The Iron Rod: Searching the Scriptures

In recent months I have had the privilege of getting to know “Searcher” from the onewhoissearching blog and “MD” from the Measuring Doctrine Blog a little better.

Those are two of my favorite blogs.

We are involved in some really fun projects that will be announced at a later time.

While we were working together on some things we decided to do a podcast together since we share a passion for the word of God and church history.

The podcast is about searching the scriptures.

If you are like me, you enjoy listening to podcasts while driving in your car, hiking, working around the house, etc.

Just click on the link below. If you are a subscriber that is getting this post in an email you may need to log in to the website to get the link to work. I am not sure

I hope you enjoy it.!Ap_OVJl8Mt8ngg3naAi7khJY-0-q


5 Responses to The Iron Rod: Searching the Scriptures

  1. Jessi H says:

    Thanks! Those are great blogs.
    And, I’ve already listened to all your youtube videos, so I’m glad for something new to listen to as I do dishes and fold laundry. 😀

  2. Bee Prepared says:

    Can you post the podcasts to your you tube channel?

  3. Debbie Streeter says:

    This is very exciting to me….I look forward to your future podcast.!!

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