Follow Up About the Claims Made by Elder Joseph Smith and Seventy Bob Moore at the Zarahemla Branch Testimony Meetings


There has been quite a bit of interest in the last post I did which provided links to the testimonies by the two Gentile witnesses that have now been given about the appearance of the Angel Moroni, the reception of the Gold Plates, the Interpreters, and the Sword of Laban.

I have been contacted by several readers of this blog and they have shared their initial opinions about these claims with me. At least two of them have personally contacted and spoken with Joseph Smith or his associate witness.

Since I did my last post, the number of views on those videos has significantly increased. It would interesting to know how much my readership and their friends that they shared the links with had to do with jump in views.

It has occurred to me that it might be a very interesting and helpful project to invite all readers of this blog who would like to share their initial reactions to these claims, to submit them and then I will post all of them in one blog post or a series of blog posts, for everyone to see.

So….. that is what I am doing.

If you have listened to the testimonies and associated claims and would like to share your thoughts, email me at

I will then catalogue or somehow present all of the responses for everyone to read.

I also plan on sharing my own in-depth analysis of the claims that have been made and the personalities making them, but I don’t want to show any bias until everyone has had the opportunity to state their case.

Clearly, if the claims made by these two brethren are true, then this is what many of us have been waiting for and the Marvelous Work has begun. Rejecting these testimonies would have severe consequences if they are true.

On the other hand, if the claims are not true, then a lot of people are going to go down a dark rabbit hole of deception. Those consequences would also be significant.

This should not be taken lightly.

I will wait a few days to accumulate any responses that people want to make. Then I will post them and also provide my own two cents worth of observations and conclusions.

As a group of believers who have been awaiting the emergence of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder that has been foretold in scripture, we are going to collectively weigh the claims of Elder Joseph Smith and Seventy Bob Moore in the balance to see if they are found wanting, or if they do in fact fit the prophecy template that has been presented in scripture.

Get out your scriptures and get on your knees.

If you have treasured up the word of God and taken the Holy Spirit as your Guide, you will not be deceived.

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