Essential Oldies but Goodies Part Six- The Google Apostasy

One of the more popular and perhaps controversial series that I have done had to do with what some people refer to as the “Google Apostasy“.

The term applies generally to the apostasy in Christianity in general and in the LDS church specifically, caused in large part because of both true and false information that is now easily accessed on the Internet by Google.

I believe we are living in or very near to the last generation that is spoken of in Matthew 24. For that reason, it should not be surprising that there is a revolutionary platform that has emerged that controls how information is disseminated and ultimately controls how many people think.

The Role of the Internet in Controlling the Flow of Inforation
and Influencing the Minds and Hearts of the Souls of Men

The emergence of the Internet has been a huge game changer in how Satan deceives people and influences their belief systems in many ways.

The following talk by a Christian preacher brings out some very pertinent facts about this topic and provides seven reasons why he is leaving Google and questioning the credibility and motivation of the designers and gatekeepers of such online anti-Christ organizations as Wikipedia, Reddit and Youtube:



Thankfully, as the polarization between God fearing Christians and skeptics with darkened minds widens, technology also provides media vehicles for truth-seekers as well, although one must be vigilant in seeking these productions out.

For instance a new documentary called “Is Genesis True?” has been released that provides compelling evidence from numerous Christians who are scientists to show how literal and true and critical the creation story is and how unfounded the theory of evolution is.

Understanding  History is Critical

The creation story is literal and true and it provides the foundation upon which the Gospel of Christ emerged in the meridian of time. Numerous Old and New Testament patriarchs and prophets made mention of the creation story and the flood, etc., and took it very literally.

Once a person discards the creation story and related religious history, it becomes impossible to view contemporary events with clarity through the eyes of prophecy.

One of the reasons I am doing this series on the history of which notable topics have been covered in this blog is so that new subscribers and other readers of this blog will be given the proper context and foundation from which to better understand the recent posts.

The Grand Awakening

The New Testament prophesies that there would be a huge delusion and falling away from belief in Jesus Christ just prior to the coming of the Lord.

Google plays a very significant role in this nearly universal loss of faith and the global deception that is taking place.

In addition to all of the false information that the Internet disseminates, Google also enables people to find a lot of true about the history of Mormonism that can cause a crisis of faith.

Members of the Mormon church are now being bombarded with faith-challenging information about the history of Mormonism that has not been easily available prior to the advent of the Internet.

While much of this distressing information is true, it is provided without the proper context.

In part one of the series that I did, I addressed the very revealing remarks of Elder Marlin K. Jensen, made at a question and answer session held at Utah State University.

A woman asked Elder Jensen the following question-

Has the church seen the effects of Google on membership? It seems like the people who I talk to about church history are people who find out and leave quickly. Is the church aware of that problem? What about the people who are already leaving in droves?”

The answer that Elder Jensen gave revealed that a huge  falling away from the LDS church as a religious institution as well as a general loss of faith in the gospel of Christ is currently taking place within the Mormon Church.

He declared that the LDS church has not experienced such a great apostasy since the days of Kirtland. 

His comment was blatantly honest and very embarrassing to the church. In fact, other general authorities have since come out and contradicted his reply in an effort to do damage control and make it appear as if there was no falling away taking place.

You can read part one at this link

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Part two of the series took an unexpected turn as I inadvertently discovered through the use of my WordPress analytics,  and exposed what I consider to be iron clad proof that the Mormon Church used paid shills to try and dilute and redirect the focus of my blog series and do damage control.

You can read part two at this link

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In part three I discuss how leaders of the modern corporate church no longer allow themselves to be held accountable to the general church membership and how that negates the intended checks and balances that the law of common consent was meant to provide.

That post can be read here

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The conclusion of the series can be read at the following link

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