“[I]t is good to be born in a church, but it is bad to die there..”: I am already gone!

A notification was sent out today to myself and some high profile bloggers and others. It was from a fellow that I have conversed with via email from time to time over the years, although I have not heard from him for quite a long time until today.

He is a person that I consider to be sincere in his quest for truth and pure in heart, based on our conversations. He has spent countless hours searching the scriptures trying to better understand the gospel and the role of the church, etc.

In the email he is sharing the fact that he is resigning from the church. He also shares his letter of resignation.

I asked if I could share the content of his email and the letter that he sent to the church and he gave me his permission.

One of the things I find remarkable about his situation is that his Stake President has accused him of accepting Denver Snuffer as a prophet of God, predicated on the testimony of someone who saw him at one of Denver’s talks, even though this person told the Stake President to his face that he does not believe Denver Snuffer is a prophet of God.

I guess Stake Presidents are so inspired nowadays that they can determine for us what we believe and what we don’t believe.

The content of his email is below followed by his letter of resignation.


“[I]t is good to be born in a church, but it is bad to die there. It is good to be born a child, but bad to remain a child. Churches, ceremonies, and symbols are good for children, but when the child is grown he must burst the church or himself. We must not remain children forever.” Vivekananda, 19th Century Hindu Reformer


To all those who know or have known me realize I seek very judiciously the meaning of my existence. I have now walked away from the Church. I have realized for quite some time of the Zoromites that exist through transition of time. It seems history cannot be dissolved as to the pathway of a people.

The Church for me had become full of cowards, discriminating, exclusionary, incriminating, back stabbing, and full of  judging. You may say that it was just your Ward, but I say I have lived in a several Stakes and Wards and it is no different. You can find people full of love in a Protestant church, a Catholic church, a Buddhist monastery and Shaolin Temple. And you will also find judgment there as well. I do not believe the passage in Moroni as it was retranslated into English; Moroni 7:16-19. Yeshua didn’t say, “Follow Me”. He said “Follow my Halakah”, or my way. We are not to judge and have no understanding by which to judge.

We discern.

Do we understand the journey of anyone?

Do we understand what each person’s contract was before they left the spirit domain?

I understand discernment very well. I think that is Moronis intent. We do not judge and cannot judge, no matter if the doctrines of man tell us we can.. But the Stockholm Syndrome that the bloated institution has diligently tried to impose has many walking around like zombies, of which they will never admit to. Preserving the institution is the foremost endeavor even above the human soul. Preserving the 99 is more important than going after the one. This is my journey.

The attached document is my letter of resignation . It is not a literary marvel by any means, but outlines the dichotomy with the institution. The amazing thing is that the people really believe that history has no effect on them! Whatever happened in history will not play out in the realm of the church today!

“It can’t affect us because we are the Lords people and he is saving us for his return!”  

History will play out. It  has and always will. They deteriorate, change things to fit their desires and mask it all in elitism. It is sad you can’t look at history and learn; and we have not. Feel free, if it fits your paradigm to share this, or post it with whomever you choose.

There is a great song I have been singing in my head the past week. It just arrived in my head: “Already Gone”, by the Eagles. Go look at the lyrics. Very apropos..

[Link to video of Eagles song provided by me for effect.]

To: Corporation of the President of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

From: Anthony Gordon Giles #000-2678-1026

Re: Resignation

Date: September 20, 2015

I, Anthony Gordon Giles, a member of the Diamond Valley First Ward, St. George North Stake do hereby resign my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints tendered this day, September 30, 2015.

I have given several hundred thousand dollars in tithes and offerings to this church. I have given thousands of hours in service to this church. I have given thousands of hours of temple service, some of which were over 500 names of my own family line in genealogical work. I have filled many leadership positions of which I cared deeply for the Saints I had jurisdiction over. I have spent countless hours in searching for God through the scriptures and other documents necessary in my search.  I seek the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and direct my efforts in this world. My prayers have filled the immensity of space toward Him of whom I give allegiance. Elder Poelman’s conference talk was correct; the Church organization and the gospel are separate entities;  “for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart”. I love the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength and love my neighbor as myself. This is the law and the prophets. What part of the gospel have I violated? To what sin am I charged? To what sin toward man or this church have I violated?

I find it curiously evident that man has consistently polluted things, events, beginnings on the earth originating from God. The Church is no exception. It has paralleled the Constitution of this promised land in the corruption of the original thought and finished document so perfectly, it is uncanny; they were both so inspired at one time for the benefit of mankind.

Ammendment 1) Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion2, or prohibiting the free exercise3 thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press5; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble6, and to petition7 the Government for a redress of grievances; Ammendment 5) No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces; or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself,  nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation3 Ammendment 6) In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be   informed of the nature and cause of the accusation29; to be confronted with the witnesses30against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor31, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence; Ammendment 9) The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people; Ammendment 10) The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States42 respectively, or to the people.

More control by man to alleviate the things of God seems in order in both circumstances. You claim the Constitution is being eroded; have you looked within? More control from the top down; more obviscation of rights of freedom of speech and press (no thinking or speaking outside the manuals, or for Heaven’s sake write on any blog) aleviated through persecution and prosecution; or in the case of trial; the 6 witnesses for and against as spoken by the covenant portion of the Doctrine and Covenants, all with due process? There are countless times that I am privy to where this is not followed.

You say that this is the only church on the face of the earth that has a prophet at its head and receives direct revelation from God. You may claim that all you want, but your efforts have been to be noticed by the world and not to take care of the flock or the one, and to protect your image at all cost. The Lord needs no defending. Why do you seek to preserve the 99 and go after, with vengence, the one?  You have brought Ezekiel to the forefront in your attitude and distribution to your flock. The shepherds are indeed under scrutiny.

But leaving all the comparison to the side, you have sought control of man’s thoughts. We are not allowed to search for the great Creator. We must believe as all in mass or we have no place therein. Isn’t the pathway to God an individual search?

Which of the four versions of the First Vision do you bank your understanding of  God?  You have placed allegiance and a label on a man, the current President, to define our relationship with Jesus Christ.

You have demanded we accept the label of prophet, seer and revelator to 15 men before we can seek the face of God in our sanctuaries? I suppose when the Lord was speaking with Peter, Nephi was not given instruction?

 Did Joseph Smith demand that he be revered as a prophet before they visited the Kirtland Temple and how the people witnessed so many amazing things?  I don’t recall Zacharias needing to proclaim allegiance to Caiaphus or the head Pharisee before he was able to go into the Holy of Holies to receive a visit from an angel of God. He was killed for pronouncing this experience by direction of those hierarchal members.

Do you know anyone excommunicated for testifying they have seen an angel or saw Christ, hmm? The Temple had become polluted long before Zacharias was visited by an angel. Yet, though our temples have been polluted from blood oaths to the changing of ordinances, we can still go there to see the face of God, because in the 124th section of Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord stated there was not a place found on the earth where He could visit His people (not just the hierarchy).

You can still see that a temple has merit regardless of pollution. To be baptized, which is a token or outward sign of committing oneself to our Savior, which is our gate to His presence, you have corrupted this special ordinance with needing to accept Thomas S. Monson, or whomever is appointed by seniority, as a prophet before we can be baptised? This is in Preach My Gospel. How does this correspond with the scriptures? Did Alma in Mosiah 18 need for someone to proclaim himself or Mosiah as prophet before they were baptized in the Waters of Mormon?  Do you see the corruption and pollutions over time that has changed this church into a church of the doctrines of men?

You all know the story of Petuliah Brown and Joseph Smith, so I won’t rehearse it. Joseph was appalled that all men had to believe a certain way or they were kicked out of the institution. Do you believe that the nineth article of faith was inspired of the Lord? Do you believe it applies to all mortals, not just “non-members”?

I have searched also Mentinah Archives, Buddhism, Taoism, Researchers of Truth, Lyricus, Hinduism, Jewish history, Kabbalah, Sefir Yetzirah (which Christ taught from), Joseph Smith’s teachings, and many other asundry documants, because didn’t Joseph state that we should…” seek ye out of the best books”? And it is not because I do not have faith, it is because I do have faith that the Lord prepares His children all over the world for His return. I will listen, read, ponder, attend, seek all truth wherever it may be, and man will not dictate to me what I shall seek in the relationship with my God; because our path to God is individual, not institutional.

Where is the greatest gift toward man? Where is his agency belong in this stated church? You have sought to take it away. You have sought to retain the 99 and let the one go.

You have replaced ministration with administration.

How are you not different than the Zoramites? They would not let the people attend their sanctuaries due to their economic condition. They were persecuted and driven out. Are you not doing the same thing today; only this time in regulating belief, movement, thought and study? Are you not driving out sincere seeking Saints who are all having wake up calls for the sake of preserving the 99? Have you remitted the weightier matters of the law, while paying your tithes, mint and anise?

You cannot control man’s thoughts toward his creator, and to double down today on retention of the 99 only displays your frustration not receiving direct relelation of God’s love. God is love. When the woman was at His feet being accused of adultery, he asked her , “Woman, where are those thine accusers? Hath no man condemned thee?” She answered that they were not here. He then said, “Neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more.”

Where are mine accusers? Where is my sin? The Doctrine and Covenants, which you purport to believe states that two accusers who know the individual must come to the individual to reconcile their differences. Then, if they can’t reconcile, it is to be taken to the Bishop. If he can’t reconcile, it then goes before the High Council.

Have you followed the scriptures of your own Constitution?  It is interesting how you have become the Keeper of the Gate.  Has the Keeper of the Gate given His keys to you, not your treasured Priesthood keys, but His keys to the gate?  Can you be so arrogant to say this? Has it come to pass that what Nephi 28 states that God has done His work and has given His power unto men and we don’t need Him anymore? Nephi said to liken the scriptures unto ourselves. Yet his affiliation with Isaiah and his dual prophecies of  latter day Israel is replete with condemnation upon us. We are today’s fulfullment of the prophecies of Nephi, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Moroni.

My Bishop, is following the Church Handbook and taking direction from a Stake President with an agenda. I have spoken to many who were recipients under his unruly hand. This Handbook has trumped the scriptures. I knew he was troubled when speaking with me concerning what I was studying or where I was going. I related that he looked very troubled in his deliberation and I asked him if he was fighting between his heart and the Handbook?  Do we use the Spirit or the Handbook?  I said it was OK to follow the train as he was directed and not to be concerned, he was only following the Handbook! Brethren, have you replaced the scriptures with the handbook???

The Bishop said that someone saw me at a Denver Snuffer lecture. He won’t tell me who and no one has showed up who has said this. That was the extent of the interview. He immediately went in to the matter if I had a testimony of Thomas S. Monson as a prophet, seer and revelator. Then he asked if I was baptised in Denver Snuffer’s church and had been ordained. Now obviously he was schooled in this from upper management. Why would he go into this immediately unless he had been given a directive?  I told him that I follow no man and I do not fear man more than God. I am an independent thinker and seeker of truth. I do not follow man. I belong to no group, period. I did buy one of his books at Deseret Bookstore, by the way.

Could it be that the corporate church hires individuals to check up on the doings of everyone and then sends word down from the top to the Stake President, then down to the Bishop who acts as if it all came from him? I found out that there was no person from our Ward or Stake that supposedly witnessed this action. Then it must have been from the top down. Has this become the KGB, CIA, or other spy agencies?

The Bishop then told one of my relatives that I have been flagged! Really? Was this a “Spanish Inquisition”?  Have you not seen that you have become as the churches of old, all in the name of retention of power? What would it matter to anyone if I attend a class on Hinduism, Taoism, Jewish mysticism or other forms of thought? A speech by Denver Snuffer that I attended did not possess anything not directly from the scriptures that you espouse. The topic was Jesus Christ all takken from his book, The Second Comforter”. It was scripture learning. Why do you fear this? Do you realize judging is fear in disguise. The Lord said “fear not”.

Let me state, under hesitation, that I do not put myself above others based on actions. Let me tell you of my fruits and you can then state to me you know my mind, heart and soul. I have four children whom I love dearly and have taught them the paths of the Lord and to seek the Spirit in everything they do. They have grown up in the light and they are productive members of society and love the Lord.

I have spent thousands of  hours serving others and I never missed a home teaching visit, even though it was forced ministration, and made sure I got the reports by the 4th of the following month to the Stake. They commanded me to give the lesson on the First Presidency message every month. Not only did the family read it already, the same article was given in Priesthood meeting and then I am supposed to teach it for my home visit? What about the Spirit? What of their actual needs? Even the head of one of these families only wanted the First Presidency message even though they have heard it several times before. I follow the Spirit,  Isn’t that time more well spent…good, better, best?

I work at the Homeless Shelter in our town twice a week. I grow crops and fruit in abundance to give to those who need it because of economic conditions. I pray fevently most all the day long.  I read, study, pray incessantly to know the Spirit and will of God. No one who has ever known me would not say I seek for anyhing but goodness in all paths I cross. This is not self aggrandizing. It is to only illustrate that you have become Pharisees, Zoramites, and Israelites in thought, action and have produced confirmation bias in your demeanor and actions.

You feign godliness but deny the power thereof. You have replaced the blessings of Heaven and teach for doctrines, the commandments of men, i.e., correlation committee, strengthening the members committee, and replacing visual content in temples like disposable diapers as if we will be uplifted by movies and not seek the real meaning of the House of the Lord.

Why have you not provided an accounting of the tithes and offerings of the people? The Doctine and Covenants which you purport to follow states that no removal of funds from the treasury will made without the vote of the people. Have you followed this?  You have fine sanctuaries, beautiful temples, thousands of employees, and management not working with their own hands for their support as King Benjamin beautifully recited. Nevertheless, we are still inundated with the poor throughout the world in our church;  but, we have our fine meeting houses, and that’s what counts, right?

The real power of God in this Church has diminished to a faint and distant light. We look to man nowadays for direction, inspiration, self validation and praise. I cannot do this. Why have ye polluted the Holy Church of God? You have forgotten what started in 1820 and bastardized it so, you cannot even decipher where it came from. By their fruits ye shall know them. But please do not take this harshly. Please do not look inside yourselves with the institution you perpetuate to maintain and the power you cling to. God is within you; do you feel it?

God is my judge. I am so thankful for that. Man has had an interesting history with judgment. I am thankful I need no gatekeeper accept the Holy One of Israel. I will continue to serve where I am led because I have made it part of my nature. But I guess I am an apostate and that is the name you will ascribe to me.

One last and final thought.  Jesus has given higher laws tirelessly throughout time. Man chose not to follow them. When He came in the meridian of time, what was His mission? He was to lift men and women up to higher laws and higher thoughts, “what a man thinketh, so is he”. Now you wish for me not to live a higher law; you wish for me to live a lesser law…to worship man to get to God. No man should be held in higher esteem than another?  

We are to revere, acknowledge,  put a label on and pay obesiance to men before we can visit His house which you purport is His or to be a part of His Kingdom of which you proclaim to be in charge? How are you bringing me to Christ? Will the Church Handbook bring me to Christ?  Can you see what has changed?  Do you seek the one and leave the 99 or have you replaced this belief with seeking to retain the 99 and leave the one?  May the Lord bless you that perhaps the Lord Himself, Nephi, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Joseph Smith, Jacob, Mormon, and Moroni will not have sorrow because His prophecies are being fulfilled and that you will live the higher law of leaving judgement to the Lord and not hiding your council before Him by covert means in seeking the exclusion of any of His flock.

One last final tragedy imposed upon me. I lost my beloved wife after 32 years of marriage and the raising four children. My last son was on his mission at the time. He used great courage to remain and complete his mission and not come home for the funeral.  He will be getting married soon. The bride’s parents cannot attend because they are not of the institutional belief.  You have excluded all who are not believers of your handbook.  Imagine that, the greatest event in the life of an individual and you have mingled exclusion to your sanctuary with that of the greatest event in a person’s life.

Joseph Smith actually taught how marriages should be performed, and they were not in any temple. Who mingled sealing and marriage together? Do you even know? Now, because of your covert activities toward me, I, who have committed no sin that you can demonstrate, am now excluded from seeing my last son marry his beautiful sweetheart. There will be no parents at his marriage. Can you justify this? What would his mother say to this on the other side?

All of this because someone mysteriously saw me at a Denver Snuffer lecture and was concerned for me? This was directly imposed from the top down. What about the individual who supposedly saw me there? Should I not be concerned for them as well? You rip lives apart because the arm of the flesh sees that some power loss is evident? Preserving the 99?

Thank you for your valuable time. I realize you have much work to perform, all except the uplifting of your own flock. Another talk on the same thing said a little differently is not uplifting your flock.

P.S. Do you have courage to actually read this or will you turn it over to the Strengthening the Members Committee to reply? Are you shielded from even noticing that you are removed from any of the things relating to the love of mankind? Would you send this to FAIR, FARMS, or your Public Relations Department to respond without prayer, using the Spirit, or pondering its content?

September 12, 2015


I have spent over six sessions with Scott Walker. He hasn’t a clue what he was accusing me regarding temple recommend questions nor my faith. I asked him if we were good, because I don’t want to do this anymore. He said we were good three times at three different meetings. The Stake President said we were good after our first meeting. He has since behind the scenes tried desparately to find something to blame on me to spare his ego.

The last meeting on September 12, was Scott Walker coming to my house with a high councilman down the street who has not even tried to get to know me. Bishop Walker never came by once to our home until I obligated him to come over after I would not come to his office anymore to exercise these juvenille games. He wants to take my Temple Recommend away. I said what have I done? You said we were good three times.

He said you still did not answer the temple recommend questions the they should with yes and no answers. I thought this strange, because he could have done this before when he said we were good. He said I don’t know you. I interjected and said, that is correct, you have never been to my home to try and get to know me. He said why would I be doing this on a personal basis? I said, “since you don’t know my soul,, how can you judge?”

He then said that I believe in other prophets. I said, “who might they be?” He told me that I believe Denver Snuffer to be a prophet. I told him at least five times that I did not believe him to be a prophet, but the Book of Mormon tell us of prophets who receive God’s word all over the world, including Nephi, Lehi, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Christ, Nephi, son of Nephi, son of Helaman, all at the same time frame. What about Ammon and Alma.

The scriptures beg these question of bringing His word to anyone of who has a testimony of Jesus. What of the scriptures from the rest of the twelve tribes that will come forth? Do not prophets write scripture? The Lord, on a macro basis has many things going on you know not of. I told him Monson is the only one as well as the other twelve whom receive  inspiration to lead this church.

Walker then said that I read Snuffer’s books. I then said, “Have you read The Second Comforter, Nephi’s Isaiah, Parables, Road to Immaeus? He said he hadn’t. I said, “Then wherewith do you speak? I purchased the Second Comforter at Deseret Book Store! It increased my faith in the Lord”. Have you ever heard of the Spanish Inquisition, Wycliffe’s Bible, Joan of Arc? These people were burned. Thank heavens we have a protective God who delivered the Constitution, or you would be doing the same thing!!!

What blog can you reference that I have ownership of? What book have I written? What member have I tried to convert? Where is my new baptism I was accused of?  Where is my ordination you accused me of? I have word that President Stuckey is on a Scarlett Letter campaign. There is no love in your presence nor his presence when I was there. You don’t want scriptures to be brought up, in fact, you were seriously offended when I said I was a student of them. It isn’t necessary in your eyes. It defeats the purpose of eradicating all independent thought from this church”.

Well, the High Counselor sat there like a lump and didn’t say a word. I said, “Thanks for your input (sarcastically)!” He said,  “I’m just hear to listen”. Oh, I understand, the law of witnesses thing, and the legal aspect of salvation. Now I understand. Walker then said he is getting papers on me and someone is coming forward with things. I said that he was vague and exactly what does he mean? Who were these people. He couldn’t tell me. So there are mysterious people who saw me at a Denver Snuffer lecture, and now other mysterious people who have papers on me? I write no blog, I have published no book, nor have I spoken to any member regarding my studies. Papers? I said I belied that the Stazi has gone a little too far. I then pointed the question, “Do you walk in fear, follow superstitution, or breed malicious gossip for any worth to me and you? What do you get out of this exercise? How is this benefitting you, the Church or myself? Am I increasing in faith, closer to God, or stimulated to work with the ward even more by your visit? Why do you walk in fear? Have you forgotten what business you are in?”


Cc: Bishop Scott Walker

       Diamond Valley 1st Ward, St. George North Utah Stake


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