“And at midnight there was a cry made”: Studying Modern Revelation by Reception Date and Noticing Reoccurring Prophetic Date Markers

I love to speculate about prophetic timelines and prophetic dates.

To me, one of the ways that we obey the Lord’s command to always be waiting and watching, is to be trying our best to understand the signs of the times and the times of the signs.

I am probably best known for my love of studying the scriptures by topic through keyword searches. However, I have discovered another way to study scriptures that I have seldom spoken out in the past.

I have found that you can actually study the revelations that Joseph Smith received according to the month they were received and there seems to often be related themes in both prophecy and doctrine.

This phenomenon is possibly related to the phenomena of reoccurring prophetic date markers where major related events and revelations keep occurring on specific dates throughout history.

Understanding the significance of reoccurring prophetic date markers is profoundly important, particularly when it comes to studying prophecy.

The Ancient Feast Days Point to Prophetic Annual Dates

We know from reading ancient scripture that God has given Israel some very important feast days that occur annually. These feast days are enactments of major future events that God promises will take place through the prophecies of his holy prophets.

Not only do these feast days provide enactments of the events, they point to the time of year that these events will take place in the future.

One of the fascinating things about the LDS restoration is the fact that certain very significant related events often occur on the exact same day of the year.

One of the more high profile examples of this phenomena is the formal restoration of the Church and related revelations given on April 6th, which became an important reoccurring date in church history upon which many events occurred.

Another reoccurring date of prophetic significance is September 11.

September 11 1836 is the drop dead date the Lord gave for Zion to have been redeemed during the second watch. Interestingly this revelation was given on September 11 1831. Many significant things have happened on that date including the Mountain Meadows Massacre which culminated on September 11 1857 and the famous attack on the Twin Towers on September 11 2001.

Another reoccurring prophetic date that I believe has ominous implications for the future, is the reoccurring visit of Moroni to the prophet Joseph Smith and other related events and revelations which appear to have taken place at least seven years in a row on or very close to September 21-22.

It is common knowledge as documented in Joseph Smith’s public history that the angel Moroni visited Joseph Smith on the same day in September of 1823, 1824, 1825, 1826 to prepare him for his calling and for the reception of the ancient plates that he would be translating.

After several years of this reoccurring annual ritual he finally received the plates from Moroni on the same day in September of 1827.

During that year Joseph Smith transgressed and had the plates taken from him by the angel Moroni.

On the same day in September of 1828, during the sixth sequential year from his initial visit from Moroni, Joseph had the plates returned to him by the angel Moroni.

I have to wonder if the four years of preparation culminating in the reception of the plates, followed by the year a transgression and contrite repentance prior to being forgiven and restored to his calling and gift as a translator, was a type and shadow of another event.

After four years of preparation that followed after the formal restoration of the church in 1830, culminating in the fulness of the priesthood and gospel coming forth out of the wilderness of darkness, the Lord declared that the restored church and its leaders were under condemnation.

Toward the end of  those first four years, the gentiles stumbled and failed to live the gospel law they had been given. Ultimately, they rejected the fulness as prophesied by Christ in 3rd Nephi.

And thus commandeth the Father that I should say unto you: At that day when the Gentiles shall sin against my gospel, and shall reject the fulness of my gospel…behold, saith the Father, I will bring the fulness of my gospel from among them.” 3 Nephi 16:10

The iniquity of latter day Israel in rejecting the fulness resulted in the covering of the eyes of God’s latter day Seers.

For behold, the Lord hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep. For behold, ye have closed your eyes, and ye have rejected the prophets; and your rulers, and the seers hath he covered because of your iniquity. 2 Nephi 27:5

We are informed that Joseph will be returned and restored to his position to exercise the keys of the gathering that he has been given.

Just as he was forgiven of his transgression and had the plates restored to him so that the translation of the Book of Mormon could be finished, he and many of the foundational elders of the restored gentile church will also be forgiven and restored to their commissions.

I have previously documented about 16 prophecies, parables, allegories, revelations and patriarchal blessings that all speak of Joseph Smith returning to the earth to finish his calling and commission.

The reoccurring events that took place every year from September 1823 through September 1828 is truly remarkable.

Although I have not been able to find anything of significance that took place in September of 1829, I do not believe it is a coincidence that Section 29 was given in September of 1830. (very possibly on September 21 or 22) which speaks of the return of God’s servants into the vineyard to prepare and gather the elect of God.

Two years later in September, Section 84 is given in which the Lord continues giving prophetic information about what the servants will be saying and doing when they return to the vineyard to give the last warning.

I find these related events that happened on reoccurring dates to be very significant and I think the Lord is informing us that he works on an exact time schedule and that his marvelous works that have taken place on reoccurring dates are pointing to future events that will also take place in the same prophetic dates.

As mentioned earlier in this article, my interest in reoccurring prophetic date markers has led me to another method of studying prophecy that I have used over the years. I sometimes study the revelations that Joseph Smith received according to the date that he received them.

I have been amazed to find that certain prophetic events and topics often seem to line up with the month in which they are given.

In this series I want to address the prophetic theme that weaves through the months of September and October with particular emphasis on October.

I will demonstrate that the prophetic theme within the revelations given to Joseph Smith during the months of September and October match up perfectly with the prophetic themes in the ancient feasts associated with the same dates.

Furthermore, some of the revelations given on these dates declare the saints of the restoration to be the literal participants in the parable of the Ten Virgins. They possibly provide clues to identifying when “midnight” will take place wherein the cry will go forth to prepare for the return of the Bridegroom as prophetically documented in the parable of the Ten Virgins.

Interestingly, this general timeframe seems to match up with the prophecy in JST Revelation 12 and the upcoming sign in the heavens that is projected to take place later this year.

If you go to the front of the D&C and look at the chronology of dates in which the various revelations were given, you will see four thus sayeth the Lord type of revelations that were given in the month of October.

They are Sections 33 (1830), 65 (1831), 66 (1831), and 100 (1833).

All four of these revelations address the same general theme having to do with the appointed time that the servants return to the Lord’s vineyard to prepare and gather the elect for the return of the Bridegroom.

Interestingly, these revelations all seem to interrelate with the ancient Jewish feast date known as Sukkot, otherwise known as the Feast of Tabernacles, or Feast of Ingathering. This feast day is traditionally celebrated on the 15th day of the month Tishrei which varies from late September to late October.

During the time of the Jerusalem Temple, it was one of three pilgrimage festivals in which the Israelites were commanded to perform a pilgrimage to the temple.

The Feast of Tabernacles falls on October 5-6 this year.

Years ago I wrote an article about the Seven Seals and the Paradisaical Millennium which totals 8,000 years. In the article I suggested that section 20 was literally accurate in setting the date of April 6th 1830 as being exactly 2000 years following the coming of the Lord in the meridian of time.

I further speculated that the meridian of time would have either been related to the birth or crucifixion and resurrection of Christ  that took place 33 years later. When I posted the article in a blog, I got the following observation from a reader who suggested that the meridian of time would have been half way between Christ’s birth and resurrection:

the middle point of time would be exactly 16.5 years from his birth, or October 6 of the year 16. Which means that the 5th thousand years ended on October 6, 1016 and that the 6th thousand years will end on October 6, 2016. At which point the 7th seal will open.

I think his line of reasoning might be profound, however, it has since occurred to me, as pointed out by several non-LDS prophecy scholars, that there was no “zero year” between 1 BC and AD 1. With that information, the end of the sixth seal and the beginning of the seventh seal based on the previous assumptions would actually be  on or around October 6, 2017.

This is interesting given the fact that several people are now claiming that the Jubilee year is 2017, not 2016 as had been supposed.

Of course this is all speculation and based on some interpretive assumptions of scripture and calendar issues.

I am sure there are those that don’t think that the end of the sixth seal could take place during their life time, let alone this year. After all, people are still marrying and giving in marriage and to those who cannot discern the signs of the times, many things seem to reflect that the world is still sleepily continuing on, business as usual. But the prophet Joseph Smith implied four generations ago that the end of the sixth thousand year probation was close to its fulfillment:

“The world has had a fair trial for six thousand years; the Lord will try the seventh thousand Himself;” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Section Five 1842-43 p.252)

Joseph Smith gave a discourse on Matthew 24 and revealed himself to be the final witness over all people just before the end shall come:

I shall read the 24th. ch of Matthew and give it a litteral rendering and reading, and when it is rightly understood it will be edifying (he then read & translated it from the German) I thought the very oddity of its rendering would be edifying any how–“And it will preached be; the Gospel of the Kingdom in the whole world, to a witness overall people, and then will the end come.” I will now read it in German–(which he did, and many Germans who were present said he translated it correct)

the Savior said, when those tribulations should take place, it should be committed to a man, who should be a witness over the whole world, the keys of knowledge, power, and revelations, should be revealed to a witness who should hold the testimony to the world;it has always been my province to dig up hidden mysteries, new things, for my hearers–

The prophet prophesied that his return would take place just before the great wars, famines, pestilence and great distress would take place.  He alluded to the fact that he was the final angel that would fly forth in the midst of heaven with the fulness of the priesthood.

I have read it precisely as the words flowed from the lips of Jesus Christ–John the Revelator saw an angel flying thro’ the midst of heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, &c. the Scripture is ready to be fulfilled when great wars, famines, pestilence, great distress, judgments, &c are ready to be poured out on the Inhabitants of the Earth–John saw the angel having the holy Priesthood who should preach the everlasting gospel to all nations,–God had an angel, a special messenger, ordained, & prepared for that purpose in the last days–

In paraphrasing passages from Matthew 24 Joseph prophesied that his return would take place at a time when false prophets would rise up and oppose him.

Woe! Woe! be to that man, or set of men, who lift up their hands against God and his Witness in these last days.–for they shall deceive almost the very chosen ones–my apostate enemies say that I have been a true prophet–& I had rather be a fallen true prophet, than a false prophet; when a man goes about prophesying and commands men to obey his teachings, he must be either a true or false prophet; false prophets always arise to oppose the true prophets, and they will prophesy so very near the truth that they will deceive almost the very chosen ones–

That is taking place right now as this blog is being written. False prophets are rising up to oppose Joseph Smith and challenge his commssion.

There is a man who has prophesied and he claims to be God’s servant of the gathering.

He rejects the unconditional promises and prophecies in the Doctrine and Covenants.

He claims to have been renamed DAVID.

He has brought forth teachings about how to have valid priesthood authority and how to baptize.

His book says that those that don’t listen to and heed his words will be damned.

His teachings have spawned a group of false prophets who uphold him in his usurpation.

These false prophets have openly rejected the the conferral of keys of the gathering that were given to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery from Moses as documented in Section 110.

After this vision closed, the heavens were again opened unto us; and Moses appeared before us, and committed unto us the keys of the gathering of Israel from the four parts of the earth, and the leading of the ten tribes from the land of the north.

These false prophets are denying revelation and are usurping the role of Joseph Smith and believe they will be the ones to gather the elect of God preparatory to Christ’s final coming in glory.

They will be meeting this September to gut the Scriptures of some of the most foundational and profound revelations given by God.

All of this takes place close to a time when a great sign will take place in the heavens.

The stars are lining up.

We must be patient and keep waiting and watching for the true servants of God.


[In part 2 we will  observe the related prophetic strand pertaining to the GATHERING that intertwines throughout Sections 33, 65, 66, and 100 and then see where it takes us]


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