A Review of What the Book of Mormon Tells us about the Latter day Jews: Part 4

In part two of this series we used a keyword search of the word “Jew” in the Book of Mormon to identify, search and parse 1 Nephi 10 and 1 Nephi 13 with regard to the eschatology of the Jews. This search also led us to 2 Nephi 3

In part three of this series we identified additional passages in the Book of Mormon that referred to the eschatology of the Jews. Hence, we parsed 1 Nephi 152 Nephi 92 nephi 10, and 2 nephi 25

In conjunction with these Book of Mormon passages, we also observed passages in the revelations that came through the Prophet Joseph Smith. We also reviewed related historical events of the LDS restoration to correlate and substantiate the fulfillment of the prophecies about the Jews in the Book of Mormon.

By evaluating these Book of Mormon passages in light of the events that took place during Joseph Smith’s ministry, we have begun creating a composite narrative from the various scriptures to prove that the latter day restoration of the Jews to the land of their inheritance has actually already begun and that it is taking place in the New World, not the Old World.

It has been taking place since the Nauvoo era of Joseph Smith’s ministry when LDS missionary were sent across the great waters to take the knowledge of the gospel to the dispersed of Judah and the outcasts of Israel.

Since that time, the dispersed of Judah and the outcasts of Israel began coming across the great waters to America to be restored to the lands of their latter day inheritance in the promised land of America.

This represents the first time, they began to be reclaimed from their scattered condition and united with the condemned restored church of the restoration.

After migrating to Utah the latter day church which was in the process of gathering latter day Jews gave up on the establishment of Zion in Missouri.

They also gave up on the doctrine of the gathering altogether and began establishing “Stakes” all over the world which returned the latter day Jews to a scattered condition among the gentiles.

This is why the scriptures speak of the “second time” that God will once again begin to reclaim his people, the dispersed of Judah, from their scattered condition in the third watch.

10 ¶ And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.

11 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.

12 And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.

Clearly, the Lord began to recover the dispersed of Judah during Joseph Smith’s ministry during the second watch AND he will once again recover them and gather them to the land of their inheritance in the latter days.

The land of their inheritance in the latter days is clearly in North America! ( see this blog post for additional documentation that the Jerusalem of last days prophecy is indeed located in North America!)

The commonly accepted belief that the gathering of the Ashkinasi Jews that was orchestrated by the United Nations and financed in part by the Rothchild Family is all just a big smokescreen that will confuse and distract people from the real prophesied events of the latter days that will take place in North America.

The next passage we will consider in this series is found in 3rd Nephi.

Before reviewing it, I want to remind you that versification and punctuation by uninspired editors and church leaders has often bastardized the contextual intent of the scriptures and allowed uninspired interpretations to be taught.

For that reason I am removing the verses and punctuation of the following passage so that it reads in its pure unadulterated form when read and uttered by Joseph the Seer during the translation process:

“And it shall come to pass that I will establish my people, O house of Israel and behold this people [the house of Israel] will I establish in this land unto the fulfilling of the covenant which I made with your father Jacob and it shall be a New Jerusalem and the powers of heaven shall be in the midst of this people; yea, even I will be in the midst of you.” (3 Nephi 20:21-22 bold and underlined and insertions with brackets done by me)

The above passage can be interpreted two different ways.

The common interpretation when viewed in light of the false traditions of our fathers and with the corrupted versification and punctuation is that God will gather all of Israel to different geographical place with the distinction that he will specifically gather the posterity of Lehi the land of America, where Christ was speaking to them in 3rd Nephi while other tribes are gathered to the Old World.

By taking the versification and punctuation out and viewing the passage in context with all of the other scriptures, it is saying that all twelve tribes will be gathered to the new latter day land of Jerusalem.

Please note that when the “n” in “New Jerusalem” is capitalized by uninspired people, it appears to be speaking about the New Jerusalem mentioned in the Book of Revelation, however that is not contextually congruent.

This is because the “New Jerusalem” spoken of in the Book of Revelation (and the book of Ether), is an otherworldly city that comes down from heaven.

Conversely, the “new Jerusalem” spoken of 7 times in the Book of Mormon, is referring to the new establishment of the ancient city of Jerusalem in America, in the latter days.

To further verify the proper interpretation of 3 Nephi 20:21-22 all we need to do is scour 3rd Nephi for additional clarification. Notice the following passages earlier in the chapter

And verily, verily, I say unto you, that when they shall be fulfilled then is the fulfilling of the covenant which the Father hath made unto his people, O house of Israel. And then shall the remnants, which shall be scattered abroad upon the face of the earth, be gathered in from the east and from the west, and from the south and from the north; and they shall be brought to the knowledge of the Lord their God, who hath redeemed them. (3 Nephi 20:12-13)

Pretty clear don’t you think?

All remaining remnants from all of the world are gathered to the same place! ( In America)

Another witness that all of the remnants of Jacob will be gathered together to the same place geographically is found in the 5th chapter:

And as surely as the Lord liveth, will he gather in from the four quarters of the earth all the remnant of the seed of Jacob, who are scattered abroad upon all the face of the earth. (3 Nephi 5:24)


That is game, set, and match.

There is no amount of scripture wresting that can deny what is being said.

The Lord does not gather the Jews to the Old World while gathering other remnants to America. He gathers all remnants of Jacob upon the face of the earth together into the same general location on the same continent. He does not gather the remnants of Judah to the Old World while gathering the remnants of Joseph to the New World.

It is going to be a global gathering of all the remnants of Jacob from all over the world who have not already gathered.

The Book of Mormon is not the only testimony that we have on this topic.

We can go to modern revelation for an additional witness.

If we keyword the words “east” AND “west” AND “south” AND “north” we are led to the astounding prophecy in D&C 42:

62 Thou shalt ask, and it shall be revealed unto you in mine own due time where the new Jerusalem shall be built. And behold, it shall come to pass that my servants shall be sent forth to the east and to the west, to the north and to the south. (D&C 42: 62-63)

As you can see, the gathering of the remnants to the new, latter day Jerusalem will be from the east, west, north and south, duplicating the prophecy in the Book of Mormon. This is obviously speaking of the same topic as the passages in the Book of Mormon.

Interestingly, by linking those two passages and others together one can provide one of the most compelling arguments that it is North America and more specifically, Kirtland Ohio and the gathering places of the LDS restoration movement, where the ancient Nephites were located and where the global gathering of the remnants of Israel will take place in the future.

Regarding the latter day gathering of Israel, even some of the modern general authorities have made supporting declarations about America being the promised land for all of Israel.

Bruce R. McConkie made the following observation:

“The first important part of the restoration of Israel began with the conversion and gathering of many from the tribe of Joseph… Then Joseph will gather the other tribes”’ (Bruce R. McConkie, A New Witness for the Articles of Faith [1985], 529).

 Of course, Brother McConkie was basically paraphrasing the prophecy in Ether :

6 And that a new Jerusalem should be built up upon this land, unto the remnant of the seed of Joseph, for which things there has been a type.

What is the “type” that is being referred to?

It is the Old Testament account of how Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers.

This took him from the land where he and his father and brothers and all of the family of Israel were living to a foreign land.

This enabled him to get established in the new land and provide a place of refuge for the other tribes of Israel to eventually come to!

That is the TYPE that is being referred to.

That is exactly what has happened in the latter days.

The remnants of Joseph first came to America beginning with the pilgrims. Descendants of those remnants of Joseph began gathering into the church during the Kirtland era of the restoration.

Following that, the dispersed of Judah and the other outcasts of Israel followed the remnants of Joseph to America!

Again, that is the type that is being referred to in Ether 13:6.

Elder McConkie’s observation that the other tribes would follow after the remnants of Joseph to America was also no doubt making reference to D&C 133 which informs us that after the Ephraimite Gentiles return and restore the fulness, in due time, other tribes come “unto the children of Ephraim … and be crowned with glory, even in Zion, by the hands of the servants of the Lord, even [by] the children of Ephraim” (D&C 133:30, 32).

All of these prophecies are essentially an extension and clarification of an ancient prophecy in the Old Testament which is further clarified in the JST.

In this prophecy we the latter-day descendants of Joseph diligently go about the work of gathering scattered Israel or “pushing them together.”

The patriarch Jacob prophesied of this marvelous work as he gave a blessing to Joseph’s two sons: “For thou shalt be a light unto my people, to deliver them in the days of their captivity, from bondage; and to bring salvation unto them, when they are altogether bowed down under sin” (JST, Gen. 48:11, Bible appendix).

Again we reference the Book of Mormon which notes that the first temporal salvation that Joseph of Egypt brought to the other tribes who were all gathered together in the same land, was a type of the temporal and spiritual salvation that the latter day Joseph would bring to the other tribes of Israel who again, will be gathered to the same land.

As you can see, there is a “new Jerusalem” mentioned in 3rd Nephi, that is built up upon the earth and reestablished in the last days which is separate and distinct from the “New Jerusalem” that comes down from heaven.

We are informed in scripture that the term “New Jerusalem” is synonymous with the term “Zion”. Modern revelation informs us that the new Jerusalem (Zion) from below will eventually be cleansed and caught up to meet the New Jerusalem (Zion) from above in the air:

The Lord hath redeemed his people; And Satan is bound and time is no longer. The Lord hath gathered all things in one. The Lord hath brought down Zion from above. The Lord hath brought up Zion from beneath. (D&C 84:100)

One of the reasons it is helpful to identify who the real latter day Jews are is so that we can better understand the events of prophecy that are taking place around us.

In third Nephi the Savior explains that all of the major events spoken of by Isaiah pertaining to Israel have a dual fulfillment. They take place historically prior to the appearance of Christ in the meridian of time AND similar events will take place again after the meridian of time.


1 And now, behold, I say unto you, that ye ought to search these things. Yea, a commandment I give unto you that ye search these things diligently; for great are the words of Isaiah.

2 For surely he spake as touching all things concerning my people which are of the house of Israel; therefore it must needs be that he must speak also to the Gentiles.

3 And all things that he spake have been and shall be, even according to the words which he spake.

Although Christ was speaking specifically of the prophecies of Isaiah, it is understood by many prophecy scholars that this concept of history repeating itself, is true of all of the events mentioned by all of the Old Testament prophets.

All of the major historical events spoken of by Jeremiah and Ezekiel and other Old Testament prophets have a dual fulfillment.

With that in mind, and with the understanding that the latter day church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints represents latter day Israel including remnants of Judah, I want to share a speculation of mine regarding a curious passage in Jeremiah 11.

 “..the Lord said unto me, Proclaim all these words in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem, saying, Hear ye the words of this covenant, and do them.

7 For I earnestly protested unto your fathers in the day that I brought them up out of the land of Egypt, even unto this day, rising early and protesting, saying, Obey my voice.

8 Yet they obeyed not, nor inclined their ear, but walked every one in the imagination of their evil heart: therefore I will bring upon them all the words of this covenant, which I commanded them to do; but they did them not.

9 And the Lord said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

10 They are aturned back to the iniquities of their forefathers, which refused to hear my words; and they went after other gods to serve them: the house of Israel and the house of Judah have broken my covenant which I made with their fathers.

11 ¶ Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall bcry unto me, I will not hearken unto them.

12 Then shall the cities of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem go, and cry unto the gods unto whom they offer incense: but they shall not save them at all in the time of their trouble.

The historical event mentioned above speaks of consequences upon ancient Judah for breaking the law.

We have previously documented the fact that the latter day saints have rejected the fulness of the gospel and broken the law that was received through the prophet Joseph Smith.

I would submit to you that contextually, the phrase “men of Judah” in the above passage has reference to the leading brethren, or leaders of the tribe and kingdom of Judah.

These leaders were involved in a conspiracy.

What is a conspiracy?

CONSPIRACY, noun [Latin See Conspire.]

1. A combination of men for an evil purpose; an agreement between two or more persons, to commit some crime in concert; particularly, a combination to commit treason, or excite sedition or insurrection against the government of a state; a plot; as a conspiracy against the life of a king; a conspiracy against the government.

As you can see, a conspiracy is an agreement between multiple people to intentionally commit a crime. Often the crime consists of committing treason against a government.

If in fact the major historical events that took place among Judah in the Old Testament are repeated in the latter days, and if in fact the “men of Judah” represent the leaders of the modern latter day church, then we must ask ourselves this question-

Has there been a conspiracy among the leaders of the church to commit treason against the government of God and his restored church?

After studying the history of the church for 30 years, if someone were to ask me what such a conspiracy might be, I would probably suggest that it has to do with the intentional suppression and altering of the true history of the church combined with the intentional altering and suppression of the true meaning of the related narratives contained in the revelations that Joseph Smith brought forth.

Many bloggers and writers have documented the fact that Brigham Young and his brethren, and those that followed after him in leadership positions,  have intentionally deleted and altered many historical events in the official history of the church as well as suppressing true doctrines and introducing heresies into the church.

Does this not represent a crime and treason against the restored church of God and his government?

However, there may be more to this conspiracy.

Several weeks ago I blogged about a person who sent a letter to his bishop and Stake President informing them that he was not going to sustain President Nelson as the President of the Church because the scriptural procedure provided in scripture for this event was not followed.

Clearly, appointing someone in secret to lead the church without following the protocol of common consent as laid out in scripture represents a conspiracy by the leaders of the church in my opinion.

That blog post resulted in a remarkable email that I received from someone.

The email absolutely blew my mind.

The email was from someone that I had never heard of.

Apparently, my post went viral and was brought to the attention of a person who has spent many years researching another related conspiracy that has taking place within the church.

It has to do with how the sacred funds from tithes and offerings has been controlled and spent. It has to do with how the latter day men of Judah have intentionally used  legal fictions and a lack of transparency to transfer the control and use of these sacred funds contrary to the will of the Lord.

The fellow that sent me the email is seeking to sue the LDS church for the financial fraud that they have perpetuated upon the latter day saints.

His research is documented and very compelling.

In an affidavit that he has just filed he makes the following allegations:

I am 62 years old. I am a lifelong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or LDS Church and its affiliated Trust. My parents, grandparents and most of my great grandparents were lifelong members of the LDS Church and affiliated Trust.

Under oath I attest and confirm to the best of my knowledge as factual and true
the following..

..Over my life time I have found that the LDS Church has changed, it has become
quite different than it was in my youth, especially the main leadership.

Through much study, it has become clear to me that the leadership has set up an ongoing process of taking my church from me and all the members via setting up their own church/corporation for themselves and not telling the members what they’ve done, and then using their church/corporation to re-brand everything from my LDS Church to their own church/corp.

In 1950, the implementation of a lengthy plan to steal the tithes and offerings
from the Trust of the LDS Church was put into place. In fact, a separate church
was created in order to make a top down church as opposed to a bottom up

This allowed the separate and false church to disregard common
consent, to make decisions without the members knowledge and to create
subordinate organizations that are illegal.

This document shows the time line evidence of this false church’s creation, including an overt admission of guilt of one of the leaders…”

In a future post I will summarize his research and you can decide for yourself if you find his research to be compelling.

Keep watching and remember the words of Jeremiah-

9 And the Lord said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.


4 Responses to A Review of What the Book of Mormon Tells us about the Latter day Jews: Part 4

  1. Thank you, Watcher, 😉
    Upon meditating deeply and then seeing your post and then reading it, I sat here for it seemed like an eternity contemplating all that I have learned from reading your work and my understanding of all of the evil conspiracies and agendas in play at this time in the history of the world, and this is how it unfolded in my mind and manifested to my heart;

    The “Fit man” was foretold along with the covenant “with death and hell” made in the temple that is the precursor (pre-curse) event to this conspiracy after the law of the government of God was broken and Joseph fell as he was warned that he must, and for told, as with his death.

    Partaking of the evil gift, the temple oath, the Lord polluting them in their gifts, because of this temple oath and with whom it is made with, because of this broken law of the government of God.

    Keys- secret combinations spoken of in Ether, Moroni forming from the dust with his warning of what would become of us and what were we to do when this evil combination gets above us because he knew our doings, he was shown our affairs.

    His church being rejected and delivered up to satan is a church that has become an evil conspiracy to deny those who practice in it, to guarantee themselves outer darkness (unforgiving is the qualification) before they can be redeemed for a kingdom of glory but precludes them from the highest kingdom.

    This sacred and hallowed land will be swept clean in many ways because of the curse, calamity and controversy of Zion. Therefor the remedy is developing and having faith like the brother of Jared, searching the Holy Word of God with all of your heart might mind and strength, invoking the Holy Spirit for guidance and instruction always by knocking, asking and seeking all truth in preaching repentance and publishing peace and professing the divinity of the sacred sacrifice of the innocent blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be enlightened, like 2020 vision when we will have the opportunity to receive the servants and be baptized in the proper order and manner and led by their authority in the holy order of God, His power, His ensign and covenant servant sent again, a second time to redeem His people, Israel.

    After all we can do is repentance, our hearts, fruits and works (baptism and loving thy brother as thyself) will give us the opportunity to be part of the redemption of Zion and led to the gathering place to be caught up with Christ in due time, the appointed time, the Thief in the third . . . Watch . . . Always, in All Ways,


  2. lee says:

    Well, well, well, the affidavit is very interersting. But, will anyone be able to make any headway against all the money and lawyers that the great and mighty chucrh has? I hope so. So tired of lies and deceit in all areas of this world. Is there any other site where we can read more about the affidavit?

    • There is a site that contains all of the research and his outline for the law suit.

      I don’t feel good about posting it publicly on the blog just yet because I am still researching some things and awaiting this fellow to answer some of my questions.

      At this point I am interested in blogging about some of his research which is creditable and verifiable, but I am not yet comfortable promoting his fund raising efforts and some of the inaccurate history, doctrine, and prophetic interpretations that he has integrated into his spiel.

      However if you would like to email me I will give you the site info.

      onewhoiswatching [at] gmail dot com

  3. Jessi H says:

    Great post, Watcher! That affidavit is very interesting. I’ve done some light research into the subject of legalese, the Bar, and maritime law, and basically, our whole world (the systems, not the actual physical creation) is a legal fiction.
    I love that God makes it clear that conspiracies are real and lead to destruction. People think I’m insane/paranoid for stating that the world is run by a secret combination. There is such indescribable value in getting truth from the scriptures rather than fleshy-armed “experts.”
    Thanks again for sharing your searches! 😊

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