The Second American Revolution Begins????

I just got the following email from a reader which I am posting.

I am not saying I agree that this scenario will play out, I am only providing this for consideration. Thankfully we don’t have long to see what will happen.

I think it represents the worst fears of a lot of people.

My own personal opinion is that Trump is just another arm of the deep state which is waring against the other arm of the deep state. He appears on the surface to be a knight in shining armor, and he has done many wonderful things. Next to Biden he looks like an angel. But, he is in bed with the international bankers and he is the one that has authorized the fast tracking of 5-G, he is legitimizing Covid, he is moving forward for a forced vaccine, He is trying to provoke war with China, etc. etc. We shall see.

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With that said… Here is the email that someone sent me with a possible timeline to consider-


You may find this an interesting timeline to consider.

Excerpt from Article…

Assembling all the elemental pieces for meaning, the timeline becomes this:

02 Nov: Second American Revolution begins
03 Nov: Election day, arrests announced
04 Nov: COVID-19 narrative exposed/killed, massive cyber blackout, first arrest, civil unrest, EBS
05 Nov: Attempted occupation of White House, removal of POTUS

Here is one narrative that I shared internally, which COULD explain how such a timeline might play-out accordingly:

COVID-19 will be exposed as the known fraud it is on 11.4. The engineered reaction from the Left (Deep State, Democrats, MSM, etc.) will equate to them going absolutely berserk and saying that the President is ignoring science, lying or similar – the reason actually doesn’t matter – so as to endanger the whole country; if not the planet. They’ll whip up an absolute frenzy around it.

Once the media frenzy is in full effect, the military cohort I’ve been writing about since Dan Bongino exposed it back in June (the Mattis/Kelly cohort as already established months ago with MSM petext) will resurface and all of the requisite politicos will strictly align with them ie., Pelosi, Schumer, et al.

As research suggests, they’ll invoke continuity of government protocols as predicated on invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the President after he is determined by a sufficient and requisite body to be unfit and unable to exercise his duties. From there, they’ll attempt to remove him and install Pelosi since Vice President Pence would also be removed due to the electoral aspects of this. That smacks of a timed exit for Pence if he were, perhaps, a sleeper. Pelosi is number two in succession as per the aforementioned COG protocols and we made a video about that when she got giddy about it publicly months ago. All of that would unfold on 11.5.

All of that would also necessitate the blackout said to be occurring on 11.4. This step would eliminate or help to control disinformation and misinformation, thus allowing the Trump administration to reemerge on the back end of it to restore service; but only after the EMS delivers an accurate briefing to the American people and in a scope necessary for the scenario and the situation details.

This allows the official narrative to begin legitimately rather than enmeshed in the counter-narrative that will likely continue to persist in some form and capacity.

It is on the back end of the 11.5 attempt that could allow Mr. Trump to make good on his one outstanding campaign promise of draining the swamp. In that moment, after their last gasping flail to overthrow his administration, the President could reasonably expose and gut the whole thing; all of it. THAT would make 11.5 epic.

HYPOTHETICAL: Informed Speculation from Political Moonshine

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