newsflash this is all happening on his watch!

This just in from a reader in Missouri

Hey there , it has been too long!

I hadn’t been on your site in a while just being busy with life and dealing with the scamdemic.

I read one of your recent posts and I figured you weren’t buying this hoax so that’s good to know.

And I also believe Trump is totally in on this one too.

It drives me nuts hearing these people say we have to make sure Trump gets re-elected so this will all stop! Uhhh newsflash this is all happening on his watch! Come on now people.

I had to take my three year old to the doctor last week and after the checkup I asked the doctor what his opinion was of this COVID thing.

He said,

” I can’t speak for the whole office here but only myself, but I believe this is the biggest hoax of our lifetime. The “tests” are a joke, the “cases and numbers” are a joke and have been inflated, and the masks are a total joke.”

He also said,

“XXXX, you know that a coronavirus is just a head cold virus right? And there’s probably coronavirus floating around in this room right now with us.”

I said YUP.

It was great to hear our primary doctor say this. I told him it was exactly how my wife and I felt. After dealing with Bob Moore with his  heresy and narcissism for almost two years, all of this crap and listening to Fauci ramble on and the other “health experts” stuck out like a sore thumb and red flags went up for me as soon as the initial “state of emergency” was announced.

And I thought the BraziLDS scam was bad right? And why didn’t Mauricio and/or JFS prophesy and warm us of this coming “pandemic”? They are the Lord’s anointed right? Anyone with half an eye can see what’s going on here. And it’s not about some virus with a 99% survival rate. Anyways I hope all is well with you.


I am glad to know there is at least one other person out there that has not had a drink of the Trump cool-aid.

Admittedly, if I were to vote in the next election, I would still choose Trump vs Joe, but the bottom-line, to quote my friend in Missouri, is that all of this is happening on his watch.


BTW When the mainstream news media asked what Trump thought about the news conference by front line medical doctors who claimed that the hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc cures the virus, he said he thought they sounded really smart, but then said he did  not know much about them… seriously? He thinks that front line doctors that are agreeing with what he initically said himself about hydroxychloroquine sounded really intelligent, but did not care enough to research who they are, validate their claims and broadcast the news to world???

Do you think for one New York minute that Trump is oblivious to what all of the crefible doctors have been saying?

Trump does not want to expose the scam for several very obvious reasons including the fact that he has led the charge to put countless small businesses out of business and focus everyone’s attention on a vaccine to put the whole world on.

But hey, he is inspired by God to clean up the swamp and save us, right?


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