The Lord will “Rise Up” at the time of the Re*port that is a Vexation

Study the keyword similarities really closely between the ancient prophecy of Isaiah 28 and the prophecy in section 97 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Then read the entire chapters for additional context.

Do you think the similar keywords (usually the exact same keywords) represent a random coincidence or are both passages speaking about the same event and giving interpretive keys to the prophetic events taking place around us right now with the vexation that has been unleashed on the “whole world“.

Section 90 tells us it is the “report” that shall “vex” “all people“.

Isaiah 28 tells us it is a “vexationonly to understand thereport“.

Think about everything you have learned about the sca*mde*mic and the BS-P*SR reports that have terrified people and given the PTB a pretext for placing us in bondage and destroying our way of life and laying the foundation for the Be*ast System.

Remember the videos showing that the tes*ting kits have the potential for introducing nefarious substances into the body? A deeper narrative locked up in the passages may well be that the “rep*orts” and related V*AX the VEXES may actually be the secret way of introducing the REAL plague that is still coming.

But that is not what I want to focus on in this post.

There are other narratives that need to be observed.

One is that even though it is the evil cabal is overseeing this travesty, it is still the Lord’s scourge. He sanctions it. We deserve it.

The saints of the restored church had been promised that they would escape it if they had been obedient in observing “to do all things whatsoever I have commanded her.”

Were they obedient?


Have the Latter day saints escaped this scourge and oppression that is taking place.


The saints of the restored church were condemned in 1834 and they were rejected when they got to Nauvoo.

They had been promised in Nauvoo that they would not be moved out of their place if the repented and got the fulness of priesthood that had been “lost” and “taken away”, restored back to them. obedient. From Nauvoo they fled to the rocky mountains and from their the saints have migrated into all parts of the world. The saints of the apostate church are now a scattered people.

Ever since that time the latter day saints have been in a delusional la la land, living in a world of their own.

In fact, the prophet, seer, and revelator of the modern church is telling people to be good citizens and wear the ma*sks and get vac*cinated!!

He has become a poster child for modern science and modern medicine encouraging people to place their faith in the arm of flesh instead of calling upon the Lord through faith healings.

Are there any of the fringe groups that have escaped the vexation of this current scourge?


The Brazilian golden plates folks, the Snufferites, The Joseph F. Smithites, the Utah Valley “Joseph is in a cave” folks and a thousand more fringe-group heretics claiming to have the spiritual fruits of the true gospel are all under bondage and suffering the oppression of this world-wide scourge that God is allowing the PTB to inflict on the world.

But even those narratives relating to the two passages of scripture above are not the main ones I want to focus on in this post.

Notice that it is at the time that this scourge, caused by and possibly enhanced by the rep*ort that vexes people begins going forth, that the Lord shall “rise up” and begin his “strange work” and bring to pass his “strange act“.

The signs are all around us.

Will you be found waiting and watching when the Lord of the house returns?

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