Essential Oldies but Goodies Part Three: A Mystical Look at the LDS Restoration Movement

Ok, part one of this series took a look at the succession issue. I was surprised at the number of unique views this series got, validating my suspicions that there are numerous readers who are new and had not read the series.

Perhaps there are other subscribers who took an interest because they are finally at a point in their learning curve where the topic is of more pressing importance to them.

The series on succession resulted in a really thought provoking email from a reader who was interested in reviewing the irregularities in the trial-

I’m glad you brought up Rigdon’s trial in your recent post. I went back
and did read the whole proceedings in Times and Seasons. Im trying to
assess the scope of irregularities which took place during that High
Council trial.

He and I have been discussing this back and forth and it has occurred to me that I really should have addressed this topic in that series. He has brought up some really interesting issues that I have not thought about.

If he writes an article and posts it I’ll direct my readers to it.

I may even do a blog post on it myself.

At the very least, I will share the conversation we have been having in the next Notable Emails Series.

I would love to get feedback from any  other readers who feel they would like to share their views on why the church court for Rigdon was or was not in conformity with the scriptures.

Part Two of this series garnered even more unique views than part one. Some people even pitched it on Facebook.

The thought that there are different gospel laws, taking the apparent discrepancy out of the gospel of works vs. the gospel of grace, and separating them into two differing gospel laws, resulting in differing eternal rewards, is a radical concept that is worth looking into.

The higher law is just to good to be true for many latter day saints and hence, they try to live the letter of the law which results in cursings as they live in guilt and shame and frustration trying to satisfy “the law of the demands of justice”.

In Part Three of this series I am reaching way back in time to a post about prophecy and about tracking and identifying some of the tribes of Israel in the latter days.

The post challenges everything you have ever believed about where the events of end times prophecy is going to take place..

Although I originally wrote this article over 20 years ago, I first posted it on the Internet on the LDSanarchy website.

The first commenter made the following statement after reading the article-

Hm, talk about a paradigm shift. You make an interesting argument, if it is true, it is back to the drawing board for most of my preconceived notions on end time events.

That pretty much sums up how many people react to the article.

The article provides overwhelming scriptural documentation to show that Isaiah and other ancient prophets were referring to the Abrahamic Land Covenant of AMERICA when speaking about the Jer-USA-lem of end times events.

The content of this post is child’s play for most long term readers of this blog, but if you are a newbie that is not familiar with it, it is a must read that will prepare you for another shocker that is coming down the pike.


A Mystical Look at the LDS Restoration Movement

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