15 Year Ministry Part 3

In the past, as I have studied the history of the LDS restoration movement and the public ministry of Joseph Smith, I have identified significant events, and revelations from God and the inspired words of Joseph Smith to create a chronological sequences of events to reveal a general narrative that can be overwhelmingly documented.

For the most part, I have been very snobbish about providing the pronouncements and revelations of Joseph’s associates as major timeline events.

I suppose there are several obvious rationalizations for this, although they are probably not justified.

Inspired words are inspired words wherever they come from.

I must admit that many of Joseph’s associates made some amazingly true and revelatory pronouncements that provide additional context to the historical narrative being documented.

Some of the profound observations and interpretations of contemporary events taking place at the time were observations made by Lyman Wight, one of my favorite personalities of the restoration.

He made some revealing observations about the changes in the revelations in the Book of Commandments and he also provided commentary on the declaration in section 124 about the rejection of the church with their dead.

He did so in conjunction with Joseph’s declaration that no more baptisms for the dead or general conferences could take place until the temple was finished. An event that required a collective reformation and repentance and restoration of the higher priesthood.

I plan on updating the timeline events with those kinds of revelatory declarations from others besides Joseph Smith as long as they are congruent with the historical narrative based in scripture because I feel that history and prophecy shows that they were inspired.

Another amazing event that seems incredibly integral to the timeline, is a revelation that Parley P. Pratt received in July of 1836 that I feel should be included because in dovetails with both ancient and modern prophecy so well.

I admit that Parley is not among my favorite personalities and I have some strong bias with regard to the later part of his ministry and his involvement with Brigham Young.

Nevertheless, he was called of the Lord, he suffered much for the work, he played a huge part in the early years of the church, and he has been given amazing unconditional promises about his involvement in the final work that is going to come forth.

Furthermore, he was an incredibly revelatory person during the early and mid-Kirtland years.

Please note the following revelation that Parley received and then note contextually where it fits into the timeline of events:

“In July, 1836, while lodging at the house of brother Joseph Fielding, the voice of the Lord came unto me in a dream, saying:


And I answered:

“Here am I;”

for I was in a vision of the Spirit and knew that it was the Lord who spake unto me. And he said:

“When did I ever reveal anything unto you in a dream and it failed to come to pass?”

And I answered:

“Never, Lord.”

“Well, then,”

He continued,

“go unto this people and cry unto them with a mighty voice that they repent, lest I smite them with a curse and they die; for, notwithstanding the present fruitfulness of the earth, there shall be a famine in the land; and not only a famine for bread, but a famine for the Word of the Lord; for I will call my servants out from their midst and send them to the nations afar off.”

How incredible is that revelation!

Part of the text is a clear reference to the prophecy in Amos 8

The historical timeline clearly shows that the heavens were closing and that the word of the Lord by direct revelation to the gentiles was drying up. Very revelations came to Smith after this revelation of Pratt’s, as indicated on the timeline chart.

Several of the one’s that did come pronounced warnings and chastisement upon the saints.

The phrase “lest I smite them with a curse and they die” in Pratt’s revelation may seem odd several generations later but when viewed through the context of the time, the revelatory end goal of the saints was to gather, establish Zion, become quickened, and caught up without tasting death.

That did not happen. the saints got a cursing instead of the blessing they were hoping for. They all died a natural death.

Does the the prophecy of Pratt and Amos interconnect with, and provide added significance to the prophecy of Malachi that Elijah quoted when he appeared to Joseph and Oliver just three months before Pratt’s revelation?

“lest the earth be smitten with a curse”

Clearly one smites the earth while the other smites a people.

Also, the above revelation of Pratt’s fits perfectly as a second witness to the fulfillment of the  prophecy of Christ in 3rd Nephi 16 and the secret ushering in of the dispensation of the gospel of Abraham as documented in section 110 followed by section 118 wherein the Lord sent the elders of the church to take the gospel to other nations!!!

10 And thus commandeth the Father that I should say unto you: At that day when the Gentiles shall sin against my gospel, and shall reject the fulness of my gospel.. and shall reject the fulness of my gospel, behold, saith the Father, I will bring the fulness of my gospel from among them.

Did the Lord not take the fulness from the gentiles and send the knowledge of the fulness (Book of Mormon) to other nations across the great waters?

Notice where Pratt’s revelation falls in the chronology of events in the timeline of events that is currently being updated on a daily basis?

35.. November of 1835 Qurum of the Twelve pronounced to be under condemnation by the Lord Unpub Rev Page 78

36.. March 27-April 3 1836 D&C 109 & 110 Eight days of Temple events and dedication based on Old Testament Temple protocol. Fulfillment of Daniel 9:27 “He shall confirm the covenant for one week”

37.. April 3 1836 D&C 110 The secret ushering in of the Dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham as a result of the failure of the saints to usher in the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times
The mind-blowing interrelationship between the Secret ushering in of the gospel of Abraham and the Book of Abraham

38.. April 3 1836
The Secret Appearance of Elijah the Tishbite in Section 13 in the person of John the Baptist in relation to the declaration of Elijah in Section 110

Part Four- The Church is Placed on Probation


39..July of 1836 The revelation of Parley P. Pratt that the Servants of the Lord are called out of the midst of the nation to take the word of the Lord to the nations that are afar of

40.. September 11 1836 Timeline Milestone #4 The Five Year stronghold of Kirtland and designated date for the redemption of Zion comes to an end Kirtland was no longer a safe heaven and shortly thereafter Joseph and Sidney had to flee in the dark of night from Kirtland

41.. May of 1837 the beginning of the Kirtland Safety Society failure

42.. June of 1837 realizing that the church has rejected the fulness, Joseph Smith announces that “the Lord has revealed to me that something new must be done for the salvation of the Church” Following that, foreign missions were set up

43.. July of 1837 D&C 112 The Lord declares that “.. all flesh has become corrupt..” noting that after after all flesh had already become corrupted (D&C 38:11 and then the fulness was restored and some of the leaders had become sanctified (D&C 84) the fulness had now been rejected and once again all flesh had become corrupt (See also Gen 6:12 for context)

44.. November 1837 As a result of the banking failure and the loss of money by numerous people, a fight broke out in the Kirtland Temple among various leaders of the church. The Kirtland Temple became defiled. (Life of Heber C. Kimball page 99)

45.. July 8 1838 Follow up revelation to Joseph Smith’s announcement that something new must be done for the salvation of the church. The revelation sends missionaries across the great waters to promulgate the gospel.

Part Five- The Saints are Rejected as a Church with their Dead

46.. January 19 1841 Section 124 Timeline Milestone #5 The Fulness of the priesthood is no longer on the earth, must flee Nauvoo if they don’t… saints to be rejected as a church with their dead if they don’t repent and finish the temple, (section 124)


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