, and leaning on His grace when we are weak or faltering

– Eating true food by reading the word of God regularly and getting sound doctrine from true teachers

– Remaining humble and teachable as we walk out our faith and see how high God’s standard is for us
In regards to prayer: Beware of outlandish dreams, visions, or “revelations” that come into your mind. These are the lying signs and wonders Jesus warned would come at the end. God stopped speaking directly to humanity when the New Testament was completed.

And thank God for being merciful to His children. It’s not very easy to tell whether a dream, vision, or revelation is of God or not.

It’s not!

And this, my friend, is coming from someone who has had some of the most incredible “experiences” of visions and dreams and lying prophetic utterances you could imagine.

Thank You, Jesus for saving me from the lies of Satan!

Paul also teaches that “watering” is teaching people sound doctrine, like what this teaching does here. By God’s grace I’m watering all the Christians who are going to pass by this thread. And let us never forget, it is God who gives the growth.

I also recommend sharply limiting exposure to mass media, as it is a trick of the devil to confuse and control Christians and distract them from the power of doing things God’s way.”

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