Mega-dosing with Vitamin C

President Trump is taking some rather extreme financial measures that are quite remarkable. He is not afraid to throw lots of money at this crisis. The Fed is buying up lots of bad debt and promising to actually send cash to small businesses and individuals that will be hit hard by this calamity.

I have been talking to two friends about the financial ramifications of the virus and getting two very different opinions.

One friend is a financial planner/stock broker. The other friend might be described as a self taught, quasi-conspiracy theorist who has been following the financial markets his whole life awaiting the fall of Babylon.

The financial planner largely downplayed the recent turbulence in the markets. He claims that out of over 1,000 clients, only one actually called in a panic and asked him to liquidate all of his stock holdings. He said there is clearly some real concern and consternation out there, but most people, according to him, seem to think this thing is going to eventually blow over, as does he. The upturn in the market yesterday was encouraging to many.

The other friend said that during the last six days, the Fed has put FOUR TRILLION dollars into the market and into inter-bank lending to cover the losses from derivatives and counter party failures.

That amount of money is equal to the annual Federal budget or the same amount of QE the government did between 09 and 2015.

He claims that that type of infusion and the ones that surely must follow are unsustainable.

He claims that insiders are warning that in the very near future, there will need to be an interim financial “reset” using SDR’s (Special Drawing Rights issued by the IMF ) which will replace the dollar as the world reserve currency. They claim this will ultimately translate into a major step down in the standard of living for Americans.

He claims that sometime after that, some kind of gold-based currency will need to be implemented.

All-in-all he says this virus will be used to take the blame for an unstable credit bubble that would have burst on its own anyway.

According to this person, this virus is a bio-weapon that was unleashed to take the blame for an impending global financial market crisis that the elites have seen coming for years.

He points out that the virus is very convenient because it will take the blame off of the gross mismanagement of the corrupt financial system controlled by the central banks and the secret combination that seeks to control the world.

Much of this is pure speculation on his part.

As for me, I no expert. I am still trying to figure out how to balance my checkbook.

Nevertheless, we appear to be in uncharted waters.

Mega-dosing Vitamin C

One of the most important things a person can do, besides exercise faith, as new variations of existing diseases spread forth is to take good care of their body and stay healthy. We need to make sure our immune system is functioning well, to fight off the current and future viruses.

The following video addresses the concept of mega-dosing with Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system.

In it, the Dr. mentions that Linus Pauling, the American chemist, biochemist and chemical engineer that discovered Vitamin C regularly took 18,000 Mg per day which would indicate that mega-dosing with C is non-toxic and not dangerous.

She cites a study in which the control group took 1,000 mg. per hour for six hours and after that, they took 1,000 mg three times per day.

The results were quite stunning. The control group that mega-dosed C only, had a reduction of 85% greater when compared to the test group that was taking only decongestants and pain killers



Another video that I found quite astounding, is as follows. It explains how a person can potentially reverse pneumonia within 3 hours.


2000 mg every six minutes??????

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