Weighed in the Balance: The Claims of Mauricio

On October 29th of 2017 various portions of the Latter day Saint Restoration from the RLDS tradition gathered at Zarahemla Branch located in Independence Missouri to hear the testimonies of Elder Joseph F. Smith and Seventy Bob Moore.

In their testimonies, they spoke of a trip they had made to Brazil to meet with a fellow by the name of Mauricio and his small congregation. According to Mauricio, he had received a series of visitations by the angels Raphael and Moroni beginning in April of 2007 and had since obtained possession of the Gold Plates, the Interpreter, and the Sword of Laban.

I was notified of this event by a friend of mine living in Missouri. She sent links to these two presentations the following day on October 30th.

On October 31st, at 2:37 AM I posted the links to these two presentation to the readers of my blog.

In that post I abstained from giving my opinion regarding the truthfulness and veracity of the claims being made. I simply gave the readers of this blog the opportunity to make themselves aware of a very interesting current event.

On November 1st of 2017 I published a follow up post inviting the readers of my blog to share their feelings about the testimonies so that I could share them in a future post.

This post represents the first of a three part series that will address the claims that have been made.

In this post I am going to share an email correspondence that I had with a reader of this blog that contains his current view, my current view, and a brief tally of belief or disbelief from those that have chosen to respond.

In part two of this series I will provide the detailed statements from those that have responded for everyone to read and ponder. Some of them contain some very interesting observations. They contain prophetic scripture to support or challenge the prophetic narrative that is being presented by Elder Smith, Seventy Moore, and Mauricio.

Since it is a well established fact that the readers of this blog are without a doubt the most intelligent, well read, informed, inspired, thoughtful, passionate, generous, humble, friendly, and by far the best looking of any other blog readers on the Internet, I think their comments should be of interest to the general public. LOL

In part three of this series, I will provide a detailed explanation of where I stand on these claims. In that post I will provide scriptures on doctrine and prophecy to substantiate my views on the remarkable claims that are being made.

Here is the most recent email I have received pertaining to the claims being made:


Thanks for sending out your post and the links to this presentation.

I am very happy to have watched all three hours or so of it.

The theme of the message in the videos is repentance and love for God and one another.

Those who delivered are humble and sincere.

This is the message of scripture, delivered in an appropriate, gentle way.

Many patterns I recognize.

I believe the message is divine.

I have prayed about this and will continue to do so.

Like you, I do not wish to be deceived, but as of this moment I feel as though God’s hand is in this work.

I want to know more about it.

What about you?

This was my response

Thank you so much for sharing your current feelings

Almost without exception, everyone that has contacted me agrees that Elder Smith and Seventy Moore appear to be honest and sincere and without guile.

Nobody seems to think they are trying to deceive anyone.

I agree with that also.

I do not believe they would fabricate the story or intentionally deceive… HOWEVER, there are two other possible deception points in this emerging narrative. The next one is with Mauricio who we have been given very limited access to.

 Again, I agree with you that important gospel concepts are integrated into the storyline such as repentance and love for God and each other. I also obviously agree about the current fallen state of the Gentiles and their (our) stiff necks and pride) However, those gospel ideals and concepts could be easily scripted by a deceiver.

Even if Mauricio is telling the truth about the visitations, the final potential deception point is with the heavenly messengers and whether or not they are from God or the dark side.

That is the primary indigestion point for me. Satan often prays upon sincere, naïve people and uses them to promote his deceptions.

I feel that their narrative needs to be scrutinized through the eyes of scripture to see if it is congruent with the prophetic template given in the Holy Word of God.

I confess that currently, I do not feel that the storyline is congruent with the prophetic end times template provided in scripture. But that is just one man’s opinion. 🙂

To date, here is the tally with regard to those that have weighed in on this topic. I was hoping to publish a follow up with the tally below and the details of how each person feels, but have not finished copying and pasting the responses into the post yet.

1 D (F)  Rejected

2 E  (M) Skeptical but open and hopeful

3 R  (M) Very Skeptical but open

4 J   (M)  First very excited.. then Very Skeptical but open… just changed to a Believer

5 G  (M) Skeptical but open

6 R (M) Total Believer

7 M (M) Very Open and Hopeful

8 E (M) Believer

8 L (F) Emphatically Rejected

9 J (M) Rejected

10 R  (F) Cautiously Hopeful

11 K (F) Hopeful

12 L (M) Skeptical but hopeful

13 D (M) Total Believer

14 V (M) Believer

15 MW (F) Rejected

16 E (M) Rejected

As you can see, there does not seem to be a consensus among those that responded.

Some fully believe.

Some fully reject the testimonies with regard to the ultimate truthfulness of the claims being made by Mauricio. ( they do not question the sincerity of Smith and Moore)

Others are still processing the information but are hopeful that the claims of Mauricio are true.

Either way, this is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to direct our minds and hearts towards the hope of Zion as we study, pray, exercise the gift of discernment and prepare our hearts.

We live in interesting times.

According to some of the scuttlebutt I am hearing from Missouri, there is much blowback and skepticism from competing factions of the RLDS tradition to the testimonies that have been given. Some feel that this is a scam developed by Mauricio to eventually ask for lots of money donated from believers.

Yet there appears to be a high degree of hopefulness among readers of my blog from the LDS (Mormon) tradition.

This is an interesting turn of events, given the fact that Mauricio, Elder Smith, and Seventy Moore seem to have a very low opinion and perhaps even distain, toward those from the Mormon tradition of the LDS restoration movement.

Until part two of this series, keep watching

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