Audio Podcasts: The Power of Personal Storytelling

I was recently listening to the Mormonstories Podcast featuring Noah Rasheta, a member of the LDS church that has lost faith in the truth claims of Mormonism.

Despite his unbelief, he has nevertheless found meaning in remaining as active and supportive as possible, within the church.

He is able to do this by placing importance in valuing friendship and community and respecting the beliefs of others simply because he values his friends and community. ( despite the fact that he no longer believes the truth claims for himself).

He uses principles taught within Secular Buddhism to help him navigate his journey in the church and his mixed faith marriage.

I think many of the principles that he discusses support good mental health. He strikes me as being very emotionally healthy despite his unfortunate loss of faith in Christ.

I know that some members of this blog have mixed faith marriages.

Many readers of this blog have decided to stay active within Mormonism until the servants return and call out the elect. This mormonstories podcast might have some information and tools that could be helpful to you.

It may be helpful dealing with the judgment and condemnation you are feeling from others or for others as you try to navigate your faith transition into greater faith through scripture study while staying active in the church. It may be helpful dealing with the cognitive dissonance you may feel.

I have only listened to the first interview, not the second.

This is not an endorsement, I simply want to make mention of it simply as a possibility that might be considered if you are struggling to leave and struggling to stay at the same time.

Clearly this is not the current solution for everyone. I realize some of you have left and never looked back.

We each have our own journey and need to navigate it in the best way we can.


Solving the Prophet Puzzle Podcast?

While pondering the power of online podcast interviews and how the personal stories of people can either be used to promote faith or destroy it, it occurred to me that many of you who subscribe to this blog share the same vibrant hope, faith and testimony that I do of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is because many of you have received answers to your questions through scripture study and gaining a better understanding of the true history of Mormonism.

It has occurred to me that some of you might find joy and meaning in sharing your faith transition into greater faith, with others who are desperately looking for the same truths and hope that you have found.

We already do this on this blog to some degree with the “notable emails” series where readers are able to share what they are studying and pondering and be strengthened by reading the thoughts and observations and growing faith of other readers.

I am not aware of any podcasts out there that actually share the personal stories of people who transitioned from an initial faith crisis into a greater faith in Christ and  a much stronger testimony of the restored gospel as a result of deep scriptural searches.

By sharing these types of stories in an audio or video format, others who are struggling with a faith crisis could actually hear real stories of lots of people who have learned how to search the scriptures and find answers from God’s Holy Word.

Anyway, I am only pondering the possibility and thinking out loud and looking for feedback. I don’t know if the timing is right for something like this or if I would be the right person to create the podcast.

I think I would be willing to sponsor the podcast and do the interviews if there were at least 20 or 30 readers of this blog that would have a desire to share their profound experiences in searching the scriptures and history of the church to gain a greater understanding of the true gospel of Christ and the real story behind the LDS restoration movement.

Anonymity would be optional and perhaps even required by everyone.

I realize many of you are in a position where you prefer not to go public with your identity at this time and would just want to do an audio interview without disclosing who your are.

I think that is fine.

In fact, I think it is preferred.

We don’t want to promote  people, rather, we want to promote Christ and the true gospel and the true doctrine of Christ. We want to share real stories about how each of us have been brought closer to Christ and a better understanding of the gospel through prayerful scripture study.

Anyway, if you have a desire to be interviewed and share your story anonymously, shoot me off an email at onewhoiswatching [at] and tell me a little bit about yourself without telling me your name.

keep it brief.

Give me a summary of what you would like to discuss in the interview and the main faith promoting take-a-ways that you would like to share.

If I get enough willing participants and feel that the Lord would be happy with such a project, I will look into what it would take to get set up to do this project.

More than likely I would simply use skype without the camera function and use the editing software that I used to publish my youtube series on the Secret History of the Church.

I would do some basic editing on each audio interview to inject some pertinent pics and scriptures relating to the various parts of the interview, etc., nothing fancy, just the basics for enabling participants to share their stories in an audio format without the use of a camera, but with some pertinent visuals.

I certainly don’t feel qualified to be over a project like this or to be a good interviewer, but, if I get a good response from you, the readers of this blog, and feel the spirit directing me to do so, I might give it a shot.

It may be time for faith to start increasing in the earth in a bigger way, and this might provide a platform that might contribute in some small way.  Such a platform might be a real blessing to many people who are looking for reasons to believe instead of for reasons to doubt.

Just a thought.

Free Audio Version of Solving the Prophet Puzzle

Some people love to listen to audio presentations while driving in their car or working around the house. Because of this, Mrs. Watcher has decided to read each of the chapters of Solving the Prophet Puzzle and post them on youtube.

For those interested in reading along or making note of references, etc., the pages she is reading from will be displayed.

Here is the first installment.




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