Simply Types and Shadows or the Literal Fulfillment? Part Three: Bizarre Events Taking Place

Five days left until the inauguration….

Much of what we think we see and hear in this earth life is largely an illusion. I believe our ability to accurately perceive things on this side of the veil is quite different than it was on the other side of the veil.

The New Testament informs us that Satan is the God of this world… and that he was a liar from the beginning…..  and that there are unseen forces at play.

6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens

Although things have seldom been what they appear to be on this side of the veil, it appears the deception has really been increasing during the last few decades and is leading up to a prophetic crescendo. .

Donald Trump Probably won the popular Vote by 20 MILLION 

In part one of this series I said that the election was won primarily by those who were voting AGAINST corrupt Hillary Clinton, not by people who think that Donald Trump is anything less than bat-shit-crazy.

Yes, Trump has a core following of passionate supporters, but the vast majority that voted for him simply could not stomach having a known criminal who was going to continue taking America on the same road to destruction that Obama has been taking us.

Since Trump won, the media has relentlessly reminded the masses that Hillary won the popular vote by 2 1/2 million votes even though she lost the electoral vote… as if it really matters…. (The Electoral College has been part of the electoral college system that our the founding fathers implemented for centuries. There have been other times that someone won the presidency even though they lost the popular vote but nobody made such a big deal out of it).

Nevertheless, I have never believed that Hillary won the popular vote for a minute.

It is a well established fact that over 4 MILLION illegal votes were cast.

These were mainly composed of votes from “illegal aliens” and “dead people“.

Needless to say, most of those illegal votes were cast for Hillary.

For those who are not aware, it is technically illegal to vote if you are not a legal citizen.

Furthermore, it is not legal to vote if you are dead, especially if a living person has high-jacked your identity to vote for someone other than who you would have voted for if you were living. LOL

Those figures would indicate that it is really Trump that legitimately won the popular vote.

However I don’t believe that the margin of the popular vote was that narrow.

Enter “Fraction Magic” (Fractional Voting)


I recently watched a fascinating youtube about the election fraud that has been happening in the US for Decades. The presenter is a gal by the name of Bev Harris who discovered the dark secret about how the PTB manipulate elections through the nefarious practice known as fractional voting. 

Years ago Bev discovered how an algorithm can cause voting machines to fractionalize each of the votes that a given demographic is given during the voting process. When manipulated properly, the votes of one demographic might count as 1.25% of a vote while those of another might be worth .25% of one vote. By entering a well calculated algorithm, an election can be manipulated and the less popular candidate can emerge as victorious. 

Interestingly, Bev is a Democrat.

More importantly, she has a little integrity and she wants to make sure that elections are ethical and fair for all candidates.

Because of her experience and concerns, she and others have created a website called Black Box Voting. It was founded in 2003. It is a nonpartisan investigative reporting and public education organization for elections.

Bev Harris is an intrepid heroine and warrior. She exposed black box voting in her outstanding documentary “Hacking Democracy.”

Sadly, this documentary has mysteriously been scrubbed from Youtube.

In the interview below she mentions that fraction magic cannot always overcome a landslide victory. It is possible for the powers that be to under estimate the margin and fail to make the necessary adjustments when the algorithims are implemented. Furthermore, only a portion of the districts can be controlled and in some cases, rural communities can show forth unexpected outcomes…  those are some of the possible reasons why Donald Trump won.

This explains how the mainstream media can provide false poll statistics in an attempt to give the allusion that an unpopular candidate is popular and usually get away with it since the outcome is rigged.

She points out that the celebratory fireworks display that the Hillary Campaign had planned and paid for, that were to follow the election results, were canceled on the morning of election day.

This is because by then, it was already obvious to those who had manipulated the elections that they had underestimated and underrated just how popular Donald Trump was ( or how unpopular Hillary was) and that their fraction manipulations would not be enough to steal the election.

The fraudulent practice of fractional voting is not necessarily controlled by republicans or democrats per se. It is controlled by a dark global cabal that largely has their tentacles into both political parties to make sure that their choices win the various elections, particularly the U.S. Presidency.

It is done only where certain voting machines are used and also apparently done at the local level, hence, it is a very complex task to always control the national result based on various factors. 

It is possibly how Obama stole the elections he was involved in. Who knows how many elections have been manipulated in the past by this dark despicable practice?

I personally think that manual vote counting with involvement from multiple elected party representatives is the only way to conduct a reasonable fair election, regardless of the time, hassle and cost. 

In the following video the person gives the raw numbers to explain why he thinks the real vote was in favor of Trump by 20 to 30 MILLION votes.

I tend to agree with his logic.

The fact that Trump may have won the popular vote by a landslide should not surprise anyone.

Anyone paying attention during the presidential campaign period could see that Trump would get 15,000 to 30,000 enthusiastic supporters showing up to his rallies four and five times a week.

Hillary on the other hand would only have about two rallies a week and she often had to bus in a few hundred people just so that she would not be standing there speaking to herself.

Even many democrats find her to be repugnant. 

As it turns out, Trumps votes on election day were so astoundingly high, that it exceeded the amount of votes that the dark forces had projected and mathematically planned for in their fraction magic equations. Therefore Trump still won the electoral college  vote despite the rigged system and the fact that votes for him were being fractionalized.

The only thing that was really surprising to those that were paying attention is that the popular vote seemed to be so close. There were some knowledgeable people who forecasted a landslide win for Donald Trump.

I am not just referring to people like far right St. Louis Tea Party co-founder Wiliam Hennessy or far left wing-nut Michael Moore.

Stony Brook University political science professor Helmut Norpoth predicted a landslide for Trump.

Another was American University history professor, Allan Lichtman who predicted a landslide for Trump.  

Perhaps one of the most colorful and insightful predictors of the landslide was Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert Cartoon who is somewhat of a master psychologist.

And then there was the prediction that came from artificial intelligence. According to a CNBC report-

“an artificial intelligence system designed by a company called that has correctly predicted the winners of the last three U.S. presidential elections was also picking Trump to win. 
The AI system, called MoglA, took a look at 20 million data points from social media platforms to come up with the prediction.
According to the analysis from, Trump was more popular than President Barack Obama was during the 2008 campaign – meaning his “engagement” numbers on social media platforms are higher than Obama’s was during the peak of Obama’s first campaign.
According to the story, the candidate with the greatest engagement numbers has won the election every time.
MoglA also correctly chose Clinton and Trump as the winners of their respective party primaries.
Rai said MoglA is a more accurate way to make a prediction of the outcome of an election because it does not “suffer from programmers/developer’s biases.” Instead, he said, “MoglA aims at learning from her environment, developing her own rules at the policy layer and developing expert systems without discarding any data.”

The more one digs into how the mainstream media made things appear, going into the final days of the campaign, versus how things really were, it appears that some mainstream media players may have been knowingly complicit, along with those that were cooking the poll stats, in a grand deception.

The goal in part, was to mesmerize the public into believing things were not as they seemed in an effort to discourage some people from voting, and to sway others into making a different decision, using the bandwagon effect on the sheeple.

They also were preparing the masses to expect and accept a false outcome from a rigged system.

Once a person’s eyes begin to open and they see some of the shenanigans that has been taking place, it becomes difficult to understand how so much corruption all around us can continue to flourish without the masses catching on and doing something about it.

But again, we live in Satan’s land of trickery and illusion.

The results of the election was devastating to Hillary. The following story is published on Rense. It reveals the emotional intelligence quotient of Hillary Clinton and her aids-

Hillary Clinton’s post election celebration plans included hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fireworks, live performances by various celebrities, such as Cher, who came believing that Hillary was going to win the election, a five-hundred-thousand-dollar special effect glass ceiling that she would break through in a dramatic display once she walked out on stage at her H.Q., among millions of dollars worth of other celebratory preparations, all paid for by the Clinton Foundation in full.

The most notable damage was located deep in the VIP room of the Clinton camp. A custom 150 inch ultra HD TV, a gift from the Saudi Arabian government, was found with a broken screen. The damage was caused by a $950,000 bottle of champagne that was believed to have been thrown at the screen by the former presidential candidate some time during the election.

Early in the morning, the custodial staff were greeted by flipped-over tables as the floors were covered with expensive food, drinks, and appetizers. Broken champagne flutes and gilded silverware were also seen scattered around the would-be party room.

The most telling sign of a massive meltdown was the cake. The pastry that  had once proudly displayed the presidential seal, was violently flung against the walls in chunks. A broken topper from the cake in the shape of the white house was discovered lodged firmly into the drywall near the dessert table.

Clinton’s splurge on party supplies was merely an echo of all the left-leaning polls and hype that “confirmed” Hillary Clinton’s indubitable win. Misled by just about every prediction, Hillary Clinton personally planned one big party for her assumed victory. Once it became clear that it would not be Clinton ‘s night, however, the mood of the party soured rapidly.

A former staffer, who was fired during the rampage, said that the atmosphere around Clinton went from “queen of the hour” to “the girl who was dumped on prom night” in only a few moments.

Hillary Clinton reportedly became ‘physically violent’ towards her own campaign staff after she realized she had lost the presidential election, according to radio host Todd Kincannon. ‘CNN reporter tells me Hillary became physically violent towards Robby Mook and John Podesta around midnight; had to be briefly restrained,’ tweeted Kincannon.

It was Podesta who was sent out to talk to Hillary’s dejected supporters shortly before Hillary called Donald Trump to concede, with Clinton nowhere to be seen until the following day.

When asked about rumors that Hillary was drunk on election night, Kincannon responded, ‘She was. I posted about that too. She was in a ‘psychotic drunken rage’ according to my reporter friend. Doctor added sedatives to the mix.’

Kincannon then claimed that CNN blocked the reporter from publishing what would have been a bombshell story.  ‘The CNN reporter didn’t fail to report it. His editors will not let him. CNN  has banned all ‘Hillary in the bunker’ stories,’ he  tweeted.

Secret  Service officials and other staff who  worked closely alongside Hillary have previously reported her problems with angry tantrums on numerous occasions. Last year it was also reported that Clinton’s own campaign staffers feared she could have a serious meltdown and that Hillary had  ‘been having screaming, child-like tantrums that have left staff members in tears and unable to work.’ In addition to claims that she became irate, author Ed Klein said a source told him Hillary cried  inconsolably to a friend after the results came in, blaming FBI director Comey and President Barack Obama for not doing enough to stop the FBI investigation into her email scandal.

PS…And THIS woman wanted to be the leader of the Free World? God help us all, if that had happened.

It is truly a miracle that Trump won when you look at how the dark forces of the Obama/Clinton crime syndicate seemed to have the system rigged.

While only time will tell what kind of a President Donald Trump will make, (assuming that he gets inaugurated and has the chance to serve) we know for sure that Hillary was a train wreck of a person that was doing the bidding of a secret order.

One has to wonder if God simply intervened in behalf of Trump.

And yet, Trump is no angel.

Some citizen jounalists are claiming that Trum is good friends with noted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and has apparently been out to the infamous pedophile island.

The Bible informs us that God has placed all of the leaders in the history of the world, good and bad, in their positions of leadership. Everything is taking place according to the divine providence of God.

“..the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.”

I have mentioned repeatedly that things seem to be going berserk all around us if you are following the alternative media sites and the amazing findings from citizen journalists around the world. Some things are so absurd that it feels like we have entered the twilight zone.

Joseph Smith made the following observation nearly two hundred years ago…

“The world has had a fair trial for six thousand years; the Lord will try the seventh thousand Himself;” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Section Five 1842-43 p.252)

I would suggest that if he knew the end of the six thousand years was getting pretty close back then, then we must be extremely close right now.

He made numerous statements that implied that he would need to return from the dead in the future so I suspect that he realized that the revelation he brought forth that spoke about judgment falling on the wicked in for generations was quite literal… and it has now been about four generations of both time and people

We are getting very close to the end of this 6000 year probationary stage of action and you can just sense that old Scratch is pulling out all the stops. Yet it seems that periodically the Lord throws  a wrench in the works of the plans of the Illuminati to frustrate them.

Satan’s kingdom seems to be divided and making war with itself while making war against the saints of God.

Will Donald Trump Actually Become President?

I don’t see how the dark forces who have a globalist agenda can allow 90% of the Obama legacy to disappear almost overnight when Trump gets into office.

I don’t think they plan on allowing Trump to set them back 20 or 30 years with his nationalist agenda and repeal many of Obama’s globalist Executive Orders with the stroke of the pen. They have strong incentive to somehow prevent Trump from entering office.

It feels like the powers of hell are conspiring to prevent Trump from disrupting the momentum that decades of the Bush/Clinton/Obama crime syndicate have achieved. There are many groups that are actively conspiring to prevent or detract from the upcoming inauguration or making threats about challenging the Trump agenda every step of the way.

The ACLU recently placed the full page ad in a major newspaper

“Dear President-Elect Trump,

As you assume the nation’s highest office, we must ask you now as president-elect to reconsider and change course on certain campaign promises you have made.

Specifically, you promised to:

– a mass deportation force to remove 11 million undocumented immigrants
– ban the entry of Muslims and institute aggressive surveillance programs targeting them
– restrict a woman’s right to abortion services
– reauthorize waterboarding and other forms of torture
– change our nation’s libel laws and restrict freedom of expression

If you do not reverse course and endeavor to make these campaign promises a reality, you will have to contend with the full firepower of the ACLU at your every step.

[link to]



Under normal circumstances a lame duck president would not be actively antagonizing Russia and leading us into war by making threats and expelling 35 Russian diplomats from the country just weeks before the new President takes office. And yet that is exactly what Obama is doing. Obama just sent special forces to the Russian boarder. He seems hell-bent on starting world war three before January 20th.

One would think the a lame duck president who is in the last days of his presidency would back off of implementing new regulations but that is not the case

The Obama administration is busy pushing out last-minute regulations, including releasing $7.4 billion worth of new rules in just one night.

Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy at the right-leaning American Action Forum (AAF), compiled a list of regulations published Wednesday night in the Federal Register.

The Obama administration is making sure its last months in control of regulatory agencies are used to pump out as many rules as it can. These “midnight” regulations could end up costing more than $44 billion, though many are likely to be repealed by Congress and President-elect Donald Trump.

Federal agencies are on track to impose a record number of major regulations this year. The Obama administration is on track to impose 100 new regulations in December — twice the monthly average for 2016. [link to]

One would think that Trump could negate everything that Obama is doing with the stroke of a pen, but the Obama administration does not seem to concerned about that possibility…. OR all of this enmity between Trump and Obama is just scripted drama and Obama is teeing it up for Trump to be a tyrant.

One thing is for sure, Obama is the first outgoing president of the United States that is actively trying to sabaotoge the incoming President.  Obama is Having a Hard Time Letting Go of the White House

In a recent video, a citizen journalist points out how the Cover of the Economist Magazine (which is run by the Rothschild Family)  initially showed Trump sitting on the world in judgment, but then changed the graphic to show an Eagle (or Phoenix) sitting on it instead of Trump.


It is the contention of the journalist that this is a coded message that Trump will not be inaugurated as the President of the United States. Perhaps the Jesuit controlled CIA will do to Trump what they did to Kennedy.

There have been and continue to be attempts to discredit the results of the election and attempts to prevent the upcoming inauguration. The White house and multiple security agencies have been demonizing Putin and  Russia and claiming that they manipulated US election.

Currently there is a petition on the website to have President Obama declare Martial Law until the election investigation is complete. Luckily it does not seem to be getting any traction so far. Furthermore there could be some serious clashes taking place on inauguration day with groups like the bikers for Trump planning on providing security and liberal groups such as planning to disrupt things anyway they can.

The government has just released a special report by multiple intelligence agencies claiming that Russia did in fact hack the DNC and attempt to affect the election. Interestingly, Internet security specialist John McAffee says the evidence presented by the government is a joke and it proves nothing.

All of this led to the recent press conference where Trump refused to accept a question from one of the mainstream news journalists calling his organization “fake news”.

Alex Jones observes that the national election process is now being federalized and that there is a chance that this unconstitutional event could possibly result in overturning the Trump Election

Interestingly, President Obama just signed a new executive order providing an order of succession within the department of Justice in case of a disruption.

[link to (secure)]

My Work is /Done Here

Interestingly, more and more Americans seem to be awaking to the reality that you cannot trust the mainstream media or governmental agencies. According to a resent survey, 83% of Americans believe wikileaks over the US Intelligence.

There are countless prophecies buzzing around the Internet that speak of a time of crisis during the transition of power of the Presidency. Nostradamus uttered some things that might pertain  to the time we live in. People are reviewing the Bishop Koyle  prophecy to see how many of the sign posts he gave are in play. There was an interesting prophecy by George Albert Smith, recorded by David Horne in 1988.  The list of prophecies and related speculations goes on and on.

One of the prophecies that one of the readers of this blog has recently brought to my attention is the Eagle Prophecy found in the ancient writings of Esdras. The prophecy speaks of the rise of the great nations that rules over all of the other nations in the last days. It provides a rather detailed and somewhat complex series of prophetic identifiers. Some students of prophecy claim that these identifiers point to the nation of America.

One of the culminating events spoken of in the prophecy is the return of the Davidic Servant or even Christ, who comes to rebuke and reprove the wicked.
31 And the lion, whom thou sawest rising up out of the wood, and roaring, and speaking to the eagle, and rebuking her for her unrighteousness with all the words which thou hast heard;
32 This is the anointed, which the Highest hath kept for them and for their wickedness unto the end: he shall reprove them, and shall upbraid them with their cruelty.
33 For he shall set them before him alive in judgment, and shall rebuke them, and correct them.
34 For the rest of my people shall he deliver with mercy, those that have been pressed upon my borders, and he shall make them joyful until the coming of the day of judgment, whereof I have spoken unto thee from the the beginning.
Running a keyword search on “judgment” in Isaiah provided numerous passages with the same theme that God’s servant will return with judgment.
One of the noteworthy observations in Esdras commentary is that just before the Lord’s Lion of Judgment comes forth in judgment, there will be four “beasts” or administrative heads of the wicked nation that are more wicked than those that preceded them. They will reign just prior to the return of the that are unlike the previous ones.
 And I beheld, and lo, as it were a roaring lion chased out of the wood: and I saw that he sent out a man’s voice unto the eagle, and said,
38 Hear thou, I will talk with thee, and the Highest shall say unto thee,
39 Art not thou it that remainest of the four beasts, whom I made to reign in my world, that the end of their times might come through them?
40 And the fourth came, and overcame all the beasts that were past, and had power over the world with great fearfulness, and over the whole compass of the earth with much wicked oppression; and so long time dwelt he upon the earth with deceit.
41 For the earth hast thou not judged with truth.
42 For thou hast afflicted the meek, thou hast hurt the peaceable, thou hast loved liars, and destroyed the dwellings of them that brought forth fruit, and hast cast down the walls of such as did thee no harm.
43 Therefore is thy wrongful dealing come up unto the Highest, and thy pride unto the Mighty.
44 The Highest also hath looked upon the proud times, and, behold, they are ended, and his abominations are fulfilled.
45 And therefore appear no more, thou eagle, nor thy horrible wings, nor thy wicked feathers nor thy malicious heads, nor thy hurtful claws, nor all thy vain body:
46 That all the earth may be refreshed, and may return, being delivered from thy violence, and that she may hope for the judgment and mercy of him that made her.

The above narrative speaks of a “mans voice” that is sent out to the “eagle“. That sounds like it might represent the proclamation spoken of in Section 124 an other sections of scripture.

The above narrative indicates that the last of the four Beasts that oppressed the world more than the other three brings the “proud times” to an end because the prophesied “abominations are fulfilled

The end of this fourth kingdom that is more wicked than the previous three brings in the time of judgment and makes way for the “refreshing“. This time of refreshings is spoken of in the 3rd chapter of Acts.

19 ¶Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;

20 And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you:

21 Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.

There is going to be a final “restitution of all things” that takes place during this upcoming time of “refreshing“.

Although some people speculate that Donald Trump represents the fourth of the four last beasts that are more wicked than those that went before them, I am of the opinion that the last four administrations spoken of in the prophecy are referring to the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama Crime Syndicate that represented the unified attempt to usher in the One World Order.

While Ronald Reagan was no Saint, I believe he was not part of the secret society that the Bushes, Clinton’s and Obama’s are all part of. The following statement from Vice President Elect Pence illustrates how Reagan differed from the following four presidents

“President Ronald Reagan placed his faith in a loving God and the goodness of our country. He set out to change a nation and in doing so, he changed the world. In the march of history, Ronald Reagan’s time in office was limited, but his legacy inspired a generation and will continue beyond,” Pence said in a statement. “It will be humbling to enter office with President Donald Trump, standing next to my family, with my wife Karen holding the same Bible used by President Reagan when he took office.”

During the oath, the Bible will be opened to 2 Chronicles 7:14, which is the same passage that was used during Reagan’s inaugurations.

The verse reads:

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

It the prophecy is true and if my interpretation of the four beasts the precede the Davidic Lion of the Lord, this could explain why the proclamation is to go to the President Elect instead of to a standing President of the United States.

Time will tell.

As we review the last 8 years of President Obama’s presidency it is hard to not think of the prophecy by the Kenyan Prophet, Johanwa Owalo, who was the founder of Kenya’s Nomiya Luo Church.

In  1912 he made this horrific prophecy about the United States and how it would be a Kenyan that would destroy the nation:

“So far have they [the United States] strayed into wickedness in those [future] times that their destruction has been sealed by my [father]. Their great cities will burn, their crops and cattle will suffer disease and death, their children will perish from diseases never seen upon this Earth, and I reveal to you the greatest [mystery] of all as I have been allowed to see that their [the United States] destruction will come about through the vengeful hands of one of our very own sons.”



Strong Delusion

I really hope that the Lord’s servants will return with the last warning very soon.

We are informed that leading up to the closing stages of the end times events, we will be living in hidden darkness, a term that refers to those who think they are enlightened while in fact they are delusional.

In Biblical terms, God has placed strong delusion over this world because this world prefers to not know the truth.

1 Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,
2 That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.
3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?
6 And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.
7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

The Last Great Falling Away

I believe the final literal fulfillment of the great “falling away” prophesied of in the New Testament about our times is taking place right now. This prophetic event is one of the many milestones that lets us know that the final restoration is very near.

The truly sad thing about the crisis of faith that is leading huge numbers out of the church, is not that they are leaving the modern corporate apostate church, it is their loss of faith in Christ and new testament Christianity.

Most Mormons that are leaving the church are cultural Mormons.

Their faith was never founded upon Christ.

It was founded upon institutionalize religion and the putting of ones trust in human priesthood leaders. Once the fallibility of human leaders is exposed, the entire belief system of the person crumbles to the dust and they go  into a an emotional-spiritual free-fall.

The above passages inform us that those who fall away “received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved”.

That is why God curses them with strong delusion.

Exposing Hidden Things

Prophecy informs us that leading up to and during the Marvelous Work, the hidden things of darkness will be exposed.

One cannot separate out the mess that our nation is currently in with the breaking of the covenant and the rejection of the church  with their dead that took place four generations ago.

We are now in the preliminary phase where  darkness is being exposed.

The listing of top 100 most damaging wikileaks is a reminder of just how much amazing stuff has been revealed in recent times. Even syndicated programs such as Unsealed Conspiracy Files are revealing amazing things and placing a spotlight on dark things.

In a previous part of this series we discussed how God has placed a desire on the heart of several  whistleblowers like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are revealing deep secrets about the nepharious actions of governmental leaders and agencies.

Recently Assange Droped the Bombshell that Clinton and ISIS Are FUNDED BY THE SAME PEOPLE!!

In this segment we have just observed how Bev Harris has been attempting to shine a light on election fraud.

These types of things are happening all over the place  with increasing rapidity.

A much greater shedding of light will be conducted by God’s servants when they return.

In a previous part of this series I made brief mention of the Gazelem narrative in Alma 37. The narrative speaks of the plates of brass that has record of the scriptures on them and many mysteries.

Included on the 24 brass plates are things that “have enlarged the memory of this people, yea, and convince many of the error of their ways and brought them to the knowledge of their God unto the salvation of their souls” and “the incorrect tradition of their fathers

Alma then warns by the “spirit of prophecy that if ye transgress the commandments of God, behold these things (the brass plates) which are sacred shall be taken away from you by the power of God an “YE SHALL BE DELIVERED UP UNTO SATAN

The  above warning will sound very familiar to the readers of this blog  because you are aware that the same warning was given to the restored church just as it was beginning to come forth out of the wilderness of darkness. Here is what D&C 5:19 said before it was changed in 1835.

And thus, if the people of this generation harden not their hearts, I will work a reformation among them, and I will put down all lyings, and deceivings, and priestcrafts, and envyings, and strifes, and idolatries, and sorceries, and all manner of iniquities, and I will establish my church, like unto the church which was taught by my disciples in the days of old.4:6 And now if this generation do harden their hearts against my word, behold I WILL DELIVER THEM UP UNTO SATAN, for he reigneth and hath power at this time, for he hath got great hold upon the hearts of the people of this generation: and not far from the iniquities of Sodom and Gomorrah, do they come at this time: and behold the sword of justice hangeth over their heads, and if they persist in the hardness of their hearts, the time cometh that it must fall upon them.

The Secret History of Mormonism series demonstrates that the saints were indeed delivered up to Satan and the remnants of the church have been in a state of darkness ever since.

Continuing on… Alma informs his son Helaman that the 24 plates of brass contained the secret works of darkness that included secret murders and abominations of a previous generation that had been destroyed.

And now, I will speak unto you concerning those twenty-four plates, that ye keep them, that the mysteries and the works of darkness, and their secret works, or the secret works of those people who have been destroyed, may be made manifest unto this people; yea, all their murders, and robbings, and their plunderings, and all their wickedness and abominations, may be made manifest unto this people; yea, and that ye preserve these interpreters.

22 For behold, the Lord saw that his people began to work in darkness, yea, work secret murders and abominations; therefore the Lord said, if they did not repent they should be destroyed from off the face of the earth.

Leaders of the church and this nations have been working in darkness and that is why we are  in the state we are currently in.

Continuing on with the narrative in Alma…  without skipping a beat, the Lord begins prophesying through Alma about a future servant referred to as “Gazelem“.

We know that Gazelem is a future prophet because there is no indication anywhere in the Book  of Mormon that Gazelem was a contemporary of Alma and Heleman. We also know this because of the context of the narrative. As you ponder the following content, remember that Joseph referred to himself as Gazelem in an earlier revelation when it was expedient to conceal his identity-

23 And the Lord said: I will prepare unto my servant Gazelem, a stone, which shall shine forth in darkness unto light, that I may discover unto my people who serve me, that I may discover unto them THE WORKS OF THEIR BRETHREN, yea, their secret works, their works of darkness, and their wickedness and abominations.

24 And now, my son, these interpreters were prepared that the word of God might be fulfilled, which he spake, saying:

25 I will bring forth out of darkness unto light all their secret works and their abominations; and except they repent I will destroy them from off the face of the earth; and I will bring to light all their secrets and abominations, unto every nation that shall hereafter possess the land.

In previous posts we have shown how “Gazelem” is a prophetic code word for Joseph Smith, the latter day seer who will bring forth the brass  plates and once again have in his possession the seer stone.

We know that when Joseph returns, he will reveal the shocking truth to those of us that choose to accept God’s messengers about the secret works of our nation’s leaders and the secret abominations and murders OF OUR BRETHREN!!!

That narrative informs us that the brass plates will reveal the secret oaths, covenants, signs, wonders and secret abominations that our brethren use.


Our brethren?

Certainly among the evil leaders of this nation but certainly not among OUR BRETHREN!

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Years ago I met a man by the name of Garn Baum. He had owned a cherry processing facility in Utah County. He filed suit against the church for being involved in a conspiracy to put him out of business. He soon found out what it is like trying to sue the Mormon Church in the state of Utah. 60 minutes did a report on his plight.

While he was going around speaking to people about his frustrations and concerns relative to how the LDS church conducts business, numerous people approached him and told him about the secret life of Gordan B. Hinckley. Initially he considered these accusations to be preposterous. However, over time, there were so many stories by unrelated people that all had the same narrative about the secret life of President Hinckley, that he began to entertain the possibility that they might be true.

He collected a rather impressive list of people who testified of their knowledge about the same narrative.

I had Garn Baum come and talk to a study group that I was involved in.

Of the many people testifying about the secret life of President Hinckley, was a person interviewed by Garn Baum, by the name of Charles Van Damme. Van Damme was interviewed by several people and part of one of his interviews was included in the anti-Mormon film “The God Makers“. 

I began studying all of the evidence that was being presented. I shocked at all of the unrelated witnesses that were coming forward with similar stories… I even put a call into the law office that was representing the church.

I finally decided to withhold judgment.. I would never suggest that the accusations are true against Hinckley, however, I was extremely bothered by the fact that President Hinkley and the LDS Church refused to respond to the allegations or to sue the people who were defaming the character of President Hinkley. Instead, the Church chose to use their political power to do a state-wide news black out, even though a huge demonstration took place at Temple Square.

It is now a few decades later and as I look back on all of the very bizaare things that have taken place with regard to the church and how things are being run by those claiming to have the exact same apostolic keys that Joseph Smith held, I don’t think that anything would surprise me at this point.

Is it possible that the testimony of Charles Van Damme as he was lying on his death bedd dying of AIDS was actually credible?

Was Gordan B. Hinckley someone other than what he presented himself to be?

Could any of the conspiracy theories about the untimely deaths of modern presidents of the church could actually be true?

Is it possible that the real narrative about Joseph Smith’s death has been covered up?

Is it possible that Joseph could have been murdered by some of his trusted brethren of the Twelve after he informed them that he had led them into some forbidden practices that they needed to repent of?

Ancient Prophets foresaw a Conspiracy Among the Latter day Prophets

Ezekiel saw the restored church in vision and spoke about the abominations that would take place in it. He saw men in high places who had been  sustained as prophets, defiling their neighbors wife and their daughter in law, etc.

“ the midst of thee they commit lewdness. In thee have they discovered their fathers’ nakedness: in thee have they humbled her that was set apart for pollution.

 And one hath committed abomination with his neighbour’s wife; and another hath lewdly defiled his daughter in law; and another in thee hath humbled his sister, his father’s daughter.  Ezek 22:9-11

After cataloging many of the sins that would take place among the apostate church Ezekiel makes the following observation:

“There is a CONSPIRACY of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof. Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things..” Ezek 22:25-26

Jeremiah also speaks of the conspiracy among the leaders. He sees similar things pertaining to his time that would by typological of the latter day “Jews” and “house of Israel” that would be united in Nauvoo.

In previous posts we have reviewed how Isaiah reveals that the America is the latter day Jerusalem and that remnants of the tribe of Judah began to flow into America to be reunited with Saints of of the restoration who were remnants of Joseph from the House of Israel. He notes that both groups break the covenant. Like Ezekiel, Jeremiah appears to see a conspiracy among the men of Judah.

And the LORD said unto me, A CONSPIRACY is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Jer 11:9

The Alma narrative requires a logging of the secret oaths and covenants and agreements and abominations to prevent the same things from happening that had happened in past generations.

27 And now, my son, I command you that ye retain all their oaths, and their covenants, and their agreements in their secret abominations; yea, and all their signs and their wonders ye shall keep from this people, that they know them not, lest peradventure they should fall into darkness also and be destroyed.

Will Joseph  bring to light shocking things about those that preside over the modern saints when he returns?

Will he reveal shocking things that took place among the restoration saints of his first commission in Kirtland, Jackson County, Far West, Nauvoo and eventually Utah?

Alma informs us that there is a “CURSE” upon all this land that will remain until “all those workers of darkness” will be “fully ripe“.

28 For behold, there is a curse upon all this land, that destruction shall come upon all those workers of darkness, according to the power of God, when they are fully ripe; 

Apparently the workers of darkness who control this nation and the corporate church have not yet reached their fulness.

In a previous blog we reviewed the scriptural definition of this fulness as pertaining to wha it means to be ripe in iniquity and how it pertains to the rejection of the servants when they return.

Great secrets are currently being exposed about the leaders of this nation and the secret combination that controls it. When Joseph returns, he will be even more explicit in revealing their secret abominations.

Secrets are also slowly coming to light about those of our brethren and how they work in secret….. behind the scenes.

Should we be surprised?

Can the fact that church leaders have become obsessed with spending vastly more money on business investments and shopping malls than feeding the poor, be marginalized as an innocent oversight on their part, or a misunderstanding of what their stewardship is?

When Joseph returns to chastise church and  nation he will be even more explicit about what has taken place with regard to church and state.

Few things presented in the cabalist controlled mainstream media are what they appear to be.

The Watchman on the Wall

If the Mormon Church was the true Church of Christ that it claims to be, the leaders of the Church would be acting as watchmen on the wall and warning latter day saints and the world about the everything from the Muslim Terrorist Training camp no-go zones to the  secret combination that controls just about every major religious and comercial organization in the world, including all major governments. But instead of uttering the warning voice, they are participating in it.

It is understandable why some people find it truly embarrassing to be associated in any way with the modern corporate Mormon Church.

Thankfully there are numerous individuals and religious organizations that are attempting to warn the world about the secret society behind all other secret societies. Praise God for their efforts in our behalf.

Who is Barack Obama?

Barack Obama is not who he pretends to be.

We know precious little about this mysterious person.

The birth certificate that the white house placed on their website has been proven to be an electronicfabrication.

His true lineage and heritage and history has been concealed.

Citizen Journalists who have dug deep into who Obama’s real father is have arrived at some shocking conclusions.


Some have speculated that he is the reincarnation of an ancint pharaosh



In Ezekiel 28:11-19 there is a well known lamentation for rise and fall of the “King of Tyrus” who, in times past, had been an anointed angel in the Garden of Eden.

We are informed that he was “perfect” in the day he was created until “iniquity” was found in him. Because of this, he is to be cast out of the Mountain of God. Those that knew him among the people will be astonished when they see him cast to the ground for kings to behold.

Although it is easy to assume the above narrative is related somehow to the pre-existent fall of Lucifer, it is clearly speaking about a latter day ruler and about the latter day fall of Babylon America).

In the beginning of the chapter the Prince of Tyrus is lifted up in the pride of his heart thinking he is God even though he is just a mortal man. His pride is caused in part because of the riches that he spends and accumulates in his political office. Because of his iniquity he will be brought down to the pit by strangers who will draw the sword against him.

The latter end of the chapter informs us that at the time of the fall of King Tyrus, Israel will be gathered from among the people that they have been scattered among, to dwell in their own land.

15 Judges before the Final Restoration?
Following the time of Moses and Joshua, who both showed forth unusual power in their priesthoods, Israel had 15 judges until Saul was made King.
This might represent a type of how many presidents of the church have reigned as judges over modern Israel prior to the return of the Davidic King.
Hyrum was the first successor to Joseph just as Joshua was the successor to Moses.
Although Joshua was a man of great faith who worked great miracles, we are informed the Melchizedek Priesthood was withdrawn from Israel when Moses was taken out of their midst. The left the patriarchal priesthood power of Abraham, for Joshua to administer the preparatory gospel with.

23 Now this Moses plainly taught to the children of Israel in the wilderness, and sought diligently to sanctify his people that they might behold the face of God;

24 But they hardened their hearts and could not endure his presence; therefore, the Lord in his wrath, for his anger was kindled against them, swore that they should not enter into his rest while in the wilderness, which rest is the fulness of his glory.

25 Therefore, he took Moses out of their midst, and the Holy Priesthood also;

26 And the lesser priesthood continued, which priesthood holdeth the key of the ministering of angels and the preparatory gospel;

27 Which gospel is the gospel of repentance and of baptism, and the remission of sins, and the law of carnal commandments, which the Lord in his wrath caused to continue with the house of Aaron among the children of Israel until John, whom God raised up, being filled with the Holy Ghost from his mother’s womb.

Similarly, Hyrum was the appointed successor to Joseph Smith, but his appointment came after the fulness of priesthood had been taken from the Latter day Saints
For there is not a place found on earth that he may come to and restore again that which was lost unto you, or which he hath taken away, even the fulness of the priesthood.
. Section 124 also informs us that even though the fulness of priesthood was taken from the earth, the Patriarchal Power of Abraham that had been restored by John the Baptist (Elijah) had was still with the saints.

58 And as I said unto Abraham concerning the kindreds of the earth, even so I say unto my servant Joseph: In thee and in thy seed shall the kindred of the earth be blessed.

59 Therefore, let my servant Joseph and his seed after him have place in that house, from generation to generation, forever and ever, saith the Lord.

According to the commandments of God in section 124, Hyrum was to hold the Patriarchal office of Abraham’s priesthood that was appointed to him by his father Joseph Smith Sr. He also held this lineal priesthood by right.
He was also to act in the keys of the Patriarchal priesthood as a president of the Church in concert with Joseph Smith.

91 …that my servant Hyrum may take the office of Priesthood and Patriarch, which was appointed unto him by his father, by blessing and also by right;

92 That from henceforth he shall hold the keys of the patriarchal blessings upon the heads of all my people,

93 That whoever he blesses shall be blessed, and whoever he curses shall be cursed; that whatsoever he shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever he shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

94 And from this time forth I appoint unto him that he may be a prophet, and a seer, and a revelator unto my church, as well as my servant Joseph; 

95 That he may act in concert also with my servant Joseph
Shortly after Hyrum’s appointment to act in concert with Joseph Smith Jr., Joseph resigned as one of the presidents of the church.
While Hyrum was serving as the prophet of the Church under the keys of the priesthood power of Abraham, the church was rejected AS A CHURCH WITH IT’S DEAD by failing to repent, reform, and build the House of the Lord in the sufficient time allotted.

31 But I command you, all ye my saints, to build a house unto me; and I grant unto you a sufficient time to build a house unto me; and during this time your baptisms shall be acceptable unto me.

32 But behold, at the end of this appointment your baptisms for your dead shall not be acceptable unto me; and if you do not these things at the end of the appointment ye shall be rejected as a church, with your dead, saith the Lord your God.

33 For verily I say unto you, that after you have had sufficient time to build a house to me, wherein the ordinance of baptizing for the dead belongeth, and for which the same was instituted from before the foundation of the world, your baptisms for your dead cannot be acceptable unto me;

The rejection of the Church resulted in the withdrawing of the Abrahamic priesthood keys that John the Baptist had restored to the earth.
In some ways, Hyrum might be likened to Joshua, the successor of Moses.
The rejection of the saints as a CHURCH in Nauvoo, downgraded the saints from a church with priesthood keys to provide preparatory ordinances of salvation under the Abrahamic power, to a Levitical priesthood tribe or kingdom, with the levitical authority to provide preparatory ordinances of salvation under the levitical authority.
The Levitical priesthood, when acting on its own, without the higher priesthood keys on the earth, has the ability to administer the letter of the law which only brings cursings upon the people.
If Joseph and Hyrum are prophetically typological to Moses and Aaron, then it is interesting and perhaps prophetically instructive to observe that the latter day kingdom of Israel that calls itself the Mormon church, has now had the same number of Judges that ancient Israel had, before a major change occurred.
Could the number of modern day judges that we have had be a prophetic time marker?
Is it time for the final work to begin and for the Davidic King to return with the fulness of priesthood keys? This possibility was shared with me by one of my readers-


To be continued…


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