Did the Marvelous Work begin on April 6th 2007?

For nine years I have been documenting the apostasy of latter day Israel.

I have shown how and when the restored church became condemned and how and when it became rejected as a church with it’s dead.

I have shown that the true church that came out of the wilderness of darkness went back into the wilderness of darkness within a relatively short period time.

I have demonstrated from the scriptures and history of the church that the Marvelous Work and a Wonder spoken of by Isaiah and the Book of Mormon did NOT begin during Joseph Smith’s ministry.

I have shown that Joseph’s ministry was to lay the foundation for the future Marvelous Work that was to be a future event. One I believe will take place during our time.

I have tried to get people to dig deep into the scriptures and the true history of the church and to understand prophecy so that they would be able to discern between true prophets and false prophets claiming to be involved in the Marvelous Work.

During the past nine years there have been a few people rising up and claiming to be doing the Lord’s Marvelous Work.

I have just been informed of yet another movement making some pretty spectacular claims.

I am providing links to the videos of the two gentile witnesses of this new work who claim that they have personally held the gold plates, the sword of Laban and the interpreters.

I am presenting links to these videos as a noteworthy current event that relates to the prophetic times we are living in, regardless of whether the claims being made are true or false.

I am not endorsing nor challenging any of the claims being made. I am leaving that up to the discernment of my readership.

I am doing this because we have been admonished to prove all things and then hold fast to that which is true.

The second presentation moves much faster and has a Q & A, but both presentations are necessary to view in order to get the complete narrative and to get a feel for the personalities of the witnesses.



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