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.I recently got into a pissing match with a few apologists over at the Interpreter regarding an article that I felt presented a flawed defense of the modern temple endowment. My responses are here,  here,  here and here.

After realizing that I had worn out my welcome and had met my weekly quota for antagonizing the “scholars”, I decided to withdraw from the dialogue but I returned once or twice to check on the collateral damage and see if there were any additional comments of interest. In doing so I noticed an unrelated comment from someone who took the advice of the moderator in changing the direction of the comment topics that I had initiated.

Being the curious individual I am, I did a search to see who the guy was and if he had written anything.

To my delight, I found that the guy has done extensive research regarding many of the deeper issues pertaining to modern day Mormonism.

While I do not agree with his conclusions, I find him to be refreshingly intelligent and sound in his thinking. Of the few youtubes I listened to I found him to be well spoken in his defense of his faith. Some of his research even borders on being compelling.

I realize that many of my readers are still trying to believe in the teachings of Brigham Young and in polygamy and in Section 132 and in the veracity of the modern temple ceremonies and other teachings of modern day Mormonism.

That is why I am highlighting the research of this person in this blog post. I sincerely think his research and conclusions could be helpful to those who still want to believe in the modern teachings and rituals of the modern church.

You see, my ultimate goal is not to get anyone to believe the way I believe unless their own research and the spirit testifies to them that something I am presenting is true. My ultimate goal is to get people thinking for themselves and searching the scriptures and the history of the church for themselves.

I want people to empower themselves by getting a relationship with God’s written word as they develop their ability to receive personal revelation and discern truth from falsehood. Their conclusions are between them and God.

One of the wonderful things about defending truth instead of defending an institution is that I don’t feel threatened by those who disagree with me. I get sometimes get somewhat impatient and snarky, but not threatened. Back when I was in the club and had tunnel vision, I did feel threatened when people were critical of the church. I only wanted input from people that validated my world view and my religious heritage.

I am now fine when people arrive at different conclusions than I have arrived at because I am a strong believer in agency and in the fact that I am fallible in my beliefs and that I am on a learning curve and always evolving in my understanding of history, doctrine and prophecy. All you need to do is go way back in time and read some of my early posts and then compare them to some of my recent posts. I am evolving all the time and I don’t have the time or inclination to constantly go back and clean up and update old posts.

Anyone who believes something solely because I believe it is an idiot.

I frankly don’t want the burden of having anyone believe something simply because I believe it. That is an eternal weight of pressure that I don’t need. It is pressure enough working out my own salvation with fear and trembling before the Lord.

In the spirit of encouraging any of my readers who are skeptical about my seemingly heretical suppositions, and desiring to prove me wrong, to hear both sides of the issue and to find high quality research that might support their beliefs, I am providing links to some of the research this fellow has done. I think this information may be helpful for those that want some well thought out research in support of the modern institution.

Here are some youtube presentations that he has done. I love how he keeps his topics relatively short and to the point instead of doing hour long yawners like I do.


Here is a website that he has created with a listing of articles and resources on it that support his religious world view and the teachings of the modern church. He is one of the most impressive LDS apologists that I have come across. Sadly his work in doing youtubes and reviewing articles by scholars does not appear to be well known as he does not appear to be trying to promote his research beyond family and friends.

If you feel his research would be of value to someone you know, you might want to refer them to it-






I have been distracted in doing my youtube series on the secret history of Mormonism and I apologize for that. Hopefully I will overcome my ADD and get back in the saddle in the near future.

For new subscribers who are interested in the history of the church and unfamiliar with the series, I am providing the youtubes below.









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