Final Nails in the Coffin: The Brazil Deception

I have not been paying any attention to the Brazil Deception for a long time. Ever since Bob Moore declared it to be a farce it just wasn’t that interesting of a show to watch.

Nevertheless, I have been informed that more pivotal events have taken place. The two factions in America that were sustaining Mauricio to be a prophet and translator have now rejected him as their leader.

A reader of this blog from Australia gave me a heads up that on Oct 15, 2019 Joseph F. Smith publicly declared Maurico’s movement in Brazil to be a “cult” and he has requested that his name be withdrawn as a witness.

His statement is a follows:


Let everyone take notice of what I say. I have asked that my name be taken from the Sealed Book of Mormon.  Understand however I do not discredit the book nor this work. I repeat for those of you who desire to cast shadows on others who you disagree with. I do not discredit the book, nor do I discredit this work. I withdraw my name because it is being used to promote what, in my opinion, is an organization in Brazil that has become the equivalent of a cult; that which is not in accordance with the scriptures I have enjoyed for these many years. This is not acceptable to me.

Joseph F Smith

It is not surprising that Joseph F. Smith still maintains that the sealed plates and associated translation are still true. His rise to relevance in the eyes of his very small group of followers rests upon the foundation of that work.  If he were to acknowledge that the sealed plates from Brazil were a fabrication and that he has been deceived, his occupation and associated income as a prophet would come to an abrupt end.

Joseph and his faction are not the only ones to finally reject Mauricio.

Another contact of mine in Missouri just sent me the following public statement from Roberta “Bobbi” Chinnery, the leader of the second faction. The following snippet is taken from her Facebook page:


As you can see, she goes one step further than Joseph. She not only rejects Mauricio, she also claims that the sealed plates and associated translation are a fabrication and deception.

To her credit, she acknowledges that she was deceived and was involved in unwittingly deceiving other people.

It would be interesting to know what exactly took place to cause the darkness to disperse from her mind regarding this issue. I suspect those details are forthcoming for those who are interested.

I have not heard anything about how Maurico’s missionary labors in Brazil have been going. I suspect not very well.

These two public rejections of Mauricio from Joseph and Roberta must be devastating to Mauricio and his little group of followers in Brazil. The only reason Mauricio’s movement ever got any traction at all is because of the endorsement of Joseph F. Smith and Bob Moore, who have both rejected Mauricio.

On the other hand, Mauricio got a car, several thousand dollars and a few fleeting moments of fame out of the deal.

The defection of these two fringe groups in America most likely represents the final nail in the coffin of Mauricio’s scam although there are no doubt still gullible folks who are drinking the cool-aid.

It would be interesting to know where people like John Pratt , Russell Y Anderson, Jonathan Felt and other ex-Snufferites who promoted the Brazil scam currently stand on this issue.

It will also be interesting to see how long it takes for Tyler Crowell and the remaining witnesses in Missouri to wake up and smell the coffee.

3 Responses to Final Nails in the Coffin: The Brazil Deception

  1. edfaunce says:

    Thank you Watcher for this update, which result was not unexpected.

  2. Andy says:

    What I find interesting in watching the Brazil group and Snufferites is that the prophecy from Christ about false prophets implies that in the last days, people would find their religion lacking.

    Why would the very elite be deceived? Not because they were content in their prior religion but because they found that their prior religion was so lacking that they were looking for something that the scriptures were teaching.

    Interesting times ahead.

  3. Andy says:

    I really like John Pratt, not that I agree with him on this stuff but I feel like he’s a sincere person doing his best, so I’ve been watching his website to see if he’d change his mind on this.

    Not at all.

    From his post “Lehi’s Path to the Tree of Life”

    “It is my report that Mauricio is indeed a seer (Mosiah 8:15-17). When he addressed the audience, his face shone and his words came directly from the Spirit. It was reminiscent of the descriptions of the power with which Joseph Smith himself spoke.”

    His post is actually endorsing both Denver and Mauricio as dual prophets with different roles.

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