Essential Oldies but Goodies Part Nine: “Simply Types and Shadows or the Literal Fulfillment?”

In relation to the book I am working on about the prophetic history of Mormonism, I have been going through all of my old posts and categorizing they by topic.

This document will provide a quick and easy way for me to find relevant links that will provide detailed documentation to the one page summaries that I will be providing.

The listing of prophetic snippets that will require one page summaries is now over 100 and the list continues to grow each day.  I am really enjoying the project because I am seeing things I have never seen before in the revelations that Joseph Smith brought forth.

When I get done categorizing the links to past  articles according to topic, I will provide it in a pdf for those that have complained about how difficult it is to navigate the hundreds of articles on this site.

I think this pdf will be very helpful in navigating the site and finding specific topics that one is looking for.

Essential Oldies but Goodies

Some time ago I started a series that highlights some of the more important topics and more popular posts that I have written. I call it Essential Oldies but Goodies

Since I have forgotten many of the posts I have written, even including the more popular ones, I often identify likely posts and articles for inclusion into this series by simply looking at my blog analytics to see which posts seem to be hitting a nerve with people.

This often happens when other bloggers refer people to my blog and provide links to my articles.

This is how I got the idea on which article to highlight for this edition of the series. It is  titled:

Simply Types and Shadows or the Literal Fulfillment? Part Two: 16 Prophetic Evidences in Modern Revelation of Joseph Smith’s Return

You can access the article in the above link.

My Analytics led me to John Pratt

When my analytics showed lots of people reading that blog post, it caused me to re-read it. It took me several paragraphs before I remembered writing it. LOL (I think I may have written a similar post and that is why I had forgotten this one)

My growing dementia is a really interesting thing in that it seems to only effect certain types of memories and it seems to fade in and out depending on sleep patterns and diet.

Anyway, it turns out that the person that is currently directing people to that old post, is John Pratt.

He is using the documentation in that post in conjunction for his latest article promoting his belief that that Joseph Smith returns in the third watch.

More specifically he postulates that Joseph Smith has returned in the person of Mauricio Berger.

I appreciate John’s passion for the gospel and his endless research that results in lots of thoughtful articles that cover a diverse number of topics mostly having to do with ancient calendars.

It is also nice of him to give credit to people for their contribution to scholarly topics.

Thank you John.

John Pratt’s article can be viewed here.

Since it is about 200 years since the first vision, I think it is appropriate to share the work that John Pratt did in conjunction with John Lefgren regarding their research into the actual date of the first vision.

I have no idea if their findings are accurate but I applaud them for the research they have done and their interest in really important topics. It is exciting to think that we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the first vision.



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