Update on the Brazil Deception Part 3: Bob Moore Provides Clarity as to Where He Stands

I have been meaning to give another update on the Brazil Gold Plates Drama for sometime but had to many other things on my mind and some health issues to address.

Since I am leaving for a four day vacation tomorrow, I do not have time to do justice to this topic in just one blog post so I will begin with a portion of this update tonight and continue when I return from vacation or perhaps while on vacation.

John Pratt Challenges Denver Snuffer AGAIN

One bit of interesting news regarding this Brazil drama is that John Pratt, a high profile and highly regarded member of the Snufferite movement appears to have had somewhat of a revelatory parting of the ways with Denver Snuffer.

Pratt is a prolific LDS writer who writes primarily about sacred calendars. He has spoken at one of the Snuffer gatherings.

I surmise Pratt’s defection from the Snufferite movement based on the fact that Pratt appears to have converted over to the Brazil Plates movement, joining the likes of Jonathan Felt, Russell Y Anderson, and an LDS author that prefers to slither around in the background without publicly revealing what he really believes.

All of these folks appear to have been followers of Denver at some point in time. Perhaps some are taking a double-minded approach and participating in both groups.

Pratt has recently written an article in support of the claims made by Mauricio Berger.

Since Denver Snuffer has refused to endorse or embrace the claims of Mauricio Berger and since Mauricio Berger has failed to accept Snuffers innuendos that he is the Davidic servant of end times prophecy, both fringe movements that claim divine revelation are not in harmony with each other and cannot both be true.

Pratt’s conversion to Mauricio Berger’s movement places Snuffer between a rock and a hard spot. He is now officially damned if he supports the new fledgling movement from Brazil and damned if he doesn’t.

The last time Pratt took issue with Denver Snuffer, it was pertaining to the legitimacy of D&C 110.

After Denver Snuffer suggested to his flock that it was not a valid revelation and that the event never took place, Pratt used his mind numbing gyrations having to do with sacred calendars, constellations and Zodiac Ages to prove that it was a true revelation based on the date that the event took place. ( April 3rd 1836)

Because of Pratt’s huge popularity among the Snufferites, Denver was apparently concerned about being exposed as a false prophet resulting in a mass defection from his followers so he quickly produced a revelation from God altering much of the content of Section 110 as it was originally recorded in the D&C.

Denver’s new revelation (which can be read here) confirmed that a vision was received on that date by Joseph and Oliver in the Kirtland Temple behind the veil. The new revelation read similarly to the first half of what is in Section 110. However, the major alterations started in the second half which expunged the visits of Moses (to deliver the keys of the gathering of Israel), Elias (to deliver the keys of the Dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham) and Elijah (to declare that the time has fully come as spoken of by Malachi).

As per the new revelation, it was simply the accuracy of the details of the event contained in Section 110 that were at issue.

This revelatory maneuver enabled Denver to save face and for John Pratt to enjoy a prophetic endorsement of his article.. all without disrupting the Snufferite movement which is now struggling to recruit new followers.

It will be fun and fascinating to see how Denver responds to this new challenge from Pratt. Perhaps another authoritative revelation is in store!

An Unexpected Contact from Tyler Crowell

I was contacted by Tyler Crowell, one of the eight witnesses, on June 1st. This is what his email said

“Hello watcher

Would you like to have a conversation about the sealed book of Mormon?

Have you and your friends been able to study and pray concerning what is written?”

I assumed that Tyler was hoping that my views about the movement he was involved in had softened and was hoping for more publicity through my blog or a podcast.

My first response was as follows:


I’m on my way to my grandsons soccer game right now and will get back to you later but I am open to the possibility of perhaps recording a Skype session interview with you..

..Hope all is going well for you.

Talk to you later.

My next response was as follows:

I am back.

In answer to your question, I have the book and I have read a short portion of it but have not read the whole thing. It is very difficult and painful for me to read.

I find that when I begin reading God’s word in the true scriptures, I cannot put it down and I am filled with the spirit. Yet when I try to read the so-called sealed portion, I get bored and my mind wonders and I am filled with darkness.

 I have found a few serious problems with it.

One of them has to do with the fact that the person who fabricated it plagiarized a novel prophetic concept from my blog.

While I feel that the novel concept that I introduced may possibly be inspired and true, I am not flattered nor impressed that it is validated in Mauricio’s sealed portion.

I think that plagiarizing a prophetic speculation of mine was bad form and probably an attempt to appeal to my ego and get me to convert.

I remain more convinced than ever that you have been deceived.

Since my blog was the first that I am aware of to cover the story about the Brazil Plates and since some of the delusional followers of the Brazil movement came from my readership, I feel like I probably should do a follow up article which I am planning to do.

However, if you would like to be interviewed and to have an opportunity to bear your testimony and give an update on things from your perspective, and to point out any reasons why you think the published sealed portion of Mauricio’s is inspired, I would be willing to give you that platform. (providing that you have skype and that I can get it to work from my end. The only attempt I have done in recording a skype conversation did not produce a high quality sound recording and I am not sure why.)

Obviously, I would share my belief that the work is a fraud, but I would be a respectful and fair minded interviewer and would allow you to present your side of the story without interruption.

 If you do not feel good about the interview after it is done, I will not publish it for people to listen to, however it would either be published in its entirety or not at all, I would not be willing to edit anything out in order to get your ok to publish it.

If you truly feel that you are involved in God’s marvelous work, you should not feel intimidated at the opportunity to have an open discussion about it.

Since your movement is having a difficult time picking up traction, I think you would be wise to try to get more exposure. I continually get people coming to my site who are googling keywords having to do with the Brazil Plates movement.

Anyway, let me know if you would have any interest n doing the interview..

I have not heard back from Tyler. However, I copied Joseph F. Smith and Bob Moore when I replied to Tyler.

To my astonishment, I got a detailed reply from Bob Moore!

Here is what he said:

Dear Watcher

From my perspective, the witnesses who returned from Brazil in March 2018 did not follow the instructions that we received.  The primary source of those instructions, according to Mauricio, was a transcript of a lengthy set of instructions given by Moroni on January 17, 2017.  At that time, Mauricio said that Moroni told him to write Joseph F. Smith and invite him to come to Brazil.  Only a small portion of those words were sent to the witnesses.

When the 8 witnesses first gathered after our return in March 2018, there was disagreement.  It grew and by May I found myself in the minority.  The first Sunday in August I believed that if the witnesses did not resolve their differences before an upcoming event, division would occur.  I emailed my concerns.

Mauricio wrote the witnesses about some of the differences that were happening.  I interpreted those emails as support for many of my concerns, but those emails did not resolve any of the problems.  As Joseph began meetings that led to the organization of the church he now leads, I withdrew, believing that it violated the instruction that I mentioned above.  Joseph thought it fulfilled those instructions.  I understand why he thinks that way.

The deciding factor for me came about the first of November.  I had already seen some anachronisms in the instructions that Mauricio was sending.  What he sent in November was worse and contradicted scripture.

I had hoped that the witnesses could help me with the issues that I had with the instructions that Mauricio gave, but that did not happen.  When we met in November, we were to begin reading the translation, but I needed to resolve those issues before beginning that task and hoped that could be accomplished.

Unfortunately, Joseph had enlarged the group.  I could not bring up my concerns within that larger group without violating the confidential agreement that the witnesses had made.  The additional participants also contradicted (at least in my mind) the instructions that we received.  I withdrew from the group.  Brad Gault did, too.

Joseph’s plan to organize the new church was disrupting the branch that Brad and I attended.  We issued a joint statement about our concerns.  I am attaching a copy to this email.

I asked if I could read the translation while it was being printed.  They allowed it.  I read it from a screen during three sessions and took no notes.  That cursory reading clearly showed that the words were not divine.

I immediately noticed that parts of the Book of Moses were taken from the Ethiopian Book of Enoch.  I simply do not believe that angels had sex with women, as that spurious rendition of Enoch’s writings states.  There were other unscriptural teachings.

Worse yet, for me, was a statement that I had made while in Brazil printed in the translation in two places, both as if inserted and out of context with the surrounding narrative.  I had made that statement to Joseph several times in Mauricio’s presence.

On March 10, I believe that I was divinely instructed to research when Elasah traveled to Babylon as an ambassador for King Zedekiah.  During that trip, he took a letter from Jeremiah to the captives.

I discovered that Elasah went in the fourth year of Zedekiah’s reign, but the translation states that it was in the first year.  That proved to me that the translation is false.

I wrote my concerns to the witnesses on several occasions, but to no avail.  At the end of March, just after the translation was released, I posted my testimony concerning the translation.  I am attaching it, as well as two longer articles that are mentioned in my testimony.

Joseph followed the instructions from Mauricio and named the new church, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Those instructions promised that the name was in the open domain and had been divinely preserved so Joseph could use it for the restructured church.  However, the Secretary of State for Missouri dissolved that corporation because it perpetrated fraud on the state.

This event is clear evidence to me that the instruction that Mauricio gave and which he said came from Moroni is false.

I notified the witnesses.  One suggested that the reason was due to corporate law and not trademark law—that the name could still be used.  I have asked an official for the state of Missouri how I can obtain a more detailed explanation regarding the dissolution, but I just did that.

As I stated in my testimony, I believe that all the witnesses are honest men who are trying to do what they think is right.  The Restoration Branch movement, which came out of the RLDS Church, has been continually buffeted by contention, accusations, and division.

By my count, this new church that Joseph leads is the tenth one to emerge.  Most are defunct and those not are dying.  In the beginning, I believed that the testimony from Brazil was true and the needed catalyst to draw the saints together, at least those in the Restoration Branch movement.  It was a false hope.

I do not want to participate in the contention and accusations that grips the Restoration Branch Movement.  For that reason, I have chosen my words carefully.

Even with that caution, they may offend some who might complain that I have mischaracterized something.  Since I do not believe that I can exercise the same care in casual conversation, I do no wish to be interviewed.  I will, however, answer in writing any questions that you ask, if I can.  I will let the attached, this email, and any future emails suffice.

Thank you for asking.

I appreciate your forthrightness.


Many of us have desired to have clarity as to where Bob Moore stands and what the issues were that caused his name to be dropped as a witness.

I think the above email speaks for itself and provides a significant amount of additional detail.

I congratulate Bob for catching all of the discrepancies that he has observed and for having the intestinal fortitude to speak out about the discrepancies to the other witnesses, and for bringing these issues out in the open for the general public to consider.

Thank you Bob for your courage and integrity. I am sure this series of events has been very difficult for you.

Dear readers, if you think that email from Bob was interesting and informative, wait till you read the attachments that he sent me.

To be continued…

Keep Watching..  😉

11 Responses to Update on the Brazil Deception Part 3: Bob Moore Provides Clarity as to Where He Stands

  1. cachemagic says:


    Bob has made some serious errors in his analysis. Eventually I plan to write about them. But when I asked Bob it that would make any difference to him, he sent additional concerns that he had. He is particularly bothered by the High Priest ordination.


    Russell Anderson salemthoughts.com Liber Medicina Animi

    On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 11:47 PM Because I am Watching wrote:

    > onewhoiswatching posted: “I have been meaning to give another update on > the Brazil Gold Plates Drama for sometime but had to many other things on > my mind and some health issues to address. Since I am leaving for a four > day vacation tomorrow, I do not have time to do justice to th” >

    • Russell

      It is apparent to me after reading Bob’s email and all of his attachments that his concerns have to do with much much more than just the high priest issue.

  2. Alexei says:

    It is not necessary to take everything in scripture literally and then say it can’t be so because it can’t literally happen for some reason.

    Do we think the war in heaven was fought with swords? Did anyone die? Was anyone hurt?

    I don’t think angels had children with humans either, but what was being conveyed symbolically by the story? I know what the Spirit teaches me about it, but that may be different from what others are intended to learn.

  3. Alexei says:

    I have read the Sealed Book of Mormon and there is nothing in it that will damage a person’s relationship with God. There are complete lies in the Bible that have been interpolated by human beings and people still use it as scripture. It is not worth contending against the Sealed Book even if it is not what it claims to be. Everyone’s relationship with God is in God’s hands, and we are commended to be One, which doesn’t happen when we offer or withhold our fellowship based upon a person’s beliefs.

    • “I have read the Sealed Book of Mormon and there is nothing in it that will damage a person’s relationship with God”

      Alexei, you have shared a precept from your own personal philosophy.

      I normally only allow scriptural based observations in this comment section , however I have allowed your comments because I think they show how we can rationalize our delusions and they may be instructive to analyze.

      I am going to have to disagree with you.

      I think you are missing the bigger issue.

      It is not just whether there is a false concept in the fabricated scripture that could disrupt a person’s relationship with God, the issue is much bigger than that.

      The scriptures make a scathing rebuke towards those that transfigure God’s holy word.

      Since the sealed portion that you had apparently been deceived into accepting as truth was the work of man with the intent to deceive people by mingling scriptural concepts with falsehood, it was a transfiguration of scripture.

      Apparently that is a very serious thing according to Mormon 8.

      Secondly, people that have been deceived into believing it is true scripture, naturally accept the associated claims. Such as Mauricio Berger and Joseph F. Smith being true prophets and inspired teachers.

      The acceptance of the fabricated scriptures cause a person to follow false teachers and false prophets.

      This must be a very serious thing that does affect a persons relationship with God because Christ himself warned about following false prophets and false teachers.

      I think that instead of marginalizing and minimizing the seriousness of the deception that one has been involved in, one might want to consider repenting and realizing that if your relationship with God was as strong as you seem to think that it is, you would not have been deceived by the fabricated scriptures in the first place.

      Thank you for visiting the blog.

      May the Lord bring us all out of the hidden darkness that we are in.

    • Don’t mean to overwhelm your comment with a second rebuttal, but I think it is worth restating that believing false scripture does in fact damage someone’s relationship with God.

      If Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon as a novel, the Christian world would have loved it.

      If Mauricio Berger wrote the Sealed Book of Mormon as a novel, even I myself would have enjoyed it and found a few of its passages inspiring.

      But both purport to have been translations of an ancient record and history, delivered by an angel, signifying the translator as one called of God with authority to minister the gospel and reveal God’s will to the people.

      This isn’t an obscure scroll of parchment that was discovered by archaeologists that seems to somewhat fall in line with the gospels. This isn’t another book of Jasher/Enoch…texts with unknown authors of unknown origin…this is someone claiming to be God’s anointed revelator.

      The implications of this book DO put our salvation on the line.

      Jesus said to his apostles: “Those that receiveth you receiveth me.” (Mathew 10:40)

      If we receive Christ we will have known who to receive as his ordained ministers.

      If someone finds dubious writings such as The Book of Jasher compelling I find this harmless. I myself found the majority of The Book of Enoch extremely interesting and thought-provoking. However, I read the Book of Enoch once and don’t find much use in exploring it any further. True scripture demands utmost study and application.

      We are to live, “by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” (Mathew 4:4)

      The reason Christians do not engage with The Book of Mormon is because they understand the implications of it. If it is true, then our lives and religious worldview must be in accordance to its truths. Either Joseph Smith was a liar or a prophet, and this conclusive dichotomy is the only way to look at it–because The Book of Mormon passes the test! Joseph Smith was not a liar, he was called of God.

      Mauricio is not telling the truth. His writings are not of God. He is not called of God. A church espousing his book to be scripture is on the wrong side of the ultimate final-two churches.

      The commandment to be one is only possible if we align ourselves with those that believe in the truth.

      This doesn’t mean that we hide away and refrain fellowship from anyone that doesn’t think 100% like unto ourselves. The church of the Lamb of God isn’t on the earth to even do so.

      I recently went to a mosque and worshiped with Muslims. And if there was a Denver Snuffer group where I lived I would love to spend a day with them and associate myself with who they are as individuals. Although some might agree or disagree with either of those activities, I find it no different than my involvement with the LDS church. To me it’s important to immerse myself in the religious cultures of others and not judge them for their false beliefs. Those experiences help me avoid the spirit of contention when I am asked upon to share my convictions.

      But to become one as God’s people, when the true and living church comes out of obscurity, we will not be permitted to cast a blind eye and let people believe whatever they want to believe. We won’t become one through ignorance. All of us have things to learn from one another…but we won’t learn anything if all we do is avoid offending each other.


  4. Mike says:

    I’m surprised the portion from the Book of Enoch is the biggest stumbling block. Genesis 6 speaks of something odd happening, and Enoch may provide more insight into it. If you ever watch Chuck Missler’s series on Genesis, he points out that understanding what was happening in the days of Noah with the sons of God coming down and marrying daughters of men is a key to understanding the rest of the scriptures. It explains why God sent the flood and why the Israelites were commanded to wipe out all the Caananites. Jesus also tells us that before His coming, it will be like the days of Noah.

    Interestingly, the JST changes them to sons of men rather than sons of God. It doesn’t provide clarity on why the daughters of men are considered to have sold themselves. It says because the sons of men will not hearken to His voice, but why are the daughters called out then? It also introduces the giants in the land out of the blue.

    While I’m still open to what it means, I think this portion wasn’t intended to be spelled out to us in the JST – rather we are required to search all the words of God to understand just what was going on in the days of Noah and how that same thing will be going on right before Jesus returns.

    But back to the fabricated Sealed Book of Mormon, I had a similar experience as Watcher when reading it. It just doesn’t contain truth and light. I had to slog through it and my mind really wanted to be elsewhere. It re-defines a number of principles of the Gospel.

    In the “Sealed book of Moses” 3:9-10 appears to be redefining the gospel as equivalent to the priesthood. The language is extremely difficult to follow (and throughout the book it uses multiple words never before uttered in scripture). The re-definition of the gospel ought to be one of the biggest flags that this is not divine revelation. 3 Nephi 11:37-40 states clearly what the true doctrine is.

    Overall, it is clear that the book is an attempt to justify claims of authority by Joseph F. Smith. It confuses the highest, Melchizedek priesthood for a lineal priesthood. It makes repeated false claims about the priesthood. For example, it states:

    “11 For, behold, the priesthood does allow man to see God, provided that this man has
    received the key corresponding to such a privilege and is a high priest of the sacred
    order of the Only Begotten Son, possessing all the keys corresponding to his ministry,
    which was preordained from before the foundation of the world.”

    So, there goes Joseph Smith’s first vision, since he wasn’t a high priest and didn’t hold the priesthood at the time. It also looks like women aren’t ever going to see God. The list of contradictions and absurd claims go on and on.

    • Interesting observations Mike.

      As I read your comments I was reminded of something else that occurred to me while attempting to read the so-called sealed portion.

      When Joseph Smith brought forth the Book of Mormon, he simply had it published to the world with very little personal commentary.

      He did very little to try and justify it’s existence or content from the scriptures. In fact, after translating the Book of Mormon by the gift and power of God and publishing it to the world, Joseph and Sidney continued most of their ministry basing most of their sermons on the Bible, not the Book of Mormon.

      Joseph simply put it out there and allowed people to read and pray about it and use there own personal revelation to decide if it was of divine origin.

      One of the things that seemed odd and off-putting to me about this published work of Mauricio’s is how the book is sprinkled with scriptures justifying each concept.

      That is not consistent with how the Lord has done things in the past.

      It is almost as if those who have fabricated the document want to curtail people from doing their own prayerful study and searching of the scriptures by providing the scriptural evidence for them.

      Just doesn’t seem right.

      Truth stands on it’s own when it is scripture from the Lord’s servants. Each person is responsible for doing their own searching for scriptural verification.

      • Mike says:

        The self-justification in it is just so out of tune with the word of the Lord. Take this example:

        14 But the reverse will come to those who possess the first part of the records compiled
        by my father, Mormon, in the last days, yea in the days of the Gentiles, but who will
        not be willing to meditate upon it in their hearts, so little will avail themselves of the
        gift superimposed on a promise transcribed by me, Moroni, and which corresponds
        to the first two parts of my father’s writings, since I have registered “these my words
        as an exhortation,” before even sealing ‘these records,’ corresponding to more than
        one sealed record, because at no time did I say ‘this record’ when I mentioned that I
        would be sealing ‘these records1.’ (1) Moroni 10:2 – RLDS and LDS

        Notice Mauriicio’s Moroni parsing the difference between these/this as if he’s part of a debate about his work?

        Another way to analyze this work is to focus on the doctrine of Christ:

        Word counts:
        Baptize/Baptized/Baptizing/Baptism/Baptismal: 20
        Repent/Repentance: 36
        Faith/Faithful: 68

        Priest/Priests/Priestly/Priesthood: 234

        Rather than focus on Christ’s gospel of faith, repentance, and baptism, this book focuses on the claims of priesthood authority. Obviously, this serves the purposes of one who is staking claims to hold priesthood authority in these days (despite D&C 124:28).

        I don’t have time to go through them all, but there are so many unique words contained in Mauricio’s work but nowhere in scripture. In just the quoted part above, you find:


        These aren’t words used by God or his prophets in the scriptures.

      • Great observations Mike.

        Interweaved throughout the narrative is justification and debate. The whole tone is defensive rather than humble yet authoritative

        The scripture searching to validate the content has presumably all been done for the reader which is contrary to the established pattern for this record.

        I also was surprised at some of the words that were used. I realize that the justification for it is that the inspired translation came in Mauricio’s language and then that translation needed to be converted into English using modern vernacular.

        I am not sure how the conversion to English took place, the use of those words that you mentioned does not feel right to me.

        If the first record came through the Gentiles, given by the gift and power of God in the primary language of the Gentiles, and the second record is to also come to and through the Gentiles, why not the same say?

        Why is a foreigner having to receive the record and then have it converted into English for the Gentiles to read?!?!

        Just doesn’t fit the pattern and the prophetic narrative

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