“..This proclamation shall be made to all the kings of the world..” Part 3

In a Time to Come

Continuing on with some passages from section 124 about the upcoming proclamation that will be going forth:

“Let it be written in the spirit of meekness and by the power of the Holy Ghost, which shall be in you at the time of the writing of the same;

For it shall be given you by the Holy Ghost to know my will concerning those kings and authorities, even what shall befall them in a time to come.”

It becomes apparent from the wording in the above passages that the proclamation was to be an inspired prophetic document created by revelation and that the information and events to be mentioned in the proclamation would take place in the future. It would be revealed to Joseph and his associates what would BEFALL ancient and contemporary and future kings and authorities IN A TIME TO COME!

It should not surprise us that Joseph did not send the proclamation to the kings and authorities of the world when this revelation was given in 1841 nor did he appear to be concerned about sending forth the proclamation during the next three years leading up to his martyrdom. This is apparently because section 124 clearly states that the proclamation was to be made in a time to come. Joseph knew this final proclamation would not go forth until the last generation of probationary time and he also knew that the last generation of probationary time spoken of in Matthew 24 was still four generations away.

The Lord had made it perfectly clear that he was going to continue peopling the earth for another four generations:

  • Doctrine and Covenants 98:28
    28 And now, verily I say unto you, if that enemy shall escape my vengeance, that he be not brought into judgment before me, then ye shall see to it that ye warn him in my name, that he come no more upon you, neither upon your family, even your children’s children unto the third and fourth generation.

    • Doctrine and Covenants 98:29

      29 And then, if he shall come upon you or your children, or your children’s children unto the third and fourth generation, I have delivered thine enemy into thine hands;

    • Doctrine and Covenants 98:30

      30 And then if thou wilt spare him, thou shalt be rewarded for thy righteousness; and also thy children and thy children’s children unto the third and fourth generation.

    • Doctrine and Covenants 98:46

      46 And upon his children, and upon his children’s children of all them that hate me, unto the third and fourth generation.

    • Doctrine and Covenants 103:26

      26 And my presence shall be with you even in avenging me of mine enemies, unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.

    • Doctrine and Covenants 105:30

      30 And after these lands are purchased, I will hold the armies of Israel guiltless in taking possession of their own lands, which they have previously purchased with their moneys, and of throwing down the towers of mine enemies that may be upon them, and scattering their watchmen, and avenging me of mine enemies unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.

    • Doctrine and Covenants 124:50

      50 And the iniquity and transgression of my holy laws and commandments I will visit upon the heads of those who hindered my work, unto the third and fourth generation, so long as they repent not, and hate me, saith the Lord God.

    • Doctrine and Covenants 124:52

      52 And I will answer judgment, wrath, and indignation, wailing, and anguish, and gnashing of teeth upon their heads, unto the third and fourth generation, so long as they repent not, and hate me, saith the Lord your God.

As you can see, the Lord had made it clear in modern revelation that the last generation of probation was still four generations away. Yet Joseph knew that according to God’s reckoning of time, the end of the six thousand year probation was getting close. After all, four generations is not very long… Here  is what Joseph said regarding the approaching end of the six thousand year probation:

The world has had a fair trial for six thousand years; the Lord will try the seventh thousand Himself; (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Section Five 1842-43 p.252)

Joseph clearly believed that the end of the sixth seal was quickly approaching. I believe the above declaration from Joseph Smith in the context of what the Lord had said about four more generations reveals that he felt the end of the six thousand year probation would end in about four generations. Back in about 1985 I became obsessed with finding out where I stood in time.

I felt that the time related prophecies that the Lord has given us in Book of Revelation and section 77 of the Doctrine and Covenants and other passages must be understandable and pertinent or the Lord would not have given them to us. However every time I would see an article about the timeline of the earth in the Ensign or some other church publication, illustrating the seven thousand year timeline of the earth, it never made sense to me and was never compatible with scripture. The “half hour of silence”, “hour of judgment”, “space of a thousand years” and “little season” are all timeline terms from scripture that simply cannot be forced within the seven thousand year model. Furthermore, the “meridian of time” was 4,000 years after the fall of Adam and yet the end of the earths existence took place 3,000 years after the “meridian of time”. Go figure!

The illustration below is typical of what church publications present.

7000 timeline

Clearly, the above depiction that is commonly used in Ensign articles and church publications is not congruent with scripture.

Finally I came upon a summary of the prophetic timeline of the earth as presented by President Joseph Fielding Smith that rang true to me. It revealed that the seventh seal of temporal time was different and distinct from the “space of a thousand years” during which there would be “time no longer” in which the “paradisaical millennium” would take place.

President’s description is as follows:

We have evidence beyond dispute that Adam was driven out of the Garden of Eden about 6,000 years ago, or perhaps a short time less. It is possible using bible chronology and that given by the Lord in the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants to figure this almost accurately… Moreover, our Savior came in the meridian of time… This means that it was about half way from the beginning of “time” to the end of “time”. Anyone who desires can figure it for himself that our Lord came about 4,000 years from the time of the fall. The millennium is to come some time following the 2,000 years following to 2,000 years after his coming. then there is to be the millennium for 1,000 years, and following that a “little season” the length of which is not revealed but which may bring “time to its end about 8,000 years from the beginning.” (Page79-81 Volume One Doctrines of Salvation

I used the above summary in conjunction with the scriptures as a template in creating a general timeline that seems to fit all of the general time related prophecies in scripture.

timeline  3

(Click to Enlarge)

Meridian of Time

I have written about my quest to better understand the timeline of the earth in a previous post which you can read about here.

The bottom line is that if the above illustration and interpretation of the timeline is accurate based on the scriptures and the words of Joseph Smith and Joseph Fielding Smith, then all one needs to do is identify the correct date in any part of the timeline and it becomes relatively easy to identify the approximate time of the ending of the sixth seal and the beginning of the seventh seal.

Those that take section 20 literally can get pretty close to identifying the date of the “coming of our Lord” as it took place in the “meridian of time”.

“The rise of the Church of Christ in these last days, being one thousand eight hundred and thirty years since the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the flesh, it being regularly organized and established agreeable to the laws of our country, by the will and commandments of God, in the fourth month, and on the sixth day of the month which is called April—”

For further clarity we are old that Christ came in the “meridian of time”. A term unique to Mormon scripture that shows up multiple times in the D&C and Book of Moses. Joseph Fielding Smith claims that the term “meridian of time” means “high point” and “middle of time”. I agree.

Some believe that the exact meridian is based on the birth of Christ. Some identify the crucifixion and atonement as the meridian  high point. Others feel that the half way  point between those two sacred events would constitute the middle point from which the time of the end of the sixth  seal could be calculated.

While my speculations on these issues have vacillated back and forth over the years, I think there is strong reason to believe the answer to that may possibly be found in the Lord’s declarations in modern revelation that he was still going to continue populating the earth for four generations from the generation that Joseph lived in. I think that narrows things down a bit. By my calculations, we are living during the time of the fourth generation both with regard to generations of people and generations of time based on a 40 year Biblical generation. In addition to that, I feel the prophetic events that we currently see taking place around us provide a second witness to the fact that we are currently living towards the very end of the last generations of probationary time.

The Shemita and Final Jubilee

Other witnesses to the time period we live in are provided by the signs in the heavens and the prophetic sequences throughout history that seem to identify the Shemita.

All of these things point to the fact that we are nearing the end of the last generation of probationary time. it appears that we  are living at the end of a Shemita and preparing to enter into the Jubilee year. That would indicate that we are in a major prophetic transition point.

According to some Messianic prophecy scholars, 2015-2016 is the final, 120th jubilee of the 6,000 years. Interestingly, this community of prophecy scholars is now experiencing somewhat of a let down because they assumed that the transition point between the end of the Shemita and the beginning of the Jubilee year took place in September of 2015 and the events they were anticipating did not materialize.

shemita 1

One of the major events associated with the Shemita- Jubilee transition that they were expecting was the release of all debt and the release of all bond servants. Another major event has to do with Israel returning to their tribal land inheritance. Gathering to holy places to stand during the coming tribulation. Those things obviously did not begin to take place in September.

One of the interesting perspectives that modern revelation gives us is the fact that the true beginning of the Jubilee year begins in April, not September. This may possibly indicate that some of the events that are were anticipated in September could take place during the following April. I am not saying that these things will begin during this next April. I simply don’t know.

shemita 2

Regardless of whether some of the things that were anticipated in September 2015 ultimately happen in April 2016 or not, prophetic cycles did indicate that something huge should have happened in September or October of 2015 during the Shemita year and it is my belief that major prophetic events did take place.

I believe that the Popes visit to America to address Congress and the UN on September 24 2015 represented a huge prophetic event that cannot fully be comprehended at this time. I believe it had to do with agenda 21 and the transferring of power from the “Sea Beast” Rev 13:1) to the “Land Beast” (Rev 13:11) as detailed in the Book of Revelation. In the past, the secret order that rules the world has used the US military as its global military hammer. In the future, after the transition  between the sea beast and land beast is complete, the UN peace keepers which is composed of people from a multitude of nations will be the global hammer that is used.

During the Popes visit to the US in September of 2015, he noted that 2015 represented the 70th year that the UN had been in existence. This pronouncement had remarkable prophetic significance:

Moreover I will take from them the voice of mirth, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride, the sound of the millstones, and the light of the candle.

And this whole land shall be a desolation, and an astonishment; and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years.

¶And it shall come to pass, when seventy years are accomplished, that I will punish the king of Babylon, and that nation, saith the Lord, for their iniquity, and the land of the Chaldeans, and will make it perpetual desolations.

And I will bring upon that land all my words which I have pronounced against it, even all that is written in this book, which Jeremiah hath prophesied against all the nations.  (Jer 25:10-13)

The United Nations began on October 24 1945. I believe one of the most significant prophetic events in the history of the world took place exactly seventy years later on the evening of October 23 2015 on the Jewish day of Atonement, when the sign of the whirlwind appeared. More on this later.

As pointed out in the previous post, we have just recently experienced three major prophetic events separated by seven year cycles. The first was the collapse of the twin towers in September of 2001. Seven years later we had a financial meltdown so catastrophic that the Feds have been artificially propping up the stock market and the global economy with digitally created money during the last seven years. Finally, the visit of the Pope and the end of the Seventy year reign of Babylon took place after the next seven year cycle. All three of these events coincide with the prophetic feasts of Israel as well as the signs in the heavens.

seven feasts of God 2

The Church is Rejected September 11 1841?

I bring up these prophetic timeline events for two reasons. One is to show why the proclamation prophecy in section 124 should be highly relevant to us now since it is about to take place.

Secondly, to show that major prophetic events that are taking place during our generation of time are directly linked to significant events that took place during Joseph Smith’s ministry. I believe that the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11 2001 took place exactly four generations after the church was rejected with their dead.

The Saints are Rejected as a Church with their Dead

On October 3 1841 Joseph Smith sent a shock wave through the inhabitants of Nauvoo by announcing that baptisms for the dead were no longer to be administered until they could be administered in the Lord’s House. Additionally,  there would be no more General Conferences of the Church. This is one of the few published discourses in which Joseph Smith finished a  pronouncement by saying “thus saith the Lord”.

“The speaker then announced, “There shall be no more baptisms for the dead, until the ordinance can be attended to in the font of the Lord’s House; and the church shall not hold another general conference, until they can meet in said house. For thus saith the Lord!(Sermon delivered at General Conference of the Church in Nauvoo, Ill. on October 3, 1841 (Sunday Morning Sources: Times and Seasons 2 (15 October 1841):577-78 and Jonathan Dunham Diary, LDS Archives)

This is what Lyman Wight had to say about Joseph’s announcement:

“… We were to have a sufficient time to build that house, during which time our baptisms for our dead should be acceptable in the river. If we did not build within this time we were to be rejected as a church, we and our dead together.

Both the temple and baptizing went very leisurely, till the temple was somewhere in building the second story, when Bro. Joseph from the stand announced the alarming declaration that baptism for our dead was no longer acceptable in the river. As much to say the time for building the temple had passed by, and both we and our dead were rejected together..

“The church now stands rejected together with their dead. The church being rejected now stands alienated from her God in every sense of the word.”

Lyman Wight claims that Joseph’s pronouncement meant that the saints had been rejected by the Lord because the building project went “leisurely“. They took the commandment to build the House of the Lord lightly.

History shows that many of the saints with substance were building their own homes and Masonic Temples instead of putting their full efforts and money into the building of the House of the Lord. I have in other posts and articles shown that the Lord may have rejected the church even before the “sufficient time” had elapsed because of abominations that were taking place within the church in Nauvoo.

Regardless of whether the church was rejected because of taking a commandment lightly and resulting in an unmet time frame, or whether it was because of an abomination which was taking place among the saints, (such as the false doctrine of celestial polygamy,) either way, it appears as if the saints were rejected as a church by the Lord in September or October of 1841.

Interestingly, the only other published revelation that is received after that declaration is section 125 which was received in March of 1841. In that revelation Joseph asks the following question to the Lord:

“What is the will of the Lord concerning the saints in the Territory of Iowa?”

In reply to Joseph’s question, the first thing the Lord does it correct Joseph Smith and note that they are “essaying” to be his “saints“!

Here is what the word essaying means:

“Trying; making an effort; attempting”

Continuing on, the Lord says that they “call themselves by his name” as opposed to the Lord calling them by His name:

“Verily, thus saith the Lord, I say unto you, if those who call themselves by my name and are essaying to be my saints, if they will do my will and keep my commandments concerning them, let them gather themselves together unto the places which I shall appoint unto them by my servant Joseph Smith, and build up cities unto my name, that they may be prepared for that which is in store for a time to come” 

As you can see, the saints were on probation. First they had to keep his commandments concerning them. Only after they repented and became obedient could they gather to the cities that Joseph would appoint. It becomes apparent that the saints at that time were no longer worthy of being calling by his name or being called saints. It also become apparent that the passage will be fulfilled in the third watch when God’s repentant saints become “prepared for that which is in store for a time to come”

In addition to Joseph’s declaration that baptisms for the dead could not longer be performed until the temple was finished and that  fact that the Lord is not longer calling his people by his name shortly after section 124 was given, another thing  that supports Wight’s contention that the saints had been rejected as a church is Joseph’s declaration that no more general conferences could be held until the temple was finished.

Obviously there were lots of meetings and conferences during which the leaders spoke and business was conducted during the following three years leading up to the martyrdom, but none of them were to be considered “general conferences” by the Lord.


Because “general conferences” specifically have to do with conducting CHURCH business. Once the saints were rejected as a church they were reduced to a tribal kingdom that was not allowed to conduct church business.

In the Latter Day Saint movement, a general conference is a meeting for all members of the church for conducting general church business and instruction. When Joseph Smith established in Church of Christ in 1830, he was instructed by revelation that the church “are to meet in conference once in three months, or from time to time as said conferences shall direct or appoint; And said conferences are to do whatever church business is necessary to be done at the time..” 

The above definition of the term “general conference” as given in Wikipedia is substantiated by modern revelation:

  • Doctrine and Covenants 20:67
    67 Every president of the high priesthood (or presiding elder), bishop, high councilor, and high priest, is to be ordained by the direction of a high council or general conference.

    • Doctrine and Covenants 124:144

      144 And a commandment I give unto you, that you should fill all these offices and approve of those names which I have mentioned, or else disapprove of them at my general conference;

    • Doctrine and Covenants 124:88

      88 Let my servant William go and proclaim my everlasting gospel with a loud voice, and with great joy, as he shall be moved upon by my Spirit, unto the inhabitants of Warsaw, and also unto the inhabitants of Carthage, and also unto the inhabitants of Burlington, and also unto the inhabitants of Madison, and await patiently and diligently for further instructions at my general conference, saith the Lord.

It appears as if Lyman Wight was correct in his assessment that Joseph’s prophetic declaration did indicate that the saints had been rejected as a church with their dead. Not only were the saints commanded to stop performing baptisms for the dead, they were commanded to stop holding general  conferences of the CHURCH.

History shows that the saints eventually started doing baptisms for the dead in the basement of the unfinished temple, however, in my opinion, they were clearly in violation of the commandment to finish the temple within the “sufficient time”. Indeed the temple was never completed during Joseph Smith life. It was never finished until the modern corporate church decided to rebuild a replica of it four generations later.

“But I command you, all ye my saints, to build a house unto me; and I grant unto you a sufficient time to build a house unto me; and during this time your baptisms shall be acceptable unto me.

 32 But behold, at the end of this appointment your baptisms for your dead shall not be acceptable unto me; and if you do not these things at the end of the appointment ye shall be rejected as a church, with your dead, saith the Lord your God.

 33 For verily I say unto you, that after you have had sufficient time to build a house to me, wherein the ordinance of baptizing for the dead belongeth, and for which the same was instituted from before the foundation of the world, your baptisms for your dead cannot be acceptable unto me”

I have actually demonstrated in other posts that section 124 was referring not only to the discontinuance of baptisms for the dead upon the failure to build the House of the Lord, but also the discontinuance of baptisms for the living. All of the ordinances of salvation became null and void since the church was rejected by the Lord.

Additionally I have also shown that section 124 was speaking of the Boarding House of the Lord down by the river, not the Nauvoo temple up on the hillside. It appears that it was the Boarding House of the Lord that was to be completed and the Baptisms for the dead were to be conducted in that holy structure.

The temple on the hill appears to have been a standing monument to the fallen, apostate nature of the condemned church in Nauvoo. It had graven occult images and other images embedded into the architecture that violated the Lord’s commandments to not make graven images in the image of people or birds, etc.

Because of this, it is not a coincidence that the Nauvoo temple, like the ancient New Testament temple in Jerusalem, was eventually destroyed and left without one stone standing upon another. This is a statement from the BYU Religious Studies Center

“The building site was described in 1870 as not having one stone upon another. Where the Saints once practiced their sacred temple ordinances there was now a vineyard.”

There were a series of catastrophes that brought this about.

The Fire by Arsonists 

The first was a fire that took place shortly after Brigham Youngs failed attempt to sell it to the Catholic Church. According to one historian, it may have been Brigham Young that paid to have the arsonist burn it:

“On Monday, 9 October 1848, at 3 a.m. the citizens of Nauvoo were awakened to witness the great Mormon temple enveloped in flames. It had been set on fire deliberately, apparently as an act to forever discourage the Latter-day Saints from returning to the city. A description of this fire, which resulted in the destruction of the temple, was published in the Nauvoo Patriot”:

“Destruction of the Mormon Temple. On Monday (October 9th) our citizens were awakened by the alarm of fire, which, when first discovered, was bursting out through the spire of the temple, near the small door that opened from the East side to the roof, on the main building. The fire was seen first about three o’clock in the morning, and not until it had taken such hold of the timbers and roof as to make useless any effort to extinguish it. The materials of the inside were so dry, and the fire spread so rapidly, that a few minutes were sufficient to wrap this famed edifice in a sheet of flame.

It was a sight too full of mournful sublimity. The mass of material which had been gathered there by the labor of many years afforded a rare opportunity for this element to play off some of its wildest sports. Although the morning was tolerably dark, still when the flames shot upwards, the spire, the streets and the houses for nearly a mile distant were lighted up, so as to render even the smallest object discernible. The glare of the vast torch, pointing skyward, indescribably contrasted with the universal gloom and darkness around it.

nauvoo temple on fire

The Tornado

Another event leading to the ultimate demise of the temple came in the form of a tornado in 1849 the account of the destruction was preserved by the Nauvoo Patriot:

The dreadful tornado on May 27th, which invaded the city of Nauvoo and neighboring places, has been for us, Icarians . . . a spectacle of frightful sublimity, and also a source of mortal anguish, on account of the disasters and catastrophes which have resulted from it, to the inhabitants of this county, and to us. . . .

Here are some particulars of what has happened to us during that storm; in its first blow which has been the most fatal to us, and everyone will certainly think so when they know, that part of the Temple walls was immediately blown to the ground. The Temple, which we were preparing so actively and resolutely to rebuild; the temple which we hoped to cover this year; and in which we were to settle our refectories, our halls of reunion, and our schools; that it is the temple; that gigantic monument, which has become the first victim of the tornado. 

Four Biblical Generations Leading up to the Collapse of the Twin Towers

If in fact the saints were rejected as a church in late 1841, we have an interesting prophetic time sequence to consider.

Joseph made his ominous pronouncement during a public discourse early in the first week of October in 1841. However that is not necessarily the exact date that the Lord rejected the saints. It was only the date that Joseph informed the saints of what the Lord had declared. The actual rejection very possibly had taken place within a week or two prior to the conference discourse in which the ominous notification was made.

Realizing that September 11th had been the drop-dead date for the redemption of Zion in 1836, and that September 11th would also be the infamous date of the Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1857, and the same date the twin towers would come down in 2001, (and numerous other significant events in history took place on that date), it is not unlikely that the actual date that the saints were rejected as a church with their dead was September 11 1841, just days before Joseph made the ominous declaration.

I mention this possibility because if it is true, that would mean that it was exactly 160 years (four Biblical generations) from the rejection of the Saints as a church, until the attack on the twin towers in New York during the time of the third and fourth generations after the martyrdom.

twin towers on fire

It is significant to remember that the place of the twin towers is a holy place in the sense that they sat on the plot of ground where  the government of the United States prayed on the day of the first inauguration of George Washington on April 30, 1789.

Only one building was not harmed at that location on the day of the strike which was St. Paul’s Chapel, which was protected by a sycamore tree that is believed to have captured the blast.

st paul church

They have.. Broken the Everlasting Covenant

We have shown in a previous posts that it was the restored church at the time of Joseph Smith that represented the literal fulfillment of Isaiahs declaration that the everlasting covenant had been broken and that major earth changes and defilement began to emerge at about that time until an intercessory offering was made which placed everything on hold. Four generations later, the collapse of the Twin Towers took place and signs of the defilement of the earth have begun to re-emerge:

“The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.”

the “towers” of the Enemy

The parable of the redempion of Zion in section one speaks of a “tower” of the enemy in the Lord’s vineyard that needs to be brought down when the servants return to redeem the vineyard. However, in section 105 the Lord informs that saints that after the holy places are purchased He will hold the saints guiltless in taking possession of their own lands. He then talks about “throwing down the towers (plural) of mine enemies“.

30 And after these lands are purchased, I will hold the armies of Israel guiltless in taking possession of their own lands, which they have previously purchased with their moneys, and of throwing down the towers of mine enemies that may be upon them, and scattering their watchmen, and avenging me of mine enemies unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me. Doctrine and Covenants 105:30

It is not a coincidence that God’s whirlwind destroyed the occult temple on the hill with the images of pentagrams sun gods on the side and without bothering the unfinished plain-Jane  Boarding House of the Lord by the river. Nor is it a coincidence that the modern day apostate corporate church has rebuilt the occult monument that the apostate saints were trying to complete in Nauvoo instead of rebuilding the Boarding House of the Lord by the river.

side of nauvoo temple


inverted pentagram

This begs the question, why has the modern church been so excited about rebuilding the temple on the hill with occult images on it and yet they hardly even acknowledge the existence or importance of the Boarding House which is the exclusive House of the Lord that is being mentioned in section 124.

It is interesting that even though many of the revelations refer to the “temple” that needs to be thrown down, the passage in section 105 speaks of “towers” that need to be thrown down. Having suggested the possible significance of the attack on the twin towers in 2001 which were build upon holy ground, the fact that another structure has been built on the same spot should not be overlooked.

The Building of a Palace Between Two Seas Precedes Michael’s Return

One of the great signs pointing to the time frame in which Michael will “stand up” is the presence of a “palace” that stands between two bodies of water in God holy mountain of America

“And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him. And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.”

The Tower (Palace) sits between two “seas”
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Proclamation of the Twelve Apostles

As an interesting footnote trivia in LDS church history we should note that the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles who would preside over the saints after the martyrdom, took it upon themselves to fulfill the commandment of sending a proclamation to the nations of the world. (It was actually Parley P. Pratt who wrote it in behalf of his brethren of the Twelve)

It should be noted that according to revelation, the quorum of the Twelve had been in a state of condemnation almost from the day they had been called. It should also be noted that not one of these members of the quorum of the Twelve were among the men commissioned in section 124 to help Joseph draft the proclamation.

proclamation of the twelve

To say that the Twelve did not have permission from the Lord to fulfill the responsibility of Joseph and his associates is an industrial  strength understatement. Their attempt to fulfill this divine mandate resulted in them humiliating themselves and the saints before the leaders of the world.

The pseudo-proclamation began with this intro

PROCLAMATION of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. To all the King’s of the World; To the President of the United States of America; To the Governors of the several States; And to the Rulers and People of all Nations:

It then made the following declaration-

GREETING: KNOW YE- THAT the kingdom of God has come: as has been predicted by ancient prophets, and prayed for in all ages; even that kingdom which shall fill the whole earth, and shall stand for ever. The great Eloheim Jehovah has been pleased once more to speak from the heavens: and also to commune with man upon the earth, by means of open visions, and by the ministration of HOLY MESSENGERS. By this means the great and eternal High Priesthood, after the Order of his Son, even the Apostleship, has been restored; or, returned to the earth. This High Priesthood, or Apostleship, holds the keys of the kingdom of God, and power to bind on earth that which shall be bound in heaven; and to loose on earth that which shall be loosed in heaven. And, in fine, to do, and to administer in all things pertaining to the ordinances, organization, government and direction of the kingdom of God.

The remainder of the document is rather long winded and filled with blue smoke, false doctrine and arrogant claims of authority, etc. those wanting to read the rest of this presumptuous document may do so at this link.

One very interesting statement in the document is as follows:

“To this city, [Nauvoo] and to its several branches or stakes, shall the Gentiles seek, as to a standard of light and knowledge. Yea, the nations, and their kings and nobles, shall say, Come and let us go up to the Mount Zion, and to the temple of the Lord..”

I found the above passage of interest given the fact that the modern corporate church has now for many decades discarded the above claim of Nauvoo (the designated cornerstone of Zion) being the latter day Mountain of the Lord’s house (as prophesied in Isaiah 2 and 11 and Micah 4) to which the gentiles will seek when the last proclamation goes forth.

The new designated place according to the modern corporate church is Salt Lake City Utah.

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