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Email #1
Topic- The Refreshing


In your book on page 81, you have a diagram of the 5 major pillars that support the Mystery of Joseph Smith and solve for the Prophet Puzzle.

As one of the pillars you have Leviticus 16, which treats the topic of the Atonement Statute or Scapegoat Doctrine.

Two of the scriptures you have pointing to that pillar as support are Acts 1:6-7 and John 1:21. I believe the John one should be JST John 1:21-22. Because it’s more in line with the Acts one.

These two scriptures refer to a restoration or a prophet who shall restore all things. Even Isaiah 28, which you use as support for Leviticus 16, has a reference to “refreshing” (see Isaiah 28:12 and Acts 3:19).

Here’s my question and were I’m looking for some clarification:

What am I not seeing or missing when it comes to the Scapegoat Doctrine (Atonement Statute) that has to do with the times of refreshing and restoration?


PS – These online bloggers are really attacking the church and using Denver Snuffer as their measuring rod.

Check out Anonymous Bishop’s latest attack using some Isaiah logic to corner the church’s leaders. Not a bad argument to prove his point.

Regardless of one’s view of Snuffer and his followers, they’re really putting it out there for others to see. I wonder if suddenly next conference we’ll see many talks sprinkled with Isaiah scriptures and commentary. Lol

Here’s the link…

My Response


That is correct. I did mean JST John 1:21

 Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I am finally working on implementing the changes for the book that the peer review has so generously provided and I am glad you pointed that out to me before the project is a wrap!

The five references that are circled have to do specifically with aspects of Joseph’s role in offering an intercessory atonement for modern Israel while the other references have to do generally with his general role as the Lord’s servant of the last days.

You asked:

“What am I not seeing or missing when it comes to the Scapegoat Doctrine (Atonement Statute) that has to do with the times of refreshing and restoration?”

The term “refreshing” is highly significant. Joseph Smith’s ministry began toward the end of the 1st watch. The fulness had been lost during that watch and the Lord was offering a refreshing by restoring the fulness of the priesthood. Had the saints repented and been obedient to the law of the gospel in section 42 including consecration, they would have experienced the refreshing and would have found their place of rest in Zion.

Refreshing involves restoring but it is more than just restoring. God can restore priesthood but the saints can still collectively reject it and therefore fail to be refreshed, renewed, reborn, made new creatures of the Holy Ghost, etc. Those are all descriptives implied or provided by the Strong’s and Websters.

Refreshing in Isaiah 28

Isaiah 28 was an ancient prophecy from the Old Testament foretelling the fact that the saints of the LDS restoration that would be offered the refreshing at the end of the 1st watch but would collectively fail. They would not hear it:

“..This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet they would not hear…”

We are informed that

“.. the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken..”

Indeed the saints of the restoration were given the word of the Lord line upon line and precept upon precept and yet they could not live the law that was given to them. They fell backwards. They were snared. They were taken.

Refreshing in Acts 3

Acts 3:9 is not speaking prophetically of the same opportunity for refreshing as Isaiah 28.

It is referring to the successful ushering in of the dispensation of the fulness of times that is about to take place in the 3rd watch.

“..Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;
20 And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you:
21 Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began..”

The above refreshing is referring to a future event. It is not referring to the failed attempt at refreshing that the saints made during Joseph Smith’s ministry.

In Acts 3 Peter was speaking to the wicked Jews who requested and condoned the murder of Christ.

“Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.”  

According to the text in the King James Version, they had knowingly and willingly rejected Jesus Christ and demanded his execution. Peter accuses them of delivering up Jesus to Pilate who had been determined to let Jesus go. Peter reminds these murderers that they had denied the Holy One and desired to let a murderer go free instead of Christ. Peter states that he wishes they had done what they had done in ignorance, but he knows that they didn’t.

He therefore commands them to repent but informs them that their sins cannot be blotted out until until the times of refreshing.

 The God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God of our fathers, hath glorified his Son Jesus; whom ye delivered up, and denied him in the presence of Pilate, when he was determined to let him go.
14 But ye denied the Holy One and the Just, and desired a murderer to be granted unto you;
15 And killed the Prince of life, whom God hath raised from the dead; whereof we are witnesses.
16 And his name through faith in his name hath made this man strong, whom ye see and know: yea, the faith which is by him hath given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.
17 And now, brethren, I wot that through ignorance ye did it, as did also your rulers.
18 But those things, which God before had shewed by the mouth of all his prophets, that Christ should suffer, he hath so fulfilled.

Joseph Smith had this to say about the above passages

Peter preached repentance and baptism for the remission of sins to the Jews who had been led to acts of violence and blood by their leaders; but to the rulers he said, “I wot that through ignorance ye did it, as did also your rulers”

“Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing (redemption) shall come from the presence of the Lord, and He shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you,” &c.

The time of redemption here had reference to the time when Christ should come; then, and not till then, would their sins be blotted out. For Peter, speaking of him says, “David hath not yet ascended into heaven, for his sepulchre is with us to this day.” His remains were then in the tomb.

Now, we read that many bodies of the Saints arose at Christ s resurrection, probably all the Saints, but it seems that David did not. Why? Because he had been a murderer.

If the ministers of religion had a proper understanding of the doctrine of eternal judgment, they would not be found attending the man who forfeited his life to the injured laws of his country, by shedding innocent blood; for such characters cannot be forgiven, until they have paid the last farthing. The prayers of all the ministers in the world can never close the gates of hell against a murderer.

As I have pointed out in previous posts, descendents of those Jews that sat in the seat of Moses at the time of Christ have been reinstated and sit in the seat of Moses today.

Getting back to your question, the “times of refreshing” that will come from the presence of the Lord takes place in the 3rd watch.

One of the great mistakes that alternate bloggers and false prophets are making today is to assume that the fulness that Joseph restored is still on the earth today and that we simply need to get back on track and “preserve the restoration“.

That is a false concept. The fulness of the gospel that was restored through the instrumentality of Joseph Smith cannot be “preserved” because the fulness has been lost. It has been gone for well over four generations!

A new restoration must take place.

In the words of David Whitmer, a second great work will be done, not a preservation of the previous attempt:

Q- When will the temple be built? (referring to Jackson County Temple)
A- Right after the great tribulation is over.

Q- What do you mean by that?
A- A civil war more bloody and cruel than the rebellion. (first civil
war) It will be a smashing up of this nation, about which time the SECOND GREAT WORK has to be done, a work like Joseph did, and the translation of the sealed plates, and peace all over.”

Furthermore, once the fulness is once again restored to the earth, a refreshing, renewal, rebirth, resting place (Zion),  must take place when the restoration takes place or the restoration will all be in vain.

I thought the article you mentioned was well written and made some very important points about how the apostles and prophets of the modern church don’t preach from Isaiah and don’t have the spirit of prophecy and do not show forth the fruits of true prophets.

The reason that virtually any false prophet that makes claims about speaking with God can easily get a bunch of followers, is because the condemned and unconverted “prophets” of the apostate church have set the bar so low and are showing forth so little spiritual fruits that those who are yearning for knowledge and spiritual gifts will accept counterfeits that offer virtually any alternative.

One more thing about the time of the final restoration and refreshing. At that time  the sins that had been put upon the intercessory servants are removed from them and returned upon the heads of latter day Israel. At that time, latter day Israel will be invited to repent or be damned. This will represent a type of RESET which will leave us where we left off at the time the fulness was restored.

Interestingly, the revelations in the D&C  that Joseph Smith received, that have passages pertaining to the third watch, will be just as applicable and relevant as they were during the first part of Joseph’s ministry at the end of the first watch.

1828 Websters RENEWING

1. Making new again; repairing; re-establishing; repeating; reviving; renovating.

2. adjective Tending or adapted to renovate.

RENEW’ING, noun The act of making new; renewal.

His Response

Wow! That is deep. Thank you for answering my question. I see the “refreshing” in Isaiah 28 with a whole new set of eyes.

As for the Jews in Peter’s day, I was familiar with their plight and how they won’t be redeemed until after the millennium.


How can anyone who really studies this with faith and eyes open to the scriptures not see that an understanding of the 3 watches is a gift from a merciful God and that the LDS foundation movement lost the fullness which caused the 2nd watch to be ushered in?


It’s so clear.


My father asked me last night where it says that we must be living consecration in order to have the fullness. He wants to know where the others who had the fullness were living it.


I told him that I didn’t know, but that D&C 38:32 made it pretty clear that the saints needed to receive the law (consecration) in order to be endowed from on high.


He had pointed out that the Colesville saints were the first to live consecration and that was in MO not Kirkland. I mentioned to him that the conference at Morely’s farm was for 2,000 saints including the Colesville branch.


It’s hard for me to see someone who knows the scriptures and loves what they teach, but willing to hold on to a fantasy that secretly the LDS church is all that it claims to be. In other words, trying to preserve the restoration.


Thanks again I still have two more pillars from the infographic to study tomorrow.


I love diving deep.


Good night,

Email #2
Topic- Nibley and the Temple Endowment

Hi Watcher-  I’ve been reading a little Nibley lately, specifically an article entitled Unrolling the Scrolls – Forgotten Witnesses, which gives some details as to the contents of the dead sea scrolls and other ancient texts that were discovered post WWII.

It is interesting how the teachings of these texts seem to correlate with the temple ceremony, at least according to Nibley (which I’m sure is the main object of his paper.)  He claims the Ginza text tells how Adam was found in a deep sleep after he was created and was awakened by a helper who began to instruct him and gave him a garment.

It says Adam prays for further light and knowledge and the helper tells him three men will assist you throughout your life.  Nibley says the text describes two great teams of three, the creation team of the Father, Jesus and Adam; and the instruction team of Peter, James and John.

hugh nibley

Nibley claims many of the texts have similar teachings.  One, the Apocalypse of Abraham, he claims to be similar to the book of Abraham.  He says there is much written about ordinances, and that one cannot become a Son of Light without receiving all the ordinances, that Son of Light by definition means those who are perfect in the ordinances.

Nibley claims that whenever you find a very early Christian text, it almost always refers to the secret teachings of the Lord to the Apostles during the forty days.  He says the 50 ancient texts he had available to him had 4 things in common: 1. The Lord taught the apostles really important secrets after the 40 days that are hardly mentioned in the Bible because it was a secret.  2. The Apostles ask the Lord what is going to happen to them and the church?  He answers that it will be on the earth for 2 generations, but will not be handed down, they are to be buried, to be kept secret, not to passed on to the world. 3. Jesus taught the strange doctrines of other worlds and such things that the Christian doctors did not because it didn’t jive with Aristotle.  4. Jesus took them through the temple, taught them temple ordinances.  The person who receives these becomes a son.  Jesus both gives and receives (that is what a son does-becomes a father) the signs and tokens of the God of Truth while demonstrating the same to the Church, all in hope that these things finally some day become reality.

Nibley claims the texts describe prayer circles that were gradually done away with because the fathers of the church didn’t know what to make of them.  The Syriac church kept the rite until the 7th century.  The Pistis Sophia, one of the ancient texts, describes how the Lord orders the apostles and their wives to form a circle while he stands at an altar on one side and they recapitulate all the ordinances.  The Lord then gives a prayer which is recited.  Before forming the circle a hymn is sung.

In the early Syriac church the bishop would take his place at the altar and says “if anyone has any ill feelings against his neighbor let him be reconciled, if any feels himself unworthy, let him withdraw for God is witness of these ordinances , and the Son and the Angels.”

Nibley claims in the ancient text of Bartholomew there is interesting stuff with Mary.  The apostles are having a prayer circle and Mary asks to speak.  She begins by calling upon God with upraised hands, speaking 3 times in an unknown language.  She then goes on to tell how she had a vision in the temple before the birth of Christ, the veil was rent in the temple and she saw an angel who took her by the right hand, after she had been washed and anointed, wiped off, and clothed with the garment, she was hailed by him as a blessed vessel.

The angel took her by the hand again to the altar where there was bread that they ate with some wine, and she saw that the bread and wine had not diminished. (the same as in 3 Nep 20).  At this point the Lord himself appeared and forbade Mary to tell any more, since all the creation, he said, had been completed that day.

Anyway, one can see that this mirrors the temple worship given us by JS and still much existing despite the many changes since.  It’s interesting because JS did not have access to these texts in his day.  Does all this point to inspiration and the existence of valid saving ordinances on the earth today, or perhaps these were lost as well when the Nauvoo temple wasn’t completed?  Or was the church delivered over to satan and masonic rites mingled with “scripture?”

My Reply

There are several issues at play here. One is that we don’t know for sure exactly how much of Brigham’s modified Masonic endowment ceremony was given to him by Joseph and how much was Brigham’s innovations.

Since part of Brigham’s original ceremony  is believed to incorporate the oath of vengeance for the death of Joseph Smith, it is a no-brainer that Joseph had nothing to do with that.

How many other innovations did Brigham Young take the liberty of integrating into the endowment ceremony?

Another issue is that according to Joseph, Satan will tell 9 truths to perpetuation one lie. So, obviously there is some true stuff mingled with nonsense in the temple endowment. The cold hard truth, which I have addressed before, is that the temple endowment is a covenant with Satan. 😦

You mention that you have been reading Nibley. Another issue is that many of Nibley’s footnotes are difficult to check since access to the sources is difficult and sometimes requires translation. Many of his  interpretations are so vague and tortured that one has to take his word for the deduction he has made since the parallels cannot be seen by mere humans who show signs of sanity. This is what one person said online which I tend to agree with:

One of the major problems is that Nibley often used foreign language quotes (which he translated to his advantage) and hard to verify sources in his apolgenics.

As much as I appreciate all of the research that Nibley did, he said lots of things that just are not true. Things that he had to have known were not true. Here is another example:

“The gospel as the Mormons know it sprang full grown from the words of Joseph Smith. It has never been worked over or touched up in any way, and is free of revisions and alterations” and further stated that: “Yet of all churches in the world, only this one has not found it necessary to readjust any part of its doctrine in the last hundred years”. (Hugh Nibley, ‘No Ma’am, That’s Not History’)

That quote from Nibley is a bold face lie… period.’

It is unfortunate that Latter day saints are so steeped not only in prophet worship, but also in scholar worship and more particularly Nibley Worship. Nibley has been put on such a supernatural, pious pedestal of enlightenment that he is simply not worthy of. In my opinion, he was not nearly as enlightened as many of the church apologists want you to believe.

Frankly, I no longer hold Nibley in the high esteem I used to before I began to awaken to the awful state that the church is in and the financial conflict of interest that employees of the church such as Nibley are pressured with. I have mentioned a brief exchange I had with Nibley back in the day, in the following series

Black and White Robes part one

Black and White Robes- Part Two

Black and White Robes Final

Again, I personally like Nibley and appreciate the fact that he was trying to defend the LDS restoration and present it in a faith promoting light. The problem is that he was also presenting the apostate church in a faith promoting light by making statements that were simply not true.

Martha Beck, Nibley’s lesbian daughter (whose notoriety came in part from claiming that her father molested her as a child) accuses her father of being a “calculated liar”.

martha beck

While I am not suggesting that I believe all the accusations that Beck levels against her father, I think one needs to be aware of all sides of the story and the fact that not everyone that knows him personally is in awe of him, including his children.

I am of the belief that Nibley is human, biased and fallible and that some of his interpretations about ancient writings are false.

Below are some excerpts from an article about her book ” LEAVING THE SAINTS: HOW I LOST THE MORMONS AND FOUND MY FAITH written by anti-Mormon   (in fairness the other siblings of Martha think she is a wing-nut even though they are less than impressed with their fathers parenting skills )


Beck also talks about “the man in tweed,” a “thirty-ish man with a short beard,” who recognized her at a grocery store (p.164). “After politely asking my name, he drew a kind of deep breath you take just before you jump off the high dive and said, ‘Your father is a liar.’” When she asked the man what he meant, he said, “I used to have a job for your dad’s publisher…I was one of the flunkies who checked his footnotes.” “His footnotes. He makes them all up.” “All of them?” she asks. “No, not absolutely all,” the man replies, “But I’d say, conservatively, 90 percent of them.”

 Perhaps this would be a good project for the Neil Maxwell Institute (formerly called the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies or FARMS). This group of Mormon apologists has become a kind of unofficial protector of the Nibley legacy. In light of such a strong accusation, it would be interesting to see if they would be willing to verify Nibley’s notes with the same enthusiasm they have shown toward their critics.

 When she asks this mystery man why he continued the cover-up, he explained that he needed the job but could not afford being blackballed. “Not just BYU. The Church. And no, I don’t think so, I know so,” he said. 

She relates that on her first day on the job at BYU she witnessed an interesting encounter between the chairman of her department and some fellow professors. “I’m sure you are all aware,” the chairman said, “that the brethren in Salt Lake City are asking BYU faculty to refrain from publishing in any journals that are considered ‘alternate voices.’”

 Beck then explained that “alternative voices” meant publications not approved by the LDS leadership. One of her colleagues remarked, “But that’s ridiculous, Where are we supposed to publish? Nobody takes church journals seriously. I mean I don’t take them seriously. They’ll never let us tell the truth.” Though not mentioned specifically, I assume two of the journals considered off limits were Sunstone, and Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought. Both publications have more of a liberal bent and often print articles that challenge the Mormon status quo. The Sunstone Foundation also sponsors a symposium that freely discusses Mormon history and doctrine. In September 1992, a Salt Lake Tribune article mentioned that some BYU faculty members were disappointed in this directive since it was “one of the few places Mormon-related research can be presented” (“Will BYU Guidelines Bring More Academic Freedom?” 9/19/92, B2).

 The chairman said that he had received several phone calls from church headquarters telling professors to avoid “sensitive research.” On page 81 she listed some of these thorny issues. They included evolution, Mormon history, American archaeology, and feminism.

Again, I am not suggesting that everything Beck claims is true… or even that anything that she says is true. Clearly she is an angry and unbalanced person with an axe to grind, whether real or imagined.

I am simply sharing this information in an effort to show that the splendid royal light that the church shines on Nibley is not the only light that he is seen in by those that know him intimately. If you have been indoctrinated by the church to only read faith promoting stuff put out by the church and to avoid any controversial opinions of others, you are rejecting the counsel of Paul who said to prove all things and hold fast to that which is good.

Financial Conflict of Interest

Perhaps Nibley’s his biggest flaw (which all LDS apologists have), was that he only presents the evidence that supports his point of view (which coincidentally is the same point of view as the institution which signed his paycheck.)

You said, “Nibley claims the texts describe prayer circles that were gradually done away with because the fathers of the church didn’t know what to make of them”

Yes that is one way to spin it.

Another is that the fathers of the church could not find Biblical justification for those religious prayer circle anomalies although there is a significant body of documentation that prayer circles have a long history of use in WICCA and Paganism and therefore the church fathers decided to made a course correction by getting rid of the false traditions that had infiltrated the church.

Nibley’s interpretation and characterization reminds me of the illogical pioneer story about the indian (lamanite) that was about to scalp a Mormon Elder until he saw the masonic emblem in his garment and then spared his life and backed away scampering into the forest out of reverence for the holy man wearing the symbols so apparently familiar to the savage.

The story is often told to validate and vindicate the masonic temple garment yet the logic seems somewhat flawed to me as the Book of Mormon ends with the narrative that the Lamanites were an apostate people with darkened minds and savage rituals. How are we supposed to ascertain from that, that the familiarity with and reverencing of the Masonic symbols by the apostate day Lamanite culture hundreds of years later somehow vindicates the temple garment and the temple ceremony? To me it would imply just the opposite.

The Scrolls Validate the Restoration and the Apostasy

I love studying the dead sea scrolls and I find within them, lots of stuff to validate the LDS restoration movement, as well as the latter day apostasy.

I have written at least one blog related to the scrolls that I can remember

DEAD SEA SCROLLS 28. A FIRM FOUNDATION (AARON A-4Q541) “he will make atonement for all the children of his generation”

Nevertheless, there is a lot of stuff in the scrolls that incriminates the apostate church and the changing of the ordinances and the corrupt temple ordinance. The theme of how God’s people depart from the law and corrupt the ordinances is a recurring theme in the scrolls just like it is in the Old Testament prophecies but Nibley conveniently neglects to note those narratives.


Is he concerned about casting a dark light on his employer, the institutional church? (yes I am aware that Nibley did make some dark ominous innuendos about questionable practices and the current state of the modern church from time to time, but he always stopped short of telling the cold hard truth, which kept his worshippers fully engaged with the institution. I therefore must view him as an accomplice to the church, rather than as a watchman on the tower)

It is true that the scrolls speak of some similar narratives that are also found in other ancient and apocryphal writings, however your declaration that Joseph was not familiar with lots of ancient apocryphal and esoteric texts that mirror teachings that would later be found in the dead sea scrolls during his Nauvoo years could not be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is that Joseph Smith had access to a huge library of ancient and esoteric texts during the Nauvoo period and he was up to his eyeballs in Gnosticism and the occult. He was clearly familiar with the Kabbalah.

Lance Owens points out in ” Joseph Smith: America’s Hermetic Prophet” that Alexander Nieber, a Jewish tutor of Joseph Smith had a copy of the Zohar in his library that Joseph Smith undoubtedly borrowed.

Another unusual element entered the matrix of Smith’s creativity around this time. From his associations with ceremonial magic and then Masonry, Smith had almost certainly heard of “Cabala”. But in 1841 a Jew raised in the Polish borderlands of Prussia, educated at the University of Berlin, and familiar with Kabbalah, joined the Mormon church, migrated to Nauvoo, and there became Smith’s frequent companion and tutor in Hebrew.

Documentation has recently come to light suggesting this individual, Alexander Neibaur, not only knew Kabbalah, but probably possessed in Nauvoo a copy of its classic text, the Zohar. Joseph likely became familiar with the Zohar while under the tutelage of Neibaur. Indeed, it appears Smith’s April 7, 1844 public declaration of a plurality of Gods was supported by an exegesis on the first Hebrew words of Genesis (Bereshith bara Elohim) drawn from opening section of the Zohar.7

In part three of Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection Owens points out that Joseph had access to Alexander Neibaur’s impressive collection of books.

During Joseph’s final years in Nauvoo, however, his connection with Kabbalah becomes more concrete. In the spring of 1841 there apparently arrived in Nauvoo an extraordinary library of Kabbalistic writings belonging to a European Jew and convert to Mormonism who evidently new Kabbalah and its principal written works. This man, Alexander Neibaur, would soon become the prophet’s friend and companion.

In Reed Durhams infamous talk titled “Is there no Help for the Widows Son” he points out that Joseph Smith had in his possession at the time of the martyrdom a book on magic by Francis Barrett which contained an explanation pertaining to the Jupiter Talismon that Joseph had in his possession:

Now, I should like to initiate all of you into what is perhaps the strangest, the most mysterious, occult-like, esoteric, and yet Masonically oriented practice ever adopted by Joseph Smith.

This may also be another fine example of our earlier explained principle of “grabbing on.” All available evidence suggests that Joseph Smith the Prophet possessed a magical Masonic medallion, or talisman, which he worked during his lifetime and which was evidently on his person when he was martyred.

His talisman is in the shape of a silver dollar and is probably made of silver or tin. It is exactly one and nine-sixteenths inches in diameter, and weighs slightly less than one-half ounce.

Clearly, during the Nauvoo years when the heavens had closed, Joseph was devouring lots of books with, and influenced by, ancient texts and apocryphal and mystical interpretations..

This is why it is so critical to understand the prophetic narrative behind the secret history of Mormonism so that all of this amazing stuff can be sorted out in the proper context. Joseph Smith was not unfamilar with lots of ancient texts and esoteric writings that had similar narratives as would later be found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

That is one of the things that differentiates the Nauvoo period from the early Kirtland period.

In the revelatory period during the early Kirtland years Joseph was not a well read Biblical scholar and he was receiving revelations that he did not even fully comprehend. He was young, naive, innocent and revelatory. That is why Sidney Rigdon, one of the most competent Biblical scholars of the day, was given the divine mandate to “prove the words that Joseph utters through the words of the holy prophets.” (Section 35)’

This is why it was primarily Sidney that did the public expounding of the scriptures Joseph was bringing forth to both the saints as well as conducting the debates with critics of the restoration during the Kirtland era..

In Nauvoo, after the heavens began closing and Sidney had become silent, it appears as if Joseph began reading apocryphal ancient texts and esoteric books and doing the public expounding. Historians have shown that components of the King Follett Discourse and other discourses that he gave can be found in some of the esoteric and kabbalistic books that Joseph was reading at the time.

 It is important to realize that Joseph was the Lord’s servant who was ordained to deliver God’s people over to Satan.

What better way was there to do it than to replace the simple ordinances of the fulness of the gospel which had been rejected, containing the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost, with the idolatry, pomp and circumstance of an esoteric-occult-masonic temple ritual ?

One I might add, that contractually places the saints under the power of Satan if they do not obey the letter of the law as contained in the four standard works!

 One of the things that we learn in conjunction with the Biblical profile of Joseph Smith as an intercessor that takes the sins of the people upon himself and then acts them out, is that he was a type of Solomon and David.

Both David and Solomon fell into sin after having achieved great spiritual heights and favor in the sight of God.

In the case of Solomon who was one of the most inspired and wise prophet/kings to ever walk upon the face of the earth, he fell into idolatry as a result of his polygamy. He had multiple pagan wives that influenced him to begin worshipping pagan gods.

The Biblical profile and prophetic narrative of Joseph Smith testifies that like David and Solomon, Joseph achieved great enlightenment early in his prophetic reign, during the revelatory sweetspot from 1830 to 1834, yet in the later part of his ministry, he transgressed because of latter day Israels refusal to repent and reform.

It is altogether possible that David and Solmon offered up similar intercessory offering in behalf of their peoples which may have led to their fall. This may be the reason why David continued to be spoken of highly by the Lord even after his death despite having committed grievous sins before God.

As pointed out in previous posts, the Lord covered Joseph Smith’s eyes because of the sins of the people he had restored the gospel to. He then delivered apostate latter day Israel over to Satan.

I am now going to share an email that I shared with another subscriber over a year ago which is related to this topic


[Snippet from an email I responded to over a year ago regarding my official rejection of the Temple Endowment]


Email #3
The Topic of the Temple Endowment 

…Also, have you read the book “Experiencing the Mighty Change” by Hal Wilcox and Randal Klimt?  That book is all about the Baptism of Fire and the Holy Ghost and how it is a noticeable event and not simply an intellectual experience. As I remember that book it seems that there indeed should be some powerful manifestations that accompany being Born Again.

So your belief is that no one is having that experience in our day?

I guess all we can do is search the scriptures, pray, return to God and just wait for the next phase?

Can I ask a person question: I assume when you discovered the falsehood of the masonic endowment that you stopped wearing your garments?

Even though I’m a convert, almost all of my adult experience has been as an “active” member. Its kind of hard to break out of the box completely.

My Response

We live in a time of hidden darkness where we get all sorts of spiritual impressions, some true and some false. I do think there is a preliminary spiritual rebirth that is always available to repentant people regardless of whether the fulness of on the earth or not, but I don’t believe people are currently receiving the full spiritual rebirth and they definitely are not receiving their calling and election which is always followed (never preceded by) the second comforter !

I have provided countless scriptures in previous posts to demonstrate that God has turned his face from the saints and withheld the gift of greater faith and the greater spiritual blessings for a little season. The evidence from God’s word as well as the lack of fruits in our current world is overwhelming. One must be in a state of deep slumber to deny this.

Regarding deception… please see the following post about discernment and deception

According to countless passages, the full baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost is not available during this little season of chastisement. I have personally had an ineffable experience which I believe is a lessor version of the full spiritual rebirth that will return when the fulness returns, however, nobody can receive the full baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost until the appointed time when the fulness returns according to how I interpret the scriptures. If those blessings were available now, there would be no need for the return of the servants in the third watch and the restoration of the fulness THOSE ARE THE FRUITS OF THE FULNESS.

YES, nobody doeth good except those that are ready to receive the fulness when it returns.

Regarding the Temple Endowment: Let me share a personal experience that I once had.

Back in about 1991-ish I was part of a little study group that had been studying the scriptures very deeply for many years together.

During our study we had arrived at the devastating conclusion that all was not well in Zion and that the leaders of the latter day church were not speaking directly to God.

We began to see the discrepancy between the teachings of Brigham Young and the teachings of Joseph Smith, etc.

It also occurred to us, after studying some of the information that has been and will be covered in this current series, regarding the temple, that the temple endowment was not the true endowment promised in the scriptures.

We had concluded that it was not only inspired by Masonic influences, but that it was inspired by the Devil to put the apostate latter day saints under a curse of spiritual bondage. We had reason to believe that the covenants made in that endowment along with the declaration of “Satan” in the endowment that all those that don’t live up to EVERY commandment in the Bible and Book of Mormon, would be put under the power of Satan.

We realized that even though the Lord had temporarily released the saints from having to live the laws of Zion for a little season (Section 105) the temple covenant was placing the saints that followed Brigham Young under that obligation and requirement AGAIN, even though it was impossible to keep all of the commandments in the Book of Mormon and Bible.

In other words, the temple places us under the gospel of works and the harsh demands of Justice, not under the law of Grace offered through the fulness of the gospel and the spiritual rebirth.

Since it is impossible to keep all of the commandments, the net result of thetemple endowment for EVERYONE that is endowed, is to be put under the power of Satan.

How wonderful!!!


Having realized that we had all been duped into a covenant with death and hell, as Isaiah refers to it, we pondered for several weeks how insidious it is, that people are initiated into this dastardly covenant without knowing what they are getting into since the contents of the endowment is not openly spoken about.

It is true the people are given the opportunity to back out during the introduction of the endowment, but there is no reason to back out at that time since one does not know what the contractual agreements are that they are about to enter into.

As the evil ceremony progresses, one is under huge social pressure and shock at what is going on and does not want to stand up in front of the whole congregation and make a spectacle of themselves.

The whole thing is done in blindness and darkness. Typological to how a mysterious hand comes through the veil to lead the unsuspecting initiate through the veil without showing a face until the initiate gets to the other side and can see that it is the devil that has deceived them and pulled them through the veil into his kingdom, and is laughing at how stupid the initiate is to have put their trust in the arm of flesh.

The poor initiate doesn’t know what “gifts” they are about to receive via signs, tokens, handshakes, etc.

They don’t realize that they are exchanging the gifts of the spirit for the gifts of signs and tokens and handshakes, etc.

On with the story-

The night before our next little study group meeting, one of our friends that was part of the study group was reading in the Book of Mormon and he read about how the Lord allows people to break a covenant that they are tricked into making. ( I don’t remember the reference)

As we were gathered around the picnic table waiting for this person to show up so that we could begin our gospel study, he finally showed up and did something that caught us quite by surprise.

He jumped up on the picnic table and yelled out “My new name is Abraham”!

We all sat there stunned and in shock.

At first we did not understand what he was doing and what he was hoping to accomplish.

We quizzed him a little and he explained that he had read about how the Lord allows people to honorably break false covenants that they are tricked into making. He had determined that by revealing his new name, he was breaking the covenant with death and hell!

He then shouted out the same thing again.

At that point the spirit fell upon me and I stood up and shouted “My new name is Elijah” (that was the new name I had been given in the Temple)

After I divulged my new name, Mrs Watcher stood up and revealed her new name. The others in the little group all did the same thing, followed by a great deal of rejoicing.

We all felt a huge feeling of relief and renewal. I personally feel that my level of personal revelation opened up exponentially because of what I did.

I suspect that critics would say that some of the unusual interpretations of the scriptures that have come to me since that awakening must be of the Devil. I feel quite the opposite. Indeed virtually all of the false prophets that arise are inspired by the Masonic temple covenant just as the false prophets of the church are. One of the easiest ways to spot a false prophet is their allegiance to Brigham Young’s Masonic temple covenant.

[Editorial Notes: If you are a subscriber to this blog that is freaked out by this event in my life and feel that I have been seriously deceived, I highly encourage you to unsubscribe from this blog and never return.]

The truth is sharper than a two edged sword.

After that I removed my garments and purchased some boxer shorts. I felt a huge relief although I confess I felt a little awkward for several months, having worn garments for many years.

I am sharing this experience because you asked about garments, etc.

I am not suggesting that anyone else do what we did.

If you leave the church before you have sufficient knowledge, the folks in the large and spacious building will destroy you.

I still feel that I have not fully repented of all of the sins of the Gentiles. I don’t even think I know what all of the sins of the Gentiles are.

I just know that for me, I needed to break the covenant I made with Satan in order to progress and to take the personal revelation I got to the highest possible level.

Shortly after that experience I wrote an article titled “Brighams Gift”, referring to the fact that the temple endowment is the gift that Brigham Young gave to the saints.. which I think the book of Mormon refers to as the “evil gift” which replaces the true gift of the Holy Ghost.

Perhaps one day I will scan and send that article to you..

Anyway, that is my story and I am sticking to it! LOL

For years I felt humiliated in dressing rooms when I would be next to someone changing that was wearing garments. For a long time it was hard to feel judged as a “lukewarm” sub-par spiritual weakling. Now I rejoice that I don’t have to mess with the garments.

I look at those who wear garments and I feel sorry for them and hope that some day they will be able to stop the idolatry and take off their filthy garments and return to the simple gospel of Christ as documented in the scriptures.

Again, I am not suggesting people need to do what our little study group did. I am just sharing my experience that led up to taking my garments off. We each have our own path and need to follow the spirit the best we can.


Email #4

Topic- The Nefarious Acts of Secret Combinations

What is the “great secret” referred to in these scriptures? Do you know what is meant by “that great secret?”

My Response

The primary “great secret” being referred to is that one can “get gain” by murdering other people.

Those familiar with the dastardly acts of the current and last few administrations are aware that countless US citizens have been dispatched and “suicided” in order to maintain and enhance the power base of the secret cabal that runs this country and the world. The times we live in are typological to the times when secret combinations were murdering people in the Book of Mormon.

There are rumors that this great secret is alive and well within the modern church which has been infiltrated by the same secret society as the government has been. Some people believe that Presidents of the church have died prematurely do to the acts of secret combinations. As sensational as these claims appear, it would make sense from the prophetic perspective of the scriptures.

There is also another great secret revealed in that chapter:

“For, from the days of Cain, there was a secret combination, and their works were in the dark, and they knew every man his brother.”

That passage is referring to a nefarious homosexual act in which one male initiate places his DNA into the “tailpipe” of another initiate for purposes of binding the brothers of an esoteric secret Satanic order to each other and other members of the order in a way that supposedly increases the spiritual energy, power and bond.

It is a well know fact that females carry the DNA of every man they have ever had sex with for their entire lives and it creates mental and spiritual confusion within them if they have not repented.. which is one of many reasons why girls should not be promiscuous and should treat their bodies has holy temples..

The same is true when men plant DNA into each other. They continue to carry that “signature” indefinitely. It is believed that this despicable act has been going on within the higher realms of WICCA and Satanism and Masonry and the highest orders of the illuminati for eons.
It takes place in high places in government and religion and virtually all aspects of society.


I have reason to believe that in recent times, men in high places within the apostate church are also involved in this ungodly act as well. When the book of Mormon prophesies that the secret combination would be among the saints, it is not just referring to their federal government, it is referring to the actual leadership of the saints.

This is one of many reasons that the God of Israel is about to emerge from his hiding place and vex this evil nation in the very near future.


God will not be mocked indefinitely. 



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