Creating a Prophetic Template of how the Marvelous Work will Take Place

Do you feel like you have an accurate understanding of how God’s final work of restoration will take place?

Have you ever deeply searched and deconstructed all of the major prophecies about the Marvelous Work to connect all of the available dots?

Have you looked for similar themes as well as for unique components to construct a composite template of the end times scenario?

Doing so might result in greater clarity of how things will emerge. It will also provide greater context for discerning the false teachers and prophets in our midst.

I am inviting you to do a scripture study with me of the four part prophetic sequence of this important prophetic event.

Dust off the your sticks and join with me in reviewing the major prophecies about how God’s servant will PROCEED to bring forth the words of those who have slept in the dust.

Join with me in reviewing how God’s servant will obtain the record of the Nephites AGAIN along with additional records.



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