The 15 Year Ministry of the Prophet Joseph Smith

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Years ago I created a graphic and did a short youtube series on the 15 year ministry of the prophet Joseph Smith in which I divided his ministry into five very definable and identifiable periods. ( I am providing the timeline graphic and links to the presentation at the end of this post for the benefit of new readers)

Each period is divided by a notable prophetic and/or historical milestone.

Each of the five periods are identified by the ever-changing name of the church and the ever-changing status of the church with regard to their relationship with God..

The number of canonized revelations within each time frame is listed on the graphic to show the revelatory trajectory of the church and to demonstrate that after the revelatory beginning of the church, the heavens began to close.

Synopsis of the five Identifiable Time Periods of Joseph Smith’s Ministry

The first period of time, lasted about two years. During this period of time, the newly established church was in the process of coming forth out of the wilderness.

Contrary to popular belief, the higher priesthood had not yet been restored yet. The newly established church was under the authority of the patriarchal priesthood keys that were restored by John the Baptist.

Initially the name of the church was called The Church of Christ and this name was received by revelation.

47 revelations that were canonized were received during this short period time.

The second period of time began once the Melchizedek Priesthood was restored at the special conference at the Morley Farm in June of 1831.

Those holding this higher authority were designated as the Church of God. The Church of God represented the inner church leadership while the outer church continued to be called the Church of Christ. This remarkable period had been prophesied of by Daniel the Prophet and it lasted for exactly 3 ½ years. 58 revelations were received during this period of time.

110 canonized revelations were received within those first 5 ½ years of Joseph Smith’s public ministry, yet only about 20 revelations were received during the following decade!

Once the church had failed in their attempt to live consecration, the Lord declared by revelation that both the leaders and the members of the church were under condemnation and that there needed to be a reformation in all things.

The following day, the church structure was changed and the Melchizedek Priesthood was no longer presiding over the church.

At that time, Father Joseph Smith Sr. was quietly ordained to be the President and Patriarch of the condemned church while Joseph Smith Jr. continued as the prophet and seer of the church. (Section 124 would eventually acknowledge that structure again, and replaced the deceased Father Smith with his oldest living son, Hyrum Smith as the President and Patriarch of the Church to work in concert with Joseph Smith who was the acting prophet in the patriarchal order.)

As a result of the failure of the church to live the fulness of the gospel that had been restored, a special conference was held toward the end of the second period, to rename the church.

This resulted in the name of Christ out of the name of the church. At that time the new name of the condemned church was the Church of the Latter day Saints. This third period lasted just two years wherein only 6 revelations were given.

Shortly after that, the fourth time period began after the designated drop dead date of September 11th 1836 came and went without the Saints being able to establish Zion. Shortly after that Joseph and Sidney were forced to flee from Kirtland. This was the start of a very dark period of church history.

Only 11 revelations were received during this third period of time.

During this period of time some of the saints reinserted the name of Christ back into the existing name of the Church, calling themselves the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. They did this on their own initiate even though there does not appear to be a definitive commandment from God to do so and even though there is no evidence that the saints had repented and begun living the higher law and the fulness of the Gospel again.

Finally, in the fifth and final period of Joseph Smith’s ministry, the Lord declared that the fulness of the priesthood was not longer on the earth and that the saints would be rejected as a church with their dead if they did not repent and complete the house of the Lord within a designated period of time. Shortly after that Joseph declared that no more baptism could be performed until the temple was completed. A few years later Joseph declared that he would no longer prophecy for the church

Interestingly, only three, thus sayeth the Lord canonized revelations were given during this period of time.

Many of the revelations given during the last two dark periods of time had ominous warnings in them, warning the saints of the destructive path that they were on

The Purpose of this Post.

The reason I am doing this post is because I am embarking on a new project that will require an updated commentary and presentation on the timeline chart.

I will be giving more details on this exciting new project in future posts.

In this new, updated timeline presentation that I want to create, I want to highlight in greater detail,  the main pivotal events of the ministry of Joseph Smith and I am looking for feedback from my readership in identifying the most important historical and prophetic milestones that took place during Joseph smith’s ministry.

Below I am providing an incomplete listing of 24 major, game changing, notable historical events that I have come up with thus far.

I need your help in completing this list.

What are some of the most significant events that you have found to be foundational in your understanding of the true history of Mormonism?.

If you are aware of any really significant, game changing events that I have neglected to include in the list below, please email me and let me know of any events that you feel should be included in the listing.

My email is onewhoiswatching [at] gmail [dot com]

Thank you in advance for any suggestions that you might have.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing more details about why I am doing this and how this information will be used.

Listing of Pivotal Historical/Prophetic Events/Revelations/Observations
that bring to light the hidden narrative of the history of the restoration movement

  1. The Lord warned the church that He would deliver them over to Satan if they hardened their hearts
  2. Marvelous Work did not take place during Joseph’s ministry, is a future event-
  3. The significance of Section 1 as the “preface” and the 15 prophecies about the return of Joseph Smith
  4. Seven shepherds mentioned in ancient prophecy identified and commissioned in Section 29 & 84
  5. The calling of the 12 apostles and the replacing of Phineas Young with William Smith which completely changed the trajectory of the succession crisis
  6. The Five Year stronghold of Kirtland and designated date for the redemption of zion.
  7. Repeated revelatory warnings from the Lord about the eventually fall of Joseph Smith..
  8. The succession prophecy in Section 43
  9. The Biblical Profile of the Intercessory Servant
  10. Daniels time sequence prophecy of restoring Jerusalem/Kirtland
  11. The true restoration of the Jews as documented in section 109
  12. The True Restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood in 1831 at the Morley Farm
  13. The 3 ½ year prophecy of Daniel the Prophet when the fulness was on the earth
  14. The Condemnation of the Leaders and Members of the Church and the associated New Patriarchal Presidency of the Church
  15. The fulness of the Gospel is rejected by the saints as prophesied in 3rd Nephi
  16. The Changes Between the Book of Commandments and the Doctrine and Covenants as a result of the downgrade
  17. The secret ushering in of the Dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham as a result of the failure of the saints to usher in the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times
  18. The Church will fail is don’t publish inspired version
  19. The Secret Appearance of Elijah the Tishbite in Section 13 in the person of John the Baptist in relation to the declaration of Elijah in Section 110
  20. The Biblical Profile of the Intercessory Servant and his associate the scapegoat servant
  21. The Fulness of the priesthood is no longer on the earth (section 124)
  22. The Church is rejected with their dead
  23. Succession Issue: Joseph was not the president at the time of his death, Hyrum was
  24. Phineas Young was replaced by William Smith in quorum of the Twelve Apostles which hugely affected the outcome of the succession crisis


2 Responses to The 15 Year Ministry of the Prophet Joseph Smith

  1. Kip Carman says:

    Watcher. Please correct your write up to reflect September 11th 1836, not September 11th 1936 to avoid confusion.

    Shortly after that, the fourth time period began after the designated drop dead date of September 11th 1936 came and went without the Saints being able to establish Zion. Shortly after that Joseph and Sidney were forced to flee from Kirtland. This was the start of a very dark period of church history.

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