Update on the Brazil Deception

I realize that very few of my readers care about or are following the events surrounding the Mauricio Berger Brazil Scam.

Thank goodness for that!

Everyone knows that the readers of this blog are among the most educated, sincere, illuminated, charming, good looking, athletic, prudent, illuminated, responsible, gracious, unassuming, stupendous, illuminated, brilliant, sophisticated, long suffering, diligent, illuminated, humble, penitent, and lovable people upon the earth.

Oh… and did I remember to acknowledge just how illuminated you all are?

Nevertheless, I do have a few readers from the RLDS tradition who have some degree of curiosity about the deception that is currently taking place in Missouri.

For the reason, I periodically provide updates about what is taking place.

The Price Publishing Company has recently published a very revealing article about the Brazil Movement. It is interesting for several reasons.

One is that it provides a view of the Brazil claims through the eyes of RLDS scripture (which includes revelations by Joseph Smith the 3rd.) to show inconsistencies. It is a very real challenge for an Ex-Mormon to become the religious leader of numerous RLDS factions and to produce doctrine that is consistent to their religious world-view. This is  because he is not intimately familiar with accepted scripture in that religious construct.

Another is that it validates what we have all suspected, that Bob Moore has had a serious doctrinal  and philosophical falling out with Joseph and Mauricio. It reveals that Bob Moore and Brad Gault have notified their congregation that they have serious concerns about the movement (that they were instrumental in getting lots of people involved in BTW.)

The article also shows how the revelations received by Mauricio have been changed and modified to make them conform to legitimate criticisms that people have had about them.. (the Mormon church would refer to these divine contradictions as “progressive revelation”)

Another possible response that Joseph and Mauricio may want to consider when responding to these contradictions is to simply deny making any changes. It has worked well for the LDS church in the past.

how many mormons

Fabricating Scripture

I am reminded of an event in the history of the restoration when a few elders were not sure if they could fully endorse all of the revelations that Joseph was presenting to be sustained by the church and canonized as scripture. The Lord invited the wisest among them to do his best to fabricate a revelation.

He made the attempt and he only embarrassed himself.

That is exactly what is happening to Joseph F. Smith and Maurico Berger, they are embarrassing themselves.

Welcome to the world of false prophets.

It is truly a pisser to speak in the name of the Lord when he has not spoken to you.

Those that search the scriptures and treasure up the word of God have no problem parsing the fabricated revelations of false prophets to discern a deception.

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One Response to Update on the Brazil Deception

  1. Navy says:

    Red flags came up about them early on:
    They claimed Moroni brought the plates to them. (All the way down to Brazil)
    First problem with this is that God will never do for man what man can do for himself. Second, Moroni was not the one who appeared to Joseph Smith Jr, it was Nephi. That’s from Joseph’s own journal of the events as they transpired. Moroni has not been resurrected yet because he came along after Christ’s resurrection. Therefore he is still awaiting the Second Coming when Christ will call forth those who can then be resurrected. Nephi, having lived and died before the Lord resurrected, was then able to come forth from the grave at that time. Moroni having been born, lived and died after Christ’s resurrection now must wait until Christ comes again to resurrect. Joseph declared it was Nephi, and that he was a resurrected being. This Brazil thing is one of many false endeavors by Satan going on right now.

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