Spirit Possession and Exorcism Part 2

Continuing from part 1

This Won’t Happen to ME

It couldn’t happen to ME… or could it?

A sincerely devout Christian might say, “How can I be under the influence of a demon? I’m a good Christian!”

They might want to hear some of the stories from my Christian patients, because, in this world, ALL men are subject to Satan’s influence – Christian or not.

No time for complacency

In fact, believers in Christ are typically one of his main targets.

Satan is as intelligent as they come; his moves are as well-calculated as those of the best five-star general preparing for the final battle.

He has ample supplies, man power, and weapons. And he’s intent on keeping you from living to your potential.

A different kind of preparation

As I began to open to the possibility that satanic influences could be contributing to my patients’ physical and emotional diseases and symptoms, I decided I‘d better start getting a bit more information about their lives.

But instead of just a history of physical symptoms, I needed more.

I needed background on brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, boyfriends, girlfriends, habits, hobbies, etc.

Eventually, I came up with a list of questions that really allowed me to see if Satan and his demons had been able to infiltrate my patients’ lives.

I asked questions about their associations growing up, about their activities and the groups to which their parents and grandparents had belonged, about their thoughts and feelings, abuse of all kinds, addiction, strange sexual habits, and even the types of movies they liked. Now, of course, this is not part of my pre-visit questionnaire!  Can you imagine going to see a doctor and having to answer these questions not knowing I was screening you for demonic influences!  I’d be surprised if I had any patients.  Quite comical!  I see many more patients with NORMAL physical and emotional ailments than patients with full blow demonic possession. As we begin an appointment and you begin to describe your symptoms I will base my questions off your answers. Often we don’t even need to go there, but if you tell me you feel like you are being attacked when you try to pray or you have constant thoughts of suicide…well, you might have a problem!  You can see the entire list of questions if you like:

My Revised Questionnaire

These are just a springboard.

As I dug deeper into my patients’ lives with this new lens, I realized the shock was just beginning.

So Much Suffering

And so the revelations begin

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Most of my patients with chronic fatigue syndrome had a history of sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Probably an estimate of 50% or more. Some abuse recent, some decades earlier.

Some even half a century earlier!

These trauma’s have to be dealt with.  If they still plague your mind and obsess your thoughts you have to consider the source being evil.  Especially if you’ve already undergone therapy with little to know improvements. Most had done very little to try to heal the trauma. Many of them had severe migraine headaches and constant muscle pain or weakness. In addition, auto-immune diseases were often given as a prior diagnosis.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Most Alcoholic and drug addicts would report that they didn’t want to keep up with the substance abuse but felt like there was a “power over them” and they no longer had a choice.

I remember a specific patient who had spoked marijuana for 40 years, every day!  He said, Nick, I don’t want to smoke anymore, I don’t even have cravings for it.  It’s just like someone takes my hands and arms and does it for me.”

Of course, most physicians explain this as physical addiction, but these patients reported something more involved. Recovered alcoholics and drug abusers often felt a daily struggle to return to their former lives as addicts – even though some had been sober for decades.

They reported their thoughts as obsessive and just as intense as when they were drinking. Only through sheer daily willpower do they overcome. Great applause I give them!

Anxiety and Depression

Nearly ALL depressive and anxiety patients reported obsessive thoughts. Not just thoughts about mundane things – but often – thoughts about how much they hated themselves.

They were constantly berating themselves with thoughts such as, “You’re worthless.” “You’ll never succeed in that field.” “You might as well kill yourself, everyone will be better off without you to worry about.”

In fact, most often report that these thoughts appeared in the 2nd person, as if someone else were feeding them these negative thoughts. These are actual quotes from my patients.

I couldn’t dismiss my findings.

It was becoming more apparent and nearly impossible for me to overlook the possibility that negative spiritual forces could be at the roots of many of my patient’s illnesses.

So, what next?

Breaking the News

How do I tell someone they might be possessed?

After I was finally able to convince myself that such a phenomenon as demon possession might be a likely diagnosis for some of my chronically ill patients, my first thought was, “How do I tell my patients that I think their problems are the result of demons?!”

I could just imagine the faces of my patients – their startled expressions of disbelief and – in some cases – anger – as I told them the their problems could be related to his negative spiritual forces led by an army of unseen evil spirits.

I couldn’t help but chuckle as I struggled with the severity and also the incredibility of such a suggestion. I had no idea how they’d accept such advice.

But they astounded me.

As I began to discuss these items – revealing that I thought most of their problems could be linked to demon possession – their responses were – and continue to be – really quite amazing.

(Hold on!  I constantly have to remind myself to let the reader know that just because you have a chronic illness does not mean you are possessed!  Most of my patients in a real difficult state physically, emotionally or mentally are usually caused by one thing, DISOBEDIENCE.  The neglect of God’s laws, commandments, advice, suggestions or whatever you want to call it.  They have made choices that have led them down a path that has allowed Satan more and more control and influence in their lives.  MANY of these patients could drastically improve their conditions by returning to God, repenting and giving their lives to Jesus.  Most can overcome Satan on their own by relying on him “who is might to save” and by “taking my yoke upon you for my burden is light.”   Just by having someone tell you (like me) that your current condition may have roots in satanic influence that you have willing yielded by going “your own way” and after your own desires may be enough to reconsider their course or reasons for their current circumstances.)

Understanding – and relief

Many stare at me with complete and utter amazement as I detail how some of the problems might not be their own fault.

In fact, most of my patients find the idea makes perfect sense to them as to why no other medical professionals have been able to heal or fix the problems they’ve been experiencing.

I even remember one particular woman who broke down crying and said, “This makes so much sense. This is why my life has been so difficult. This is why I can’t stay in a relationship, why I ruin my friendships and why I constantly battle thoughts that I am worthless. This is the first time in my life something a medical practitioner has told me that could really explain why this dark cloud follows me wherever I go.”

After hundreds of patients, I can really say that only on 2 occasions did someone think I was quack. (I am ok with that!) 99% thought my diagnosis was a real phenomenon and could really explain what they were going through.

But just exactly what IS demonic possession?

We also have to have a little clarity on the phrase “demonic possession.” The Greek translated “possession” in the Bible appears that way ONLY the English language does not have a word that actually corresponds to its true meaning.

You guessed it. A closer translation is “demonized.”

But, what does that mean?

Does that mean that an actual demon comes inside my body to “possess it?” Do the demons just attached to me from the outside and sort of “hang out” in my energy field or aura? Do they lodge in a certain part of the body like the head or the sex organs? Does it have size or shape? Are they in my head – is that how they manage to place these terrible thoughts of anger, rage, worthlessness, depression or anxiety?

Lots of questions, I know.

The answer is really no one knows for sure how Satan has been able to infiltrate the human soul. Notice I said “soul” – and not “spirit.” This may be a conversation for another time – to understand what he is and is NOT allowed to do.

The bottom line?

Becoming demonized, for nearly all individuals, does not indicate a full demonic possession in which you have no control of your body or your mind.

In fact, becoming demonized is actually better defined as Satan and his angels’ having place on a SPECTRUM OF INFLUENCE.

Some individuals may only be under a small influence of demonization and would be in no need of deliverance or exorcism.

But, others who have given Satan a stronghold may be more toward the severe part of the spectrum.

This stronghold can take any form.

It could be a husband or young man tormented by thoughts of a sexual nature due to a habit of pornography. He may be currently indulging in this habit, or he may have broken the habit decades ago and still be suffering from the onslaught of demonic mind control.

It could also be an abuse victim who – no matter how hard they try – cannot shake the feelings of guilt, shame, anger or fear.

Demonization can come in many forms.

But what I believe to be one of the most unfortunate and unfair parts of demonization is the very likely possibility of becoming demonized through the actions of another person.

Sure, it’s easy to understand that, if someone dabbles in witchcraft, seances, or certain new age practices, he may be opening himself up to demonization.

But, what we don’t realize is that through the words of a parent’s verbal abuse, the emotional or physical abuse of a spouse, or the heinous act of sexual exploitation via rape, child abuse, or even incest – we become vulnerable to a satanic attack that may take decades to even identify and successfully heal.

That’s the “bad” news.

The good news is that there’s hope. POWERFUL HOPE..



To read the complete article please go to the following website

Spiritual Deliverance


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  1. Lark Cyr says:

    Check out Doug Mendehall’s books that addresses this exact topic.
    “Conquering Spiritual Evil”

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