The Deadly Wound

I noticed a blurb on a conspiracy website that consists of providing a short commentary on how the Trump administration fits into the prophetic lens in the scriptures.

I just saw it and have not taken the time to process this fully and read the related prophecy in the Book of Revelation in depth, but I must admit, that at first blush, it kind of rings true to me.

I have felt some cognitive dissonance as I have watched the whirlwind activities of the Trump Administration during the first two weeks of Trump’s Presidency.

Deep down I know that Trump’s personal history is the history of a troubled soul. An immoral and Godless egomaniac that has always been driven by the dollar sign.

And yet, I absolutely love much of what he has done since entering office and I love how the liberal media and the corrupt two party system that is run by a secret combination is kicking and screaming and fighting what he is doing every step of the way.

In the past I have characterized what we are seeing as the kingdom of the Devil being divided against itself as noted in scripture….. with Satan’s capitalism and fascism fighting against Satan’s communism and globalism.

The following summation actually kind of fits into the pattern that I am seeing while attaching a specific prophetic sequence from scripture-

Blurb From Website

TRUMP is inflicting the deadly wound to one of the heads of the Beast

1. The BEAST is a Kingdom (Daniel)

1. The 4th Kingdom BEAST is the World Communist Government (NWO)

2. The BEAST(NWO) receives a deadly wound to one of it’s heads

3. The BEAST (NWO) appears DEAD

4. The BEAST (NWO) comes back to life

5. The whole world wonders after it

6. The BEAST (NWO) with many heads and crowns gives it power over to the Antichrist

7. The Antichrist makes the whole world take the Mark of the Beast to buy or sell.

GOD warns us..Should we take the mark we will not see everlasting life..but will receive the 2nd death (of the soul)

In a World Communist Government (NWO) there will be no other nations to save us, because we will all be one…At that point there will be only ONE who will save mankind from the BEAST..Christ the Messiah

When TRUMPS reign is over….Revelation will being and the TRUMP/PENCE – TRUMPETS WILL SOUND!

So enjoy the years of prosperity and peace we have with Trump. They will be our last.

The next generation will hand the world to the Beast!

I personally don’t see the Trump administration lasting for years. i think there is a building tension that is about to explode. The Jesuit NWO is not going to allow this to continue very long…


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