Update on the Brazil Deception Part 4: Additional Information about the Brazil Gold Plates Movement

We are back from vacation. We had a wonderful time although my ebike broke 😦

In this post we will consider more of the problematic issues with the Mauricio Berger saga and we will continue reviewing more of the amazing details that Bob Moore has disclosed

Let’s review some really important observations that Bob Moore made in his initial response to my email to Tyler Crowell.

First of all, Mauricio had prophesied that the sealed portion would result in unity among those that believed in the Brazil Plates and the storyline presented by Mauricio about Moroni’s visit. However, just the opposite took place. Great contention and division followed among the witnesses and followers.

Secondly, Joseph F. Smith began organizing a church and calling apostles which was apparently outside of the instructions that had supposedly been given by Moroni. Strangely, Joseph F. Smith exercised his newly ordained position as a high priest (even though he has spent his life teaching people that there was not to be high priests in the church.)

Next, Bob noticed some inconsistencies in the instructions that Mauricio was sending to the American believers. Some of them blatantly contradicted scripture.

Another observation shared by Bob was the fact that Joseph’s plan to organize a new church was disrupting the branch that Bob and Brad were participating in.

Bob noted that when he began reading the translation, before it was even published, he could see discrepancies and that it was not of a divine origin.

On March 10, I believe that I was divinely instructed to research when Elasah traveled to Babylon as an ambassador for King Zedekiah.  During that trip, he took a letter from Jeremiah to the captives.  I discovered that Elasah went in the fourth year of Zedekiah’s reign, but the translation states that it was in the first year.  That proved to me that the translation is false.
I wrote my concerns to the witnesses on several occasions, but to no avail.  At the end of March, just after the translation was released, I posted my testimony concerning the translation.  I am attaching it, as well as two longer articles that are mentioned in my testimony.”

I will be making links to the documents made available by Bob in this series.

Bob also observed the uninspired instructions from Mauricio on what to name the new church:

“Joseph followed the instructions from Mauricio and named the new church, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Those instructions promised that the name was in the open domain and had been divinely preserved so Joseph could use it for the restructured church.  However, the Secretary of State for Missouri dissolved that corporation because it perpetrated fraud on the state.
This event is clear evidence to me that the instruction that Mauricio gave and which he said came from Moroni is false.”

All of this information is critical information for people to understand that are currently involved in this deception and for anyone else that is considering participation.

Notice one of the key observations that Bob made:


Worse yet, for me, was a statement that I had made while in Brazil printed in the translation in two places, both as if inserted and out of context with the surrounding narrative.  I had made that statement to Joseph several times in Mauricio’s presence.

The reason that I found this observation by Bob so interesting is because this is exactly what happened to me!

Mauricio has a tendency to observe other people’s observations and beliefs and then incorporate them into his fabricated text in the sealed portion. I think he does this thinking it will add to the credibility of his text in the mind of the person that the idea was taken from.

I want to now draw people’s attention to a prophetic speculation that I made in my blog back one June 10th 2018. In that post, I speculate that the book sealed with seven seals spoken of in the 5th Chapter of Revelation is the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, with six of the seals being hidden under the top seal.

After you read the snippet from my blog, read the snippet from the so-called sealed portion translation from Mauricio which was published in 2019.

mauricio 4

As you can see, Mauricio, or whoever did the fabrication, plagiarized the concept not only of the book sealed with seven seals being synonymous with or inside of the sealed record that Joseph Smith had, but even addressing the concept of six of the seals being covered over and hidden by a larger seal, explaining why the seven seals are never mentioned by Joseph Smith Jr. or any of the witnesses.

Is it just a coincidence that the concept from my blog shows up shortly afterwards in Mauricio’s translation?

I don’t think so.

It was a matter of public record that Mauricio has been a reader of my blog as demonstrated by the fact that Mauricio had directed Bob Moore to one of my blog posts to substantiate the fact that the sealed portion would come forth in multiple parts.

In an email Bob Moore had sent to me shortly after the Brazil movement began to emerge in America, he said. “He (Mauricio) gave me some instructions that he said were from the Holy Ghost.. He wanted me to study it..  I noticed on that blog that you discussed how the sealed portion would come in two parts.. He said that the Holy Spirit told him that the blog contained enlightening material..”

As you can see, Mauricio has a history of observing what various people say, and then uses that information to either conform his storyline, or imbed the information into his translation text.

He has done this with Bob Moore and myself.

It is quite apparent that Mauricio is simply making stuff up along the way as he integrates plagiarized concepts from others into his narrative. Similarly, when Joseph F. Smith noted some problematic parts of Mauricio’s translated text, Mauricio claimed that errors had been made when translating the translated text into English and then he corrected the text to make Joseph happy.

Woops. Moroni was not speaking to the Gentiles in Moroni 10!

Another major blunder I noticed as I was parsing through the supposed sealed Book of Mormon translated by Mauricio is found on pages 15-19.

According to the words of Moroni in Mauricio’s new translation, the Book of Mormon that was translated by Joseph Smith Jr., was “written unto the Gentiles and sealed again unto the Lord..” and this next portion brought forth by Mauricio is once again brought forth to the gentiles . The narrative informs us that we are living “in the last days, yea in the days of the gentiles“.

While directing his remarks to the gentiles, about the gentiles, Moroni declares-

and I exhort you again if God deems it prudent for you to read these records, if you have only the desire to understand the truth about them and from your heart meditate on their words, then I axhort you to ask God, the eternal Father, in the name of christ, if these things are not true, and if you ask with a sincere heart and with a true intention to know, having faith in Christ, then He ill manifest to yo the truth of them by the power of the Holy Spirit, for through the Holy Spirit you may know the truth of all things..”

Did you catch that? Moroni is telling the Gentiles that he is once again exhorting them with the same promise he gave them previously in Moroni 10 that Joseph Smith Jr. translated.

Just one very big problem with that.

Moroni was not speaking to or exhorting the Gentiles in Moroni 10. He was speaking to and exhorting his brethren the Lamanites:

1 Now I, Moroni, write somewhat as seemeth me good; and I write unto my brethren, the Lamanites; and I would that they should know that more than four hundred and twenty years have passed away since the sign was given of the coming of Christ.

2 And I seal up these records, after I have spoken a few words by way of exhortation unto you [Lamanites].

3 Behold, I would exhort you that when ye shall read these things, if it be wisdom in God that ye should read them, that ye would remember how merciful the Lord hath been unto the children of men, from the creation of Adam even down until the time that ye shall receive these things, and ponder it in your hearts.

4 And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost.

5 And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things.

How in the world could Moroni have forgotten who he was addressing in Moroni 10?

Obviously the counsel on how to divine the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon is applicable to everyone, but that is not the point. The point is that the words of counsel and exhortation were literally being directed to the Lamanites in the Book of Mormon, yet in Mauricio’s translation of the next part of the record, Moroni is claiming that the original exhortation given in Moroni 10 was directed to the Gentile!

Does Moroni have a bad memory? I don’t think so. I think it is Mauricio  (or his ghost writer) that has a bad memory.

But I digress.

In this part of the series I want to focus on the insider information provided by Bob Moore.

After I got the response from Bob Moore last week, I responded with a few more questions looking for further clarification on where he stands with regard to this Brazil Movement.

Here is what my email said:


Thank you for providing additional information to be considered by those not closely associated with the movement. It is my understanding that I am free to share the information you have given me in this and future emails and attachments in my blogs and podcasts although you are opting to not do a recorded and interview.

I have not yet read the attachments so forgive me if my current questions are answered more clearly in those.

I understand that you feel that instructions given by Mauricio from Moroni were not followed closely and properly

I understand that you feel that those involved in the movement have been continually buffeted by contention, accusations, and division which seems to have become somewhat of a pattern for groups who have attempted to unify in the past.

What is not clear to me is where you currently stand with regard to Mauricio, Moroni, and the validity of the plates.

It is difficult for me to entertain the comparison between previous splinter groups that have simply made attempts to reorganize efforts and unify, with the Brazil Plates movement since the claims of the Brazil movement involve the emergence of angels and the golden plates of the restoration movement of the 1800’s , etc.

Do you still maintain that the Plates are authentic?

Do you still maintain that Mauricio is a true servant of God called to bring forth the plates and the last great work?

Do you still feel that Joseph F. Smith is a descendent of Joseph Smith Jr who has been divinely appointed by God?

Do you accept the divine calling of this Chenery (sp??) woman who seems to have emerged as a divinely called high profile leader in the movement?

Did Joseph F. Smith ever call people to be apostles like he said he was going to and if so, do you accept that action?

If the answer is yes to any/all of those questions, it leaves me with cognitive dissonance since the prophetic written word of God does not inform us that God would make another attempt at his great last work of restoration and fail at it. Prophecy informs us that when God sets his HAND the second time to recover his people it will be successful and will unite the hearts of the elect.

I am baffled if you are still maintaining the validity of the plates and/or Maurcio’s divine calling after the crazy events and inconsistencies that have taken place.

BTW my email was put on an email list that you have recently responded to. It was placed on the list without my permission. I assume it was XXXX XXXX that put my name on it. I have never been associated with those people [on the list] and don’t know the vast majority of them.

My gut feeling is that many of the people on that list are more excited about creating community and starting any movement that seems viable than worrying about sound doctrine and checking the validity of the claims having to do with angels and plates. XXXX XXXX claims that he “believes all things” which enables him to participate in competing movements with conflicting beliefs. This mentality mystifies me and represents a gross misunderstanding of the original source from which the snippet comes from.

 Essentially it sounds like you are withdrawing participation from Mauricio’s movement because of contention and lack of cohesion rather than the fact that the work is fraudulent .

I thank you in advance for providing further clarification to the above questions.

Here is the response I got from Bob


I understand that what I write and send by email is in the open domain.  You have the right to quote from them.  Thank you for confirming that understanding.

I need to modify one point.  I wrote that Joseph enlarged the witness group in November 2018.  I need to add that he was following instructions that he received from Mauricio.

Mauricio gave several instructions that he said were from Moroni, some from the three visitors, and some from inspiration.  Two of the Brazilian witnesses earnestly counseled Joseph.  In my opinion, Joseph did not follow that counsel.  I also believe that he misinterpreted one statement in “Moroni’s Transcript,” which are also called the “Words of Moroni.”  I pointed out my concerns to Joseph and the witnesses.

The contention, accusations, and divisions that I mentioned refer to the actions of many people in the Restoration Branch Movement.  It is important to note that Mauricio testified to Joseph and me when we were in Brazil during October 2017 that our testimony concerning the plates would unite three groups: the Temple Lot Church, the Remnant Church, and the Restoration Branches.  I understood that the promised unification would happen before the translation was completed.  Others thought it would happen because of it.  I must also add that at that point, the translation was to be what turned out to be 42 plates.  What was printed is suppose to be only from 18 plates.  The rest was “lost.”

Since most of the American witnesses came from the Restoration Branch Movement and their primary testimony was to the three fellowships mentioned above, their testimony precipitated added contention and condemnations within that group.  However, contention and division also happened among the witnesses.  Those who remained in the translation study group after November could easily accuse Brad and me.  They stated such in the preface to the translation; but division also happened within the group that still supports the translation.

I understand your confusion about how the Brazilian episode fits into the other attempts to organize and unify splinter groups of the RLDS Church.  I am not sure my explanation will help.  Let it suffice for me to say that other groups claimed revelations and angelic visitations.  None claimed access to the Book of Mormon plates.

Now to answer your questions:

Do you still maintain that the Plates are authentic?

I have no explanation for the plates.  The plates are real and bespeak antiquity.  I doubt that they were forged, but I am no expert. They could be another set of ancient plates, but all this is conjecture.  I have no other explanation than what I said.  There is a slight possibility that they are the Book of Mormon plates, but it is inconceivable to me now.  If they are divine, they have been misused.

Do you still maintain that Mauricio is a true servant of God called to bring forth the plates and the last great work?

I believed Mauricio when he testified that angels appeared to him and that Moroni gave him the plates.  His subsequent actions, the words from Moroni, and his translation have proven his claims to not be true.  I need to add that in the beginning Mauricio said that he could receive no revelation for the saints in Zion, which I interpreted as meaning America.  I understood that he was called to translate the plates.  He also taught that disasters and war would befall America as Zion emerged, which would sever communication between him and the saints in Zion.  At that time, his task was to lead believers from South America through Central America to join the saints in Zion after it emerged.  I understood these factors were the limits of his prophetic ability, but that idea was only implied.

Do you still feel that Joseph F. Smith is a descendent of Joseph Smith Jr who has been divinely appointed by God?

I believe the unconditional promise given Joseph Smith, Jr. (D&C 107:18 RLDS and 124:58), “In thee, and in thy seed, shall the kindred of the earth be blessed.”  In keeping with that promise, I believe that Joseph Smith III was appointed to succeed his father and that Fred Smith, Israel Smith, W. W. Smith, and Wallace Smith were properly appointed and ordained as president and prophet.  Wallace Smith still holds that position, although he has laid down the mantle and said that he will not take it up again.  Like Wallace Smith, Joseph F. Smith is the great-grandson of Joseph Smith, Jr.  He has a right, if worthy, to either the office of president and prophet, or presiding patriarch, but he must he called by revelation through a previous prophet.  In my mind, as long as Wallace lives, the revelation must come through him.  It is possible and scripturally valid that Joseph Smith, Jr. could return (like Moroni did) and reorder the Restoration.

Do you accept the divine calling of this Chenery (sp??) woman who seems to have emerged as a divinely called high profile leader in the movement?

I know Bobbi Chinnery.  My wife saw her talking to Joseph after the March 31, 2018 meeting in which the witnesses testified about their experiences in Brazil.  We understood that her involvement with Joseph would cause problems.  When Joseph realized how she tried to manipulate him, she visited Mauricio.  I think that is why Mauricio added her to the study group.  I also heard that she received a calling through Mauricio, but I do not know what it is.  I do not think that Moroni visited Mauricio or authorized him to call or ordain anyone.  I do not recognize any of his ordinations.

Did Joseph F. Smith ever call people to be apostles like he said he was going to and if so, do you accept that action?

Joseph called and ordained apostles, I think seven.  I do not know who actually ordained whom.  I did not attend.  I do not believe that Joseph has authority to call or ordain any apostles and do not accept those ordinations.  Neither do I accept any re-ordinations that have happened (if any) in the Restructured Church.

Before closing, I would like to clarify why I withdrew from the effort of the witnesses to restructure the church.  These factors are in the order that they affected or confirmed my decision.

1. The Words of Moroni said, in my opinion, that a restructuring of the church should happen after unity is achieved.  After March 31, 2018, the emphasis was on restructuring the church instead of unity.

2. I am absolutely certain that forming another church structure will fail.  From a Restoration Branch Movement perspective, 9 previous attempts failed.  One was led by a descendant of Joseph Smith, Jr.  The Lord has not prospered any of them and I do not believe that the Lord will prosper this tenth one.

3. I do not believe that the Restoration begun by Joseph Smith, Jr. has failed and another restoration is needed.

4. I believe that both the Aaronic and Melchisedek priesthoods remain on earth, having properly descended by authorized priesthood ordaining others, thus forming an unbroken chain of authority back to Joseph and the angel.

5. The translation, in my opinion, is not of God.

Contention and lack of cohesion were not factors.  I do believe the Savior’s saying, “By their fruits ye shall know them” (Matt 7:29 IV, 7:20 KJ).  I also believe the revelation; “If ye are not one, ye are not mine” (D&C 38:6a RLDS, 38:27 LDS).  The fruit of the Restoration Branch Movement has been and continues to be rebellion and argumentation.  I participated in the contention and jarrings that have afflict it.  It must stop.  I have decided to cease and desist, not only within that group, but among all those who profess belief in the Restoration as begun by Joseph Smith, Jr.  Like the Anti Nephi-Lehis who feared that they might pick up their weapons of war unless they were buried, I have tried to limit my discussions about differences to only facts and not people; and in written form where possible.  I prefer to try to find points in common and work on developing relationships around common beliefs.

I hope that these clarifications are helpful.


Again, Bob has provided additional insider information and added some clarity as to what he currently believes regarding Maurico Berger, Joseph F. Smith, and the other witnesses and the Gold Plates.
Thank you for that Bob.
I have other contacts in Missouri that tell me that Joseph F. Smith has also arrived at the conclusion that Mauricio is not a true prophet and that his story is fabricated, however, this event has given Joseph a platform on which to establish his own power-base as a prophet so he is keeping a low profile with regard to how he feels about Mauricio and the translation.
Regarding Bob’s statement about Bobbi Chinnery-
“I know Bobbi Chinnery.  My wife saw her talking to Joseph after the March 31, 2018 meeting in which the witnesses testified about their experiences in Brazil.  We understood that her involvement with Joseph would cause problems.  When Joseph realized how she tried to manipulate him, she visited Mauricio.  I think that is why Mauricio added her to the study group..”

I appreciate Bob’s willingness to respond to questions. I don’t have many more simply because I think we have a pretty clear pictures of the major events of the movement.

It is my understanding from some of my other sources that Bobbi did in fact go to Brazil to visit Mauricio and his family for several weeks against the wishes and admonitions of Joseph F. Smith.

While there, she showered Mauricio with thousands of dollars and bought him a car.
I can only assume that her generosity was financed from the donations generated through the initial website that she and Joseph F. Smith made.

It is no wonder that Bobbi has been called to an important position within the new movement.

Mauricio, when you read this post, I have the following question for you. Do you plan on visiting America in the near future?

If so, could you please bring the money with you that you duped people out of? I suspect some of them would like to have it back


Here are the links to the three documents Bob Moore provided me in his email response for those that would like additional information.

Letter to Branch re Restructuring
Testimony of Bob Moore
Book of Moses- Bob Moore



3 Responses to Update on the Brazil Deception Part 4: Additional Information about the Brazil Gold Plates Movement

  1. Patrick S McKay, Sr. says:


    Thank you for your latest edition regarding the Brazil Deception. I believe there is an additional question you should ask Bob Moore. He wrote a prophetic interpretation of 2Nephi chapter 2 ( LDS 2 Nephi 3). There he asserts that Maurico is the man like Moses and Joseph F Smith his spokesman. That the soon to be translated sealed book would convince the saints of the truth of that which had already gone forth among them; meaning the Book of Mormon. Further Bob asserted that the sealed book referred to in Daniel is the sealed Book of Mormon. Of course all of these prognostications have proven false. Does he still believe what he wrote to give the Brazil Deception a scriptural basis to attempt to persuade the Saints to embrace this work. If not, will he acknowledge that what he wrote was wrong? Remember too, Bob Moore anointed, set apart and ordained Joseph F Smith a Prophet in Zion. Will he acknowledge this also as an error and disclose this to the Saints.

    Thank you.
    Patrick McKay

  2. Paul says:

    I sent an email for you! did you read:?

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