Who Does She Think She Is!!!!

Who in the Sam-flippin-hill is Cl*aire Ed*wards and who does she think she is?

I ask this question because a cousin of mine sent me a presentation by her that is so out outrageous that I am almost embarrassed to play it!

Nevertheless I am going to play for you, but not until I try to destroy her credibility and destroy any faith you might have in what she is saying.

After all, this blog has standards.. right?

After listening to this conspiracy theorist extraordinaire lay out just about every major conspiratorial threat that we have every heard of, in a well laid out tapestry of apocalyptic milestones I just had to find out who this fear mongering wing-nut is.

So I googled her and found out the dirt on her.

It will now be my pleasure to expose her.

First of all, she claims to have served as a former UN staff member.

Apparently she served as a an editor and trainer in intercultural writing and Conference Services Officer from 1999-2017.

Big deal.

That does not impress me.

In fact, if anything, it puts any credibility she may have otherwise have had into question.

As you all know, I despise the UN and feel that it poses a major threat to the world.

So having had any association with it, let alone serving as a low-level editor, trainer and conference coordinator employee hardly qualifies her to be an expert on anything.

Moving on..

One of the earlier videos of her that I came across shows her audacity in trying to enlighten and frighten the Secretary General of the United nations regarding 5*G.


First of all, we all know that 5*G is a wonderful thing that speeds up the Internet for all of us and that it poses no health threat to anyone. Right?

I know this because some of my readers have assured me of this.

Besides, President (Cyrus-Messiah) Trump quietly rolled out the US laws paving the way for this 5g infrastructure in America to be fast tracked during the Kavanaugh fiasco/distraction.

If our beloved Donald did this without any serious testing and without any serious public discussion on it, we can rest assured that there is nothing to be concerned about.

Anyway, I am providing this preliminary video of her fear mongering for your review.

I suggest that you skip over the first 2:49 which simply covers her fanatical tirade about how the UN had installed 5*-G in the building and how numerous employees had been reported to have suffered from unexplained health problems.

The really interesting and revealing part of the video is when she is schooled by the highly intelligent and highly studied Secretary General who let’s her know in no uncertain terms that he had done his due-diligence on the matter and was aware of the concerns and that in-depth studies had been done on 5*-G and that it had been determined that 5*-G did not pose any serious threat to anyone.

Another dead giveaway is that she attacks respectable people like Bill Gates and the Rockefeller foundation who have a long history of providing humanitarian services to the world.


How can anyone make such accusations with a straight face?

Gates is a saint. We all know that.

Ok, having given you a taste of who this person is and her less than impressive background and history, here is the pathetic apocalyptic presentation that was sent to me by my right-wing relative.

Please click on the link below. (if the first does not work, click on the second)



Ok.. Now that you have listened to the absurd claims from Cl*aire Ed*wards, you need to click on the following link. It is a message from yet another lady who has the audacity to claim that the upcoming Covid Vaccine is going to change your DNA..


Who does she think she is parroting the claims of Edwards regarding the vaccine.

Where do people get this kind of sensationalism?

Don’t you realize that Donald Trump is endorsing and promoting the upcoming vaccine and getting the military to disperse it to everyone?

How could there be anything wrong with the vaccine if our beloved Donald is promoting it? Just listen to the following video and the outrageous claims that it makes


And speaking of laughable conspiracy theories, someone sent the following video to me of a guy that hacked into a conference call involving E*ric C*oomer a VP of Dominion Voting Machines. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAsOj34fMow&feature=emb_logo

Despite the fact that the Trump legal team had already been informed by numerous whistle blowers about the clandestine history of the voting machine company, those who are skilled in spiritually discerning the the truth are quick to point out the obvious buffoonery in the above claims

Here is what another one of my relatives had to say about the above video

Nary a provable fact to be found anywhere – …

Truly amazing! 

Here is more related information on the obviously false story about Coomer.

It must be a coincidence that Coomer has gone into hiding and Dominion employees have scrubbed their names from the company website, and Dominion has mysteriously closed two of their offices, one of which was shared space with Soros corporate offices.

Nomination to fed blocked for desire to return to the gold standard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa5GyWKqxjE


.Way back in 2006 people were questioning the use of foreign companies being involved in the US voting machinery












parody ??

One Response to Who Does She Think She Is!!!!

  1. Trump was never the good in a good vs. evil situation. He was only less evil than Biden. Satan’s plan is full fruition but God ultimately will prevail. Does any of this drama matter anymore? Praise to God and His love for His children.

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