Part 3 The Secret History of Mormonism: Period Two


The second period of Joseph Smith’s public ministry covers the 3 1/2 years that the fulness of the gospel was on the earth from June 5 1831 to December 5 1834.

During this time, Joseph Smith and others became sanctified and Joseph had his calling and election made sure, enabling him to offer an intercessory atonement offering for latter day Israel.

Ultimately, the Saints of the latter day restoration rejected the fulness of the gospel as per the prophecy of Jesus Christ in 3 Nephi 16, however, the intercessory atonement offering delayed the judgments of God until the 3rd watch and enables the final restoration of the fulness to take place after a “little season” of chastisement and learning.

Here is part three of the youtube series, The Secret History of Mormonism

This part of the series will make much more sense to you if you have watched the first two parts of the series.
Part One
Part Two

In this presentation I lament that I have not done more posts about how to use keyword searches to better understand doctrine during my nearly seven years of blogging. In the latest post by onewhoissearching he does a magnificent job of using scripture searching software to get to the bottom-line of what the holy word of God actually tells us about the doctrine of sealing.


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