“I too am mind-boggled that so many continue to believe Trump is the saving hero of modern days.”

I keep getting really interesting emails from people and thought I would share a few more.

Here is what one reader has to say.

I too am mind-boggled that so many continue to believe Trump is the saving hero of modern days. An honorable president elect? If only things could have transpired differently. I used to think Trump was harmless (that the powers that be would only send him to North Korea etc. where success between the two would be a piece of cake – the two ate some steaks and hung out, obvs.) but with the biggest global conspiracy growing even further out of proportion…

Trump’s ideology is not Christian-based, but capitalism in its fullest capacity. Less executions than communism, but the same devastating effects on society and the earth. The God of nature suffers.

You said, “If in fact this September was to be the reignition of God’s work…”

Out of curiosity, is there something specific that makes you say this? Other than the world priming for another needless war…? Sometime ago I figured out what might be a more accurate timeline for the space of a biblical generation (half the age of man? 3 Nephi 28:3?)…

How could it not be the fifth generation. (5G!?)

You said: “I think today those involved in the occult do it to in a perverted way to gain some kind of mystical power… like vampires, etc.”

I agree with you on this. Although it is true that the rituals are had among all peoples, the “jews” engage in satanic rituals in diet mode. Like bohemian grove but far worse of course. It’s my understanding of the ruling-class that the sheer act of embracing something repulsive and forcing oneself to not feel guilt gives the participant a sociopathic power. They are showing their “brethren” that they do not fear the Lord more than they fear losing their power. I also think most cases of RCA are orchestrated to leave the victim with the impression that they have witnessed far worse things than what occurred.

Living in society with such dark secrets creates in an entire civilization of sociopaths that are completely desensitized by the suffering of others.

Since growing up in the church, I kept hearing that the world will tell us that bad things are good and good things are bad. That sentiment has taken on a whole new meaning. Now…nobody knows what the right thing is anymore. People no longer believe in their church and country; and the ones that still do are desperately clinging to it.

I find the news anchors and even Trump himself losing energy. It’s all become a show, a joke. Who will continue taking it seriously? I have a feeling that the southern states might have called on another nation for help if you know what I mean.

I highly recommend watching The Great Hack.


This is an important film. Soon it’s going to be important to everyone, and I don’t say it lightly.

I have just watched this documentary and it is fascinating. We all know that God works in mysterious ways and most of us believe the surprise victory was according to the providence of God. This film will show the mysterious way that Trump won the election It is a real eye opening flick.

Here is what another email said

Hi Watcher,

Have you seen this regarding harvesting our DNA via CV19 tests?


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Preview YouTube video DO NOT GET TESTED FOR CV19! They are doing something bad with our DNA *Celeste Solum* FEMA EXPOSED!

This was my response:

Very intersting.. have you heard that the CDC has admitted that simply having had the common cold can cause a person to test positive?

SHOCKER: CDC admits COVID-19 ‘positive result’ just means you’ve previously contracted the “common cold”

Here is another email from a reader


Here is an article from Dr. Mercola on latest Covid-19 effective Tx & prevention


I was blown away by Dr. Mercola’s article. He is really taking a stand on this Covid-19 issue and he is backing up the Doctors that held the news conference. I highly encourage everyone to read the entire article.

Here is a synopsis of the article although I highly encourage reading the entire article.


  • July 27, 2020, America’s Frontline Doctors, a physicians group, held a press conference about hydroxychloroquine outside the Supreme Court of the United States. After The New York Times filed a complaint with Facebook, the video was quickly scrubbed from YouTube and social media platforms
  • The following day, the group held a second press conference, blasting Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for their unwarranted censorship of medical information that can save lives and provide relief from the fear gripping the nation. In what appears to be retaliation, the group’s website was taken down by Squarespace
  • According to America’s Frontline Doctors, hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc is an effective prophylactic that could be given to anyone at high risk of infection, which would facilitate the safe reopening of schools and businesses
  • Harvey A. Risch, a professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, is also trying to get the message out about hydroxychloroquine, saying studies demonstrate “clear-cut and significant benefits to treated patients”
  • According to French infectious disease expert Didier Raoult, hydroxychloroquine is a viral cure, and the antiviral potency of chloroquine has been well known for years. Research as far back as 2005 showed chloroquine was an effective prophylactic and treatment for SARS coronavirus


Here is a youtube video within the article that will probably be taken down.


Here is another heads up someone gave me:

Watch “Shocker!!!: Content Of Bill Gate Vaccine Exposed, Wake Up World” on YouTube


Notice: I am getting a few angry and frustrated commenters who firmly believe that Trump is ordained of God to save our nation. One lady compared me to the passengers who criticized Captain Sully as he was saving their lives by landing the Airbus A320 on the Hudson River. 🙂

Perhaps she is the one who is criticizing the person that is simply trying to help her see the deeper conspiracy.

I feel I have been a good sport to allow people to come here and offer a differing point of view however I no longer feel obliged to keep allowing these comments. There is no need to let this thing become divisive. I am simply sharing my opinion. If it bothers you don’t visit the site.


2 Responses to “I too am mind-boggled that so many continue to believe Trump is the saving hero of modern days.”

  1. earl says:

    The hypodermic needle of the coming vaccination is the sting of the scorpion of the 5th trumpet. the crown, or corona virus, is the vehicle to get to the attack that only harms but not kills. the Gold of the crown, and the iron of the breastplate are the main nano particles that create the connection in the gel to be implanted. It will backfire, for those who get it will have their brain stems interrupted for 5 months, in other words, 5 months of temporary paralysis. the pain and mental torment of the brain stem being screwed up will cause the victims to truly want to die, but they can’t end their own lives due to being restrained by the paralysis. This will expose the entire plot to the world, who will react to the issue, but not repent. (Isaiah 32, the vile are known to be vile). Those who have the seal of the Father (the father of the penitent, who is the Savior in this case, as Abinidai explains) are not affected if injected. not succumbing to poison is one of the signs and wonders that follow those that believe. Who gets that seal? those who sigh for the sins of Jerusalem.

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