Essential Oldies but Goodies Part One: The Succession Crisis

Every once in a while I will check my analytics and be surprised to see a huge number of page openings on a post that is so old that I forgot that I wrote it years ago.

This happens when a  new reader has been digging deep into my blogging past and found something they liked so they shared it with a bunch of friends.

That has happened quite a bit lately.

It is a reminder to me that many of my newer readers are really not familiar with some of the basics that are quite helpful in understanding my more current posts.

For that reason I have decided to start an oldies but goodies series for the newbies.

I plan on identifying about 10-20% of the 300+ posts I have written that are the very most popular and the most critical in understanding the secret history of Mormonism and the foundational doctrines of the restoration.

I am going to start out in part one with an old series that has gotten a lot of hits lately.

It is my series on the Succession Crisis

If you have read it you can just move on.

If you have not, enjoy.


The Law of Succession- Part One (Seven parts of the Succession Doctrine)


The Law of Succession- Part Two (Hyrum replaces Joseph as Prophet of the Church)


The Law of Succession- Part Three (Hyrum was Commissioned to Reform the Church)


Law of Succession- Part Four (The Real Succession Issue was about the Spiritual Wife Doctrine)


The Law of Succession’ Part Five (William Marks Challenges the Protocol of the Church Court & Defends the Character of Sidney Rigdon)


The Law of Succession- Part Six William Marks Warns the Twelve of the Consequences of Cutting off the Last Surviving Member of the First Presidency





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