Miscellaneous Musings #19- Was Eliza R. Snow gang-raped by Eight Missouri ruffians?

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Radiation Alert!
radio active

215 times the allowed RADIOISOTOPE in BISCAYNE BAY Florida, suspected NUKE LEAK!!!

Selling our Inheritance to Russia


EXCLUSIVE: Massive Cover-up – BLM leases Hammond ranch land to Russia through Clinton Foundation donors for uranium

Was Eliza Gang Raped by Missouri Ruffians?


Shocking historical finding: Mormon icon Eliza R. Snow was gang-raped by Missouri ruffians

Meg Stout finds the evidence inconclusive

The Sign of Death

George Bush Sr shows up to the Republican debate and gives the sign of the satanic cut throat gesture that was once part of the LDS temple endowment. Conspiracy theorists believe he did it to signal the death of Donald Trump.

Mitt the Accuser

My cousin Mitt played the role of the accuser against Donald Trump, who usually plays the roll of the accuser. He was incredibly articulate in his criticisms of Donald Trump. I couldn’t disagree with anything he said about Trump and yet I felt nothing but distain for Romney the entire time he was speaking. He is simply doing the bidding of his cronies in the illuminati and, according to some of the buzz, he may seek the party nomination at the last minute.


Blow back from Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine: Mitt Romney awoke a sleeping giant

Will Mitt Try to Steal the Nomination?

“Mitt Romney has filed paperwork with FEC to run in the current election and may be trying to block out Trump so he does not get the Republican nomination. This does not mean he has to run for President but it allows him to leave his options open.”

[link to freepatriotpost.com]

Posting this dispite my fears

Rounding up the Patriots


Feds rounding up Patriots connected to Western lands battle

Tithing: Checking your Gullibility Quotient 


6% on interest is how tithing is calculated? I don’t think so.

New historical information reveals original meaning of LDS tithing”

Here is a snippet from the article

(KUTV) The LDS church is shedding more light on the faith’s longtime practice of tithing, answering a long-standing debate about how it is referred to in the faith’s scriptures and what it means today.

Tithing requires members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to pay one-tenth of their income to the church. That money is then used to fund church operations.

But while tithing has root in Mormon scripture, an LDS historian says the way it was calculated in the late 1830s was far different than what is practiced today.

Steven Harper, a former BYU professor who now works at the LDS Church History Department, said tithing was originally based on net worth – not income.

In an article published on LDS.org, Harper said the practice took shape in July 1838 when the faith’s founder, Joseph Smith, said he received a revelation about it. This came as the church was looking to raise money to build a new temple, Harper said.

In the revelation as recorded in Mormon scripture, tithing was explained to mean members would give “all their surplus property” to the bishop at the time, Edward Partridge, and thereafter “pay one-tenth of all their interest annually.”

Current LDS leaders say interest is typically interpreted as “income.” But that’s not what it has always meant.

“Bishop Partridge understood ‘one tenth of all their interest’ annually to mean 10 percent of what Saints would earn in interest if they invested their net worth for a year,” Harper wrote. He cited an example from Partridge who was reportedly in the room when Smith received the revelation.

“If a man is worth a $1000, the interest on that would be $60, and one/10. of the interest will be of course $6. thus you see the plan,” Partridge wrote in a letter just days after the revelation was received.”

It amazes me that so many people jump on the bandwagon of believing a heresy just because a historical figure believed it. In an upcoming post I will debunk the belief that tithing was based on the going annual interest rate based on a person’s net worth.

Merchants trafficking in the souls of men
Understanding your birth certificate

“The edification of the corporation to the status of person is one of the most enduring institutions of the law and one of the most widely accepted legal fictions.” Few people understand that corporations (legal fictions) were originally created by the Catholic Church and that each soul that is born into this world is essentially incorporated with copyrighted names that are trafficked as merchandise.

The birth certificate represents a financial transaction. The holy See believes he is ruler over all governments and religious institutions. In this video, Santos Bonacci lectures the Pope and tries to shame him into repenting of trafficking in the souls of men.. He gets a few things wrong, but his rant is interesting and it represents that fact that the masses are beginning to catch on to the grand scam that has been taking place for centuries.

Will Hillary be Indicted over her Private Email Server?

Megan Kelly Hammers on Debbie Wasserman Schultz about Hillary Clinton Email Scandal.. start at 3:54

Video Released showing two camera angles of LaVoy Finicum shooting


My slip is showing
my slip
In a recent Notable Emails I inferred that DS claimed to have begun his second comforter visits 30 years ago. I’m getting senile and I keep getting confusing his timeline with mine. LOL  I apologize for this egregious mistake.
My journey of awakening began 30 years ago as I began delving into a deep study of doctrine and history. Apparently it was about 14 years ago when he began getting tutored by Christ, enabling him to read what everyone else has said about doctrinal and historical issues and then rewrite about it in his own words. 🙂

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