A Few Important Updates on the Claims and Vicissitudes of the Brazil Plates Movement

The latest news from the Brazil Golden Plates scam is that the translation from the sealed portion is about to come forth for all to read and ponder. This will apparently take place after the witnesses have all had the opportunity to read and study it.

In my opinion, Mauricio Berger’s claims about the Brazil Plates have categorically been proven to be false. Both from empirical evidence with respect to the verified forgeries from the Hoffman manuscript and more importantly, from the blatant inconsistencies of the claims that have been exposed by the word of God.

Nevertheless, there is a remnant of die-hards that still keep the movement alive, and this unfolding drama is instructive and worth monitoring because there is much to be learned from it with regard to how cults are formed and how cult personalities rise to prominence. It shows how Satan deceives the gullible who are not seasoned in the word of God.

Interestingly, the movement seems to be struggling to gain traction among most of the RLDS offshoot branches. The movement has had a similar lack of appeal to mainstream Mormons although there is a very small group of Mormons that have bought what Mauricio is selling. Two of the three movers and shakers of this heretical group are actively promoting this movement. The third person is a prolific author who has made a visit to Missouri and is apparently getting ready to promote the movement as well.

On August 18th of this year a “Solemn Assembly and Conference” was called by Joseph F. Smith. At that conference it was agreed upon that Joseph F. Smith would be ordained as the prophet of the movement at another special conference to be held on September 23rd. Another very important conference was held after that.

Two of the eight witnesses, Bob Moore and Brad Gault failed to make themselves available for either conference. They were conspicuously missing because of scheduling conflicts.

Bob Moore, one of the original masterminds of this spectacle, and Brad Gault, the presiding “high priest” of the Zarahemla Branch (which  initially was the group of people that Joseph had been affiliating with and preaching to), appeared to be having a cold war of sorts with the very dominant and strong handed Joseph.

Among other things, it appears as if the cold war was over the High Priest controversy.

Bob and Brad believe in the calling of High Priest and the restoration of the high priesthood during the ministry of Joseph Smith Jr.. In fact Brad has been ordained to be a High Priest. Conversely, Joseph F. Smith has been preaching for many years that Christ was the last great high priest and that there were not to be any men ordained to that office after that. Joseph believed that Joseph Smith had been deceived about the calling of the high priests at the special conference at the Morley Farm.

Naturally, Joseph F. Smith questions many of the things Joseph was doing in during the early years of his ministry, including the revelations he brought forth.

Joseph apparently believes that Joseph Smith Jr. had been a fallen prophet. Apparently Joseph has been echoing the sentiments made by David Whitmer in his address to believers of the Book of Mormon.

When I personally spoke to Joseph, he informed me that he planned to do away with the calling of High Priest among those that come from the RLDS tradition when he sets his newly formed church in order.

Interestingly, even though Bob Moore has not been very supportive of Joseph F. Smith for several months, he continued to outwardly affirm his belief in the movement.

This is what he said to me in an email when I quizzed him about the High Priest controversy and the apparent cold war he was having with Joseph F. Smith:

“..I remain convinced that the plates in the possession of Mauricio Berger are the same plates that Joseph Smith used in the translation of the Book of Mormon.  From what I understand, the translation of the part that we saw unsealed is nearing completion, both the English and the Portuguese.  

I realize that the testimony Joseph F. Smith and I originally bore implies some significant and direct divine interventions to achieve the promises that we were given and about which we bore testimony.  

The truthfulness of our testimony rests on our Lord fulfilling His promises.  In particular, it requires him to pour out His righteousness as promised in the Book of Mormon:

‘And it came to pass that I beheld that the great mother of abominations did gather together in multitudes upon the face of all the earth, among all the nations of the Gentiles, to fight against the Lamb of God.  And it came to pass that I, Nephi, beheld the power of the Lamb of God, that it descended upon the saints of the church of the Lamb, and upon the covenant people of the Lord, who were scattered upon all the face of the earth; and they were armed with righteousness and with the power of God in great glory’ (1N 3:229-231 RLDS).

Believers in the latter-day work that Joseph Smith, Jr. began are thoroughly divided into various camps to such an extent that unification of understanding, let alone organization, is not possible without this descent of righteousness.  

I still believe and bear the same testimony that I did last October.  Until the descent of righteousness, differences will remain, even when some wish to be unified.

That disunity (as well as distrust caused by the circulation of rumors and gossip) has led to inaccurate and false conclusions.. I truly care about Joseph…

..I was on a mission to assist the church in another country when the “conference” occurred in August.  That was the reason I was not there.  Last Sunday, I fulfilled a commitment that I made in early August to preach.  I would also like to point out that I have attended all the meetings of the eight witnesses, except for when I was out of the country.  I plan to continue doing so.


As you can see, Bob is now finally acknowledging that many of the prophetic events that his movement claims to be ushering in cannot proceed until the “power of the Lamb of God” descends “upon the saints of the church of the Lamb, and upon the covenant people of the Lord, who [are] scattered upon all the face of the earth”

I applaud him for this.

This was my reply to Bob expressing my skepticism:


I guess I am going to need to ask you to forgive my mistrust also.

How likely is it that you (and Brad) would both find it more important to fulfill speaking assignments and other errands that can easily be changed instead of attending to those two very important conferences of historic and prophetic significance (if the claims of the movement are true)?

I am finding it very hard to believe what you are telling me, however, I will provide your declaration, word for word in my write up if you want me to.

Here is what I believe is really happening. Apparently you still believe in the testimony of Mauricio and in the veracity of the plates. I get that and I don’t doubt your statement of continued belief..

..However the evidence is overwhelming that you and Joseph have had a falling out. It appears to be over the validity of the high priest issue and possibly other things including his role in all of this and his plans for setting the church in order.

Perhaps that is what you were alluding to when you said that differences will continue until the “descent of righteousness” takes place. If it is, and you are simply downplaying the degree of disunity that is taking place, then perhaps what you are saying is accurate and you are simply being a team player and putting on a good game face for the movement.

It is my understanding that the ordination did not take place on the 23 and that Joseph has called a new conference to take place in April in Utah. . Is that incorrect also? I am sure you have been appraised of what went on even though you were conveniently not in attendance.

I also heard that he is going to appoint twelve apostles. Is that also a false rumor?

I appreciate your willingness to respond…  My blog seems to be the one that many people look to for information regarding the movement that you and Joseph have been instrumental in starting.


This was Bob’s reply to my skepticism regarding his inability or unwillingness to change his schedule to be able to attend the conferences that Joseph had called:

“..you apparently believe that my participation in the mission to train the priesthood and other church leaders, as well as visit the branches in one of four nation in which I help direct missionary work, should have been abandoned because of Joseph’s July announcement about an August conference.

 In so doing, you dismiss the preparation of others involved in the mission, including the vacation dates that they obtained, and my commitment to the church leaders there.  

What about the prepayments for renting the training facilities?  Then, you conclude that my participation indicates a rift.  What response can I make to that determination?


Apparently there is no other person capable of filling Bob’s shoes in the priesthood assignments that he has been given prior to the conferences called by Joseph F. Smith. He seems to feel that these responsibilities are of greater importance than the unfolding of the great work that he claims is taking place.

I have inside sources that have informed me that there has been tension between Bob and Joseph. At first I could not figure out why Bob had distanced himself from Joseph and yet continued to state that all is well and the work was true.

However I believe I have it figured out now.

Some of my inside sources have been telling me that Bob had been emailing Mauricio and discussing the High Priest controversy with him. Apparently Mauricio sided with Bob on the high priesthood controversy and assured Bob that he would deal with Joseph.

Eventually Mauricio sent a revelation to Joseph that he had received from the Lord. The revelation validated the office of high priest!

To Mauricio’s surprise, Joseph rejected the revelation.

But the story gets better.

Joseph flew to Brazil to meet with Mauricio and discuss things.

While discussing the revelation with Mauricio,  Joseph apparently pointed out a few things in the revelation that were not consistent with his understanding of things. The reply of Mauricio is that the revelation had been corrupted and that it originally did not contain the questionable content. This helped Joseph save face regarding his rejection of the revelation. This is what Joseph says about the incident on his website:

“..on August the 3rd Mauricio sent me a revelation and I rejected it. And I got chastised for doing that. But when it came to me the Spirit was not there. And I laid it before the Lord and I said,

‘Lord if this is of you, you give me a confirmation.’

And he would not. The Lord gave me no confirmation. And the people kept mentioning that to me. Some people, not everyone, some people.   So when I got to Brazil, when I had the opportunity, I took that revelation that I had been given in English and I took Mauricio off into a room and Tyler , Bobbi and Kelvin too, came with me. And he begin to read it. And he said,

‘Well, this is true and this, well that’s not true. That’s only half true.’

And he went through the whole thing and showed that it had been corrupted. So I was justified. That’s one for me. Now he has sent another one. It is rewritten and it is around somewhere.

While in Brazil, Mauicio reiterated that the calling of High Priest was valid and that Moroni had ordained Mauricio to that office and had instructed Mauricio to ordain Joseph to that office.

On Joseph’s website, he shares that his initial response was to get up and walk out of the meeting:

..Sam Gould.. has worked with me for 35 years to try to convince me that the high priesthood was of the Lord. I have fought him and I have fought against believing in the high priesthood. And that belief was still strong when I went down there.

I was adamant that no one was going to ordain me to the high priesthood. And that was the directions that was given to Mauricio by the angel. That he ordained Mauricio to the high priesthood and directed him to ordain me to the high priesthood.

So in the service, as I sat in the chair, and they begin to talk about it in Portuguese, and they had a man there that was interpreting into English, but to my poor ears his English was as bad as (my) Portuguese. But at least he was trying.

Then there was Tyler was trying to help and Kelvin. But the thing in my mind was confusion. And God is not the author of confusion. This had me so wound up that in my mind I said, “I’m going to get up and walk out of here.”

In fact, I pulled my feet back and got hold of the chair arms and I was ready to catapult myself out of that meeting. And a voice spoke to me, as loud as any amplifier could make it in my mind. And he said,

“If you leave this service, you will destroy my work.”

I sat back in my chair and I said,

‘Lord, thy will be done, not mine. Whatever you give me, I will operate with the best of my ability to perform the work that you’ve called me to do.’ “

As you can see, Joseph’s first impression was to just get up and walk out of the meeting when he was being told that the office of High Priest was a valid office and that he needed to be ordained a high priest.

One can only imagine the conflict that Joseph F. Smith was experiencing. If he rejected the office of High Priest, he would have to publicly admit that he had been besnookered by Mauricio and his fabricated claims.

How humiliating would that be?

One the other hand, if he accepted Mauricio’s claim that the office of high priest is an authentic office it proves that Joseph F. Smith has not been very inspired and has been a false teacher regarding this very important doctrinal and priesthood issue for much of his adult life!

Joseph was between a rock and a hard spot.

Indeed, even to this day, Joseph must be wondering what other claims of David Whitmer that he has spent much of his life parroting that are also false?

It will be interesting to see if this recent turn of events will mend the breach between Bob and Joseph.

Anyway, there has been much confusion over what is really taking place in this movement because Joseph, Bob and Brad are all very evasive about the obvious contention that has been taking place between them.

Because of the many rumors floating around, I also contacted Tyler Crowell several weeks ago and asked for clarification.

Tyler is one of the eight witnesses. I asked him if he could confirm the rumors about Bob and Brad becoming disaffected from the movement.

This was my email to him


It is apparent that there has been a falling out between Joseph F. Smith and the leaders of the Zarahemla Branch. Can you provide any details? Will Bob Moore and Brad Gault be having their names removed as witnesses?

Hope all is going well for you.

This was his reply:

Dear brother,

In spite of my weaknesses and frailties I have been mercifully blessed with the intercession of the Holy Spirit which causes me to greatly rejoice. I hope the same is true for you also.

As yet we who see through a glass darkly use our own human understanding and traditions as a lens to perceive what God sees perfectly in entirety. As you are aware different men have different understandings and interpretations of specific prophetic timelines and events.

But I hope in spite of varying perspectives we all still labor for the same cause. Those who have a witness from the Holy Spirit that this work is of God, such as the eight witnesses, as well as those who wait for confirmation can all labor according to their faith and diligence to bring souls to Jesus.

If you desire to have the intentions of Bob or Brad you will have to ask them. From what I know their testimony stands firm.

As you can see, Tyler’s response seems to suggest that ALL of the witnesses including Bob and Brad are still strong in the emerging movement dispite differing perceptions pertaining to prophetic timelines, events and doctrines. Yet he ultimately refers me to Bob and Brad for their own word on the matter regarding their intentions about their future involvement. Kind of a mixed message.

He then took the opportunity to ask me if I would be willing to post on my blog Mauricio’s responses to my accusations about him:

I am glad you chose to write to me because I would like to ask you if you are willing to allow a reply to be posted to your readers of the accusations you have made?
Since you have spoken in behalf of Mauricio I am sure you would want your readers to have the opportunity to read for themselves his response to your assertions.  
I anxiously await your reply. 

This was my response:

I find it very hard to believe that their silence and absence from the last conference is just a coincidence or apathy towards the work.

Regarding your request, absolutely.

I will post his responses to my assertions. I think all sides of an issue should be able to state their case. I hate to give him publicity, but it is only fair to state his responses.

Obviously I reserve the right to respond to his responses.

I am glad you are doing well.

So, I am going to publish Mauricio’s responses to my accusations at the end of this post. Anyone interested in his replies are welcome to read them.

First I want to share an interesting email I got from an anonymous group of people who claim to live in Missouri that are quite close to this situation and very familiar with the personal life and history of Joseph F. Smith.

Here is what the email says:

“There have been activities in the last nine months that concern several people who are observing the Brazil movement and the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon; concern due to certain actions which have wrought discord instead of the promised unity, corrupting some hearts against others, and undermining the good intentions of others.

We continue to observe a rebellious spirit that seems to emanate from Joseph Fredrick Smith., the great-grandson of Joseph Smith Jr., who was recently acknowledged as prophet by the group in Brazil. These observations brought to mind the character of Joseph Fredrick’s 2ndgreat uncle, William Smith.

There were good reasons that William Smith, brother to the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr., was often chastised by the Lord and at length rejected by the brethren from the office of patriarch after the deaths of his brothers and finally excommunicated.

He allowed himself to be ruled by his passions, pride, and ego. This reflection has come to surface in the minds of several who have been keeping an eye on the claims coming from Brazil and the restructuring of a new search. We have sat back and watched, prayed, considered, attended some meetings, yet tried to do so with our spiritual eyes for it is that vision that keeps us balanced. 

Since it was declared that the gold plates, including the sealed portion, had supposedly been delivered to Mauricio Berger in Brazil, events have been unfolding that show similarities between William Smith and Joseph Fredrick Smith that should give many cause to step back and see things with their spiritual eyes and not be taken by the awe and splendor that their human eyes afford them, for such splendor is wrought through lenses which distort and skew reality. 

Here are just a few notes of interest concerning William:

1)   William felt he was important and should be highly placed.

2)   Contended with those who did not agree with him, at length turning to the people to rally behind him, undermining the leadership.

3)   Felt that he knew more about the direction of the church than those surrounding him, primarily after Joseph’s death, and continually attempted to show the leaders that they were in error.

4)   His pride outweighed his reason. Joseph told him that if he could not learn to control his passion and put it under foot, he would not be welcomed into the kingdom of heaven.

5)   Was not a team player, wanted more authority than he was given.

6)   Resentful, articulate, and abrasive.

7)   1845- After being ordained a patriarch he made public expressions of harmony with the brethren, while in private letters and conversations, he resorted to name calling and accusations.

8)   After Joseph’s death, William bounced from one group to another in an attempt to exert his authority but to no avail.

9)   May 1845, sought the support of the people because he felt his right to lead was being unfairly challenged.

10) Parley P. Pratt objected to sustaining William as an apostle in 1845 because he, “aspires to uproot and undermine the legal presidency of the church that he might occupy the place himself.”

11) George Albert Smith said of William, “he has a pattern of building himself up on the merits of others.”

12) William’s brother, Joseph the Prophet said that William was “a fierce lion who will neglect the more weighty matters until his head is bowed down with sorrow.”

13) The blessing he received while in Missouri speaks of his prideful heart and rebellious spirit.

*This information was taken from the book United by Faith, and the following websites: https://www.lds.org/ensign/1979/09/joseph-smiths-brothers-nauvoo-and-after?lang=eng

William Smith Problematic Patriarch https://www.dialoguejournal.com/wp-content/uploads/sbi/articles/Dialogue_V16N02_13.pdf

One cannot deny that there are many similarities here between William and Joseph Fredrick Smith. Anyone who has been close to the events unfolding in Holden, Blue Springs, and other areas, know of the unrest and division which has been increasing. 

There is another thought which must be taken into consideration as well; where is the family of Joseph F. Smith in the matters at hand? Through the journals and writings of William’s own siblings and those who witnessed his behaviors, we have a good accounting of what he was driven by and that, despite being a good man, he heeded his own passions and ego rather than the more weighty matters of the church and building up the kingdom.

It leads to the question of Joseph Fredrick Smith’s own family. Has anyone thought or wondered where they are? Why are they not rallying behind what he is doing? What are their thoughts? What insights would their reflections offer that we do not see? For the heart of the man who is seen in the home reveals the true nature of that man.”

*end of anonymous email

This is really quite a remarkable email from an anonymous group of people who have been watching the events of this movement very closely.

Having read a little bit of history about William Smith, and also having heard from several informants close to the situation about Joseph F. Smith’s history of jumping around from group to group until his dominant personality burns bridges, I must admit that the comparison is striking.

If my personal beliefs would allow it, I would have to strongly consider the possibility that Joseph F. Smith is the reincarnation of William Smith!


I found the above email very interesting and the comment about Joseph F. Smith family possibly not supporting his claims of being a prophet or his claims about the authenticity of the Brazil plates.

That really caught my interest.

In regard to that I became aware of a book written by one of Joseph’s daughters which I am currently reading. I am now about half way through it. It is a real eye opener about the life and character of Joseph F. Smith.

Regarding William Smith, one of the most fascinating parts of LDS history that I have found over the years is the little known fact that William Smith was not originally chosen to be a member of the quorum of the Twelve apostles by the witnesses of the book of Mormon who had been given the mandate from the Lord to chose the Twelve.

After the witnesses of the Book of Mormon fulfilled their calling from the Lord to chose Twelve men to be apostles and submitted their decisions to Joseph Smith, they were pressured by Joseph Smith into replacing Phineas Young who had originally been chosen by the witnesses, with Joseph Smith’s brother William Smith!

Here is an excerpt from the book “Lost Apostles, Forgotten Members of Mormonism’s Original Quorum of the Twelve Apostles” by Shepard and Marquardt:

“In the behind-the-scenes negotiations, Joseph Smith had rejected on nomination: Phineas Young, Brigham Young’s brother, in favor of Josephs own brother, William. Cowdery wrote to Brigham Young in February 27, 1848:

‘At the time the twelve were chosen in Kirtland, and I may say before, it had been manifested that brother Phineas was entitled to occupy the station as one of that number,; but owing to brother Joseph’s urgent request at the time, Brother David and myself yielded to his wishing and consented for William to be selected contrary to our feelings and judgment and to our deep mortification ever since’

About two decades later in 1854, Phineas spoke to a group of church leaders in Salt Lake City about how his call to the quorum had been cancelled. According to Wilford Woodruff, Phineas Young said that he was the first that was chosen in the organization of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles but brother Joseph said he wished I would let Wm. Smith have that place so I gave way to him. 

It is very telling that Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer felt deep mortification about being pressured into changing their inspired choice of Phineas Young to that of William Smith.

That is a very interesting historical tidbit that few people know about. Here is another quote from the Book that encapsulates Williams perceived character-

“Historian and educator Paul M. Edwards, second-great-grandson of Joseph Smith, caught the essence of William Smith’s character when he wrote: ‘William B. Smith was a difficult man. Like so many who feel denied power and recognition, he was probably best described as being his own worst enemy, … William had the habit of saying what was on his mind, and as a very active and concerned man, he was often in the midst of controversy'”

The book concludes its remarks about William Smith as follows:

“After Joseph and Hyrum Smth were assassinated, William found he was less able than before to control his acerbic tongue or need to dominate others. Brigham Young did his best to accommodate the volatile apostle but eventually shunted him to the children’s table, so to speak, for which William set about trying to convince the other branches of the Restoration to recognize him as his brother’s rightful heir.

He ended up being excluded from all the churches and engaging in the exchange of insults that were even shriller than his past examples of character assassination. He managed to find peace only in old age when his nephew, Joseph III, was wise enough to keep him at arm’s length.”

 Again, some of the parallels between the very dominate, controversial and sometimes caustic personalities of William Smith and Joseph F. Smith are uncanny. ”

But I digress.

The anonymous group of people who sent me the email brought up a very important observation. Why is it that the family members of Joseph F. Smith who know his character the best, are not rallying around him and supporting his quest to become the prophet to finish the work that Joseph Smith started?

Is it possible that this anonymous group of insiders know something that we should know about the very telling family life of Joseph F. Smith?

When Joseph Smith Jr. was called to be a prophet, his parents and most of his brothers and sisters were very supportive of his claims because they knew the integrity of his soul.

Where do Joseph F. Smith’s children fit into his quest to become prophet?

Those who have decided to sustain Joseph F. Smith as a prophet should do their “due diligence” and make sure they are comfortable with his history.

Here are the responses from Mauricio in regard to the accusations I have made to his claims:

Clarifications by Mauricio A Berger – 05.23.2018 (English)

Throughout my life, many people passed by me, day after day. But only a few of these people are in my memory and I will carry them forever in my heart. Among these people there is one in particular, my friend, Jader.

Recently an acquaintance of social networks has passed me a link: https://onewhoiswatching.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/final-mauricio-blog-10.pdf where the “watcher” of site makes numerous accusations about me, from deceiver and falsifier. This does not really make a difference for me, because I me feel as Joseph Smith Jr. it when he related his story and among his words I highlight some to express what I feel about all of this:

“However, it was nevertheless a fact that I had beheld a vision. I have thought since, that I felt much like Paul, when he made his defense before King Agrippa, and related the account of the vision he had when he saw a light, and heard a voice; but still there were but few who believed him; some said he was dishonest, others said he was mad; and he was ridiculed and reviled. But all this did not destroy the reality of his vision. He had seen a vision, he knew he had, and all the persecution under heaven could not make it otherwise; and though they should persecute him unto death, yet he knew, and would know to his latest breath, that he had both seen a light and heard a voice speaking unto him, and all the world could not make him think or believe otherwise. So it was with me. I had actually seen a light, and in the midst of that light I saw two Personages, and they did in reality speak to me; and though I was hated and persecuted for saying that I had seen a vision, yet it was true; and while they were persecuting me, reviling me, and speaking all manner of evil against me falsely for so saying, I was led to say in my heart: Why persecute me for telling the truth? I have actually seen a vision; and who am I that I can withstand God, or why does the world think to make me deny what I have actually seen? For I had seen a vision; I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny it, neither dared I do it; at least I knew that by so doing I would offend God, and come under condemnation. I had now got my mind satisfied so far as the sectarian world was concerned” — Joseph Smith —History 1:24-26 LDS.

In a similar way I can say that my mind is already satisfied with regard to the sectarian world and their opinions regarding to this work. But there is something to be said about my friend Jader who needs to be recorded here and in the story that will be drawn from that event with the restoration of the gospel.

So I am willing to clarify some things through this message.

But first, I must make a few remarks about the “watcher” accusations about the facts. First, I it has proved to those who seek the truth that such artifacts exist. No man who could have falsified such evidence would be in his right mind to invite eight unknown witnesses to come to his house and test its truth if it were not true. In addition, all eight witnesses are members of some restoration church in the United States, which, of course, would make any charlatan avoid coming to Brazil with the possibility of checking artifacts up close. In fact, most, if not all, wanted only one thing, make sure they were not being deceived. Yet, they all departed with conviction of what they saw when they returned to the United States, with complete certainty of the plates. Doubt, if it existed, did not last in their hearts, not only for the materials that proved to be reliable, but also for the confirmation of the Holy Spirit which he was spilled in all of them here in Brazil.

In its turn, what can I say about the for the accusations highlighted raised by the “watcher”?

By the accusation raised by the “watcher” that I falsified the plates by the Mark Hoffman document, I can say that such an argument only proved even more that the plates in my possession are true.

According to material that the eight witnesses elaborated to understand this coincidence, exist is at least two letters written by Professor Charles Anthon, whose content coincide comes with the description of the last plaque and corroborates with the description of his letters, in which Charles Anthon describes that he saw characters arranged in vertical columns and at the end of the document there was a circle divided into several compartments, adorned with several strange marks. It is logical to assume that Joseph Smith designed this document of Anthon from the last record plate that I showed the eight witnesses. I would not have been able to forge that, since I, like many Latter-day Saints here in Brazil, had no knowledge of this descriptive letter of Anthon, because in short, what is presented to us by the LDS church is that the characters that Martin Harris showed Charles Anthon are those available on the internet, but that second the information I later obtained from the eight witnesses, not match what Professor Anthon mentioned. —https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthon_Transcript.

That is, this argument raised against me proves even more the veracity of the plates, since such descriptive figures are in agreement with the reports of the past. If there were no such last plaque, however close it may seem to Hoffman’s counterfeit, then they would in fact be false. Because Anthon’s description proves that at some point Joseph Smith Jr drew from the gold plates something similar to what is contained in the last plate of the records that the eight witnesses saw.

What do I have to say about the widespread issue of where Mark Hoffman would have copied his paper?

There are some arguments to be considered, especially one that mentions that Mark Hoffman at some point had access to a fragment of the document described in the letters of Charles Anthon, and from then on he forged an entire document to have more monetary value and obtain higher profit from its sale. However, for me the question is simpler than it seems: The Lord our God possesses a real enemy of the invisible and extremely intelligent and powerful world to influence the minds of men, just as he influenced Mark Hoffman to act obscurely among his similar. (Joseph Smith—Históry 1:16 LDS). This enemy, as everyone understands, has lived among humans for thousands of years and has undoubtedly seen Mormon handling the last plate as he may have seen the original Joseph Smith-produced document that Martin Harris took to Charles Anthon. That is the most plausible answer! At the present time and knowing that the sealed part would soon be exposed to the world with the birth of Mauricio Berger, he found in the figure of Mark Hoffman a counterpart to falsify the said document, using in the forger’s thoughts only the original characters that he retained in his remembrance, already with the intention of interrupting the work of the Lord when it began to occur again among the people of the church in the present day.

As for the following question raised by the “watcher” that Joseph Smith Jr. will return to complete the paper, which he says on his website, which has been announcing this idea for years to his readers, and therefore, according to him, I must having copied his idea, when surprised he reads in an email sent by me to a young man from the LDS church stating that Joseph would come back to finish the job. It was then that the so-called “watcher”, perhaps afraid of that I can copy your ideas, tries to manipulate his readers into thinking that I am hiding my personal beliefs from Brother Bob, who according to the “watcher”: Bob not believe in the return of Joseph. Here I confirm again what I said in the e-mail, I know by revelation of Moroni that Joseph will return to finish the job and not because I have read in some place something similar. Yes, he will come, but not in the way the “watcher” testifies, that Joseph will rise again to complete the work, not least because the scriptures do not mention resurrection in the case of that return. But behold, I say unto, that it shall be done in a way no one shall perceive, as it was in the days of Jesus when the Jews also awaited Elijah’s return, but as Jesus taught his disciples, Elijah came in the figure of John Baptist, but no one recognized him. This is so true that in Joseph Smith’s inspired version of the Bible, exactly in the text of Mark 9: 3 mentions that Moses and Elijah were on the mountain of transfiguration, and confirms that this Elijah was indeed John the Baptist. Lastly, if this is the main point of the question, So I say it is a simple fact to understand, because there has been a parallel in the history of the gospel, but still, it is one of the mysteries that the Lord will not make known to ordinary men, but only to his prophets. In this case I regret to inform you that the idea of the “watcher” regarding Joseph’s return is similar to what happened to the Pharisees in the meridian of the times, when they were waiting for Elijah’s return, but they did not realize that Elijah was there among them.

Now, finally, I want to talk about Jader. First of all, I want to reinforce his character by saying that I have not known any man more just, more distinct, and true than the Jader.

In his commentary, Jader mentions that Mauricio has been talking about that he Jader, broke the seer’s stones. First he just came to this comment because someone behind the questions passed the wrong information to him, and because he is very correct in his way, must have thought that I’m spreading lies about he, because he never had access to the stones. On the other hand, whoever passed this distorted information to Jader, lied to him and entangled him in a web of deception. The “Questions and Answers” video is widely available to all interested parties at this link below since the first visit of Joseph and Bob to Brazil, where Bob tells in detail that I, Maurício Artur Berger, broke the seers stones with my own hands. It was only on this occasion on 10/29/2017 that the history of the stones broke was known by the general public. — 10.29.2017 Zarahemla Branch Open Forum – Questions & Answer

On the other, if they asked me, if Jader exerted some influence to break the stones the way I broke them? So the answer is yes! Jader was always a friend who taught me a lot about loving the truth above all things, and made me see situations that sometimes we do not realize its real meaning. In this case, it was Jader, who somehow caught my attention so that I would ascertain the facts in order to see if I was not being deceived by the devil, and with that in mind, and weakened by losing the friendship of my best friend, I acted compulsorily in relation to the feelings that struck me in those days, coming to break the stones, because of the sadness and the doubt he raised in my heart, because of the things that Jader had told me about the lie of satan. The hard words that Jader told me about the lie of Satan, was for the same reason that made Jader move away from me, and I never hid from anyone that I made a mistake with Jader and with God in that regard, when I asked Jader to tell his bishop that he had seen the angel Moroni and the plates, when in fact he had never seen. This point goes into the second charge of the site where Jader responds that I asked him for it, and it was precisely at this point that he came to believe that everything was a lie. I did not see any problem in asking him this because I was quite sure that one day Moroni would show the plates to him personally, because the promise of being one of the three witnesses was his and not Brother Valdeci Machado. Maybe Jader is right when on the site he says that I am arrogant because after my excommunication I felt the desire to show LDS church that they were wrong about me but could not show the plates to Jader, time after he received an email from one of the three men who were on the mountain I requested this him. But for knowing the character of the Jader already predicted that he would move away, however, I asked anyway, for I was sure that as soon as Moroni confirmed everything, he would not be disappointed with me. But he did not allow himself that opportunity.

Jader also mentions in this same comment that I already have the translated material completely. In fact, while Jader was at my side, he saw a part of the translation being made from a context that was not in the Book of Mormon that he knows, this context was a translated portion of Lehi’s book. After that, I had to deposit the plates in a hole at the top of the hill, shortly thereafter, I, Jader and Joni, climbed the mountain once more to see if I took the plates from the hole where I had put it, but one a huge stone was laid on top of the site, making it impossible for him to be removed at the time, after which I asked him to trust that the plates would be shown to him by the angel Moroni at the end of the ten years from 2007 to 2017, the year in which Moroni of in fact it showed for the three witnesses. Therefore, I never had all translated material, because I only had the plates again in January 2017, and resumed the translation work only after the eight witnesses came to Brazil earlier this year of 2018.

As I said, Jader is an extremely correct person, and I agree with him to maintain his position in defending his truth, for each one will be judged by what he has. And since many things have become undesirable in my person for him, for I am flawed and imperfect, then I do not see how he can have other position concerning me at this stage in which this story in which he has been involved unfolds. However, I insist that the questions to Jader were questions disguised by someone who made him think I was using his name to make him a bad character. Be that as it may, I believe that if the right questions are asked, he will also speak the truth about them. There is even an email from him dated June 29, 2011 that includes a testimony with his words that say:

I also testify that I know these things are true because I had the privilege exactly on February 4, 2008 to see a group of renowned spirits at the top Acute hill. I want you all to know that I Jader and Brother Mauricio we were ministered and visited on December 25, 2008 also on the Acute Hill by the three Apostles of the Lord, by Simon Peter who holds the keys of the kingdom of his church and together with him James and John. I say this and I tell everyone and I confirm and without shadows of doubt that I speak and believe in what I have seen and know and that all listen and pray to the Lord so that their minds are opened and their hearts are touched. Knowing this I close saying that this is the will of our Savior Jesus Christ to be thus manifested the designs of God and the Holy Spirit, and I do and I leave this Testimony in the name of the Great, Mighty and Redeemer of humanity the Savior Jesus Christ. Amen”.  (Jadar – June 29, 2011)

I do not believe, for a single moment that he allowed himself to be influenced by me at the time he wrote this testimony, because he was always a man of great character to be influenced for someone. Because of this character, I do not believe that in the present time he will let himself be influenced to change his previous testimony. This would be contrary to their high moral standards. I believe that he can say at the present time that they were manifestations of the devil, because, that is what he believes today, that I have been deceived. But I do not think he would say he’s never seen anything.

Finally, to conclude my opinion on the subject posted by the “watcher,” I know that Jader now thinks that the three men who appeared to us at the top of the mountain, whom I supposed at the time to be Peter, James and John are for him only three common men, similar to us, made from of flesh and bones, who coincidentally climbed the mountain that day at a late hour and stayed there no more than fifteen minutes and then left. But if you ask Jader what those men actually did and spoke in those 15 minutes, surely Jader will confirm these words of mine:

1º they asked to pray with us.

2º spoke of his master healing people only with his shadow.

3º they said that they were from Paraiso, which could be a nearby city of the city of Agudo, but also, could be the literal Paradise.

4º They also said that it was the first time they had climbed that mountain, which is impossible in the middle of the bush and the night for someone who does not know the way.

5º Although we saw a light approaching when they arrived, we did not see them light any lantern in the darkness of the night to go away and to go down the mountain.

6º Apart from all this there is there were a storm approaching quickly from the top, there was no escaping it, and I told Jader that we should go down, when one of them said, calm down. If you just believe it, it rains around and the storm does not even touch you. So we spent the night there, and in fact, the storm passed around us with a lot of wind shaking the trees of the mountain, but nothing happened to us.

7º We did not see them drinking water when they arrived among us, or having some canteen or backpack that could contain water so they could hydrate, so little showed signs of fatigue, which was impossible for a man of flesh and bones as we arrive up there on the mountain without feeling exhausted and thirsty for water.

Here is a question: if they were just three ordinary men, do not you think, in the least strange that they go up at night and stay there only 15 minutes after such an intense walk to reach the top and the time they were there, spoke about the subject that led me and Jader to that place, coming to pray with us?

Lastly, it does not matter much to me on which side Jader is at this moment and how much he believes me to be a false prophet, what matters to me is the character of my friend Jader. It matters that their morality remains untouched, though these malefactors try to persuade him with questions elaborated with distorted facts of the current history. Because, I have been told, on at least two occasions, one before Jader departs from me and another afterwards, that he will in future be a key player in this work. Therefore, when I think of my friend Jader raising an accusation against this work, it is like thinking of the story of Paul, who was as whole and zealous as Jader is in defense of the truth. But when God called Paul to embrace his cause, then that zealous man for his traditions bowed to the ground to recognize the truth that was right among those whom he accused of apostasy.

As for the “watcher” and the other sectarians who accuse me of this or that, I mean that I am not angry with them. I have pity before, just as Jesus took pity on those who crucified him because they did not really know what they were doing. Similarly, I, Maurício Berger,  I’ll be praying for those who persecute me and try to disfigure the image of this work, because indeed they do not know what they do. Amen!

Mauricio A Berger – 05.23.2018


2 Responses to A Few Important Updates on the Claims and Vicissitudes of the Brazil Plates Movement

  1. JN says:

    Wow! This is absolutely amazing! Literally jaw dropping. These claims are so incredible. Fascinating!!!! Really? the sealed portion has been translated and is going to be released? Is anyone else stunned/ shocked/ in awe by all the crazy claims being made today by these people?

    Watcher, you have done an outstanding job using the SCRIPTURES to disprove all of this craziness. Really this stuff is crazy!!! You’ve done a way better job than Denver Snuffer’s analysis which had no scriptural backing to it. The first time he mentions it in a post titled “Bogus Brazilian Book of Mormon”, he said,

    “What I understand of the claims are that Moroni delivered the plates to a fellow in Brazil. That seems to be inconsistent with the record and known history of the restoration.
    In a post titled Nephi on December 10, 2013 and again in a post titled The Angel’s Identification on December 15, 2013 (among other places) I’ve shown, using the historical record, that Joseph Smith originally and consistently identified the angel who delivered the plates as “Nephi” not “Moroni.” Therefore, it seems like the claim to have “Moroni” deliver the plates is inconsistent with my understanding of history and accountability over the plates.”

    Wow, that’s it? Really a name?! The second time he brings it up he does his usually, “neener, neener, I know more than you” stuff!

    “Since I have seen things which are not lawful for man to utter, nor is man capable of making them known, I would very much recognize a true text that removes the veil and puts on public display those most sacred and unspeakable things. I expect to be able to recognize immediately if the text is authentic.”

    Haha, craziness all around us!!!!

    For me it is pretty straight forward using a few verses right from Moroni in Ether 4. In speaking about the sealed portion or the account from the brother of Jared, he says,

    6 For the Lord said unto me: They shall not go forth unto the Gentiles until the day that they shall repent of their iniquity, and become clean before the Lord.
    7 And in that day that they shall exercise faith in me, saith the Lord, even as the brother of Jared did, that they may become sanctified in me, then will I manifest unto them the things which the brother of Jared saw, even to the unfolding unto them all my revelations, saith Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Father of the heavens and of the earth, and all things that in them are.

    Its pretty straight forward, they aren’t available until you can exercise faith like the brother of Jared, fully repent, become clean, and sanctified in the Lord. These things are not fully available right now during our blindness. If they were what need of a restoration and the third watch? Or return of servants at all?

    Now, I guess there are those who believe that the fulness is on the earth and that people can currently exercise faith like the brother of Jared, fully repent, become clean, and sanctified in the Lord. I would ask, what percentage of the gentiles need to do these things to qualify for the sealed portion? Take a quick look around and you will see these things are missing from the world.

    The best part though is that Moroni clarifies for us further down in the text that we need to come unto Jesus, rend the veil of unbelief, call upon the Father with a broken heart and contrite spirit…then shall all the revelations be unfolded, even the writings by John. Now here is the kicker, “and signs shall follow them that believe in my name.” Boom! Yep none of that happening today!!

    Even President Nelson, the man with all the keys, highlighted last night in the Christmas Devotional a terminally ill 12 year old girl, and just said we’ll pray for you!

    Are you serious? She wanted you to heal her!!! You have all the keys, but are missing the healing one I guess! Maybe she needed “faith not to be healed”. The shadow of Peter “healed every one” (Acts 5:12, 15-16), a handkerchief from Paul had the same effect (Acts 19:11-12), and even Elisha’s dead old bones could bring a man back to life (2 Kings 13:20-21)!!! The signs that follow those that believe are truly missing!

    Thanks Watcher for keeping us updated on all of this! Wow, fascinating!!!!!

  2. Richard Smith says:

    Dear Mr. Watcher, why don’t we all cease our minutiae and let’s in engage in a good cause ? There some Lakota- Dakota Indians in Pine Ridge South Dakota that are in need of help. The intact is David Campbell 3346 Quarry Road Bates City Mo. 64001 Ph. 816-690-8353 We Sara and I are going to give, our Congregation in Dowagiac Michigan are going to give. Money would be best in my opinion . Charity is the pure love of God, God Bless our efforts.

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